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They're both boy's. They both have those desires.

Rated: M
Couple: ErenxArmin
Anime: Shingeki No Kyojin
Chapter: 1/2


"It's not... Wrong, is it?" Armin asked, his voice a small mumble. Eren looked over to the side at him. His green eyes stared with an unreadable expression into Armin's blue eyes. He smiled a sheepish and weak smile and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Uh... I don't think so..." He said. Armin leaned his head back against the wall of his bunk bed.

"I mean... We're both boys and..." Armin looked at the floor of the top bunk, the ceiling of his bottom bunk. "So it shouldn't be bad if we did it..."

"No, no of course not." Eren nodded his head in agreement. "And we both have those... D-Desires," He didn't mean to stutter, but he couldn't help it.

"Right," Armin agreed. He finally looked away from the top bunk and slowly moved his field of vision to Eren. Eren was still sitting next to him; that hadn't changed. He had bent his legs inward so his knees were together. His arms were crossed over his chest. His face was a little flushed, but Armin knew he looked the same way.

"So..." Eren shifted a little in his spot. He was uncomfortable.

"So..." Armin murmured and placed his hands between his legs.

He could feel a strange heat inside his body. The conversation before and the conversation now had this heat building and now it was starting to conjugate into certain areas. The thought alone had his face heating up more. It didn't help that they were alone in the barrack. If they weren't, maybe the idle chatter of their friends could distract him.

But no. They were alone.

"So um..." Eren shifted once more and their knees brush together. They both blanched and moved away with fast reflexes.

Armin put his hand to his chest, feeling the serious beating underneath his vest and button-up shirt. If a simple brush of the legs (which are covered by their pants) caused this, what would happen when they actually tried to have sex?

"Ah, sorry..." Armin said. He could hear Eren sigh from the other side of him.

"No, that was my fault." He said. Never before had they felt so awkward to talk to one another. They were normally very open to each other on everything. This was new though. New and strange. What they were talking about doing was rather taboo. It's not that it didn't happen or that it was illegal, it was just that with all that happened within the few years, people didn't think about it as much.

Yet here they were. Two boys who had just reached a maturing point. Both had no one to be with except each other. They couldn't go talk to their parents because they had none and Eren definitely knew he wasn't going to talk to his sister.

Maybe that's why it seemed right to discuss it with one another. That's what Armin thought a least.

Armin looked over to the door to the cabin and inwardly thought that if he left now, the tension would be gone. But he knew that wasn't true. It would probably be worse.

He swallowed nervously. They hadn't even done anything and yet he felt like the air pressure had doubled. The pressure had pinned him to where he sat on his bed and kept him there.

"So who should start?" Eren asked.

There it was. That was the question Armin couldn't ask even if it meant saving his or someone else's life.

"Ah, I-I mean um..." Eren scratched the back of his head and stuttered. Armin took in a heavy breath and answered.

"I-It doesn't really matter, I guess." Armin said. "Maybe... The one who brought it up could...?" Another quiet moment until Armin heard and felt Eren shift beside him. He then felt the unmistakable shape of a hand touching his own.

He lifted his head up in surprise and looked at Eren. His cheeks were redder than before and his eyes were slightly shining in the dim shadow of the bunk above them.

"I-I guess that's me then... Right...?" He asked. Armin looked down for a moment to their connected hands and then back up to Eren.

"... I'm the one who brought it up though..." He mumbled. Eren chuckled quietly.

Armin obviously didn't get the idea that Eren was taking the credit so the younger boy wouldn't have to do anything he was afraid to do. Despite how smart Armin was and how much he read, it wasn't like he was a genius in every subject. These days, the topic they had gotten to was one that was rarely talked about.

"So..." Armin started. "... H-How are we going to so this...? I mean, I know how but..." Armin was trying to ask how they were going to go about it. How did they want to perceive this as? Did they want to make it seem like they were making love to each other slowly and passionately? Or did they want to make it seem like there were absolutely no strings attached?

Eren understood though. He looked down at their hands and carefully laced their fingers together. He knew that he couldn't do something like that and not feel something. Eren wouldn't make it seem like nothing to them. Armin couldn't do that either. Not when he was with his best friend.

He looked up to Armin's eyes and for a moment he could swear time had stopped. His breath seemed to get colder and he felt his heart beating painfully in his chest. He swallowed down and leaned forward slowly. He didn't want to spook the blond haired boy.

He was finally only a few inches from his face. Armin could feel Eren's breath against his own lips as it left his mouth through his thin lips and fanned against his lower face. Their eyes hadn't looked away, and after another moment, Amin nodded. This was his way of saying that it was okay for Eren to continue without actual words.

Eren nodded slowly and leaned forward. The moment their lips so much as brushed together, they both retreated. Both of their faces became red with embarrassment, but they knew something like that would happen from such an intimate action. Eren bit his bottom lip and moved in again. He tried, but this time forced himself not to move away. He felt Armin tense for a moment, but then the boy relaxed.

Now with their lips pressed together, their hands tightened around their fingers. Their noses brushed as Armin moved half an inch closer and Eren tilted his head. Armin followed, but tilted his head in the opposite direction. This allowed little space between them.

Eren unlaced their hands and placed them on either side of Armin's hips against the bed. Armin felt a hand of Eren's brush against his leg and hand and the kiss stopped.

They both looked at each other; their eyes were fogged over just the slightest with something they didn't know. Armin thought that Eren almost looked a little tired. Eren thought Armin looked like he was sick with his blue eyes darker than usual and his face all red with embarrassment.

Armin's lips were moving, but nothing was coming out. He wanted to say something, anything, but something was stopping him from it. He also noticed that he wasn't breathing. He was so dazed that once he noticed he took in a deep breath quickly.

"That was..." Eren started. He looked away for a moment, his eyes blinking slowly in thought. "... A little odd..." He said. Armin nodded his head.

"Yeah..." He mumbled. Eren sat back a little, giving them both the space to breathe.

"I don't get it." He said with a small laugh. He sat on his heels as a funny smile graced his lips. "People make such a big fuss over it and yet..." He stopped to pick his words carefully.

"It's not all that special." Armin finished.

"Yeah!" Eren nodded his head and looked up. Armin could see the little sparkle in his eyes.

"Maybe we did it wrong?" Armin questioned. He could see Eren blush again and when he realized that what he said was rather suggestive, he blushed as well.

"Uh... Maybe..." Eren looked down again and said. The blond looked down into his lap. He let his legs rest out in front of him on the bed instead of being pulled up to his chest.

"Sh-Should we... Try again...?" He asked quietly. Eren frowned and after a moment of tense silence he nodded his head.

"I want to understand what it is that is so special..." Eren said. He looked up without moving his head. The look the brown haired boy gave Armin made his heart skip a beat or two. He placed a hand over his chest again and nodded.

"Me too." He said.

Eren moved forward again and pressed his lips to Armin's before either of them had a chance to think against it. It caught them both of them by surprise, but Armin was more surprised than Eren.

He kept his eyes open and wide which let him see Eren's tightly closed eyes and furrowed eyebrows. The sight, though new and different, was rather calming, Armin thought, and he wanted to keep looking. However, an unknown force was pulling his eyes shut again.

This time when their hands brushed together they didn't pull away. It was Eren who slowly laced their fingers together again. It was Armin who brought a set of their tangled fingers up between them and held it there.

When they stopped kissing, they didn't let go of each other. Eren looked down at their hands and smiled. Armin laughed sweetly and rubbed his thumb over Eren's.

"That one wasn't as bad..." Eren said. His cheeks were starting to hurt from the smile on his lips.

"I thought it was kind of... Nice." Armin said through his lips which were also in a wide smile.

"Maybe... Another wouldn't be so bad?" Eren questioned. Armin had to stop himself from seeming overly excited from the idea. He tried, but the eager nod of his head and bright red cheeks gave it away.

This time it was Armin who initiated the kiss. Eren unlaced their left hands and carefully touched Armin's waist. He waited for a sign that it wasn't a good idea, but instead he got a small sound of approval that surprised him. Armin moaned ever so gently into the kiss while his hand wrapped around Eren's shoulder. Somehow, it was more inviting that way.

'His lips are so soft...' Eren thought distantly.

The kiss didn't stop. Eren pressed more against Armin until they had no choice but to release their right hands so Armin could fully cling to Eren's shoulders. Eren's hands moved down to his friends hips which cause another moan from his lips and a shiver through his body. Their lips separated, giving them both the chance to breathe.

"Eren..." Armin mumbled in a sweet, buttery voice. Eren sighed and brushed his lips against Armin's. Armin gently tugged on Eren's hair so their foreheads were pressed together.

"It's not that bad actually." Eren said. Armin smiled and nodded.

"It's nice," He said.

"Want to try again?" Eren asked. Armin nodded his head as his response again.

Neither knew who started the kiss this time. Their bodies were starting to do things on their own. At some point Eren had situated himself between Armin's legs and Armin sighed shakily. Their bodies began to close in distance until there was no room left. This left Armin jammed into the wall with no escape. This didn't upset him though. His hands clung to the front of Eren's shirt and his fingers played with the strings holding the collar together.

Eren's hands ran up the front of Armin's body and then down his back. Armin arched into his touch when his hands were on his chest and then rolled up against Eren when his hands would rub his back. This made him feel breathless. He had no choice but to pull away abruptly. He covered his face with his arm and breathed deeply with his lips parted wide.

"Are you okay?" Eren asked with worry. Armin peaked past his arm to see the emotions of hurt, worry, and pain all on his face. Armin frowned and cupped Eren's cheeks into his hands. He pulled Eren forward and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said against his lips. Eren hummed in response.

They stayed that way for minutes on end. They stayed to regain their thoughts (to recover them from the rampancy they faced earlier) and to slow their heart beats to a non-life threatening pace. Between the minutes, chaste kisses were given. Armin refused to let go of Eren's face.

"Hey..." Eren murmured. Armin blinked the daze away and looked at Eren.

"Yeah?" He responded.

"Does this mean that you... You want... To…?" Eren asked hesitantly. Armin looked into his deep green eyes to understand what he was asking.

Because of what they were doing, did that mean they were going to go all the way? Did they even want to do that? They had gone this far. It was what they originally planned... Was it even planned?

"E-Even if I wanted to, is that what matters?" Armin asked quietly. Eren gave him a questioning look that could have been mistaken for pain. "... I want to..." Armin hesitantly admitted.

He wanted to. He really wanted to. Having to admit it though didn't make it any less embarrassing.

"Are you sure?" Eren asked. Armin swallowed before shutting his eyes tightly and nodding.

"Yes, yes I'm sure." He said. Eren bit his bottom lip before taking the chance to take Armin in a heavy kiss.

The heat that had settled from the minutes of rest was back quicker than it came before. Their kisses became faster and their bodies grew more feverish. The kissing, originally just pursed lips pressing together repeatedly soon became more. Their mouths began to coax the other open. Again they didn't know who started it, but the sudden brush of tongues had them both gasping in surprise.

The sensation was truly an odd one.

Armin reacted with a shaky mewl and hugged Eren close. He tangled his hands back into Eren's brown hair as shivers began to erupt from his body. Eren wrapped his arms around Armin's back and the two slid down onto the bed.

Their tongues brushed together again at the sudden motion. They pulled back to breathe and then kissed again. Now when their tongues brushed, it almost felt natural.

How could something start out so odd yet become so normal? Their tongues pushed deeper into their mouths and wrapped around each other in unknown emotions and desires.

How indeed? That was a question that sat in the back of both of their minds.

Eren's hands were once again wandering all over Armin's body. They started on his thighs and then slowly and teasingly moved up. His hands grazed over his covered body and when passing a certain area on the smaller boy's chest, Armin nearly squeaked in response. Eren smiled against his lips and started trailing his kisses away from Armin's lips. He trailed them down his jaw and up to his ear where he sucked on his earlobe which emitted a gasp.

"Eren," Armin rolled his body against Eren's again.

Eren gently bit Armin's collar bone while his fingers began to slip the buttons of his vest through each hole. Armin fidgeted under him in response. The vest came undone and was left alone. Eren sat back a little to look down at Armin.

The boy looked up at him with his big blue eyes, his blond hair disheveled and his bangs strewn on his face, his body laying out for him and only him. It was dusk. The light leaked in through the un-curtained windows, creating an array of lights in the room that reflected on his young face.

He was truly beautiful. Eren smiled and fingered the buttons of his white shirt.

"Is something funny?" Armin asked innocently. Eren undid a few buttons like it was second nature and shook his head.

"No, nothing is." He answered. He pulled on the half open shirt and traced little lines on parts of Armin's soft chest. Armin's face darkened as he turned his head, trying to hide. "What's wrong?" Eren paused to ask.

"... I-It's embarrassing," Armin admitted. Eren frowned.

"Should I stop?" He asked. In an instant the color in Armin's face disappeared.

Why did he have to ask a question like that? Of course he didn't want him to stop, but that meant he'd have to admit it out loud... Again.

Eren's fingers pulled on the last of the buttons on his shirt curiously. Armin clenched his fists together and sighed.

"N-No," He said between his pursed lips. To Eren, it sounded like he had hissed. It sounded like he didn't like it.

Eren sat up and watched Armin carefully. The boy noticed him with a faint feeling of draining hope and sat up. He looked at Eren with needy eyes and pulled his arms to his bare chest to cover up.

"Armin," Eren said sternly. "If you don't want to do this, you can just say so. I won't care," He said.

Armin blushed deeply. He could feel his stomach tightening and his mind was reeling with anxiety.

"That's not it." Armin mumbled. To his luck, it had been quiet, but to his unfortunate pleasure Eren heard him anyway. Eren questioned him and Armin bent his knees in.

"Then what is it?" Eren asked.

"I-I uh..." Armin stuttered. He looked at Eren to see his red cheeks and that his shirt was askew. His shoulder was exposed and the sleeve was dipped far to the side.

When did that happen?

'How do you do this to me, Eren?' Armin wondered.

"E-Eren..." He swallowed and said goodbye to the last of his dignity. "I-I don't want... You to stop." He shook when a cold breeze went up the back of his shirt.

"You sure?" Eren just had to know that it was okay. Armin closed his eyes tightly.

"Yes I'm s-sure!" Armin bit his lip, not intending to bark. "Please..." He dropped his head. "Don't stop..." His voice dropped too.

Eren reached forward and touched the boy's cheek. Armin looked up with (what seemed like) sad eyes and blushed deeply. He held Eren's hand into his own and sighed. He couldn't be mad at him. He wasn't from the start. He couldn't be irritated either. He could definitely be embarrassed though.

Eren cautiously pulled Armin's hands away from his chest. He touched his shoulders and his fingers glided effortlessly across his smooth skin as he pulled the white shirt and vest down his arms, leaving them bare.

Armin shivered and wanted nothing more than to pull his shirt back on, but he didn't want to upset Eren. Not again.

Eren scooted closer to Armin and like before he sat between his legs. Armin reached forward, hugged Eren around the waist and hid his face in the crook of Eren's neck. His face couldn't be any redder at the moment from his embarrassment.

Eren ran his fingernails down Armin's spine to try and help him relax. Then he ran his fingers up to his shoulders where he began to kiss the hallow spots on his friends body. Armin reacted with a sigh of content.

Eren first kissed the junction of Armin's neck and shoulder. He then kissed his shoulder. His lips traveled down to his collar bone and bit down gently. It didn't hurt. To Armin it actually tickled a little. Eren then kissed down his chest (ultimately bending into an awkward position) and pressed a tender kiss to his nipple. Armin squeezed Eren's shoulders.

"Hng..." He held down any sound that threatened to surface. It started out odd, odder than when their tongues touched each other, but as Eren worked skillfully on him, it started to feel good.

Why was that?

Eren touched Armin's other nipple with his hand and the boy squirmed slightly. He scratched at Eren's shoulder blades through the shirt. The shirt bunched up a little and Armin pulled on it. Eren got the message and sat up to pull his own shirt off.

Armin at first didn't know what to think. Eren was more toned than he previously thought. His skin was naturally tan, but it looked darker in the orange and yellow sun. They were both the same age and yet Eren was more physically defined than he was. He wasn't sure if his face went white from jealousy or red with arousal.

Eren smiled and a little laugh left him. Armin looked up, the realization that he had been looking at him so intently hitting him. If his face wasn't red before, it was now. Eren touched Armin's baby-soft cheek again and he looked up. He was glad to see Eren's face was flushed too.

He sat up, wrapped his arms around Eren's shoulder and kissed him. Eren wrapped his arms around his waist as he kissed back; totally oblivious to the fact he wasn't wearing a shirt. He seemed to be a lot more comfortable without a shirt than Armin was. He had a good reason to be.

Their tongues began to do all the work again. As they kissed, Eren's hands roamed over his thighs. His hands rubbed over the back of his pants, over his butt and then back up to the small of his back. Armin pressed himself firmly against Eren upon the touch. Somehow it felt really good.

Eren's hands teased at his nipples again and his lips sucked on his neck. Armin tilted his head back and let out a soft gasp. His finger nails scraped at Eren's skin, but the taller boy didn't seem to notice. He was so preoccupied with what he was doing that he didn't even notice when Armin's hands unconsciously fell to the waist band of his pants. Armin really didn't notice it when he tugged on his pants. He himself was lost in Eren's actions.

"Armin," Eren breathed on his neck. Armin moaned and kissed Eren's neck just below his hair. Eren brought their lips together again and slowly pushed Armin back down to the bed. He let him lie on his back and spread across his body like a blanket.

Meanwhile, their kiss didn't stop. Eren's hands touched the inside of Armin's thighs and then pulled on the rim of his pants. Armin pulled back to look into Eren's eyes which were so intensely dark that it was slightly frightening. He had seen many things in Eren's eyes: Hope, inspiration, determination, anger, fear. The list was endless. He had never seen, however, his eyes turn so dark.

"Are you okay with this?" Eren asked. His voice was a little hoarse and dry from the amount of heavy breathing they had been doing.

"Yeah," Armin mumbled. Eren sat back again and ran his fingers under the rim of his pants. "Ah, but wait!" Armin grabbed his wrists and stopped him.

Eren looked at him with a confused look. Armin sat up and pressed his lips to Eren's. At the same time he grabbed at his own pants.

"Y-You too..." He mumbled. Eren seemed to understand and nodded. He swallowed shakily and it was the first time since they started that he seemed to be embarrassed.

"Okay," He said. Armin blushed. He didn't want to be the only one stripped bare. That was too embarrassing.

"Kiss me," Armin pleaded. Eren was no less than shocked by Armin's quick and poorly thought out request. His eyes were wide and for a moment he lost all function of his brain. He couldn't even seem to respond. When that happened Armin looked like he was hurt and upset. That seemed to be the only thing to coax him out of his spell of surprise. He complied eagerly.

They locked their lips together and simultaneously began to pull on their pants. Despite it being Armin who started it, he was the first one who was bare first. His pants were thrown away to the side to be forgotten about. Eren ended up slipping out of his own pants on his own because Armin was trying to hide himself.

Eren kissed his lips gently and opened his eyes to look into Armin's eyes. Armin was visibly shaking and the fear was obvious. This was all new to him. But silly him. It wasn't like Eren was an expert at this either.

They were now bare. Everything was out in the open for either of them to see. Now they were too far into the passion. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't stop. But they didn't want to stop.

Eren's hands began to touch Armin's bare thighs. The skin on his legs was much softer than anywhere else. He could feel the quiver to his touch and slowly looked down. It was the first time he had ever seen someone naked before. He never thought that in a million years it'd be his best friend who he would see.

He never thought Armin would be the boy who stole his first kiss. And now he was going to take a lot more from him. Eren didn't even think he'd live long enough to do this sort of thing, but here he was. Eren smiled at the thought and kissed Armin sweetly. Armin wrapped his arms around Eren again as they kissed, but he was trembling so badly that Eren thought he'd break.

"It's okay," He assured with a whisper into Armin's ear. Armin hummed and tried to relax.

When Eren's hand grazed his erection, he stopped trying. He hid his face into Eren's shoulder and whimpered into his friend's ear. He accidentally scratched his skin at the sensation as Eren began to stroke him. His breath began to leave his body faster than it came in. He felt like the world was spinning and he got dizzy. His legs felt like they were becoming jelly and were totally numb. Someone could stick him with a safety pin and he probably wouldn't feel it.

"E-Eren," He squirmed to the touch and moaned ever so slightly. Eren smiled against his skin and rubbed his thumb over the tip. It was somehow greatly satisfying to know that Armin was feeling pleasure by his hands. Armin arched his back and leaned his head into the bed below him. "Hah..."

Eren kissed Armin's open mouth and then placed precise kisses along his body. He nipped at Armin's pale shoulder, than his chest, and then his stomach. His teeth nipped at Armin's exposed hip and moved to press a kiss to his heated member.

"Eren," Armin moaned his name out. Eren shivered as he continued kissing the boy's exposed length. The way Armin said his name was terribly addicting. He could feel sweat start to form on his brow and sighed. He stroked him slowly while his other hand wandered along his thigh.

He wanted to, but Armin couldn't gain the courage to look. He held onto Eren's shoulder with one hand and the other covered his mouth to stop himself from moaning too loud in pleasure.

And then Eren cupped his mouth over his erection. Everything seemed to go white all of a sudden. Armin whimpered into his hand and bucked his hips forward. This caused his member to be swallowed by Eren. Eren sucked fiercely on his length without hesitation or concern. He had tried to hold back, but he just couldn't. Armin, he had confirmed, was like a drug. He was trying his best not to just have himself inside of his friend enough as it was. He had become his addiction.

"Eren... I-It feels... Good," Armin admitted weakly while shuffling his hips. Eren chuckled around him. He pulled away a moment to breathe. He continued to rub Armin while looking at the boy. Armin's panting lips and dusted-red cheeks were a beautiful sight to him.

It wasn't often these days when he got to see beautiful things. He didn't realize how beautiful Armin was until now either. He felt guilty for not noticing it sooner.

"Eren... It's so h-hot," Armin squirmed as the medium pace Eren kept. Eren noticed that now Armin was starting to sweat himself. He hadn't noticed the temperature in the room getting so high until Armin mentioned it. Or maybe it wasn't the room. Maybe it was just him.

"Yeah," He said through a light breath. He sat up and put a finger to Armin's open lips. Armin didn't even question what it was Eren was doing. He took Eren's finger into his mouth and began to suck, coating his finger with saliva. He didn't even know why he was doing it. He was just doing it.

Seeing Armin do this had Eren flush more. He felt his own need begging for attention, but he wanted to take care of Armin first. He wanted to make sure he was okay with it. He didn't want to do anything until he knew his best friend was okay with what was happening.

He pulled his now thoroughly wet finger out from Armin's sweet and innocent mouth and brought his finger to Armin's entrance. He looked up at the boy and waited. Armin nodded his head, though he didn't know exactly what it was he was agreeing to. He had an idea though. He didn't say anything. He wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Eren reached up and laced their fingers together with his clean hand. He looked into Armin's eyes and smiled. With the other he pushed a finger inside of Armin.

Armin shut his eyes tightly and breathed deeply. There was a slight sting of pain and it was far more uncomfortable than anything else. This was far odder than the previous activities.

Eren frowned at the loss of those blue eyes he loved.

"If it hurts, tell me. I'll stop if it does." Eren said. He already knew that Armin was in pain by the way he clung to his hand. Armin bit down on his bottom lip so hard it left marks. Despite the obvious signs though, Armin shook his head.

"I-It's fine. I'm o-okay." He mumbled. Eren knew better, but if Armin didn't want to stop, he had a reason to it. Right?

Eren began to slowly thrust his finger inside of Armin. The boy tightened around him, but Eren kept moving his finger in and out. He rubbed his length a little faster, hoping he could bring some pleasure to him or at least make the young boy forget he was in pain. After minutes, his plan seemed to work. He wasn't sure if Armin wasn't in pain anymore or he just didn't notice it, but those sweet sounds of pleasure returned to make love to his soul.

"Eren... Ah hah, Eren," He moaned and repeatedly called his name. Eren leaned forward to capture Armin's lips with his in a tender and slow kiss. Armin's tongue awkwardly fumbled with Eren's in the mix of passion. They separated and Eren brushed his forehead against his friends.

"Armin," Eren mumbled before pressing their lips together again to keep them both quiet. In the new position he slowly pushed a second finger into him. The intrusion was nothing more than pain, but Eren continued scissoring him. If it hurt now, it would hurt a lot more later with what he had planned if he didn't prepare him.

Armin cried against his lips again. Tears now dripped from his eyes and onto the bed below him. The sight got Eren to stop completely in fear and worry and pulled his fingers out of him.

"You're crying..." He said.

"N-No, I'm not. I'm okay, really I am." Armin rubbed his eyes against his flushed arms.

"I should stop." Eren said and sat back a little.

"No!" Armin snatched Eren by his arm and pulled him down onto his body. Eren gasped in surprise and arousal when their members brushed together. Armin wrapped his arms around Eren's shoulders, trapping him against his body and keeping him there. "No, no don't." Armin said against the brown haired boy's ear.

Eren sighed and found Armin's hand again. Their fingers tangled and their hearts beat in unison.

"I don't want to hurt you." Eren said in a whisper. He rolled off of Armin to lie by his side. His arm became a pillow for the boy and their hands sat between them.

"It's going to hurt either way." Armin said, the last of his tears rolling down his cheeks. He didn't bother saying the last of his thoughts.

'Because I'm too far gone...'

Eren kissed Armin on his forehead, on the nose, then on his lips. Armin sighed at the soothing little caresses to his skin. He touched Eren's chest gently.

"Eren, please... Let's keep going." He said.

"Not unless it won't hurt." Eren said stubbornly.

"Please Eren, I... I-I want you. Please," Armin begged with his big blue eyes. Eren's face heated at how cute he looked, but he looked away. He didn't want to hurt him. Even if it meant driving his body crazy with desires he didn't understand only to rip them away, he'd do it.

"No." He mumbled. Oh how difficult it was to say that to him.

"Please Eren... I need you. I want you to..." He looked down. For the first time he got to see what Eren looked like. He couldn't have been anymore relieved to see that they didn't look any different. He was glad to find out he was normal. "I want you..." He whispered as quietly as he could. He wanted Eren to hear him though.

It was obvious he did. His green eyes widened and he stopped breathing. Had he been paying attention, Armin was sure he would have felt Eren's heart stop. Eren looked into those big eyes of his and felt the last of his restraint slip. He tightened his grip on Armin's hand and nodded.

He rolled over so he could lie on top of his friend. Armin quickly reacted with a shaky moan as their erections brushed together. It felt good. Really good. His body took over and rolled against Eren, looking for more pressure. Eren did the same and moaned. The two of them ground their hips together; their mouths free to cry out those sounds of pleasure.

Now they couldn't stop. The minds were lost and their bodies took over the controls.

Armin moaned Eren's name. Eren shivered intensely to the sound. The way Armin said his name made him want to lose all control and for them to make love until they could move no more. Eren liked the sound of it too.

He pulled Armin's legs up and separated them. Armin instinctively wrapped his legs around Eren's legs. Eren smiled as he shook and kissed Armin who kissed back helplessly. Eren rubbed Armin's thighs and lined his member up to his entrance.

"... Are you ready?" Eren looked into Armin's eyes and asked. Armin didn't need to think about it. He nodded his head and tangled his fingers in Eren's soft brown hair.

Eren sucked in a mouthful of air before pushing the tip inside. Armin winced at the sting of pain but kept is voice down. Even though it hurt and even though it would hurt more very soon, he didn't want him to stop. He wanted this more than the many things he ever wanted in his life.

Eren pushed fully inside of him. Armin gasped and tilted his head back into the bed. He couldn't explain it, but the moment when he was finally inside him always made him feel complete. He had never felt this sensation before and it was the most an incredible thing. He wasn't even sure if he could think of a word to describe it. No, that was an understatement. He wasn't even sure there was a word in all of humanity to describe the sensation he felt.

Sure there was pain, but somehow the feeling was more overpowering than it.

"A-Armin." Eren wrapped and arm around the younger boy's thigh to get a better grip on him. Armin winced again, but behind it he could feel the small amount of pleasure returning. It was different from his hands, but it was slightly better. He tightened his legs around Eren's waist and hugged him as close as he could. Their chests were pressed together and Eren's face was against his neck. He couldn't get closer even if he wanted to.

Eren sat unbelievably still. It shocked Armin that someone who was normally as high strung as Eren could hold still for even a minute. But now he was barely even breathing. He would let out an occasional sound as he tried to breathe properly, but it was hard to do and sounded more like he was choking. Armin snuggled his head close to Eren's and kissed the side of his face over and over again.

"G-Go ahead... I'm okay..." Armin mumbled against his ear.

That little nerve inside of Eren completely broke. He leaned his body over Armin, pulling his leg with him, and pulled out slightly. He then pushed back in slowly. Armin arched his back and weakly moaned. Eren did it again and then once more before finding a slow rhythm to go by.

Each movement had Armin moaning. At first they were small, quiet moans racked with a numerous amount of pained cries, but as time went by, the pain dulled and the pleasure became greater.

"Hah, Eren-!"

Eren wrapped his other arm around Armin's leg and lifted it up and over his shoulder. This new position caused a spot within Armin to be touched and he cried wantonly for more.

"E-Eren-!" He cried, but Eren stopped him by pressing their lips together. Armin cried against his lips and reached for Eren's hand. When he found it, Eren began to move faster, his face flushing when he felt a feeling deep within his stomach. It almost felt like something was gathering together, coiling up in one spot.

Armin felt it too. It was as if he had been lit on fire. No, that wasn't good enough. It almost felt like he was being electrocuted. It didn't hurt though. It felt good. He liked it and he almost didn't want it to stop.

He had heard stories of how people got electrocuted and how it could kill a person in seconds. So if this was going to kill him, well then he thought he might as well let death embrace him.

Maybe that was it. Maybe Eren was death. Maybe he was being electrocuted and Eren was death passionately embracing him. If that was the case, then he couldn't have been happier.

"Hng... Aha- haa!"

"Hah, Armin-," Eren pushed a little further, getting lost in how tight Armin still was.

"Eren!" Armin unlaced their hands so he could wrap his arms around his friend's neck. Eren's thrusting got more frantic, to the point that any rhythm they had set was long gone now. Armin's toes curled as he cried. He tugged on Eren's hair and by reflex Eren kissed him again. Their tongues tangled together, muffling only a little of their cries of pleasure.

The sensation in their lower stomach's started to tighten. It felt like their muscles were clenching and at any minute they had to stop. If they didn't something would break or explode. It was tightening with each thrust against each other. It had Armin thrusting unevenly against Eren for more.

Eren released Armin's legs so he could wrap his arms around Armin. With only a few more thrusts, Armin cried viciously as every nerve in his body was electrocuted. That sensation finally erupted in a burst of unspeakable sensations. He ducked his head against Eren's shoulder and bit down to muffle his scream of pleasure as he came, releasing himself in Eren's hand.

It didn't do much. His voice echoed loudly in the barrack. He was so glad now that no one was there with them.

Eren came shortly after. The tightness around him caused him to release inside of the boy. It hadn't been his intention at first, but when his orgasm hit, everything went white. He moaned Armin's name and tightened his grip on Armin's body. He thrust against Armin a few more times before releasing his legs and falling on him, panting heavily.

Armin wrapped his arms around Eren's body, lightly clinging to him with the very little strength he had, and it wasn't much. He ran his fingers through Eren's now damp hair and breathed in his addicting scent. The room was spinning now. He was so dizzy with the lack of oxygen that he closed his eyes to stop the room from spinning.

After a few minutes, the spinning stopped. Eren rolled off of Armin so they both could breathe properly. Armin instantly disliked the feeling of being incomplete. He rolled over onto his side and cuddled close to Eren. He pressed his face into Eren's shoulder and touched his chest with both of his hands.

He had just realized as well that he was whimpering. Each time he breathed out he whimpered. He whimpered like an injured puppy. He wasn't in pain (though he was a little sore), so why was he making those sounds?

Eren began to pat Armin's back. He rubbed his fingers against his muscles and tried to help relax his body, but Eren was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open. He thought he was applying a good amount of pressure, but in reality (a reality he was far away from) he was just brushing Armin's back. Armin found this to be the cutest thing he'd ever seen when it came to Eren.

He reached a hand out and touched Eren's cheek. He lightly moved his fingers back and forth, only aiding Eren into an endless sleep. He didn't mind though. He liked seeing Eren look this peaceful. He looked like he did as a child. A child without many cares or concerns. A child who was strong as healthy. A child with ambitions and dreams.

Now that he thought about it. There wasn't much of a difference. He wasn't much of a child anymore, but that didn't stop him from having the hopes of one.

He admired him so much for that.

"Hey... Armin..." Eren mumbled through the thick fog of sleep.

"Yes?" Armin closed his eyes and let his head rest on Eren's shoulder.

"... You okay...?" Eren asked sleepily. Armin giggled quietly and kissed Eren's neck.

"I'm just fine," He whispered. A few moments passed before Eren hummed in response. Armin giggled some more. Eren was so cute when he was so tired.

He began to twirl a strand of Eren's hair around his finger. He couldn't stop looking at him. The smile wouldn't leave his face. Neither would the blush. He was utterly drunk off happy. He was still coming down from his high and it was exhilarating. He hadn't felt this good in a long time.

Armin sat up a little to kiss Eren one last time. Eren's lips were parted slightly to breathe, but that didn't seem to make a difference. His kiss was unbelievably soft and almost unnoticeable. He didn't want to wake up his friend.

"Sleep well, Eren."

Armin lied back down carefully and closed his eyes. He pulled his hands up to his chest and sighed quietly He felt Eren's chest rising slowly and then falling. It was soothing and calming, almost like a lullaby.

His eyes began to get heavy. He closed them and felt the world start to slowly slip away.

"You too, Armin..." Were the last words he heard.