Hey guys it's me, Fanatic.

Okay so I've got an update and a question for you guys. This update proteins to the future of the imagination war's 3rd story that I teased in the chapters of "Imagination Under Fire."

To put it simply, its cancelled. I'm not even sure if anyone was interested, or even KNEW that it was going to happen, that I had plans for one, but there was going to be one but I've decided to cancel it.

Truth is both stories are a bit of an old shame to me right now. While I did enjoy the Imagination War, now it feels like a copy of Swing123's and Garfieldodie's two big stories. A merger of the two.

That is to say I'm not proud of it's success, but even I know now that it's too convoluted for what it is. The sequel "imagination under fire," is one of my BIGGEST shames here on .

It was rushed, too fast, and I had next to no idea as to where it was going to go to begin with and I can tell, the reviews tapered off and absolutely NO ONE was reviewing it.

Hence my next point.

I'm thinking of remaking the whole thing. Just go back and take the parts that I liked from both stories and make them into a single entity. This is something that will take a lot of time and it might not even get done as a lot of things have changed since I wrote those stories.

But hopefully, maybe, one day I can come and give you an improved version of the Imagination duo-logy. If I do this thought, DO NOT EXPECT ANY FOLLOW UPS.

It will be a one story deal only.

So yeah, if there's enough interest and support, I'll do a rewrite.

As is the Imagination War series in its current form is dead and will remain dead.

Thank you all for reading through this and for liking these two stories in the first place. This is Fanatic97, signing off and again,

Thank you