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My hands shake as I hold them in my lap. The lamp hanging from the ceiling flickers, and the room is cold. I sit in a chair in front of a metal table. Cory paces the room in front of me, hands behind his back. He's thinking.

My russet eyes follow his figure as he finally comes to stand in front of the table in front of me. I intake a sharp breath.

"You look like shit." He murmurs.

I chuckle half heartedly. "Yeah, and who's fault is that?"

He narrows his eyes at me. "Don't disrespect me, son." He says.

I keep my voice steady as I reply, "I'm not your son."

He seems genuinely shocked by my words. Yet, he knows I'm right. He knows I've found out that I was adopted all along.

"As true as that may be, I raised you. Adrea and I raised you, and you will give me respect. I taught you everything you know." He growls.

My voice falters as I say my next words. "Yeah, and look where that landed me..."

The room is quiet as Cory studies me, his eyes slits. All the things I've found out about myself, all the lies I've been told... He's probably trying to figure out how much I know about the truth.

"I'm going to ask you some questions, Austin. And you're going to answer them truthfully." He says in a challenging voice. I swallow, then nod my head.

"What is your name? Your full name."

I just stare at him. Wow, was he going to play dumb with me? And then I realize that he's trying to find out if I know my last name. My real last name... And I do.

"Austin Monica Moon." I say quietly, embarrassed by my middle name. Cory's face is expressionless.

"Wrong," He says, "Your name is Austin Monica Carter."

I shake my head. "No, Cory. That's your last name. It's not mine."

Cory sighs in frustration. "Fine, whatever. Let's move on... What is your age."

I clench my fists. "You know, I'm honestly not sure anymore. Maybe my age was just a lie, too."

"No," Cory says, "your age and birthday was the truth. You really are seventeen."

I sigh in relief. "Next question..." I murmur.

"Let's do some harder questions. What was your mission?"

I bite my lip as my hands begin to shake again. "To... To become aquantinces with Ally Dawson... And then lure her in to a trap to hold her hostage... So that we could get her dad's money."

"And why did we need the money?"

"So that we could escape to Europe so that our agency wouldn't be found out..."

Cory nodded his head. "And how did that turn out for you?"

I study my shaking hands. "Actually... It turned out pretty good at first. Now... I'm not so sure."

Cory glared at me. "Why would you not be sure? The mission was successful."

My lip begins to quiver. "Is everything about the mission?" I challenge.

Cory crosses his arms and studies me. He was beginning to get older in his age, with his hair turning a lighter color, and his eyes getting tireder.

"Austin... Son, why do you think I made you come in here?" He asks quietly.

I stare at him. "Because you think I messed up."

He nods his head slowly. "Yes... You did, Austin. Big time. Even if the mission was successful, even if we have gotten some money, even if we are in Europe... This was your mission, and your mother and I had to come behind you and save your ass."

I have to choose my next words carefully. "You know... A few months ago, I would have thought I messed up this mission, too. Now, though... I've learned a lot, Cory."

He raises an eyebrow at me. "Yeah? And what would that be?"

"That... Not everything is about getting what you want."

He narrows his eyes. "Well, then, why don't you just tell me exactly why you think that, then."

I run a hand through my hair. "In order to do that, I have to tell my story... From the beginning."

Cory looks at me briefly before sitting in the chair across from me, and crossing his arms. "I've got time." He mutters.

I bite my lip as I feel the perspiration beginning to bead up on my forehead. I decide to go ahead and tell Cory the truth, and nothing but the truth. Cory is powerful, and I know that because I grew up watching him do whatever he needed to to get what he wanted.

I take a deep breath and begin my story from the beginning.

My story of how I had my first mission.

My story of how I learned right from wrong.

My story of how I fell in love with Ally Dawson.

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