Hermione was sorting the last of her parents' possessions into boxes,

I can't believe they're gone. She thought to herself, choking back sobs.

Suddenly her fingers brushed a thick envelope that was addressed to her

My Dear Hermione,

If you're reading this we must be dead. Hopefully we lived a good long life and we've already told you what you're about to read, but if that's not the case then we apologize.

We are not your biological parents you are actually the daughter of Mrs. Zabini. I'm sure she will explain why she had to abandon you but I want to assure you that she loved you very much and was forced to give you up. You have a brother named Blaise. Carolina (Mrs. Zabini) assured me that this letter was enchanted to alert her that you'd read it. All you have to do now my dear is pack your things and apparate to Zabini Manor. I'm sorry if we never got to tell you in person but know that we love you very much and were proud to raise you as our own.

Love Mom and Dad

Hermione wasn't sure what to do, but after re-reading the letter several times she just did as the letter said. She walked up the stairs of her childhood home feeling numb, her mind spinning with the implications of what her parents had written.

It was the summer before she returned for her final year at Hogwarts, with the war over and Voldemort defeated she had decided to return to school unlike her best friends Harry and Ron- who had both felt that since the war they had acquired all the experience they were ever going to need. Despite all the death and suffering caused by the war many pureblood families had changed their opinions about the 'purity of blood' whether because they had learned from the war or simply due to public pressures. Hermione had finally thought that this would be the year that people stopped calling her mudblood under their breath, she hadn't expected to be right under quite these circumstances.

As she finished packing her belongings she said goodbye to her home and all of the memories that she had made there and prepared to apparate away.

"Zabini Manor".