Chapter 11

The Little Girl Blue

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"...The day you left Misao fell out of the tree." Okina started, and that's when Aoshi realized how old Jiya had truly become.

Misao woke up late, and in a panic, rushed to get dressed. If she was late it meant Aoshi-sama was late. The last thing she wanted to do was get in trouble with Aoshi-sama, she thought as she threw the screen doors open. She always met him in the front of Aoiya just as Jiya opened up the restaurant. But as she came to the entrance she had to stop. Instead of the quiet, tall man, there waiting for her was Omasu, who smiled weakly. Misao was instantly confused.

"Where's Aoshi-sama?"

"I had never seen her so quiet, the tears just fell down her face. I suppose it was shock. Omasu offered to walk her to school but, Misao refused saying that she was old enough to go by herself." Okina chuckled bitterly before continuing "We let her go, should've known better. We got a call from the school asking where she was. We were so panicked, we thought she had run away but, turned out she was in the backyard, up in the tree..."

Misao had gotten stuck up in that tree a few months ago and knew that the old ladder was still broken. Aoshi-sama and Hyottoko had to get her down, which was no easy feat, they made her jump and managed to catch. They had gotten her down but warned her not to climb the high tree again. Misao did just that knowing, only Aoshi-sama and the others could get her down. Okina knew this as well and was impressed by Misao's logic. The problem was how to get Misao out of the tree.

"I'm can't get down, Aoshi-sama will have to come from Tokyo to get me out!" She cried.

They had no idea how to get her to the ground, except to try to coax Misao to come down.

They tried begging

"Please try to climb down my pretty Misao-chan"


They tried bribery,

"We'll give you a set of your very own Kunai..." It nearly worked but Misao decided she wanted the band of Ninjas more.


They tried threats,

"We'll cut the tree right from under you to get you down!"

"I don't care"

Finally Jiya did something that later on in his life he would come to regret.

"Well with behaviour like this Makimachi Misao I'm not surprised that they did leave! They would be ashamed to see their Misao-chan acting like such a spoiled brat!"

Misao then realized the reason why her closest friends left her, and probably her parents and her grandpa did. It wasn't for an undercover job in Tokyo or the inevitability of death, it was the fact that she, Misao, had driven them away. She had made them run away because she was such a bad girl. Tears ran down her face as she hiccupped her little sobs. She began to make her way down the tree, but her tears were blinding her, her foot missed one of the branches and her grip failed.

"And she fell, nearly snapped her neck, broke her clavicle and dislocated her shoulder. I had never been so scared in my life; she was okay, but still. Afterwards Misao completely changed, she wouldn't throw tantrums as she used to when she didn't get something she wanted, she didn't fight at school anymore, as matter fact she started to excel in it. By the time she was in high school she had been captain of her junior highschool's gymnastics team, she was co-captain on the high school's track team. She taught kendo lessons, she helped with the restaurant, she was on the student council, and she just received her physics scholarship.

But sometimes strange things would happen to Misao, she would pull strange stunts. She once climbed to the rafters of the gym, saying she wanted to know what it felt like to be angel looking down, and she would run until she collapsed from exhaustion saying she wanted to be wind, because wind was everywhere. But, other than that Misao was doing fine. Unfortunately I was not, just before her 16th birthday I had a check up and the diagnosis was not good. I was waiting to tell her after her birthday, I wanted her to be happy. She came so far, and was looking forward to it, but her sweet sixteen would most likely be the worst day of her life..."

There was a knock on the door, Misao bounded towards peering up at the clock. It was much too early for anyone to be showing up for the party. She opened up the door and saw a man of medium height and small build. He looked young, but Misao was sure he was older than he looked and that she had not seen him before.

"I am very sorry the Aoiya is closed to day, I am sorry for the inconvenience-"

"I am sorry Miss, but I am not here to enjoy your restaurant. My name is Captain Okita Soushi I am here to speak with the owner of your fine establishment, Kishiwajaki Nenji." He said with a bow and polite smile, flashing his badge. Misao immediately felt a kindred connection with him, for he was a police officer like her father and her friends, but she alos felt a churn at his presence. He was not here to give good news.

"Oh I'll get Jiya right away, you can take a seat if you like," Misao said, her waitressing training kicking in, "Can I get you something, tea perhaps? It is awfully cold and wet out."

"Oh no thank you," The captain said waving her off, "But I see that this place is very highly decorated. Is it closed for a party?" Misao smiled in delight.

"Yes, it is my 16th birthday today!" She exclaimed. Captain Okita then realized who he had been talking to, Makimachi Misao, the little girl who Aoshi, Beshimi, Hyottoko, Shikijou and Hannya had pictures of sitting on their desks when they were stationed in Kyoto. He felt great grief and guilt towards the girl, for he was about to ruin her birthday.

Dead, they were all dead. Misao couldn't breathe, but what about Aoshi-sama? Where was he, she had demanded to Captain Okita. He merely looked down at his and replied that nobody knew.

It was so hard to breathe; the room was so small and crowded. It blurred with her tears. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't breathe! She needed air and ran towards the doors. She couldn't hear the cries of both Okina and Okita. She ran out in the rain and kept on running. She just couldn't breathe. She had to find Aoshi-sama and make sure he was alright. Why didn't he come home after this happened? Why couldn't they could have cried together? Where was he? How did they die? Why couldn't she breathe?

"She disappeared for three days, Captain Okita felt so guilty that he spent all his trying to find her. When he did he found her just walking down the street. She was delirious with fever and thought that he was you. She was hospitalized with pneumonia. Misao kept begging for you, saying she had seen you in the street.

After the funeral she seemed to get better, she would even go and visit Okita down at the station. She volunteered a lot more and worked double shifts at the Aoiya to make up for Shiro and Kuro going to university... It all happened so quickly I thought we were doing well, but then Okita-san got sick. He died in a matter of six months. Misao was devastated. I couldn't tell her about my illness it would kill her. But, unfortunately it caught up to me.

One day during work I collapsed and Misao took me to the hospital. When I came too she was sitting beside me. I expected her to yell at me but she just sat there..."

"Why," She said softer than a whisper.

"What did you say?" Okina asked very worried at Misao's silence and how sick she looked.

"Why," She said a little louder.

"Why, what Misao-chan?" She sighed and laid her head upon his hand,

"Why does everyone I love have to leave me?" She said without shedding a tear or sobbing.

"What do you mean?"

"Mother, Father, Grandpa, Hannya, Beshimi, Shikijou, Hyottoko, Okita-san. Aoshi-sama didn't come back, and now you're going to leave me."

"I promised her that I wouldn't leave her. We both knew that was not a promise I could make, but I made it anyways. I was horrified when Misao dropped out of school. But the bills were piling up and without me to run the Aoiya things were not looking good.

Misao kept on looking for you. Hoping that you would come home and help her. But, with all the stress and debt Misao had to make all the decisions on her own. It was the last thing she wanted to do, but she was forced to sell. To be honest I think she did a good job at saving the Aoiya. She sold it Sae who was looking to expand on the Shirobeko. Sae was sympathetic to our plight and agreed to keep the name and majority of the workers. We got a lot of money for it too, but Misao just put it all in my medical bills and next thing I knew I was getting moved in this place. I had no idea how Misao got all the money, even though she sold the Aoiya for a mint it couldn't cover it all.

I suppose it was the Ducati that set me off, I knew where Misao lived. By the way do you know if she's still living in that retched shit hole?"

Aoshi nodded yes. Okina sighed,

"I wish she would move out of that neighbourhood- but anyways where was I? Ah yes, the motorcycle. Soon she started showing up with bruises on her face and cuts on her arm, and then- then she just stopped showing up altogether. When she finally came to visit I confronted her. I had thought she had become a prostitute-" Okina chuckled bitterly, "with all the talk of 'Bugsy', and the new wheels and being set up in a nice private hospital I could only assume- She just laughed at me, but it was such a hollow laugh."

"You know, Jiya, I guess I am just sort of a prostitute. Bugsy is my pimp, he has clients and he uses me to give things to the clients and I get money for my service. But, it has nothing to do with sex."

"No? Then what are you doing Misao?" Okina demanded confused and upset.

"I steal; I'm quiet good at it. In underground circles I'm known as the kuroneko. Bugsy is my handler. It's better than being on the game, I've seen some of those girls Jiya, and I don't want to be like them. But if it meant you would stay here where you can get better then I would screw anything that walked. I find being a thief is a more viable option."

The elderly man just stared at her, not knowing who this girl was.

"What happened to you Misao?" He asked, desperate to know where she had gone. She smiled, and a hand went to her stomach.

"I died Jiya,"

"What are you talking about?" Jiya was beginning to be very frightened for Misao. She lifted up her shirt and showed the white gauze wrapped around her lower torso. Okina could comprehend what he was seeing.

"I was shot, and left to die in the snow. And you know what," She paused her fingers tracing her belly, "I was relieved, relieved that I could finally just stop and rest. I could stop fighting, I didn't have to fight to survive anymore. I didn't have to struggle to breathe anymore. Nobody would leave me again, because I had left them. I didn't have to hurt anymore, because living, sometimes it hurts so much.

But then I remembered you, Jiya, and I knew without me, you would be left all alone. I couldn't let that happen to you after it had happened to me so many times. So I crawled, I pulled myself out on to the street."

"And what happened?" Okina couldn't help but ask.

"I survived, that's what I do." She said with a fa├žade of confidence which quickly faded into a serious pallor, "I understand Jiya, if you don't want to be apart of this. If you don't want to be connected with a criminal. But I refuse to stop paying for your treatment, and it's for selfish reasons why I won't stop, I won't stop because you are the only thing that keeps me living." Tears were forming the corners of Misao's eyes, "And even if you don't want to see me anymore, it's a comfort just to know you're breathing, 'cause I'm having a lot of trouble doing it myself."

Jiya just wrapped her in his arms and kissed her hair.

"I can't let Misao go through this alone. We made a promise to each other I'll keep living for her if she keeps living for me. Every Sunday she comes and visits me. We don't talk about her occupation and we don't talk about me dying. I would say we're closer than ever." Okina chuckled, "Ignorance is bliss ain't it?" After sometime Aoshi finally spoke,

"I never meant any of this to happen,"

"Nobody ever does," Okina smiled ruefully, "But, good intentions never kept Misao from falling out of that tree."


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