Hello world of Star Trek, this is my first Star Trek fic so reviews would definitely be appreciated. As you may have guessed this is based on what Bones said when he and Kirk first met:

And wait 'til you're sitting pretty with a case of Andorian if you're still so relaxed when your eyeballs start bleeding.'

I have kind of based the symptoms of Andorian Shingles on the symptoms of shingles we have, in the real world since all we know about Andorian Shingles is that it causes your eyeballs to bleed, a notion which really does make me cringe. Anyway, I don't own Star Trek (sadly), if I did it definitely wouldn't be the hit that it is today because let's face it, it'd be pretty awful.

Andorian Shingles

Chapter 1- Sitting Pretty

"Captain on the bridge," came the commanding voice of the Enterprise's first officer which caused Jim to groan internally. Spock was a good First Officer; that was something Kirk would tell anyone who asked or thought otherwise, but the Vulcan was too obsessed with rules and regulations for Kirk's liking. As Captain he wanted his crew to respect him, of course he did, but he wanted them to do it of their own free will and not because Starfleet dictated it. Jim found that the protocol instated by Starfleet which was designed to make sure the Captain was shown respect only served to alienate him and his crew. This was the last thing Jim wanted to happen. Of course he had brought this up with Spock on several occasions but it was to no avail.

Kirk sat in the Captain's chair and began to subconsciously massage his shoulder. "Status Mr Sulu?"

"Since your meeting with the Andorians yesterday we have established a method for ceasing the abnormal seismic activity on the surface of Andoria, all we need now is your approval and we can begin sir." Kirk nodded and picked up his PADD before finding the file and scanning over it. If his head hadn't suddenly begun to throb causing his brain to feel like it was made of sponge he knew he would have understood most of the scientific jargon. But as it happened he didn't really feel like trying to decipher the file he should understand so he went for the next best thing.

"Mr Spock, as my First Officer I presume that you have read through this?"

"Yes Captain," Spock replied walking over to the Captain's chair and standing behind it.

"Good, what do you make of it."

"The proposition is logical, in my estimation there is only a 3% chance that this will fail."

"And if it does fail?"

"The moon will continue to undergo the same seismic activity."

"So basically you're saying that we should go through with this?"

"Yes Captain." Kirk nodded to Sulu who headed off along with Chekhov down to engineering to find Scotty.

"Captain, may I enquire as to your state of health?" Spock asked as soon as the two men had left the bridge. Jim groaned.

"Has Bones set you up to spy on me?" Jim quipped.

"No Captain, I do believe that would go against his ethical code of conduct."

"Don't underestimate him," the Captain muttered under his breath.

"The reason I ask, Captain, is that you appear to be in pain and did not read the proposition."

"Ah, see the thing is Spock that was laziness and not illness. I couldn't be arsed reading it."

"As Captain…"

"As Captain," interrupted Jim irritably, "Instead of wasting time dissecting every part of the file I asked my Science Officer's opinion, which I would trust with my life, so we could get the operation underway." Spock nodded and walked back to his station, as the humans said, pick your battles.

Jim groaned loudly before collapsing onto his bed, that had been a hell of a shift. They'd managed to sort out the problem on Andoria with very few issues. But since Kirk was the Captain he felt obliged to oversee the entire procedure which had meant fourteen hours on the bridge. That itself didn't bother him too much. But it meant he was in Spock's company for fourteen hours and he seemed to be in one of those moods where he second guessed everything which came out of the Captain's mouth. Then the noise of the bridge had merely exacerbated his head ache forcing it into a full blown migraine which one of the crew, most likely a certain green-blooded crew member, had apparently noticed and reported to the good doctor. Thankfully he'd managed to dodge being dragged down to medlab to be treated by the hypo-happy doctor by promising to have dinner with him that evening, a promise he was beginning to regret. What with the migraine he was beginning to feel nauseous.

One hour later he heard the overly-cheery chime from his door causing him the scramble up from his horizontal position on the bed silently cursing himself for falling asleep when he'd intended to have a shower. As quickly as his sore muscles would allow him he made his way to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face before shouting, "Come," to allow the doctor entry.

"What the hell were you doing in here which meant you had to leave me standing in the corridor for so long?" the doctor demanded as he hurried into Jim's quarters.

"Nice to see you too Bones," Jim said as he emerged from the bathroom, drying his face with a towel before chucking it on his bed to deal with later. The doctor looked up at his friend and frowned, the man looked like death warmed up.

"Are you alright Jim?" The Captain nodded suddenly grateful they were actually going to dinner; at least there his friend would not be armed with a tricorder. If he was he would surely be able to tell how much pain he was in and that merely the idea of food made his stomach cramp uncomfortably, and that he was so tired his eyes felt like they were aching

"Fine, just a little tired, shall we go?" Bones looked at him critically but soon conceded; that was a battle which he would not win.

Despite Jim's general dislike for doctors he really did enjoy spending time with Bones so he forced himself to ignore the discomfort he was in. He may have only eaten half of his soup (which he was confident the doctor had noticed but thankfully he neglected to mention) but he was glad he went. Since Jim became Captain and Bones became CMO they got fewer and fewer opportunities to see each other due to all of their other responsibilities. But whatever was wrong was becoming increasingly hard to hide because he was just feeling awful and his chest almost felt like it was burning, he must be coming out in a rash.

It must have been about 0000 hours when Jim and Bones arrived at his quarters laughing together. The Captain inputted his code and then turned around to his friend to say goodnight to see his face transformed from the mirthful look of just moments ago to one full of concern. "Goodnight Bones," said Jim and made to quickly get into his quarters because he knew what would be coming if he didn't.

"Hold up," the doctor ordered. "What's wrong Jim? And don't say you're fine because I know for a fact you're not." There was a pause while Kirk tried to think of something witty to say but he could come up with nothing.

"But I am fine," he whined childishly.

"The hell you are," Bones growled before softening his voice. "Look, let's take a quick trip up to medlab so I can give you a once over, it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes."

"No Bones," replied Jim irritably. "I'm tired and all I want to do is go to sleep."

"Fine," the doctor grumbled, not even attempting to keep the irritability out of his voice. "Just come and see me if anything gets any worse." With that he stalked off to his own quarters leaving Jim in blissful silence.

It was the screeching of the alarm which snapped Jim back into the real world causing him to sit up abruptly in his bed which did nothing for his symptoms which, contrary to what he had hoped would happen, had not abated overnight. His stomach rolled uncomfortably within him, his vision blurred dangerously and his head exploded into a whole new region of pain. The burning sensation on his chest which he had been experiencing the day before seemed to have spread across his entire torso now and had increased in intensity ten-fold. And his eyes felt dry and itchy just to top it all off.

The Captain violently scratched at his body willing to make the painfully uncomfortable sensation to just go away whilst he waited for his vision to clear and for his stomach to calm the hell down. If he were to be honest he wanted nothing more than to fall back into bed and not to do a shift on the bridge. But he was Captain, he was needed on the bridge so he sure as hell would be on the bridge, illness and Bones be damned.

Eventually he managed to force himself to stumble into the bathroom and peel off the uniform he had accidentally fallen asleep in. He caught a sideways glimpse of himself in the mirror as he switched the shower on and then did a double take, not quite believing what he was seeing. His entire chest, torso and, upon closer inspection, his back were covered in a bright red rash which was hot to the touch. He could see it was beginning to make its way up his neck and down his legs. Angry scratch mark could be seen from earlier and small beads of blood were beginning to well up inside of them. And to top it off the whites of his eyes were also turning a rather unattractive shade of red. All in all, he looked more like a zombie than the Captain of the Federation's flagship. Briefly he considered that perhaps he had developed an allergy for something in the uniform which wouldn't be surprising but he didn't think he could cope with Bones grumbling because he's have to be the one to try and find a suitable alternative.

Ignoring the protests he could feel from all his muscles he stepped into the shower. Despite the fact his muscles were incredibly tight and sore he had made the water temperature pretty low and it felt heavenly on the large rash which was hastily growing all over him. That was the advantage of being a commanding officer; he could opt to have a water shower as opposed to those stupid sonic things. After five minutes he had to prop himself up against the wall of the shower, how he was going to make it through an entire shift on the bridge he didn't know.

It took Kirk an inordinate amount of time to get dried and dressed after his shower as he did it in such a way to avoid exacerbating his symptoms any further. So when he eventually managed to walk onto the bridge he was five minutes late for his shift which, of course, Spock noticed. After the expected shout of, "Captain on the bridge," The First Officer followed the Captain to his chair. Kirk looked up expectantly at the Vulcan knowing full well all he wanted to do was tell Jim how improper it was for the captain to be late for his shift, especially without prior warning. However the Vulcan seemed to be considering his words carefully and Jim waited, quite intrigued. Eventually he spoke. "If you are not well captain it would not be wise for you to remain on the bridge. A more logical course of action would for you to go down to medical." Jim sighed and began to scratch at his chest, the last of the cooling effects of the water having worn off.

"I am fine Mr Spock."

"I fear your definition of fine probably is not the same as mine then Captain."

"If I felt that I was not fit for command I would have relinquished it by now. I care about this ship and her crew too much to let her be looked after someone who is incapable even if that person is me. I am a bit tired I will admit but am still more than capable of commanding." At this Spock nodded and went to carry on with whatever he had been doing when Jim first went onto the bridge. And that was the last of it, or so Kirk had hoped.

It was a couple of hours later that things got really bad. Jim was trying to read a report on his PADD but it was getting really very difficult to concentrate. He now had to put in a conscious effort to not throw up. His entire body and legs were now covered in the rash, he could feel it, and he had to fight each second to not scratch because if he started he would never be able to stop and he didn't want to worry his crew. His head was pounding and he could hear the blood rushing through his ears. He wasn't sure if it was the migraine or the stinging sensation which made it too painful to keep his eyes open for more than two seconds which was causing his vision to blur. So in reality Jim was not reading anything on his PADD, he was merely holding it so nobody would try and talk to him because he couldn't guarantee he wouldn't throw up if he opened his mouth.

As Jim stared at the screen he felt something dripping from his eyes and rolling down his face. His eyes must be watering, considering how painful they were it was about time. Without really thinking about it he lifted his fingers to his face and wiped away the liquid. When he pulled his hand away, instead of being coated in salt water as he had expected, his fingers were coated in a crimson liquid. Surprised Kirk lifted his hand to his eye only to discover more blood on it. "Crap," he muttered to himself. "That can't be good."

"Mr Spock!" he called after taking a deep breath, raising the PADD higher so nobody could see his face but it looked as if he was engrossed by what was on the screen when in reality he couldn't make out a single letter. "I need to see you for a minute." It seemed that the Vulcan was at his side instantly and for once Jim was grateful for this. All it took was for Jim to look at his second in command for him to crouch down in front of his captain, his face was impassive as always but his actions betrayed his concern. "Uhura, contact medical and ask Dr McCoy to come up here would you?" he asked.

"No," Jim intervened. "It's ok, I can walk."

"Really?" Spock asked critically whilst standing up and offering a hand to Jim which he took, a testament to how sick he must have been. The attention of the entire bridge was now on their Captain although he seemed oblivious to it.

Apparently the movement had disagreed with Jim more than either he or Spock had anticipated for as soon as he had stood up vertically he doubled over, emptying the meagre contents of his stomach onto the pristine white floor. The only thing that prevented him falling face first into his own vomit was Spock's strong arm. "Uhura!" he shouted with an urgency which was rarely heard in the Vulcan's voice. "Dr McCoy now, tell him to bring a stretcher.

She did as she was told only to receive a few choice words on Dr McCoy's part which weren't aimed at her but at the universe in general. Whilst this was going on Spock had managed to lay the sick Captain on his side in case he vomited again. Blood was now dripping from both of his eyes and the young man was moaning in pain, scratching viciously and almost frantically at his body. "Keep your eyes closed Captain," Spock ordered. When Kirk didn't reply but instead kept on blinking Spock forced his eyelids shut with his fingers causing a small grunt of pain from his friend and his blood to mar his pale skin.

It felt like an eternity to everyone on the bridge before Bones arrived with two nurses and a stretcher. An eternity where they were forced to watch the Captain they'd come to trust and even consider their friend to moan in pain as he succumbed to his illness. Eventually Bones did arrive, swearing under his breath when he saw Jim knowing exactly what was wrong when he saw the blood coming from his eyes. Instantly he was by his friend's side forcing his eyelids open to get an idea of the damage, he hissed in sympathy before closing his eyes again. "Bones?"

"Yeah, it's me. I thought I told you to come and see me if you felt any worse," came the gruff and scolding voice of McCoy in full on doctor mode.

"And what did you expect to happen?" Kirk asked, his voice starting to slur slightly. McCoy signalled the nurses to bring the stretcher across.

"Fair enough, although you have made a bit of a mess of your bridge." The doctor began to run a tricorder over his friend and frowned at the read-outs.

"Spock can clean it up." At this Spock quirked his eyebrow and Bones chuckled gently. He and a nurse quickly lifted Jim onto the stretcher causing a groan of pain from the young man and they began to hurriedly make their way to the turbo lift.

"You're an idiot, have I ever told you that?" Bones asked.

"Mm, once or twice."

"I would have hoped it's sunk in by now."