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I am the vegetable peeler and the fried rice cooker. That is really all that I am. I used to wash tableware too but I broke too many of the more fragile pieces. Sometimes they ask that I help decorate some dishes (which I enjoy) and on rare occasions I get to help make the dishes (which I enjoy even more). To be honest I am very satisfied with my life.



Part A

I always thought I would be the type of person, who at the sight of blood would be squeamish. I even feared that handling raw meat would make me faint in the kitchen and I would lose my job, so I avoided it at all costs. It is one of the many reasons why I am the designated fried rice maker. So I don't have to deal with blood. But recently I have found out it is not the blood that makes me squeamish, it is actually the death that sometimes follows.


The first thing I saw when entering the dungeon was a horse and a man getting attacked by some creature. My first instinct told me to run, so I did. I ran behind some familiar looking man with snakes on his head. I knew him from afar. He would come into the kitchen and flirt with the prettier servants and mooch food off of them. Lia, one of the servants who works with me in the kitchen, said she had seen one of his practices and he was strong.

The male Medusa saved several of the soldiers and horses. I admire his bravery (and abs) and deemed him fit to get second helping of fried rice if he wants. He took a third and fourth serving as well. We were only allowed to give each person one serving of what we had made but who was I to say no to someone so scary.

After our meal was over and all my utensils were washed I put my ladle and peeling knife away. My wok was tied to a rope so I could sling it across my body and carry it like a bag. I know it's odd but I don't like when other people touch my cooking utensils. They are of good quality metal and were expensive, except the small knife I carry in order to peel vegetables. I haggled at the open market place for it and got it at a good price.

After a few days in the dungeon I got used to our routine. I rose early with the other cooks and got started on helping prepare breakfast. After breakfast we would follow Lord Kouen as he led us through the dungeon labyrinth (I stayed close to Seishuu Ri, the Medusa man, for protection against the dungeon creatures). We take a small lunch break and then continue on with our journey. Finally we would set up camp for the night? Day? It was hard to tell what time it was in the dungeon. During dinner Seishuu Ri would try to get more helpings of fried rice but after the first time I got scolded by the head chef and in turn scolded him. He didn't take it very well so I told him that if there was any more rice left after everyone got their share I would give it to him. He was pleased and the head chef approved so my job was safe.

Ever since that moment Seishuu Ri would glance back every so often to make sure I was still alive.


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