Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A Flash of Red and Yellow

A Teen Titans Fan-Fiction

I own nothing but this idea

Hi guys! I sort of got bored so I decided to do a fluffy one-shot about our favorite couple.

Jinx's POV

It's been two months since the battle with the Brotherhood of Evil. Two months since I quit the Hive Five. I'm glad I did. Not only was it wrong, but we weren't any good. It was a really good day when could get away with robbing a taco stand. The team was so mad at me. All of them, accept one. I can still see the hurt look on See-More's face. I always knew he liked me, and it was really hard to turn him down. It just would have been weird. He was like a brother to me.

Wally's different.

He sees more in me than I do.

I always thought I was bad luck, until he came along. He thinks I'm better than what I am. He thinks I'm something special. It took me a while to admit I actually liked him, but when I did, it felt like the start of a new life. I could finally let go of all the bad things I had done.

After the big fight everybody went home, but not me. I had no home.

Wally asked me countless times if I wanted to stay with him. I kept refusing, because I wanted to make it on my own. Although, he still asked me every time he saw me, which was a lot considering we were dating. Sometimes I would stay the night with him. Sleep on his couch.

He teased me about it, "I thought you wanted to make it on your own." He would say.

I usually didn't reply I just hexed him and he would laugh about it, "Come on, you know you can't hurt me." I would laugh too, and then he would pull me into a kiss.

After about a month of 'making it on my own' I took Wally up on his offer. We've been living happily together in his apartment.

I love it here.

Not just because it's a nice place, but because I get to see his face every day. I would never admit that to him, even though he already knows it. Sometimes, I'll be in my room and he'll walk by and cough to try and get my attention. When I don't look up he will walk backwards and do it again. So I say, "You really need to see a doctor about that cough." He'll smile. Then he'll get an alert on his communicator, "Robbery at the jewelry store. Wanna come with?" He usually says something like that. I shake my head and he runs off with a flash.

When I have the apartment to myself, I usually just sketch. I don't sketch unicorns anymore, not since I moved in with him. Now, I sketch more realistic things, like birds, flowers, and sometimes Wally. Those are the ones I hide. When he comes home we usually go out for pizza.

"Who was it today?" I'll sometimes ask him. He'll grin, "Do you care?" I shake my head, and he leans in to kiss me. When we get back to the apartment I go to my room and he goes to his.

That's pretty much how every day is, but there are occasions where I sneak out while he's still sleeping. I usually take my sketch book and some pencils. I go out and find a shady tree and draw what I feel. At around the time Wally usually gets a call about a robbery, I look up and for just a second I see a flash of red and yellow. Then, I look down in front of me and I see a rose and a note.

See you back home.


Hope you guys liked it. Was it too fluffy? Was it not fluffy enough? Give me your thoughts.