Sorry this one took so long, it gave me more trouble than I would have liked. anyways, hope you enjoy the end!

Raven stared at the wolf and felt an odd twitch in her own emotions "I need to get out of here…how do I do that?"

The Demon stood up "Since you're not part of Garfield you have to go through the Hall…" he grimaced as he spoke and they walked out of the cave and walked away from the mountain range that held the homes for the parts of Gar.

Raven put a hand on the wolf who growled and she removed it "You don't sound happy about this hall"

The wolf stopped "It is the Hall of Hate, it is the most horrid place I've ever been in" she gulped as the thought of something that could make the wolf admit that. The stopped at a door, one that she had seen in the tower a thousand times. The door to Garfield's room. He muttered "Godspeed" and bounded off, away from the door.

She pressed her palm to it and walked into the black portal that had opened.

The first thing that registered as she entered the odd hall was the silence, a lack of sound that made her feel uncomfortable, the walls were splashed with blood and the near overwhelming stench caused her to retch and cover her nose with her cloak. As she walked down the hall something stopped her. On her left was Garfield hanging from a noose, as she beheld the terror the dead Chimera spoke "I hate myself for my ignorance, if I hadn't I would never have made the mistakes I did" it's voice was a cruel mockery of what it should have been, she turned away and the voice stopped. She ran down the hall and saw another, this one was crucified with Robin's mask on his face "I hate him because he has her love, he never worked for it, yet he enjoys it. I bled for it, died for it and I have nothing, to her I'm nothing more than a thorn. I hate her because I'm always trying and yet she still doesn't see me, I have no hope with her and anger fills my belly. But most of all I hate myself for hating them" she ran and yet each one of these dying men screamed how he hated himself, millions of men, more than the stars in the sky or grains of sand on earth.

His hatred was a poison. It dripped off the walls, evaporated from pools on the floor and filling the air with it's noxious fumes that reached the ceiling and fell like tendrils of blood as it bloomed into flowers of insanity revealing another man dying.

No matter how far she ran the hall never ended. She fell to her knees panting harshly in the near silence of the hall. One voice was crueler than the rest, a little child spoke to her as he covered his eyes with his hands "I hate myself for being born, if I had never been born they would never have gotten on that boat. If I was never born then those around me wouldn't have to suffer. If I wasn't born I wouldn't have to punish myself, then I hate myself more because I hate my weakness." she picked up the little child and dropped him in shock, he had clawed his own eyes out. The child screamed and it pierced the deepest part of her psyche and burned her into darkness.

Raven woke up to growling and Cyborg trying to calm something down, the warm breath felt good against her cold skin. She opened her eyes to see what was happening. She had been laying on the floor until Chimera in the smaller version of the Wolf had picked her up by the back of her cloak and the others stood several feet away trying to calm him down enough that they could reach her. She pressed a palm to the creatures cheek "Instinct, it's okay, they don't want to hurt either of us"

He slowly set her down and stepped back before his eyes glazed over and he collapsed as his mostly healed wounds wept blood at an alarming rate. Raven pressed her hands into his chest and four glowing eyes appeared as she tapped into all her emotions to mend Chimera. Inside her head things were getting more and more hectic as she pressed more and more energy into his body and watched as muscles stitched themselves together. She moved him to back to the bed as Cy pushed the other two out.

Cy stared at her not unkindly but it held a certain amount of anger "So now that you broke into his mind what are you going to do?"

Raven frowned "I don't know, but I feel I need to apologize" and with that she walked off.

As she stepped into Nevermore everything was chaos, Rage was throwing up while Timid patted her back and held her hair out of the way as she heaved over the edge of the rock, Lust sat on a patch of grass with a self-satisfied smirk as two loves battled it out, one had on a very distinctive mask while the other was normal. As they screamed at each other Lust floated over "It's rather simple. Just take them both!" both Loves started chasing the laughing Lust.

Raven paled before rubbing Rage's back, the red emotion let out a haggard grunt before spilling out over the edge again. She turned to the gray one "What's happening?"

Timid shrugged and Rage managed to speak "It's Chimera's hate, it's too strong." the red one shook as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand "it's poisoning, I can't resonate with it enough to keep it from doing this to me" she was cut short as she dry heaved.

Cyborg's voice pulled her out of Nevermore "Rae…he's up"

Chimera's eyes opened to see the world of dim lights and stark whiteness that even if the lights were off would be blinding. His body was swaddled in miles of bandages. Every scratch he had ever gotten had opened that night. Now he was mostly healed. He spun until his bare feet hit the tile and the doors hissed open. Raven stopped as Chimera stood up, when he had gotten injured his clothing had been ruined and Cyborg wrapped his body in bandages, now those white strips were loose giving Raven a startling view of his body. His transformation into Fenris had ripped apart his timeline and every scratch he had ever gotten became etched into his skin as a scar, now she could see why he had always worn such covered clothes. His body was crossed with so much injury that his skin was eclipsed by the tissue and yet his hands interested her. His green hands had pad-like calluses and a small slit in the tip of his fingers, she glided over and grasped his and pressed lightly on the tips of his finger and watched a claw unsheathe, the black claw slid through her finger without her even feeling the talon shred her own muscle. He pulled his hand away and Raven hissed in pain until he pulled the ripped finger towards him, his tongue slid out of his mouth and lapped at the wound that healed in front of her eyes. He stepped past her and out of the room leaving a shocked Raven staring at a back that had no right to be among the living.

He walked out of the Med bay and to his room where his own clothes replaced the strips of linen, as leather slid over the carbon fiber he clenched his now gloved hand and watched the sun fall before stepping out to try to find the final Chimera based killer.

He opened his window and leapt onto the sill before his door opened, Raven stepped in and he turned to look at her before leaping off. She raced and threw her head out the window to see a green owl wing it's way towards the city, now lit only by the street lamps. She leaned back and sighed "Nevermore's going to be busy today"

Chimera walked down the alley with a aloofness that blocked out the copious amounts of blood that stuck to his boots as he plowed through them, the occasional smack of a cold body against the bricks and the stench of rot that had started to overshadow this place. He stood in front of the butcher who turned and hugged him with a cry of "Oh! Your most Holiness, I didn't know you were coming! I would have cleaned up!" the woman let out an insane giggle before rushing off leaving Chimera in a concentrated state, her stench was familiar but he couldn't call it's name.

His walk to the tower was peaceful and quite, all the honest citizens of Jump were asleep while the not so honest knew what he could do and wisely chose to stay away. As he walked by the evidence room the scent caught his nose. He pressed into the room and hunted through the thousands of boxes until he had pulled the reeking offender from it's spot and pried open the top.

A bottle of a cloudy white fluid and a syringe. He checked the label: Killer Moth, serum 11-27- causes rapid degradation of higher thinking facilities and increased strength, continual use may result in insanity. He stood up and walked to the terminal and entered the database. There, he pin pointed the location and walked to the common room where everybody was sitting gathered around the TV. They appeared much happier without him. He jotted down on a sticky note his message and silently walked out, leaving the others to their joy. Emotion was filled with fury as the others laughed while he had to sit in his own confinement, yet he couldn't hate what Beast Boy had done. From the time he was forced to leave until he met Fenris he was insane, pain and loss had shattered his mind and his body leaving him nothing that he could truly call his own. Then that wolf had fixed him. Emotion wondered briefly if it had been a disservice before he walked down to find Instinct, his closest brother howling in sorrow at the moon.

Chimera morphed into a bat and flew over the dark streets of the city before landing at the warehouse. His knuckles sounded against the door tree times before he took a step back. Venom splashed out the door and Fang crawled out until he saw Chimera who grated out "If you tell me where to find your murdering girlfriend or why she's doing it I won't rip off your legs"

Fang slashed with the arachnid legs and hissed "What makes you think you can make me?!" soon after he would wish he didn't ask. Chimera would take out only a small fraction of his ever expanding anger but to the mutant it would be like God shattering an ant.

Before Fang could move Chimera stepped on a leg, between the last joint and the tip and pressed through until the exoskeleton gave way and the leg shattered leaving sickening green ichors and a screaming Fang "Now tell me and I will leave" Fang spat on Chimera's face. Gloved fingers crunched through the armor on the mutilated leg and ripped the rest off before using it to smash Fang into the wall. Killer Moth heard the slam and rushed out to see Fang's body against the wall in a crater, a javelin danced by his face and imbedded itself in the wall before curling. He stared at it as it pumped out what liquid was left. Fang's leg.

Chimera stepped towards Moth "I'll make you the same deal, if you tell me where Kitten is or why she's doing it I won't have to rip off your legs, but seeing as you have quite a few less I'll add your other appendages to that promise as well"

Moth leapt into the air and fluttered his wings, from here he had the advantage until a large wolf like creature hooked a claw into his leg and pulled him to earth. Claws pricked his skin in a silent promise, Moth pulled out a needle and the sharpened edge gouged out the wolf's flesh before the insanity pulled him.

He started with Moth, he would slowly drag his claws through layer after layer of flesh before starting somewhere else, only when the arm, leg or wing couldn't feel anymore pain he would take it.

The ambulance rushed up and the Titans watched as the two insect men were rushed away while Chimera held his head in his palms as two EMTs slowly tested different things. Raven and Jinx walked up slowly and caught the last of the conversation "…now if you feel the same impulse, please don't act on them. We know that the serum works on your body differently but we'd rather not have to deal with a suicide on top of everything else"

The other person slapped the speaker on the back of the head and shooed him away before pulling Chimera's hand and holding it "what he meant to say was that we need you. This city needs you to do what only you can do. Please, no matter what, please be here for us" she stood up and smiled at the two other girls before walking away leaving Chimera sitting on a barrel.

Jinx knelt down in front of him "What happened?" he shook his head and whimpered lightly, Jinx and Raven looked at each other with concern before the pink haired girl put her hand on his back "What did she mean by impulse and suicide?"

His voice quivered and he gripped his arms so tightly that blood started to run down the leather "K-Kitten is the killer…I needed to talk to Fang and Killer Moth to try to find her, he injected me w-with something" he drew a shuttering breath and tears fell from his eyes before he continued "I blacked out, w-woke up in the H-Hall…" Raven brushed past Jinx to hold on to Chimera. He took another shuttering breath and pushed on "T-then I realized everything in there was true…" tears now poured from his face as his body quivered, Raven felt his guilt overwhelming him.

She turned to Jinx "Tell the others we're going back to the tower" and she opened a portal directly to her room. She rubbed circles on his back as he sobbed into his hands "It's okay Gar, the Hall isn't right, you don't need to listen to them" his claws dug into his arms and blood pooled onto her carpet.

That night was hell for him, every time he closed his eyes his own hatred spoke to him, every breath was met by their screams.

The morning saw him drag himself out of Raven's room with eyes more blood shot than the blade of the guillotine. He pulled out a carton of soy milk and ripped the top off with his fangs and drained it before throwing it down the trash chute and staggering up to the roof to see the sun rise. As he watched Sol ascend he kept track of the wind, for that scent.

Jinx and Raven had taken to meditating in the mornings on the roof to keep their wildly erratic powers under control. The two sorceresses stared at him as he crouched like a gargoyle at the edge, ready to leap at a moments notice but as still as stone. He didn't acknowledge them as they quietly moved around the corner, yes he knew they were on the roof, each person in the tower was a star to him, sounds, scents and other senses that humans don't have made it impossible for them to hide from him. The siren rang abnormally loud in the morning air as three communicators went off at once "Titans! It's Control Freak, he's at the mall!"

The mall was empty by the time that the Titans got there, and for a rather unpleasant surprise it wasn't only Control Freak but Red-X as well. Both of which saw the Titans and got ready to fight, Robin, as his arrogant self shouted "Titans G-" he was cut of as Chimera walked between the two groups.

His hunched shoulders and ragged voice sent shudders along their spines "Look, the last two days have been shit for me, surrender and I won't beat you with your own legs." he stared at the duo "Deal?"

The sticky-X slammed into Chimera knocking him to the floor, with a sigh he pulled himself up and several tiles followed him up, with a bow and flourish he only said "as you wish" before he transformed into a thirty foot long wolf and slammed into the fat boy and knocked him into a mattress store "deal with him" Robin nodded and lead the other Titans to deal with the channel man as Red-X stared at him.

The thief squared his shoulders "Seems like you grew up, four years ago you were just a little hanger-on"

Chimera smirked and X felt a bit of fear worm it's way up his back "Care to try that now?"

The five Titans limped out of the demolished mattress store to see Gar sitting on top of an unconscious Red-X looking bored as he rested his chin on his palm "Done now?" he looked at his watch and the police van finally pulled up, with a grumble of "about damn time" he hauled the two villains to their feet.

Freak shouted "YOU MAY HAVE GOTTEN ME THIS TIME, BUT I WILL RETURN!" Chimera stuffed him into the van and growled with enough threat to have Control Freak plastered to the back corner of the van.

Chimera walked to the others "They smell like Kitten…" the alarm went off again and the Titans rushed around town to keep the peace.

During the course of the day they had to capture and recapture every minor idiot with an idea for a superpower and every time they had smelt like that damn woman. That stench was driving Chimera insane, all it brought was whispers of the Hall. He clutched his head as he walked down the side street, Mother hates us for letting her die. "G-Get out of m-my head" his face was pale as the voices rang out.

He crawled to his door and it slid open and he took a step back in shock, the room was littered with rose petals and tea candles, the dark green comforter had been switched to a crimson silk and most surprising was what was laying on the bed.

Or rather who.

Kitten was splayed out across the sheets in lingerie that left very little to the imagination, the fact that she had killed those men for him only fed Instinct, he hissed "Get out"

She slunk forward and moaned out "But whyyyy? I just want to show you what I can do for you…" her plump lips exaggerated every syllable "I'll do anything you ever dreamed of" He walked forward until she stretched her arms out and ran her finger tips across his chest. She moaned as one hand touched her bare shoulder.

A loud moan caught the rest of the team by surprise and they rushed out of their rooms to see Chimera in the hall holding a woman by the throat with one hand, her clothing made everyone blush while her feet dangled a foot off the ground, she moaned "C'mon big boy, you're going to have to do better then that…" he started to squeeze and the girl gave another moan until a staff slammed into the changeling's side and the woman broke free of his grasp and bolted out of the tower.

Raven pulled Robin back as sheer rage pulsed through his aura and his bones started to creak as they tried twisting into another form. He opened his mouth and jagged teeth pooled blood into his mouth and his voice was partially his yet Fenris' was heard in spades "You fool! I had her I HAD HER!"

Jinx walked over to the changeling and slowly put a hand on his shoulder "Had who?" her voice was soft and slow, like talking to a dangerous animal.

His voice was still full of rage but Fenris seemed to have subsided "That was Kitten, the one who's been murdering those people in my name!"

Robin stepped back and screamed "Then what the Hell was she doing in the Tower?!"

Chimera took a deep breath "Apparently trying to seduce me" he quickly explained what had happened and Robin stared at his feet in shame, he thought that Chimera was doing…something to her.

Raven knocked quietly on Jinx's door, it slid open and Jinx motioned her to sit across from her on the bed. The goth was shaken up by what she had seen, Jinx noticed and quietly asked "You wanna talk about it?"

Raven stuttered "I-I just can't believe what I saw…" Jinx shifted her weight and Raven watched as the other shrugged as she didn't get it "I never believed that Chimera would pass up a chance for…well" the dark girl blushed some.

Jinx nodded "In his own way he's the most incorrigible of us all, he won't change who he is…and as far as I can tell there's only room in his mind for one person"

He sniffed his room and was caught in a quandary, the room smelt much better then it ever had, yet the stench was almost overwhelming. He opened the window and let just the right amount out before closing it. He brushed the petals off his bed and sat for a moment, where would he go if he was a mass murdering psychopath…oh, wait he was. A knock at his door stopped his musings. Robin asked as the door slid open "Are you going to follow the trail?" the rest of the team stood behind the masked brat.

Chimera stared at each of them with a penetrating gaze "No."

Robin looked appalled "What do you mean 'no'?!"

Chi's deadpan stare pinned the leader to the ground "There is no trail. She leapt out a window, mind you air does not hold a trail, then she landed in the water. She had to, from the angle she jumped and from the height she would have made it out far enough that she wouldn't sustain injury and there's nothing in the sea that can track. A shark could if she had been bleeding. But she wasn't." he turned around and the door slid shut leaving the five outside and in a daze. After a few moments another knock and he silently watched as the portal slid open.

The pink haired one whispered "Can I come in?" he nodded and she watched him gather all the petals before throwing them out the window "It smells nice…" he nodded again before straightening up a few things "I need to talk to you…"

He walked to the sink in his bathroom and filled a glass with water, over the sound of running water was heard "I figured that when you knocked"

Jinx nodded but stopped when she realized he couldn't see her "I just wanted to ask about Raven…"

She heard the drink slide down his throat "If you want to ask about Raven why not ask Raven?"

She growled lightly "Not what I meant and you know it! How do you feel about her?"

Chi stepped out of the bathroom and stared at her with his blank pinning gaze "why are you asking questions you already know the answer to?" the sorceress smiled, nodded and walked out the door silently.

Jinx slowly stepped out of Chimera's room and sauntered off to Cyborg's, after entering the code she was delighted to see her lover following her instructions. The gorgeous king-sized bed took up most of the room but she only smiled wider when she saw Victor napping on one side. She recognized his handiwork anywhere, the dark wood of the bed hid a recharging mat that not only kept Cyborg from crashing but also kept the bed warm. She sat beside and rubbed her nose lightly against his. He opened his eye and leaned onto one elbow "How did it go?"

The sorceress just sighed and smirked "Exactly how I thought it was going to" she curled into his chest "now shut up, I wanna get some sleep…"

Raven couldn't help but think of some of the things Jinx told her. She couldn't sleep until she got answers, she moved to her dresser before shaking her head, she wasn't going out, only to see Chi, he probably didn't care. She did however wrap a violet robe around her nightdress before going out. Her knock is answered by a grunt and groan that she suddenly found distracting, the door slid open to reveal Chimera with only a set of black shorts on, the tattoos danced wildly in the moon light "S-sorry for waking you but we need to talk…"

He noted the bags under her eyes and stepped aside warily, his eyes stayed glued on her 'he doesn't trust me' Raven realized with guilt. She sat on the desk chair and turned it to face him as he sat on the bed "I was talking to Jinx and realized that I…I don't know you" he blinked slowly and she took it as a sign to move on "I know I talked to Fenris and Emotion but…do you still love me?"

Gar slowly stood up and sighed "Why is everyone asking me questions they already know the answers to?" Raven hid her blush by lowering her gaze.

His eyes watched her with no emotion, he gazed at her with analytical eyes that measured everything she did, "What does it look like to you?" she asked.

"The same as it has been since the beginning. I follow you around, try to help. You hate and ignore me for bird boy who is stuck between to women. He doesn't do anything and the girls swoon over him more and more. Leaving me out to dry. How it has been, how it always will. Now if that's all get out. I need to sleep"

She glided over to him and put her palm on his shoulder. He jerked away and laid down on his side facing away from her and she tried once again. When he allowed the appendage on his body she quietly spoke "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not being there for you, I'm sorry for not seeing you, I'm sorry that you were-"

He shoved her hand off him and turned to face her snarling so harshly that she was frozen "Don't you dare say you're sorry! You aren't. You don't care that I sat and wallowed in insanity and hatred for two months. You don't care that I froze in a barn and crawled out of collapsed bridges. You don't care that my blood painted so much of the snow crimson that you couldn't tell that it was white to begin with. Now get out" she rushed out and fled to her room where she sat on her bed with her arms wrapped around herself. Tears started to flood her face as she realized he was right. She didn't care. She wasn't sorry. And for some reason that broke her.

Robin and Raven entered the common room at the same time, just in time to see Chi put his dishes in the dishwasher and put on his jacket. He glared at both of the "I'm going hunting. If you get in my way or try to stop me I will make you understand what I can do" and he walked out with clack of his boots on the tile being the loudest thing in the room.

Robin, still pale and trembling, slowly sat down "W-what the hell was that!?"

Raven was in the same state and she sat across from him "L-last night we got into an argument…I don't think he wants to see us anywhere other then dead….you for stopping him and me for my…everything" she laid her head on the table and sigh, things were going to get rough.

The day was silent until the alarm blared around 5 in the afternoon, they raced to see Warp shooting beams at Chimera who dodged skillfully until Raven screamed and he made the mistake of looking back. Warp's ray slammed into his chest with a sickly off-white color and he laughed harshly "FOOLISH TITANS! This ray takes you back to your most painful experiences!"

A small green child, soaked with rain, clothes torn barely held up his ripped garments appeared before them with clouded eyes that saw something beyond them choked out "D-daddy? M-mommy? W-Why am I-I alone?" he trembled as the cold of his memories frosted his body from the fine spray of water and the white fluid running down the back of his legs from his attackers and he collapsed sobbing into his tiny hands.

A slightly older boy appeared screaming out a wordless cry as he felt pains from something only he could see. Nine different transformations happened before the final two, each of them made even the creator of the beam clear his stomach on the sidewalk.

The last two were the worst for the Titans. This time it wasn't Chimera, it was Beast Boy holding his bleeding arms as he whimpered out one name "Terra" his forearms were shredded and he bled out onto the street until the final change.

As his form blurred they saw Gar, broken and battered. His clothes shredded as he shivered against snow that only affected him, his voice trembled as he fought off phantoms "G-GET AWAY!" he curled into a ball and whimpered "S-somebody, he-help me" his small voice begged "p-please, I-I promise not to prank anyone, I-I promise not to annoy anyone one. Just save me…please"

Jinx took a step forward and Gar pressed himself into a wall and screamed "NO! G-GET AWAY FROM ME!" his sobbing voice echoed "I-I didn't do anything!"

An invisible tendril of energy touched Gar's head and Raven gasped in shock, Robin turned to her "How bad is it?"

The normally calm and granite faced Raven couldn't help the tears that ran down her face "H-he's totally broken, insane in the worst way. Things haunt him that I never even thought existed" her shuddering breaths scared everyone.

Gar watched something stalk towards him and opened his mouth to scream the endless voice of Death. His eyes shut against his will and he fell to the floor comatose, four creatures huddled around him. One they had all seen before, one all but the pink haired had seen and the other two were complete strangers to all but one. Fenris snarled at the Titans and Warp who backed away quickly while Instinct howled and Emotion helped Restraint to his feet. Restraint looked around and nodded towards Warp "He is not to be touched. They however are to be destroyed" and he pointed to a corner just as a large insectile human turned and slammed into a building crushing it under foot and turning to them. They smelled like that woman. Instinct looked at Emotion and back to Restraint who nodded and the Emotion put a hand on Instinct's shoulder.

Three different Chimeras flowed off of the two like water before solidifying, one covered in a melancholy gray stood with a noose around his neck, a blood red one stood with a knife in hand and the last one held a psychotic smile and a gavel and was colored a malevolent purple.

Emotion palled heavily as the three turned to face him and he greeted with fear in his voice "Homicide, Genocide…Suicide, I didn't think to see you here"

The red one, now named Homicide ran a finger over the blade of the knife "And miss the fun, not on your life Sparky!" and his knife started to cut a bloody swath one corpse at a time.

Suicide was much larger then the other two and he bowed his head before taking off the noose from around his neck, what he said made every other being of Chimera gasp in shock, his quiet voice simply and sorrowfully sighed "They deserve death more than me" and his noose ended lives beside the knife.

Genocide snarled and slammed the gavel down and hissed in terrible delight "GUITLY!" and dozens fell over dead. Between the three the monsters died quickly and they turned to Restraint before disappearing back into the ether of Chimera's mind.

Robin stepped forward with his bo at the ready "Who are you?"

Restraint growled and the others, even the old god, fell behind him "YOU! I want nothing to do with you!" he screamed before Raven walked over and put a hand on his shoulder, he managed to calm himself some "I am Restraint, keeper of the mind"

Starfire hesitantly said "But for restraint you are not very…restrained…"

The leader of the mind nodded "Very astute, I cannot restrain myself against traitors."

The princess started again "Then what does your name mean?"

He gestured to those behind them "I restrain all of them, I hold them in check so Garfield can keep sane"

Robin spoke up "So you're not all that strong."

Emotion snarled "No you poor excuse for a decrepit chicken, it mean he's stronger than all of us combined; he can hold all of us back"

Restraint ignored the masked idiot and turned to Raven "He will be weak, confused, terrified and he won't see what is, he will see the hell of what could be and the darkness of his own memories. Take care of him" and the others factions of Chimera's mind touched Restraint and they disappeared in a flash. A few words floated on the breeze, "Be thankful for the incident a few days ago, otherwise he would have broken…"

Chimera sat up and gasped as he closed his eyes, Raven raced over and held him close "It's okay, you'll be alright" she cooed as he gasped and tried to see past his sight.

He ripped himself away from them and stared before running, he got only ten feet before a black arm wrapped around his ankle and dragged him back as he screamed, claws cutting into the road like knives through paper. Raven put a black sphere of power around the two of them and held his head to her chest as she tried to calm him, through his sobbing gasps he managed to say "W-what I s-see is H-hell" and he pressed his face into her more. The barrier came down and Cyborg stepped forward, Chimera reacted by pressing himself further into the woman who knew she didn't love him and sob out "D-don't come near me! I-I'm not…" he sobbed again and Raven held him tighter. A portal opened in the ground and for the second time Chimera fell onto her bed sobbing and filled with emotions so intense that it physically hurt.

Raven slowly stroked his head as he fell asleep, exaction from his hunt, splitting, fighting, reforming compounding until he couldn't even hold his eyes open. Raven knew she shouldn't do it but she dove into his dreams and found what it was like to be truly insane.

Time lost all meaning, hours, seconds, millennium, for a mind this broken time meant nothing. His mind was a void, nothing in it, a barren waste so desolate that not even sound could reach. The first thing she saw was Chimera collapsed on the ground, she crouched beside him and heard the taunts, the jeers, the degrading words that her own voice was saying. She turned. Robin and herself on a bed, every caress came with a moan from her lips and another jeer "Look what he can do to me, you will never get this chance, you pine after the only person in existence who know what you really are. A monster, Trigon himself could never be as vile as you are, he never killed his parents, he never was this pathetic, you tried to play the big boy but look what happened, you just became even more of a monster!" Raven was petrified, the words coming out of her mouth made her sick, she emptied her stomach across the void floor and still the words kept coming, she covered her ears yet they rang all the louder.

Suddenly a roar broke out, Chimera leapt onto the bed and slaughtered the two, blood pooled on the bed and over his body, lines lazily traced his body as he stared at his claws in horror, "N-no…" his lost whisper echoed "I-I didn't mean to…" she tried to move but found herself unable to. Some time later the vision faded and she was surrounded by darkness for a time.

The next scene had her blushing like a school girl who walked in on her parents. Raven laid next to Gar, both in sleepwear and she was curled into his chest. She was asleep and he just watched her with tranquil eyes and a warm smile as he wrapped his arms around her, she woke just a bit, rubbing her eyes she leaned into him even more "What is it Gar?"

He kissed her slowly and she responded by opening her mouth, he pulled back and she whined quietly, he kissed her forehead "Don't worry, I was just thinking how lucky I am"

Raven laughed lightly "You know how clichéd that is?"

He nuzzled her neck "I don't care because it's true"

She leaned her head to the side so he could plant little kisses across the soft skin there "You fought tooth and nail to see me smile, I just saw no reason not to return the favor" she grabbed his hand and held it to her cheek "I love you" the true Raven's jaw dropped and she stared stunned for a moment. This was his dream, what he desired above all other things. The deeply intimate scene faded and dozens flashed before her, none making any sense until one she didn't want to see appeared.

Kitten was moaning as Garfield ran his hands across her body, he kissed every inch of skin she showed him. As he kissed her lips she panted out "How did I get this lucky?"

Gar told her "Because none of the others realized how empty I am"

She rolled over so she topped him "You mean how love starved, so starved you turned to a woman who you hate, a woman who will leave as soon as she can bear her god's child."

He nodded miserably "The only people who didn't see me as means to an end were my parents, the Doom Patrol treated me like a tool to be used, as did the Titans. Now here I am"

Raven managed to pull herself out of his nightmarish head and looked at the sleeping man with horror on her face. He held things that she never thought to know about him. From her mouth came "Is he really so starved for love that he'd go to Kitten?" his body didn't answer as the parts of his soul tried to pull themselves together. She took off her cloak and laid down beside the near comatose body and slept.

When Raven woke it was beyond early morning, the sun had yet to brighten the sky, yet the light of the moon was enough to see him, his even breathing. She knew it right before it happened, his eyes snapped open and his cat-like pupils saw through her and he sat up and tried to stand, he felt rather then saw her hands gripping his own, her whisper was quite "Gar, we need to talk" she tugged him down and stopped his attempt to rise by hugging him "I'm tired of running in circles. What do I need to say to understand what I need? How did you do it?"

"…" his silence regained over the room for a long moment "Try dying a few dozen times" and he walked out leaving her stunned.

Thousands of questions laid unanswered in his mind and he was going to hunt each down. One by one. And it would beg for mercy before he killed it. He stalked down the alleys and found nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. After a day of hunting he fell onto the couch and sighed, his irritation was burning through his body until a certain metal man and pink haired sorceress sat down beside him, the metal man spoke "No luck?"

He shook his head and stood up to get a drink, he turned on the tv and tried to drown out his anger in the mindlessness of it all. Only a few minutes later the others waltzed in and Chimera sat at the table with his plate of tofu and various other vegan things and the others seemed to try to return his favor from those years ago and draw him into the conversation. Then Robin had to ask "So did you find anything new on Kitten?"

Chimera looked up from his plate "…no" and his eyes fell back on his food where they had been for the entire meal.

Silence was banished when Starfire asked Cyborg how his latest project was going…his grumbling and groaning made all the others laugh. But not Chimera, who stood and left, silent and unnoticed. Nor was he noticed after that.

He studied everything he could pull up on the woman until his eyes couldn't stay open any longer. As he slipped into sleep a black portal opened and Raven stepped and held her hands by the sleeping man's temples, she leaned in to see his memories-just a skim-when a voice caught her off guard "You shouldn't do that" so she did the only thing she could. Leapt head first into his memories.

She found herself standing in a pure white space with Chimera watching her, he only warned "I would say close your eyes and cover your ears, but that won't help if you live my life. Good night"

She hissed in shock "You're going back to sleep?"

He nodded "I just got to sleep…see you in the morning"

She saw all the things he had lived through, the death of his parents and the rape of his mother and his own. The trauma that he had suffered as the child worked with the Doom Patrol, things that no child should ever have to live through and the series of deaths and events that molded him. She even saw his time between Jump and Gotham. Insanity, it seems, is a kind of balm.

Raven woke up in Gar's bed with shock written on her features. Her own fears at her father had been eclipsed by her friend's…ally's…acquaintance? She didn't know what he was. Or for that matter who he was, until she lived his life and heard his thoughts that is.

She walked out of his room and into the Commons and saw everyone but whom she was looking for "Cyborg, have you seen Chimera?"

The man twitched the control stick in his hands "Naw, he went out this morning looking for any leads…why?"

She clenched her fist and for the first time in years her power shattered something in it's overflow. A plate turned to shrapnel and everybody flinched and watched her curiously "I have a bone to pick with that lying bastard" she stormed out leaving the other four to shrug and slowly go back to their day.

Raven floated above the city and sent out her power to survey the city looking for the green man. She raced across the city and found him sitting in a tree fifty feet off the ground just a small ways past the city. She lowered herself until she was staring him straight in the eyes "You lied"

He lounged a bit more as one foot swung in the empty air as he leaned back into the trunk "About what?"

She settled next to him "Every time someone asked if you were okay you lied…how can you live with the pain?"

Every time he changed his body was broken down to cells, forces ripped him apart and stitched him back together and now the scars always felt that way, they were always the first thing to rip apart when he moved. His pain was horrible, not even the demon inside her could stand it. He shrugged "after a while you get used to it"

She remembered the vision at the first time he changed and shook her head to clear it "What are you doing here?" she knew he grew up without any comforts and leaned into his chest. Both of them were shocked at what she was doing, she was also surprised by how comfortable he was.

He wrapped his arms around her to keep her from falling and inhaled her scent "To think. I lost track of Kitten and she keeps on disappearing…I can't figure it out"

A long time ago Raven thought she understood Beast Boy. She was wrong, now she understood the boy and wondered what this man would be. She nuzzled deeper into his chest and sighed, there was something about this that made her feel…safe, unafraid. Whole. She sighed and they talked. About nothing, just chatting until the sun's dying glow cast about the trees and rain started to patter softly against the leaves.

As they walked into the Common room Chimera hissed "Pause it"

Cyborg turned to the changeling after doing so and stared "What is it?"

Chimera looked at the TV with a mix of shock and annoyance before he cupped his eyes and muttered "Why am I not surprised?" he pointed at one of the figures waving at the cameraman. Kitten. His fingers tried to work out the knots behind his eyes as he asked "Where are they?"

Jinx stared at Raven who was wrapped around Gar's arm "They're at North Park, the story's about a new cult….worshiping the Chimera"

Gar sighed before shaking his head "I'll do it tomorrow. This will end." the hardness in his eyes brokered no remark. The common room door slid shut and he made his way through the halls.

As he walked to his bed Raven grabbed his arm "Why didn't you tell us?"

He continued walking "There's too much that needs to be kept hidden"

She tugged him back "Not that. Why didn't you tell us that you haven't been hugged since-" she stopped when he flinched. Since his parents died.

He turned back "When you grow up without physical contact other than a fist to the gut you learn to do without" she let go and he walked into his room leaving her out in the hall alone.

She whispered to the empty hall "But it keeps you from being human…"

Chimera walked down the sidewalk of North Park and watched the crowd of people part for him, a man with a loincloth of some animal skin and white face paint, a woman wearing a strip of brown cloth as a shirt and a skirt made of leaves. They all parted until a man with an African tribal mask and a torn set of brown pants walked out "Who are you and what are you doing in our God's land?! The one we worship is-"

He was cut off by a large green tiger roaring in his face. He shifted back and scowled "Listen, get out of my way and I won't have to butcher you like cattle. I'm here for Kitten."

The shaman type character leapt in joy "Our God descends to lay his progeny in our prophet!"

Chimera picked up the man by the throat "No. She used my name to kill people. I killed those that were the scum of the earth. But to kill innocent people in my name will never be forgiven. I came to kill her."

The entire park was silent until a woman yelled "So gracious and just! Our God kills humans that have sinned!" and a roar of approval rocked the ground as he sighed and followed a woman to Kitten.

From a portal back in the tower the Titans watched with bated breath as this long journey would come to an end one way or another.

Raven's fingers were held over the pool of water as Chimera walked through the forested park to kill her. The one who used his name, in the quiet of the room she murmured "Let this end, let him get on with his life"

Jinx put a hand on the girl's shoulder "It will. And then we can see what happens next" the hex mage smiled calmly as the cyborg nodded.

Star and Robin nodded as well, but the latter with more trepidation then any of the others.

As he walked in front of the building, a small penthouse built into the forest, Kitten stepped out in the same clothes she had tried to seduce him in. She leaned against the door and purred "You did come back for little ol' me" she batted her eyelashes.

He glared harshly at her and took one menacing step forward "Yes, I did." his body started to rip and tear in to the familiar form of Fenris. Kitten stared in shock before she smirked and leapt forward with a needle of the same liquid that her father used on him.

Just before the needle met the changing skin her hand iced over and injector became a useless block of ice. The swamp that followed the beast radiated outward shifting the ground underfoot to muck before frosting it over with ice of blood. At he topped his full size he started to shrink until he was staring his victim in the eyes, she ran and the cult watched in rapt horror as the beast lunged and caught her by the neck with teeth sharp enough to kill a god.

The Titans felt bile rise in their throats as he shook his head violently, her body hit a tree with a sickening thump and she cried out in pain. His teeth sank deeper and her eyes glazed over as he drained her blood.

Raven licked her lips, his memories- the taste of the kill and the warmth of blood on her tongue. For a moment her mind overlapped with his and the sharp metallic tang of blood wafted over her and she felt the slickness between her thighs. She stared at the picture in horror. Not at the sight of the woman dying in front of her but of her own body. The smell, the taste, the lust. She cringed in horror as he lifted his muzzle and howled out across the tree filled land.

The people slowly came out of hiding as he changed back. "Leave, go back to your homes. I'm not a God. I'm a monster." they slunk away with something like confused understanding in their eyes.

Raven waited in his room. She need to tell him about the sudden spike in bloodlust. She curled her lips in a snarl as she realized that the person who she needed to tell would probably be the one that cared the least.

As the door closed Chim-no, Garfield slowly sat down on the floor and rested his back against the wall. His eyes met Raven's and he stood "What?" it wasn't snapped but by the same token it wasn't kind "I've been up since four and just executed a prophet. Right now I'd just like to go to bed. Can this wait until tomorrow?"

Raven shook her head and nervously wiped her hands on her pants leg "No, I-it can't wait. We watched what you did" he muttered out 'figures' under his breath but she continued "and as you…killed her my mind overlapped with your….and I felt bloodlust…"

She sat there ashamed of herself as tears crawled down her face. Gar sighed and patted the floor beside him, she rushed over and sat between his extended legs and curled into his chest. He didn't know how to respond. She let her tears soak into his shirt and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders "Shhh, shh, shh, it's alright. It's what you can expect from being in my mind…the bloodlust, the sweetness, the taste. It's all in my mind. Nothing's wrong with you. If anything I'm the monster"

She dried her eyes and steeled her resolve "Then I'll be a monster with you" she pressed her lips to his and his own taste mixed with the intoxicating taste of the blood still in his mouth.

She bit his lip hard enough that the crimson pulsed out and he growled "A monster always needs a victim"

She lapped at the blood "Forever" and like the demonic proposal it was she kissed him again.

Monster and Monster.

Monster and Demon.

Monster and Victim.