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Chapter Six

Most people in La Push lived in the village, tucked in together, like the tight community it was. But there were quite a few homes, cabins, and families that were tucked away in the forest filling the reservation. The Black family was one of them. It used to be a farm. That's where the shed came from. Half of it had collapsed a couple of years after his Dad started using his wheelchair. Jake had hated seeing his Dad's expression when they realized that there was nothing that they could do about it.

He supposed he could fix it now. He could use the space to hold more parts, more cars. But there were too many things to do and he already had what he needed to support his part-time car business. It wasn't really a business. It was more find car, fix up car, and sell car on e-bay or auction site or local newspaper ad section. Maybe someday when he had fulfilled his duty as Alpha, when he found someone he wanted to give up phasing for, he could expand and have his own shop. Something to leave to his kids. But that was a long way off. Maybe even lifetimes. For now he looked at what was ahead of him. Pack. Family. His Duty.

Jake rolled out from underneath the old Ford Fiesta he was working on. It had been smashed up in a bender and he had gotten it for a steal. The great thing about the wolf powers was that he didn't need some of the advanced equipment to pull things back into place that the shops did. He could also manhandle the cars in ways that usually required lifts and chains. It made for easier, quicker fix up cars. Jake was thinking he could clear maybe – seven hundred dollars when he was done. That's when he covered the expenses he had already covered the two hundred or so he already spent. Maybe he could get more if he threw on a fresh coat of paint...the paint looked a little out of date.

The sound of rain slowly drizzling over his work shed was familiar and soothing to Jake. He liked his time working on cars. In this space he could just focus on the car and forget about the rest. It balanced everything out. He stood up and put his tools back on the work bench. Jake wiped his hands down and looked outside across the clearing to the forest. He wasn't looking visually. He didn't need to. But it was habit. The weight of his Pack spread out across La Push. Collin and Brady were phased and roaming around the perimeter to the north. Quil was heading up towards the Makah Rez to hang out with Claire. Jared was working on the boat with Paul. Seth was at Sam's. Sam was at Sam's too.

And Cash was close.

Every day he could feel the newcomer grow stronger and stronger and stronger. A couple of days ago there had been a scene. A huge scene involving a very pissed off future sister of a pack member. Well, technically she was a sister of the Pack. No sister related to the Pack knew about the secret or knew that their brother was a shape-shifting wolf. His sisters certainly didn't. Maybe if he had been younger and they had still be around they would be on the inside. Whenever they came around it was like having two mothers. The way it sounded and the way it looked – she was raising them. Which made her more than let's say – Jared's sister who was absolutely oblivious and thought that Jared was part of a cult or something. She kept leaving bibles and Christian self-help books in him and Kim's house. Jacob knew that there would be a strong possibility that Magnolia Uley would have to know about the Pack.

She and Cash were practically outsiders. From what Sue Clearwater reported they didn't even know they were half-Quileute until January. That...that was unthinkable to them. To not know the Tribe's history and ways let alone not even know that it was your heritage, who you were? The new Uley's had a lot of catching up to do.

And he needed them to catch up soon.

And Cash was very close.

Jacob walked out of his shed and looked to the house where he saw a familiar orange and brown van rolling in. What were the new Uley clan doing here? Had the Council made a move in bringing them inside the circle? He was pretty sure that they were still planning to do that tomorrow on Friday. He strode over and watched carefully as he saw his almost-Pack brother get out of the van. He had wondered where he was. Well, wondered why he wasn't in school. Normally he felt him at the school during school hours with Collin and Brady but not today. Something had happened but if had been something important he would have known. His Pack would have told him. Jake didn't like the idea of him messing around with his routine. Routine meant he still had time. But if he started acting sporadically that meant the change was advancing. And they all needed more time.

He wasn't alone. He had the kids with him. Even the baby. He had met Sunny before at Sam's before her sister had found out and coming around yelling. He knew that she hadn't gone by since because Sam felt grief and worry over it. Jake could feel almost everything to some extent from his Pack and the imprints. It was a difficult weight to manage.

Cash Uley. He had gotten slightly taller and was beginning to fill out. They were probably at the 'It's just a growth spurt' stage. That could quickly turn into various steroid and drug talks, he knew from listening to his brothers. He waited for Cash to come to him so he could observe his soon-to-be wolf.

"Are we going to get a new car today?" Sunshine asked, grabbing Cash's hand and swinging it. Cash looked at his sister with affection and tugged on her braids.

"I still vote for burning down the house for insurance money." The boy that Jacob was pretty sure was named Al or something suggested. He looked a lot like Sam in his younger years. Alot.

"Magnolia says we're staying for a year and then if it doesn't work out we can sell it and go back to Denver." Sunny replied as Cash stopped them by the front door.

"Car!" The baby that Cash held yelled out.

"That's right! We're here to look at cars!" Sunny said in a sing-song voice.

"I think he just wants his toy car."

"Which one?"

As the younger siblings were debating which car their baby brother wanted Cash was tensing up. His muscles bunched and his seemed to grow still. But he hid it from the kids well.

"Can I help you?!" Jacob called out, seeing what he needed to see.

Cash turned in a jerk and the kids looked over at him. Although Cash's eyes weren't able to see him like he could see them they stared at each other for a long moment. Memories of watching Sam watch him before he turned echoed in the back of Jacob's mind. He ducked his head down slightly and slouched in a casual manner to alleviate the pull and tension that he knew from experience Cash was feeling at this moment. The wolf inside didn't like his stance, it thought it was too submissive and that he should be showing how strong the newcomers Alpha will be. Jake was more concerned about setting Cash off in a bad mood in front of the kids.

Cash seemed to relax a little and called back. "You Jacob Black?"

"That I am!" He yelled as he met the distance between them. When he got to the ramp of the red cabin he shared with his father Jacob grinned at them. "What can I do for you?"

"Cash Uley." Cash stated, sticking his hand out. If he was alarmed he wasn't showing it.

His hand was strong but not strong and his hand was colder than Jake's.

Cash glanced at the hand he shook. It was an incredibly warm handshake, past warm actually – it was hot. Cash had refused to act like this man bothered him. Refused to act like he was effected by the way he felt pulled the large man. But he did feel like a fool for asking advice on where to get a good used car from his stalker buddies Collin and Brady. As soon as he got out of the van and his feet stepped onto the ground he felt a heavy, magnetic weight settle onto his shoulders. It took everything he had not to look in the direction it was pulling him to. He had the kids with him. He couldn't freak out like he wanted to. When Jacob Black called out to him, the voice – his voice, became the magnetic draw. Shaking his hand was not only like shaking a hot poker but shaking the hand of...he wasn't sure. But Jacob Black was not someone to be trifled with. Something...something was there, something was around them, and for a guy who until a couple of months ago was a black and white – no bull shit – sort of guy...it was difficult to realize that he was starting to lose his goddamn mind. Or...there was something out there, something else. And if there was – this guy who was grinning at him and looked like a normal (giant sized, body builder, possibly a gang-member) average Joe was involved.

"Nice to meet you, Cash Uley." Jacob said shaking his hand and releasing it. He grinned down at the kids. "I remember you, Sunshine."

Sunny ducked her head against Cash's side and hid behind her oldest brother shyly. She hadn't gone to see Mr. Sam yet because she didn't know what to say and seeing Mr. Jacob made her even sadder because it reminded her. Cash didn't make her say hello so she stayed behind him.

Jackson thought his sister was hiding to play a game. He banged his fist against his brother's shoulder and demanded. "Peek-a-Boo! Sunny! Peek-a-Boo! Sunny-Sunny!."

Sunny quietly reached up for him and Cash let Jacks slide down into her arms. He gave them a nod and said. "Go play in the van. Leave it off."

She nodded quickly and went back to the van leaving her brothers to deal with the big giant man.

The big giant man was quickly drawn into a conversation of cars. Cash pushed the conversation through, his hands shoved into his pockets, his body stiff, his face a little more closed off as usual. Jacob realized that he had been out of school because they only had one vehicle and he needed to drive his sister to her shift at the bar in the afternoon so he could drive back and use it to come see him. Having to drive his Dad around since he was a kid made him sympathetic. It would be hard having a big family and one vehicle.

"I got a couple you might be interested."

"I was interested in the 2001 Toyota Coralla that was advertised in the Talking Raven." Cash said abruptly. "You asked for 1,200?"

Jake paused for a moment, his mind going over what he knew about Cash. He knew that they didn't have a lot of cash. It didn't seem to add up that they were shopping for another car that cost twelve hundred. But he bit because he wasn't supposed to technically know anything about them.

"I got that out back. It's fender was ripped off – had to replace it and the back window, I also fixed the tail lights and installed a new rear view mirror." He said, cocking his head in the direction of the shed. "It's over here."

He showed them the car. It was a decent car and would give them a few years.

Cash looked at it like he knew his way around cars. He brought over his little brother and showed him a few things. Jake held back and watched. He felt an urge to be closer to the guy. He was Pack. The Pack always stuck close. They were wolves, the instinct to be physically near their brothers and sisters, to be Pack was an instinct stronger than they showed to the outside. When he became an Alpha and then later The Alpha he not only earned the weight of a the entire Pack and his entire family on his shoulders he felt the weight of them pulling at him. To be near, to protect, to stand beside his brothers and sister and the imprints.
Instead Jake opted to keep it casual as possible. He knew from the sound of Cash's heart rate and the smell of adrenaline kicking through his system that he was feeling the same weight, the same change that they all did when they looked or where near their future Alpha before their change. Jake steered everything he got at keeping it light, keeping it about the car.

"I got to bring my sister around later to sign paperwork and shit. You good with holding this for us?" Cash said, after a few minutes of going through the car and checking it over.

"Sure thing, brother." Jake replied shrugging. "When will be you be by?"
"Would tomorrow after seven thirty work for you? My sister gets off at seven most nights." Cash replied, wanting to get as far away from Jacob Black as soon as possible. But he wasn't the kind of guy to not stand his ground. Whatever the fuck was going on – he needed the car. It was a good car for a good price. He wasn't going to let whatever was crawling underneath his skin fuck with that.

"Yea, sure. Come by anytime." Jake replied, sticking out his hand. He watched carefully as Cash glanced at his hand warily for a moment before shaking it.

"Will do."

He watched as they left and stuck his hand in his pockets, brooding over the coming changes. Jake loped quietly into the red house and opened the fridge.

His father sat at the table working on a model airplane. Billy looked up at his son and recognized the look on his son's face. "What is the matter, son?"

"Just met with the new kid." Was his sole answer.

Billy set down his tools and looked at his son. "And?"
"He seems to be leveling out. It might take longer than I first expected." Jacob explained to his father, he grabbed a beer out of the fridge and popped the top. He leaned back onto the counter and took a swig before continuing. "When are you and the Council going to go up to Clara's house?"

"Soon, this afternoon I think." Billy stated. "We're going to have the bonfire soon and we want the entire Pack there, son, except those scheduled to run patrol."

"I'll make it happen." He nodded. Jake thought about everything for a long moment. The Pack, the events that were going to happen, everything and he tried to see if there was something more he could do. He couldn't fix the Uley drama. That was up to them. But he had to focus on the Pack. That was his priority and from his point of view he was done for now. All he had to do was see it out as it was going. Feeling confidant Jake put down his beer and went back out to work on his car.

This was who he was. Alpha, wolf, son, brother, friend, decision maker.


Magnolia was sitting on the porch trying to fix the porch swing when a couple of vehicles rolled up into her drive. She wasn't in a particular mood to have visitors just randomly pop up at her house. It had been a shitty week – Cash grew out of almost all of his clothes and they had to do an emergency run to the nearest discount store and she was pretty sure he was going to grow out of them too, Sunny was barely talking and hardly smiled all week, Alby was beginning to feel left out and she couldn't blame him because he was always getting stuck between all of them, Jacks had developed a cold that he must have gotten from her because her head was pounding and she felt like shit from standing in the rain yelling at their long lost asshole brother.

This was not her week.

She ignored the visitors, continuing to fix the porch, because well...she didn't feel like acknowledging them until they spoke. She was in that kind of mood. Maggie coughed into the back of her arm as she fumbled with the tools she had found in Cash's stuff.

"Excuse me? Hello?"

Maggie wasn't facing the visitors so she was able to make a face without them knowing that she was making a face. Small luxuries. She plastered a grin on her face and turned around. It was a small committee. Like literally – she was pretty sure it was like an official committee. Or maybe more long lost relatives. She wasn't sure. A man with long black hair in a wheelchair sat next to a woman she recognized as the nice Sue Clearwater and beside them was an ancient man in another wheelchair and beside them was a giant young man and what appeared to be his wife. They were all looking at her with serious, official eyes.

It kind of fucked with her head for a moment.

"Can I help you, folks?" She asked, stepping down a step and tilting her head. She was wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a black thermal that was sort of see-through and most likely showed her bra which was red. But she didn't care. She had slept in her underwear because she had had a fever the night before and couldn't get comfortable and right about now... Magnolia really didn't give a shit about what a bunch of committee people (or long lost relatives) thought of her choice of clothes.

"Magnolia, it's good to see you again." Sue lead the way, not at all disturbed by the abrupt way they were welcomed.

"You too." Magnolia said back but without the plastered smile on.

"This is Billy Black and Quil Ateara." Sue motioned to the men in the wheelchairs. "Billy is Chief and we three serve on the Tribal Countil here in La Push."
Magnolia adjusted her bra straps out of sight and nodded briskly. She felt awkward now. An actual real live Chief? And a Tribal Council. Technically – she knew about this. It was common sense that a tribe would have like a tribal chief. And possible a council or something. Like for war or something...or maybe that was just in movies. Maggie really, really didn't know a thing about being Native American (or half in her case).

"It's nice to meet you." She said, not knowing what else to say. Maggie shifted her eyes to the couple standing behind the Council and the Chief. The man was large like Sam had been and like the boys who were following Cash around. His wife was half his size and was a plain harmless looking thing. She stared at them for a moment. No one spoke so she did. "And you two are...?"

"Oh, this is Jared and his wife Kim." Sue said with a broad smile. "I almost forgot they're so quiet."

"It's nice to meet you." Kim smiled, she tugged herself closer to her man and Maggie raised her brow at him. He was hot. But taken and that wasn't her thing but she could enjoy the view. Nothing wrong with that.

"Same." Jared said, his voice deep and steady.


Jackson who had been playing with his blocks in the living room came to the screen door and pointed at the two men in wheelchairs. He liked their cars. And had no trouble with stating that fact...loudly. His Maggie didn't seem to like it because she opened the screen door and picked him up. She did this when she wanted him to be quiet. He wrinkled up his nose and stuck his tongue out at her like he saw Alby do to Sunny. She raised her brow and tweaked his nose but didn't say anything.

"We are having a private bonfire tomorrow night and we were hoping that you and you're brothers and sister would come." Billy Black, the Chief said. His voice was low and friendly but she sensed he was used to getting respect and his way. "We are sharing stories of the tribe that are sacred to our people and since you are new to the Quileute Tribe and to our ways we hope to share them with you."
Tomorrow night. She was totally working. And she hated the idea of giving a Friday night of bar tending. She wasn't even sure if she'd be up to it the way her head was killing her. She shifted her weight and jostled her brother on her hip as she thought for a moment. It didn't seem to her like it was a good idea to deny the official Tribal council something. The older guy seemed pretty grave like this was a hugely important event they were undertaking.

What the hell...a bonfire and stories. The kids would be into it. It might be what they needed. Something different and it was definitely something they hadn't done before.

"Sure, what the hell. What time and where?"

They hastily gave her directions. Maggie saw them off and turned to go back to working on the porch when she heard the porch steps creak.

"Yea?" She asked without turning around.

"I-I'm sorry. It looks like you were busy but I was wondering -" She heard the young woman with the large husband speak. Maggie turned around and studied her for a moment. She was a former stripper from everywhere between rough and ghetto. Women like the one in front of her – with their hair smooth, their blouses cute and pressed, and a steady, reliable looking man on their arm – did not concern themselves with women like Maggie. It was just how it was. La Push was different but she was pretty sure it wasn't that different. Kim shifted and looked by shyly at her husband who gave her an encouraging nod. "Some of the girls in La Push get together every Sunday afternoon for a book club and I was wondering if you'd like to join us? We're reading The Highlander Betrayed...it's not that big of a read. I'm sure you'd be able to catch up."
No one in the history of Magnolia's history had ever thought of her as a book club girl. Or thought of her as a book girl at all. Magnolia knew what she was and people knew who she was and she was cool with that. It surprised her that this woman would even think about inviting her anywhere.

Maggie ran her hand through her hair and gave the woman a tired grin and then promptly lied through her teeth. "That's real nice, babe. But I don't have time for book clubs. I got four kids to chase after and that's a full time job on it's own."

"Oh...okay." Kim said with soft, sincere appointment. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "If you change your mind just come around. Our house is the yellow house on Bear Lane. You can't miss it."

"Sure thing." Maggie replied feeling momentarily bad that she lied. The man beside her was staring her down like he knew that she was blowing off his wife. She wanted to stare back but something about him made her turn back to the little Kim thing in front of her and say. "You know, I work at Three Sheets right off the highway most days. You and your man should come by and have a round – on the house."

They didn't seem to be like the type to frequent Three Sheets – maybe him but definitely not her. Her regulars would eat the poor thing alive but it was the only card Magnolia had up her sleeve. She couldn't go to a book club because well...books really weren't her thing. And she liked to keep the reason why under wraps. No one outside of the kids needed to know her reading troubles. Especially a group of what was probably a bunch of gossiping housewives. This one seemed sweet. But they wouldn't work out in the way of friendship. It was still nice of her to ask. Most wouldn't have done that.

Kim smiled at the other woman and nodded, taking her husbands hand. "We might just do that, thank you...you have a lovely home."

"Thanks, doll." Maggie replied.

Magnolia saw them off and turned shaking her head at her little brother. "That was a close call, baby cakes."

Jackson agreed although he was unsure what he was agreeing about. He just nodded and playfully shoved his Maggie with his hands while saying. "Car!"

"You need a new word, kid." Maggie said, lifting him up and kissing his cheek.

"New word." Jackson echoed.

"New word." Maggie winked, taking them both inside and abandoning her porch swing project. She'd just have to wait until Cash was feeling better to get that thing fixed.

She went inside and made supper for the kids and then promptly went to bed feeling crappier than she had before. Next time she told off a long lost sibling for being a jerk – she would have to make sure to do it when it wasn't raining. Or wear a coat. It rained a lot in La Push. Like...alot.

Cash found his sister curled up on her mattress in her room and leaned against the door frame. "You okay?"
"Can you get the kids ready tomorrow morning?" Maggie said sleepily.

"Yea, sure." He nodded. Cash studied his sister and added. "Do we really got to go to this bonfire thing?"

"Yep." She said, rolling over on her stomach and burying her head in her pillow. "It's important to embrace our native american heritage."

Cash snorted.

"It is!" She retorted into the pillow. Maggie turned her head and looked up at her brother. "It'll be good for the kids and the Chief himself came over and invited us with like a bunch of people. I hate to miss out on the work but I think we need to go. It'll be fun for the kids."

"Alright but if they try to shave my head and put a tattoo on my arm – I'm out." Cash announced. He was half-serious. From the kids following him around to the guy who was selling them the car – it felt...he didn't like it. And he didn't feel like messing around right now. He knew that he was being an ass. He kept finding himself yelling and mostly at Alby, he hadn't pulled his weight around the house, he wasn't bringing in any cash, and he was pretty sure that he was costing his sister a fortune by growing out of his clothes and eating. The camper was almost ready and they were putting notices up...maybe the campfire story telling thing would be a good way to find someone interested. Get the word out.

Maggie snorted and nodded. "If they try to ink you. I'll go ape-shit on them, scouts honor."

"You weren't a scout."


"That's not a word, Mags."

She threw a pillow at him and nailed his head. "Fuck you, Cash."

He chuckled and tossed it back to her before closing the door and going downstairs to check on the other kids. Maggie fell asleep shaking her head and dreaming of nice girls named Kim throwing books at her heads asking for her to read them.

Maggie didn't sleep very well that night.

In fact she felt worse in the morning.

"Maybe you should go to the doctor?" Sunny asked at the kitchen table when she brought herself down to make sure that Cash had remembered to make sure they had everything, and to like...feed them. He was good but he was still a teenage boy.

"No money for that, baby." She replied, shrugging. It was a common answer for most things in their house. The kids were covered but she sure as hell wasn't. She'd call in sick for tonight's bonfire and today she'd fix herself a hot toddy, curl up in front of the TV, and hope to hell she didn't start throwing up. She hated being sick to her stomach. Barring a hangover she couldn't take it. The money thing was true although there was a sliding scale fee at the clinic. She just hadn't gotten around to working out the paperwork. That required a shot of something strong and one of the kids on hand to make sure she didn't fuck up and ruin it.

Sunny looked down at the cereal she was eating and didn't say anything. Maggie looked sick and tired and it scared her when Maggie looked like that. But she didn't want to say anything so she just ate her breakfast and tried to be quiet so Maggie could rest. When she went to give Maggie a hug Maggie had warded her off.

"No, no getting you sick either. Gotta get your hug fix from one of the boys."

Sunny bit her lip while Alby and Cash waited for her at the door. "You'll sleep a lot, right? And you'll drink lots of water? You can't just drink liquor that'll dehydrate you."

"When did you become an expert on healing the sick?"

"I'm going to be a nurse."Sunshine replied.

Maggie stared at her sister for a moment. "I thought you were going to be a Nun. I was kind of banking on that, babe. You or one of the boys gotta go into the Church. We need someone to turn out right in the family."

"Oh, I can still be a nurse and a nun. I asked Father Patrick on Sunday."

"You did?"

Cash rapped his knuckles on the wall. "We're going to be late, hurry it up."

"Go," Maggie waved her off and stood up. Her head ached and she was pretty sure she had a fever but she didn't want them to worry. She caught Cash's eyes and tilted her head. He got the message and came up behind Sunny and lifted her over his shoulder. Sunny squealed and Maggie found herself laughing. Her head exploded from the laughing and she covered up a coughed with her hand. They paused to look back at her and she waved them off. "Go, go. You'll be late for the bus and I sure as hell not going to be driving you."

They left and she watched from the window. Jackson tugged on her t-shirt and she shook her head. "I can't get you sick either, kid."
She carefully nudged him to the play crib they had in living room and lifted him, keeping him far away from her body as possible.

"Nooo!" He cried unhappily.

"Sorry, baby. We're both laying low today." She retorted drily.

Maggie fixed herself a hot toddy and curled up on their couch with a pillow. She fell asleep before she could pick out an appropriate sick-day movie and didn't wake up until Jackson was yelling for food and looking extremely unhappy with her. Magnolia spent the rest of the day feeding and changing him and sleeping whatever was coursing through her body off. Or trying to. She really, really didn't want to do the bonfire thing but Maggie had given their word and the kids wouldn't go without her and it was just one night, right? She'd sneak a flask or something and let the kids do their thing. And then she'd come back and be sick all weekend.

Outside of the house, in the forest that surrounded it, a wolf stood listening. Just one wolf. He had wanted to listen in to see if they were going to the bonfire and if he and his imprint should go. He didn't know what to do. Sam...had fucked up and he didn't know how to fix it. Maybe showing them how close the community was and how close that he was to their lives would help the situation he had caused. All that Sam really knew was that no matter how hard he tried, he usually found a way to mess things up. He either acted too fast or acted too slow or thought too much or thought too less. He scuffed his paw against the moist ground and listened to Magnolia cough.

If they were talking or if they were close he'd have Emily go over with a pot of soup and medicine. It was the least they'd for any neighbor – blood or not. But this wasn't a typical situation and he didn't have the right to go there with medicine or food or help at all. For a moment Sam realized what exactly he had lost.

Sam was a man who lived for his imprint, his Pack, his family.

He had started to work Sunshine into that and had begun to process the fact that there was more family out there close to him. He had begun to accept that but he had been too slow in the taking. And now he realized that he had cut himself off from family. Brothers and sisters who were...weren't from the same place he was. He hardly knew a thing about them. Where they came from, how they grew up, where and who their mothers were. The bits and pieces he had learned from his youngest sister was bleak and disturbing. And his gut was telling him now that there was a deeper story behind them. If he hadn't been so stuck in the mud about his shit then he might have been able to find it out.

Joshua had walked out on Sam and their family.

Sam had built himself to be a man who wasn't like that. But in doing so, in being as careful as he could be, he had turned himself into Joshua. He didn't want them here and that was more like Joshua than anything he had ever done. He thought by sticking to his Pack, to his duty, to his Imprint, to his Grandmother and his family that he was being the opposite of Joshua. But when he was shoved into a situation where he could be the most unlike Joshua that he could be – he had turned around and done something like that asshole would do. He had pushed them away, put them away, and acted like they were nothing to him.

Sam was going to have to fix that.

He liked fixing things. He tried to fix his mistakes and to be a good man and a good wolf. For the most part he did pretty well but when he failed - he failed on epic proportion. He could fix Emily's face, or take back the bad decisions he made as Alpha, he couldn't fix Leah, he couldn't take back that day when Sunny had showed up in his backyard and he hadn't done what he should've. Instead...he had his mistakes that he couldn't fix. Sam just had to move forward. One step at a time. He liked that. One step at a time. He was a patient wolf. He could take the time to walk this path towards patching up his bad choices. He turned his giant, black wolf frame around and started to head back to his home. His imprint was making food and he needed to tell her that they were going to the bonfire tonight.


Again, so sorry for the delay. I've been totally off my game with stuff. This is a little shorter than I intended. I can't wait to start on the next chapter though...lots of things are coming at them...very, very soon!