Note from the author: I do not own in any way, shape or form, the anime, manga or any of the characters from Free!

Lightly tanned muscles kissed by the sun ripple beneath the warm trail of fingertips on cooling skin. The sleep of the innocent. Quiet. Peaceful. Trusting. Undisturbed by the outside world. Content in the knowledge of a safety that doesn't really exist. So trusting.

Rin's fingers brush another trail across the skin of Haruka's stomach. As the raven haired boy's muscles ripple and bunch beneath his fingers, he finds himself unable to deny the devilish desire to see how far he can go before Haru crosses from his dreams into the more startling presence of reality.

Swim practice had ended hours ago, and all the other members of the club had gone home. They were alone. Just the two of them. And it was all because Haruka had, conveniently for Rin, fallen asleep to the familiar smell of chlorine and the gentle swoosh of the wind as it caressed the leaves of the nearby trees.

One more brush of fingertips on warm, chlorine scented skin. Then another. Rin watched entranced. There was very little in life that was more beautiful than Haruka's body. His fingertips ghosted over one smooth, round nipple, and he jumped lightly at the purely unexpected sound of Haru's light groan.

Again. Just to see if it was a fluke. A grin of delight when Haruka shifted against the slight caress and whimpered in response.

Purely for curiosity's sake, Rin moved over Haruka, straddling, but not touching. He leaned over, just above his goal, and breathed lightly over the blue eyed boy's flesh. Muscles shifted in response. A slight shiver stole over the boy beneath him at the change in temperature, and Rin was forced to shift slightly when Haruka abruptly rolled to his side to curl in on himself as a ward against the light chill of the afternoon coupled with the new shade suddenly cast at the presence he didn't know was above him.

Rin chuckled lightly at the sight Haruka made curled up in only his swimsuit. He looked innocent, like a sleeping child. Naïve. He trusted too much. He shouldn't. He trusted Rin. He probably shouldn't do that either.

Unable to help himself against the smooth expanse of skin exposed to the afternoon breeze, Rin's fingers trailed lightly across Haruka's back up and down the ridges of the boy's spine and then across the muscled skin to either side in smooth, soothing motions only to come to an abrupt stop against the black fabric of the swimsuit marring perfection.

So innocent. Too trusting. Way too naïve. He'd need to fix that, but not yet. Rin's fingers moved from where they'd remained trailing back and forth along the cloth barrier. Slowly Rin lowered himself until he too was laying on his side only inches between him and the object of his affection, admiration, and aggravation. They lay there for a while, the wind gently brushing the black and red locks into and then out of their faces, one oblivious and one not, until finally, Rin sighed and started to rise.

Lashes fluttered over brilliant blue orbs. Rin froze. One heartbeat. Two. Haruka blinked azure eyes sleepily at the afternoon world. Red hair? Rin? No. Rin only came in his dreams. Only there were they friends. Rin wouldn't be here, not unless he was dreaming. So that was it then. This was a dream. It would be sad to end a dream like this where Rin looked at him like that. Haru's lashes fluttered sleepily once more before drifting closed and stilling even as his breathing evened out once again.

Rin stayed as he was, frozen against the eerily dreamy quality of Haru's innocent, light smile before he'd drifted off to sleep again. Finally, when his heart had ceased pounding enough he no longer feared its frantic tempo wakening Haru, Rin rose quietly and backed away from the sleeping raven haired teen. It was a long time after he'd left Haru before his heart beat a normal tempo and his mind finally allowed him to drop the look of Haru innocently looking up at him from beneath his sleepy lashes, and even longer still before his fingers stopped itching to trail against tanned skin.

He'd go back tomorrow. He had to make sure Haru stayed safe after all. It wouldn't do for someone unsavory to find the boy so innocently asleep like that. After all if someone found him that way, they could do anything they wanted, and the azure eyed boy might never even know. Rin was still smiling when he drifted off to sleep that night.

Kind of excited simply because this is the first story I've attempted to write in a really long time. Like since I was 10... XD Hope you enjoyed it!