Chapter 28 Beelzemon de-powered...?

About two days before Myotismon began his invasion

"Today is a victorious day for us against the DigiDestined my followers" Daemon said as he looked at his legion of armies and his generals and other high ranking members of his evil quest for power.

"My great and wise leader who punishes the weak with your wrath...shall I move out with my elite forces to the human world in order to put an end to the remaining two DigiDestined and claim it for you" Myotismon asked Daemon as he bowed to him.

"Yes Myotismon...however I request you send my four special agents with you on your wrathful quest to claim what is to be ours and to avenge all of our powerful comrades who fell because of Lord Piedmon whom I had the pleasure of ripping apart with my bare hands and sucking out all fractal code he could offer" Daemon said as he looked at Myotismon and was petting a DemiDevimon that was in his lap.

"The two Beelzemon and the humans?" Myotismon quested.

"Yes we're going to make sure you don't mess up the mission Myotismon" one of the two humans with the two Beelzemon said as he stepped into the scene.

"Ah yes Michael you and Molly shall head into the human world with the Beelzemon in order to help destroy the DigiDestined, when they follow Myotismon and his men to the human world it'll make the conquest of the Digital World easier" Daemon said as he looked at the two humans and two Digimon.

"We shall prepare for the fight ahead of us my lord" the female Beelzemon said as she bowed her head and then left with the other Beelzemon and the two humans.

" my secret chambers now" Daemon said as his pet DemiDevimon flew onto his right shoulder. Soon Daemon, his pet DemiDevimon and Myotismon made their way to Daemon's secret chambers and there Daemon intended to give a special power to Myotismon.

"Lord Daemon why have we traveled into your secret chambers of all places?" Myotismon asked.

"If you couldn't tell vampire head then you're a lot dumber then you look" the DemiDevimon said sarcastically.

"I have brought you here Myotismon because I suspect that we can't trust Michael, Molly or the Beelzemon who betrayed me once before" Daemon said as he ignored the comment DemiDevimon made to Myotismon completely.

"So...its true what everyone else in the higher ranks has been whispering about the two humans?" Myotismon asked.

"Yes their tided to Tatsuya; what's more I have taken a liberty to place on the Beelzemon a bug that will drain them of their power should they turn on us once again by merely using this special device I'm entrusting to you" Daemon said as he took out a hexagon shaped device with a blood red button on it "you're allowed to only ever use this device to take away the natural power of the Beelzemon if they or their human partners even think about siding with the enemy" Daemon instructed.

"And I'm going to be Lord Daemon's personal eyes and ears in the human world while we explore the place and lay claim to it" DemiDevimon said as he flew over to Myotismon and hovered over him.

"Very well then, I'll keep the device hidden until it is or will be time to trigger it" Myotismon said as Daemon used his powers to send the device floating in the air until Myotismon got it with his cape and kept it hidden.

"Now once we return to my legions we shall send you and your elite troops into the human world which I recommend you keep in low profile until I send the commands" Lord Daemon commanded as he and Myotismon and DemiDevimon went back up.

As all the evil Digimon looked over to Lord Daemon they were getting edgy and ready for battle and it was clear they didn't care what would happen to them as long as they got to fight in the legions of the Seven Great Demon Lord Digimon.

"My loyal legions the time has come, the DigiDestined may think all but three tenth of the Digital World has been saved by them but once we're done we shall have our own glorious world to call home and all virus and Nightmare Soldiers shall live in that glorious world as its rulers. Most of you only care for battle...while others want to rule over the weak...and others like myself want even more...well today as we send Myotismon, the male and female Beelzemon and their partners Michael and Molly and the elite troops of Myotismon we shall march on the Digital World and bring great wrath to those fools who believe they've taken most of the Digital World from us when in fact we shall rule over the Digital World!" Lord Daemon said as he raised his right fist in the air and then thunderous sounds of many things such as battle cries and battle hungry cries were heard for many long miles within the Dark Area as Lord Daemon opened the gate and then after Myotismon and the others meant to go with him passed it he placed seven special keys on the gate and then sent it somewhere safe until he was ready to call it forth again.

As for Myotismon he grinned and laughed evilly as he and his troops along with the two Beelzemon and the humans named Michael and Molly made their way into Tokyo Japan where they'd move out in order to find the two DigiDestined who weren't with the others back in the Digital World.

Present day

"Did you say WarGreymon actually was bleeding?" Max asked Bill as he was just done listening to Bill's story about the Lillithmon and how the evil one was in America heading to the eastern states to look for a girl.

"You bet, in all my years as a Digimon fan I've never once heard of Digimon bleeding after coming to the human you think something different in our world made them become completely or mostly organic?" Bill said to Max as he thought of an idea for why WarGreymon bled in his first fight in the human world.

"I'll have to look into it later, right now we're dealing with the case of the mysterious Veemon whom I think is Davis' Veemon and I'll need to explain to my parents what's going on" Max explained.

"I understand what you mean, well Bill out" Bill said as he ended the conversation because it was getting late in America.

Shortly after the talk ended Veemon couldn't help but wonder why a Digimon was able to bleed in a human world since Digimon are just made up of data and as far as his little brain knew that was no way, that Digimon could at all bleed whatsoever.

"So Veemon how did you get here?" Gatomon asked.

"Well Gatomon it all started when Azulongmon told Gennai to bring us before him and the other three Digimon Sovereigns who brought us to a gate that Davis was able to open up and then he and I went through it so we could find you and everyone else" Veemon explained.

"If you're here...then where's Davis?" Patamon asked.

"Now that you mention it I don't know, I should also be asking where Kari and T.K...what happened to them?" Veemon said as he realized Kari and T.K were nowhere to be seen.

" see..." Patamon said as he was thinking of a way to word what he was about to say but Gatomon explained.

"Basically in a nutshell I'm merged with Kari and T.K is merged with Patamon...which means...maybe you merged with Davis?" Gatomon explained as she thought up a reason as to why Davis wasn't with Veemon when he appeared.

"What?! How can that even be possible? was like a DNA Digivolving?" Veemon said as he tried to make sense of how Kari and T.K merged with their Digimon partners.

"Actually an evil Piedmon fused your friends together in an experiment and they were lucky to escape and find us" Max said.

"Piedmon? I thought that Piedmon was destroyed a long time ago by WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and MagnaAngemon?" Veemon said as he was puzzled.

"True the Dark Master from your world who was a Piedmon was destroyed...but in our Digital World there were once tons of Piedmon and then two and now none we know of" Gaomon explained, he remembered Max and Gatomon explained to him about the Dark Masters from the world Gatomon and Patamon came from.

"Oh my...that's a site I'd hate to see...but wait how could I have merged with Davis?" Veemon said as he remembered what his sweet Gatomon said earlier.

"I don't know how exactly but Gatomon is right, we've merged together Veemon and I'm here with you buddy" Davis' voice said as everyone all of a sudden heard it.

"Davis! Where are you?" Veemon said as he looked around for Davis.

"I told you we're merged...I'm speaking from inside your mind...creepy stuff but at least I figured out a way to talk" Davis' voice said as Veemon stopped and everyone got a good look at him.

"If what Max said is true...then its good to know Gatomon, Kari, T.K and Patamon are alright though I wish T.K and Kari would speak maybe the way I figured out how to" Davis' voice said.

"Fascinating...I never would' seems Davis somehow found a way to speak to us without needing to take control over Veemon's body" Tatsuya said as he looked at Veemon and was sure his mouth wasn't moving at all when everyone heard Davis' voice.

"Well I'm not sure what to call it but at least you guys can now hear my voice" Davis' voice said.

"What's it like inside Veemon's head...since I guess that's where you are" Patamon asked Davis.

"Well...its mostly black and empty...I guess I should've expected that" Davis' voice said.

"Hey? My head isn't empty" Veemon said.

"Anyway if you guys are wondering why I'm talking now, its because when Veemon and I merged I was mostly in a black empty place guessing I turned into a spirit since my body has a blueish glow to it where I at...I was wandering inside Veemon's head until I was able to see what he could see and then I began to look around until I decided to just try and talk to you guys after I learned Kari and the others were safe with you" Davis' voice explained.

"If that's true...then how come we haven't been able to hear the voices of Kari and T.K?" Gatomon asked and was shortly answered by someone she didn't expect.

"Because T.K and I decided it was for the best we just watched Tatsuya and the others until we were convinced it was safe to speak or wait until we could be freed" Kari said as what appeared to be a humanoid pink glowing spirit came from Gatomon, Veemon and Davis could easily tell that this humanoid figure was Kari or at least her spirit based upon the way her figure looked and how her face and eyes looked.

"Kari!" everyone said in surprise.

"Yes...I'm sorry for being silent for so long everyone...especially you Gatomon but we needed to regain our memories" Kari's spirit said as she kneeled before Gatomon and put a hand on Gatomon's right shoulder.

"Oh Kari...I've missed you so much" Gatomon said as she cried and closed her eyes as she hugged Kari's spirit.

"Its alright Gatomon, I've missed talking with you Gatomon" Kari's spirit said as she hugged Gatomon and also cried with her eyes closed.

"I guess its time we explain what we've learned right Kari?" a gold glowing spirit said as he came from Patamon's body this spirit was clearly T.K's spirit.

"T.K!" Patamon said as he saw T.K's spirit.

"Good to see you Patamon" T.K's spirit said.

"I guess it is time T.K" Kari's spirit said to T.K's spirit.

"Right...first I bet you're all wondering why we're in these spirit forms and why we're talking only now" T.K's spirit asked.

"Yes...we are curious" Gaomon said.

"Please do tell" Prof. Data said.

"It all began when Lord Piedmon fused T.K and me with Patamon and Gatomon...once we were fused our minds were one and we were able to look deep into the memories of our Digimon and...we learn of things only Gatomon and Patamon knew of..." Kari's spirit said as she began.

"...we saw memories of two luminous beings that looked like crystals, we also saw memories of a giant first we thought we were seeing things until we learned for a fact what had happened to us and that we were looking into our Digimons memories of their lives long before they were destined to become our partners..." T.K's spirit said as he then let Kari go on.

"...when our memories and our Digimon's memories were locked away by Lord Piedmon's magic we thought we would lose all sense of ourselves and our identities...however some vital memories were unlocked and many of which T.K and I kept hidden...once T.K and I regained memories of ourselves we believed it wouldn't be right to show ourselves in these forms until we regained all the missing memories..." Kari's spirit explained and T.K's spirit went on.

"...even though we were fused with our Digimon and unable to break the fusion we could see, feel, hear and experience everything our Digimon did...a lot like the biomerging Tatsuya experienced that's what we've been living for the past month..." T.K's spirit said.

"...that being said we did in fact have have our thoughts when we saw Tatsuya and his team and their allies when we first arrived in this Digital isn't to surprising that we decided to go with you Tatsuya and your team and allies when T.K and I believed we could regain our memories by traveling with you...which worked out...and then something happened on our travels we never expected..." Kari's spirit said.

" were able to make our Digimon and in turn us digivolve which surprisingly gave us more memories of the pass lives of Gatomon and Patamon...with these memories were we able to finally learn who created the Digital World...why they created it...and who was created to rule over it..." T.K's spirit said.

"...we wish we could freely tell you everything we learn...but the beings we learned about have made both me and T.K keep silent about them until it is time for Tatsuya and Bill's teams of DigiDestined to move on to other worlds..." Kari's spirit said.

"...also...we can talk through our Digimon using their voices which we did a few times...also...we can give you but a hint of what you will encounter in your future..." T.K's spirit said.

"...though two are what you seek and their partners...there are two trapped in will find four you wish to seek...two of which are trapped in darkness but can be saved if you make the right choices Tatsuya..." Kari's spirit said.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Prof. Data asked.

"...we cannot say...but four powerful figures of darkness are here in Japan and will be after you guys and the first of the DigiDestined we must find whose close to you Tatsuya...and...its time for our spirits to return into the plain we came from within Gatomon and Patamon..." T.K's spirit said.

"...our spirits cannot last to long outside of the spiritual plains of our Digimon...but don't worry we'll always be with all of you especially you Gatomon and Patamon..." Kari's spirit said as she and T.K's spirits went back into Gatomon and Patamon.

Within an hour after that Max and Tatsuya along Prof. Data went to see their parents and decided to explain about the Digimon and how they were DigiDestined, at first the parents didn't believe it but after they met the Digimon and saw them perform some of their skills they believe the stories about the Digimon but Tatsuya's father didn't approve of the idea of Tatsuya risking his life with the Digimon. As for Max's mom she didn't at all like the idea of her little boy getting in the kind of danger he was in and didn't want him to continue fighting as a DigiDestined. However the Digimon spoke to the parents and explained how they risked their lives everyday to make sure that their partners were safe and would rather die then watch anything horrible happen to their DigiDestined partners.

After listening to this Tatsuya's father changed his mind a little but still didn't like the idea of his son fighting with Digimon, as for Max's mom she still didn't like the idea of her son fighting but after talking with her husband she reluctantly decided to let Max help his friends but didn't want him to fight anymore, Max tried to convince his mom he had to fight alongside his friends and allies but she just couldn't stand the thought of her son being in harms way.

As the families were busy talking something unexpected happened, Prof. Data's house was attacked by the two Beelzemon and the two humans wearing black who Bill and WarGreymon talked about.
"So...we meet at last DigiDestined" the male Beelzemon said as he narrowed his eyes at Tatsuya, Max and Tatsuya's younger brother Arthur.

"Beelzemon!" Wizardmon said as he looked at his former allies.

"So you're the two Beelzemon who were Guardians of the North Kingdom?" Tatsuya asked the male Beelzemon as the female Beelzemon stepped next to him.

"I don't know about Beelzemon being a guardian of anything? But I do know we have a mission to destroy you DigiDestined and your Digimon who fight for you" the female human named Molly said as she stepped into the scene next to the female Beelzemon.

"Oh my goodness what are those things Digimon?" Tatsuya's father asked Tatsuya as he looked at the Beelzemon and the human female wearing the black helmet.

"Only the two tall ones called Beelzemon, the smaller ones are humans just like you and me dad" Tatsuya said as he looked around for the male human who worked with the Beelzemon. After looking around Tatsuya spotted the guy trying to sneak up on Max's mom, but Tatsuya told Max and so Max used his clothes to activate a shield to protect him and his mother.

"What the?" Max's mom said as she saw the protective energy bubble form around her and Max, the evil human was knocked back from the energy shield and was able to land on his feet and hands before bouncing off a wall and trying to knock out Tatsuya's father. But Tatsuya used the powers of his clothes to take the punch for his father and stay protected from the force of impact thanks to the power of his clothes.

"Tatsuya?" Tatsuya's father said as he saw his son take a punch for his father.

"Don't worry dad, I've got this one cover. I know mom doesn't like it when I get into fights and you think I'm to soft but this is my fight with this guy" Tatsuya said as he smiled to his father and then activated an energy shield that sent the evil human flying at the male Beelzemon. The male Beelzemon caught his human ally and then made sure he was on his feet and ready to fight.

"Boys you should head into my training room in order to keep this fight safe" Prof. Data said.

"I don't know if the training room can hold back the Beelzemon in this fight grandpa" Max said as he remembered his grandpa's special training room. The training room in question had special hologram admitters that allowed a person to have pretty much any kind of training with a hologram, the room also had special reinforced titanium plated walls that prevented things from getting into the lab and other places. Thanks to Prof. Data's technology the room could have basically any amount of space thanks to a special pocket dimension machine he made, of course the Professor kept the pocket dimension part to himself and Max.

"Well Wizardmon old friend...I suggest you listen to your doctor friend and take us into this training room if you don't want anyone else getting hurt that is" the male Beelzemon said.

"If you agree to fight only us will you not harm Tatsuya's family or Max's family?" Wizardmon asked.

"You have our word old friend" the female Beelzemon said as she was ready to fight.

"Tatsuya..." the evil human whose name was Michael said as he looked at Tatsuya.

"Let's go then" Max said as he led the way to the training room and then Prof. Data locked down the training room hoping that his grandson and his friends could win.

"...Tatsuya...who are you..." Michael asked Tatsuya as he looked at him.

"I'm the leader of my group of DigiDestined...I've also got a surprised that can help me take on the Beelzemon...alright Gaomon let's biomerge!" Tatsuya said as he looked at Michael and then got his Digivice ready to biomerge but nothing happened.

"Oh my what's biomerging?" the female Beelzemon asked somewhat sarcastically.

"You'll see soon...biomerge activate!" Tatsuya said as he was ready to biomerge but...nothing...happened.

"Tatsuya?" Gaomon said as he looked at his partner wondering why he tried to biomerge in the real world.

"Um...Gaomon...why aren't we biomerging?" Tatsuya asked his partner.

"Well you see...its quite the Digital World we were all just data with a form and physical body to interact on what I can tell since Prince WarGreymon was bleeding...we're all just...flesh and blood..." Gaomon said as he had a look on his face that was basically telling Tatsuya we're in trouble.

"So that means...we...simply...can't...biomerge! Oh crap, oh crap! We're dead without biomerging or Leopardmon or Prince WarGreymon!" Tatsuya said as he panicked.

"I wish they didn't have to panic like that it makes are true mission all that much harder" the female Beelzemon said as she looked at Molly.

"True...mission? What are you talking about and why take so long to start a rumble?" Kotemon asked.

"You see...truth is we...gah!" before the male Beelzemon could say anything he felt weak all of a sudden and then the female Beelzemon started to feel weak.

"DemiDevimon what are you doing here?" the female human named Molly said as she saw DemiDevimon in the training room with a sinister grin on his face.

"Myotismon and I followed you four and we've seen enough to know Lord Daemon's thoughts of you guys really being good was right" DemiDevimon said as a dark cloud of red bats appeared and then Myotismon appeared and laughed.

"I knew you two couldn't be trusted, I'm glad Daemon was able to see through you and gave me the means to make sure you won't be a threat" Myotismon said as he smiled and then activated the device he was given by Daemon at full power.

"Leave the Beelzemon along Myotismon!" Wizardmon said as he looked at Myotismon with anger and hatred in his eyes.

"Wizardmon my former pupil, good to see you're still alive...I feared you died in the Gizumon attack years ago" Myotismon said as he looked at Wizardmon.

"Look! Somethings happening to the Beelzemon" Max said as he pointed at the two tall Digimon who turned into two Impmon thanks to the device Myotismon has.

"Beelzemon!" the human called Molly said as she took off her helmet and picked up the female Impmon and comforted her.

"Molly?" Tatsuya said as he looked at Molly with her helmet removed and remembered her.

"Oh my it looks like a family reunion is happening here? It a shame I'll have to kill all of you here and now!" Myotismon said as he was ready to fight the DigiDestined.

"I don't think so...Max lets do it!" Tatsuya said as he digivolved Gaomon into MachGaogamon, Max then digivolved Kotemon into Asuramon the two DigiDestined then turned Patamon into Angemon and Gatomon into Angewomon.

"Drats...I didn't expect to fight you two here" Myotismon said as he looked at Angemon and Angewomon with hatred and anger in his eyes.

"Myotismon you must repent for what you've done so far or we'll have no choice but to destroy you" Angewomon said as she looked at Myotismon.

"I'd rather not...sadly I can't play with you Angewomon I've got bigger fish to fry...farewell for now mwahahahaha" Myotismon said as a cloud of red bats appeared around his body and then he and DemiDevimon vanished just like that.

Afterwards Michael took off his helmet and was angry that Myotismon left and didn't explain himself to Michael before he left, when Tatsuya saw Michael without his helmet he without a doubt in his heart or mind knew he was looking at his older brother. Tatsuya asked Michael if he remembered his brothers at all or anyone other then Molly who was Michael's girlfriend, but Michael couldn't remember which Wizardmon believed was due to something Lord Daemon did to him.

As for the two Beelzemon, they were now Impmon thanks to Myotismon which meant they lost their power at least for the time being. The two Guardians of the North Kingdom weren't the only Beelzemon losing power though, in another world which Tatsuya was at for a brief period of time had its champion Beelzemon lose his power to become Beelzemon.

This world was in fact Takato's Digital World, and it was Takato's friend Impmon who had his powers stolen. You see shortly after Jeri, Suzie and Lopmon were returned reunited with their team lost in their worlds Digital World the evil Lillithmon appeared again and stole Impmon's power to digivolve into Beelzemon "hey you give me back my powers you two faced vampire witch!" Impmon demanded as he pointed at the evil Lillithmon.

"Sorry if you want to digivolve to Beelzemon again you'll need to biomerge, I need your powers to recruit someone into the ranks of Myotismon since the two Beelzemon who were working with him have turned against us. Thank you Impmon for your power I'll use it wisely" the evil Lillithmon said as she disappeared and had an evil plan she wanted to put into action.

"What did that chick mean by me biomerging?" Impmon said.

"Well Impmon...its true what she said, at this point you'll need to biomerge with your partner to become a Beelzemon until you can regain your lost powers" the good Lillithmon said as she stood next to Kenta and MarineAngemon who were ready to see their friends in Bill and Tatsuya's world.

"You mean I'll need to biomerge with Ai in order to fight as Beelzemon again? But how can I do that?" Impmon asked the good Lillithmon.

"The truth is almost all of you can easily biomerge with your partners. Its just most of you didn't learn how to while others...simply can't for one reason or another" the good Lillithmon said as she looked to Jeri and Kenta, it was true with Leomon dead Jeri couldn't possibly biomerge with a Digimon and Kenta's partner was already a mega level Digimon so it was impossible for him to biomerge.

"Really? You mean Guadromon and I could biomerge into a cool Digimon?!" Kazu asked the good Lillithmon.

" day I'll return to help teach you how to biomerge...but if you figure out how to by the time I return Kazu then it'll only be natural for the rest of you to learn how to biomerge" Lillithmon said with a smile as she looked at Kazu and had a feeling he would be the first of this half group to biomerge with his partner.

"I can't wait to biomerge with you Guardromon!" Kazu said with excitement.

"Neither can I Kazu" Guardromon said.

"Farewell until we meet again heroes" the good Lillithmon said as she went with Kenta and MarineAngemon back to Bill and showed Bill she could be trusted, however the good Lillithmon had to leave and said she'd return someday.

As for Michael and Molly and their Impmon partners, they were busy recovering from the experience they had with Myotismon taking away their power and willing to destroy them all. Wizardmon would use his powers to help the four out and hopefully get some answers.

Things have surely taken unexpected turns, what was the true mission of the two Beelzemon now turned into Impmon? Where is the good Lillithmon going and can she truly be trusted? What is the evil Lillithmon planning to do with the power of Impmon from the Tamer world? What else is in store for the heroes across the multi-verse? Find out next time!

To be continued...