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Digimon A New Frontier


"Hello there whoever is reading this record of mine, my name is Professor Vector Data, just call me Prof. Data for shot...anyway if you found this record; it is about the Digital World and the Digimon who live there as well as a story about my grandson and his friends and allies when they went on an unexpected journey into not one; but many Digiworlds and how they helped save many beings as well as all of us from doom... Anyway the data record wholes a third person point of view account of these events and be warned not all of them are pretty but the end is something wonderful in the research of computers and the impact they have on all worlds including ours enjoy this story and let me know what your thoughts are about the adventure" voice recording from Professor Vector Data.

Chapter 1 A New Adventure

"Tatsuya! It's almost time for school" Tatsuya Ichinomiya's mom yelled as Tatsuya was getting his clothes on for school.

"I'll be down in a moment mom, need to pack my paper" said as he just got done with his homework. Today was going to be the last day of the school year so he was making sure he got everything he needed to finish the last exam of the year.

"Tatsuya Ichinomiya..." before his mom could even finish her sentence Tatsuya was down and running out the door.

"I love you mom see you later!" he said as he left for the school bus. Tatsuya Ichinomiya is a 16 year old boy with high hopes of becoming a responsible man when he grows up. He hasn't figured out what exactly he wants to do with his life after school but he is confident he will become good at the job he takes.

As the young American was busy in his home state of California in the United States another kid across the Pacific was getting busy for an important day as well.

"I can hardly believe we are about to make history today grandpa" an 11 year old boy said in excitement.

"We never would have gotten this far if you didn't help me Max" the old man said to his grandson.

"When will the machine be ready?" Max asked.

"It'll be ready for test number 1 in less than a minute or my name isn't Professor Vector Data" the old man said as he was making sure all read outs on the machine were ready.

Within less than one minute the two put into place their test subject, a watermelon in the middle of a table with a target drawn onto it. After the read outs were finished Professor Data clicked a few buttons at lightning speed on a computer keyboard and his powerful machine activated. He aimed a laser at the watermelon and within a matter of seconds it was hit and then! It turned the watermelon into a digital code. It then bit by bit took the watermelon and transferred it into the computer. Then within a matter of seconds the watermelon appeared on a computer screen, the Professor then cut the watermelon on the computer into half and then he pushed several buttons and then the watermelon was back on the table where it once was. However only half of the watermelon came back the other half was still back in the computer. After the first half of the test was done the Professor was able to put the rest of the watermelon back together.

"Success, a brilliant success! We've made an incredible breakthrough Max" Prof. Data said to his grandson.

"It looks like the machine can turn organic matter into digital data for a computer" Max said in excitement.

"At least fruit my boy" Prof. Data said to his grandson as he paused and then continued "with more tests I'm sure it can transfer just about anything we want to transfer. It will make traveling around the world and possibly the universe a lot more easy for people who can't buy travel" Prof. Data said as he was sure his creation could be used to help people travel. Though the question remained would it be safer?

Elsewhere in another time and another place two former heroes would soon get a wake up call along with many other former heroes of the various Digital World.


"What is it Kari" T.K asked her as she all of a sudden stopped while they were walking, she looked towards the sky and had a powerful feeling she didn't have since the day the evil Parrotmon appeared, when she was a very little kid. The feeling of something evil and powerful forcing its way into the human world.

"I have a terrible feeling T.K it feels like something trying to force its way here" Kari was right.

"Hmm...I wonder if it's another Digimon? But how could that be...I thought we finished off all of the evil Digimon and the worlds were put back to normal again so Digimon could no longer end up in the real world unless they were a DigiDestined Digimon?" T.K asked, he was puzzled and a bit concerned especially after the last great battles he and his fellow DigiDestined won against the evil Digimon that invaded their world about 7 years ago.

" our experience we should have learned by now there is always someone who wants to cause mayhem in the worlds" Kari told him, she recalled the last few times they were called forth to help save the worlds. But she was hoping for long time that the worlds would be at peace and that they could live their lives without having to be concerned about the world or the Digital World.

"Somethings coming from the skies...look!" Kari said as she pointed at the sky and an odd being came out of the sky through a portal.

"Ah! There you two are, right where I was hoping you'd be" the being said as it moved with great speed towards Kari and T.K, within a matter of seconds the being knocked the two of them out and left the way it came.

Meanwhile in the Digital World Gatomon and her friend Patamon where relaxing with the rest of their friends in the Digital World and enjoying the fresh air. Until an odd being holding Kari and T.K in his left arm looked down at them from his portal. He then swiftly moved towards the group and before they could even ask a question he used his right hand to swat them aside and grabbed Gatomon and Patamon in his massive right hand. "Now my master will be pleased...he'll have fun with you or his name isn't...wait I'm not supposed to say his name" the Digimon said as he headed for his portal and left the Digital World that Tai and his group saved many times over.

Elsewhere another group of DigiDestined whom hadn't seen any evil Digimon in 3 years this day would be the beginning of possibly the end of their world little did they know.

"Rika do you hear that?" Henry asked his friend as they were walking home from school.

"Hear what Henry?" she asked.

"That sounds like a computer..." Henry said as he was trying to look around for the sound.

"I still don't hear any..." she paused when she to started to hear the noise.

"Rika...there's a powerful evil force heading this way" Renamon the partner of Rika said as she looked around.

"Mwahahahahaha..." a voice laughed as it's owner looked towards the DigiDestined "You among all of the DigiDestined groups have spent to much time in your world to fully understand the Digital World...we'll soon fix that you will never again see your world EVER AGAIN!" the voice said to the two humans and then their Digimon, as two giant red eyes looked towards them through a portal that opened in front of them and an arm grabbed the two and pulled them in, elsewhere in the city Henry and Rika's friends such as Takato and their Digimon partners were captured, soon all of that worlds main DigiDestined except for Ryo woke up in the Digital World with their Digimon and were surprised to see the Digital World. Before they could even ask questions the being who kidnapped them looked at them from a portal that opened above them.

"I hope you all enjoy your time together, because none of you shall ever see the human world these humans call home ever enjoy yourselves and please don't mind the manners of some of the locals mwahahahahahaha!" the being said as he disappeared and a group of evil Digimon attacked the group, they soon activated their Digivices to Digivolve their Digimon into the levels fit to take on the evil Digimon.

In yet another time and another place a dragon like Digimon looked at the five DigiDestined who killed the evil Lucemon about 2 year ago. "So you're the ones who killed the powerful Lucemon of this world. You all may not look like much but your precious Digivices or D-Tectors as you call them, will be mine" the Digimon said as he came forth into the human world that Takuya and his friends lived in. He terrified the entire city as he appeared and made no effort of hiding himself or being fast at first. After he had his fun watching the humans flee, he went throughout the city and grabbed Takuya and his friends one by one and stole their D-Tectors even though they were just regular cell phones.

As soon as the Digimon touched the cell phones they turned back into D-Tectors and he had this to say to the heroes as he left the way he came. "You children may think you are all powerful with these D-Tectors, but let's see how much you fair without them by your side and your spirits will soon be mine now that I have them and the world you created will be mine as well you fools!" he said as he left and Takuya and his friends were all confused as to what exactly just happened and why it happened.

Back in the world Tatsuya and Max are from, Tatsuya got the 16th best grades in the finals for the school year and was proud of himself after finishing the school year. As for Max, he told his parents about how the experiments with the Data-Converter went while he was visiting his grandpa Vector. As the day rolled by, the Digital World that coexists with their world was in a time of peace until an unknown evil came to that world and a lot of that worlds fractal code was stolen by the leader evil being whom turned out to be a Digimon.

"Lord Azulongmon...we have an emergency" a Knightmon said in hast to his lord.

"Yes Knightmon, I have seen it. The evil Digimon has stolen the fractal code of our world and it is starting to die slowly..." the Azulongmon said in a sad voice.

"Whatever shall we do to save our world? The Digimon left almost as quick as it came" the Knightmon said.

"I'll ask for one of my old friends to send a call for help so we can have the next DigiDestined come to help save our world" Azulongmon said as he then let out a mighty roar to call for help from an old friend of his.

Meanwhile across the Digital World a very old Digimon heard the roar of Azulongmon and said to himself after he heard his friend's message "I need to try and locate the next DigiDestined and fast" soon the Digimon sent a message across the human world and was hoping that the call for help would be answered. The message was programmed to look all over the globe of the human world and look for at least three to four DigiDestined who could help the Digimon in the Digital World. After a matter of days went by the message was able to find Tatsuya and Max, and a girl and maybe another young man in his teens. After Tatsuya got the message his mom told him she got a call from an old friend of hers in Japan who wanted her and her family to visit.

After about two days went by, Tatsuya and his family ended up in Japan and were able to meet up with his moms friend who turned out to be Max's mom. After the two families got together Max insisted they met his grandpa and got to see his new machine.

"I wonder if this machine actually works" Tatsuya asked as he got a good look at it.

"It does work Tatsuya, I've seen it work with my own two eyes and my grandpa can prove it" Max said.

"Well I'm not sure if it has enough power to work today, but it does work and I've seen it with my own eyes" Prof. Data explained to Tatsuya.

"So…..when's dinner?" Tatsuya asked as he noticed the time and remembered when he last ate.

"Dinner is in about one hour it will be an old recipe my family has had for 5 generations" Prof. Data said.

"I hope it'll be good…." Tatsuya said as he was daydreaming a bit.

About an hour after dinner Tatsuya while in the same room with the Data-Converter was logging onto his computer to check on some e-mails.

"Tatsuya" Max yelled.

"Yes Max?" he asked as he looked at the younger kid.

"What are you doing in here? It's not safe in here without an adult" Max asked and explained a simple rule to Tatsuya.

"Well I'm sorry…..I didn't know" Tatsuya said somewhat sarcastically.

"It's quite alright, let's just get out of here before anything bad happens like that machine firing at us" Max said somewhat dramatically.

"Why are you so worried about that machine? It mostly looks like a giant telescope to me" Tatsuya said.

"I'm not worried…'s just that….that machine is very powerful and we haven't been able to test it on even bugs yet and we're not sure if it's safe for people or animals to be digitized by the Data-Converter" Max explained to Tatsuya as he took off his glasses and cleaned them.

"Well if you think it's not safe to be here then I'll go" Tatsuya said as he turned off his computer. Then all of a sudden the main computer came to life and played over the message for help that was sent by the Digimon.

"Why is the computer acting up again?" Max asked himself as he got up to the computer and read the message and was somewhat puzzled by it. After the message repeated itself a voice was then heard repeating the message and then it asked Tatsuya and Max a question.


"This message sounds kind of…I'm not sure… a spam or something" Tatsuya said.

"What if someone is in need of help Tatsuya?" Max asked.

"Then we should tell our parents and your grandpa I guess…." Tatsuya said very unsure of himself.

"YOU DIGI-DESTINED ARE ALL THE SAME; I'D LIKE TO SEE HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE ALONE IN MY WORLD" another voice from the computer said to them as it turned red for a moment. Then out of the blue as Prof. Data was coming into his lab to check on his machine the Data-Converter came to life and turned towards Tatsuya and Max and fired two beams at them. The two were then bit by bit and bite by bite turned into digital data and sent right into the computer. After they appeared on the computer screen for a moment the two were then sent far into the computer mainframe. Then the next thing they noticed was seeing a blue sky and a green field of grass before they hit the ground and went to sleep, the fall thankfully wasn't that long of a drop.

"Oh…my head….where…am I?" Tatsuya said as he was waking up, he then saw a bunch of odd looking creatures that giggled and laughed as he was waking up "this must be a dream…." Tatsuya said to himself as he looked at the creatures.

"If it's a dream, then we both must be having the same dream Tatsuya….." Max said as he looked at Tatsuya and looked towards the creatures and then asked them a simple question "hello there….can any of you tell us where we are?" he asked.

"Of course, you're in grass village of the northern kingdom" a creature said as she looked at them, the creature was green and walked on four legs and looked like it had a plant on its back.

"Gah! It talks?" Tatsuya said as he all of a sudden scared away some of the creatures.

"Tatsuya….why did you just scare them always?" Max asked.

"I didn't mean to….I was just surprised is all…" he said as he looked at Max.

"I'm sorry if we scared any of you humans, we're just so surprised because we haven't seen any humans in a very long time" the creature that spoke to them before said.

"Its alright um…..miss?" Max said.

"Oh my, what a gentleman" the creature said as she giggled.

"Um…..may I ask what your name is miss" Max asked.

"Oh I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Tanemon and I live with my fellow Tanemons" the Tanemon said as she said her name to Max.

"Wait! You're a Tanemon!?" Max asked very shocked and surprised.

"Yes" she answered.

"Hmm…" Max thought to himself as he looked into his backpack and looked through his gaming cards and took out a card of a Tanemon.

"Is something wrong human?" the Tanemon asked as he friends and neighbors came back to check on the humans and her.

"You're a DIGIMON!" Max yelled.

"Of cause we are, after all the only people are humans and Digimons right?" the Tanemon said.

"Did you just say their Digimon Max?" Tatsuya asked.

"Yup, their Digimon alright…..but I thought Digimon were all just TV show and game characters?" Max said.

"If that's the case then we must be having some wild dream…." Tatsuya said as he and Max finally got up and started to walk with the Tanemon showing them the way out of the cave they were hiding in.

After Max and Tatsuya came out of the cave their breath was taken away when they saw the beautiful Tanemon village with so many flowers and trees and buildings either covered in plants or built into trees. This place seemed ideal for anyone with a green thumb to live or anyone who loves nature.

"I don't think I've seen a place as beautiful as this before" Tatsuya said as he marveled the view of the village. But then all of a sudden out of the blue a giant purple Digimon appeared and roared.

"Oh no it's a Raremon" Tanemon screamed.

"This village looks so tasty" the Raremon said as he used his breath of decay attack on the village and right before everyone's eyes the villages fractal code was being eaten by the Raremon.

"We must call for help from the Guardians!" one of the Tanemon yelled as he ran to a giant horn and blew as hard as he could so it could be heard far and wide.

"What's going on?" Tatsuya said as he witnessed the village turning into what looked like digital code and slowly disappearing.

"The Raremon is eating the fractal code" Max said.

"The Raremon…..? You mean that giant sludge like Digimon is eating the village?" Tatsuya asked.

"Yup, Raremon are not known for being nice Digimon usually, and it seems this one has a little extra power" Max said as he watched helplessly.

"Don't worry about the Raremon, when the Guardians of the Kingdom come we'll all be safe" the Tanemon, Max and Tatsuya met said to them.

"The Guardians of the Kingdom? Who and what are they" Tatsuya asked.

"They're the protectors of our kingdom that the village lives within, they protect us from evil and corrupted Digimon since there haven't been any DigiDestined in eons to protect us" the Tanemon explained to Tatsuya.

"Well I hope the Guardians show up fast because I think Raremon wants desert" Max said as the Raremon finished eating the fractal code and then looked towards Max, Tatsuya and the Tanemon who were running from the Raremon.

"I desire power" the Raremon yelled as it came towards the group of fleeing Digimon and two DigiDestined.

"Everyone run I'll try and get his attention" Tatsuya said as he ran to the right side of the Raremon "yoo-hoo smelly ugly face, you'd better come catch me unless you want me to tell you how butt ugly you are" Tatsuya yelled to the Raremon getting Raremon's attention.

"Tatsuya what are you doing" Max asked surprised at what he was seeing because he knew how dangerous a Raremon could be due to being a Digimon card collector and TV show and video game fan.

"I'll draw him away from the Tanemon, you protect them and run!" Tatsuya yelled as he was running away from the Raremon while at the same time getting Raremon's attention. Tatsuya ran as quick as he could from the evil Digimon until he tripped and fell into a house, the Raremon then smashed the house wide open and cornered Tatsuya and grinned evilly as he looked at him.

"I'll squash you flat human" the Raremon said with triumph as he cornered Tatsuya and was going to enjoy revenge for the name calling.

"Not if we have anything to say about it" a voice said from the sky as a lightning bolt went by Raremon's head, Raremon turned and saw one of the Seven Guardians of the Kingdom, this Guardian was none other than Wizardmon.

"Who are you…whoever you are I'll squash you flat to" Raremon said as he turned away from Tatsuya and started to attack Wizardmon.

"You'll have to do better than that to defeat me Raremon" Wizardmon said as he blew away the breath of decay attack and deflected sludge attacks as well.

"Amazing… that's what a Guardian looks like….I wonder if all the Guardians are Wizardmon or like him" Tatsuya asked himself as he got out of the broken house and watched from a safe distance Wizardmon's fight with Raremon.

"Breath of Decay" Raremon yelled as he was trying to hurt Wizardmon.

"You have been tainted by evil Raremon, you must be purified from your misdeeds in order to be reborn anew" Wizardmon said as he all of a sudden pulled out cards and began his second attack "Magical Game" Wizardmon said as his second attack activated and he began to finish off Raremon.

"Ahhhhhhh…..!" Raremon yelled as he was taking massive damage, one more attack and he was surely done for unless he got lucky.

"It's time for you to be purified Raremon….Thunder Ball" Wizardmon yelled as a thunder ball came from his wizard staff and he fired it at Raremon, then Raremon let out a cry as he was defeated and the fractal code he stole was now released from his body, his personal data code was now visible and Wizardmon said "purify Raremon and be reborn anew as a Digi-Egg" Wizardmon said as his staff glowed with a shining light and touched the code of Raremon, Raremon's Digi-Egg was then sent away to the Digi-Egg Gardens so he could start life all over again.

"Wow…..that was amazing. You won Wizardmon" Max said as he and the Tanemon returned to their restored village.

"Oh Wizardmon you're so heroic and amazing and wonderful" a Tanemon yelled as she ran towards Wizardmon with her fellow Tanemon.

"…I was only doing my duty to protect the people…" Wizardmon said as he looked towards the villagers and closed his eyes.

"Mister Wizardmon sir…..these humans are the new DigiDestined who have come to help save our world" the Tanemon who met Max and Tatsuya said as she pointed towards Max and Tatsuya.

"Could the call for help have actually found help?" Wizardmon said in sudden excitement as he looked towards Tatsuya and Max.

"We hope so, maybe they can also find our missing friend Calumon and figure out what happened to the Beelzemons" Tanemon said.

"Missing Digimon…..what do you mean?" Tatsuya asked.

"She is talking about two missing Guardian and some of ours friends" a female Digimon said from the skies as she was coming down to greet the Tanemon and the others.

"Its lady Lillymon" a Tanemon said with excitement as the ultimate level Digimon Guardian came down.

"A Lillymon, wow we're so lucky" Max said as he saw the pretty Lillymon.

"Isn't Lillymon one of the forms of one of the original Digimon heroes?" Tatsuya asked Max in a whisper to the ear.

"Yes she is" Max answered.

"I see you took care of everything here Wizardmon" Lillymon said.

"….yes…..did you come here to help me?" Wizardmon asked with a bit of a blush that couldn't be seen.

"I came to make sure the village was safe, I had no doubt in your abilities to handle a Raremon" Lillymon sweetly answered.

"Umm…..I take it she is another one of the Guardians mister Wizardmon" Max asked.

"Yes she is a fellow Guardian…." Wizardmon answered.

"Oh my….humans are here in our homelands. Does this mean that our call for help was heard?" Lillymon asked.

"It appears that way…but appearances can be deceiving…I guess we'll have to bring them before the elder Cherrymon in order to know for sure" Wizardmon said as he looked towards Max and Tatsuya.

"A Cherrymon….I thought Cherrymon were evil" Tatsuya asked.

"It's true some Cherrymon are evil but not all of them are, there is good and evil Digimon…..and since we don't have any clue as to what's going on we should probably give this Cherrymon a chance" Max said.

As Max and Tatsuya thought about it, they decided to go with Wizardmon and Lillymon to visit the Cherrymon. But just they were about to leave the Tanemon village, a portal opened above them and it dropped a Patamon and a Gatomon who had golden tags around their necks, the two Digimon were knocked out and looked hurt. As Max and Tatsuya went to help the two Digimon the Gatomon and the Patamon weakly woke and asked where they were and who they are.

What is going on here? Find out next time

To Be Continued…