So this is going to be the first fan fiction of mine that I am actually choosing to share. Send me feed back be as harsh as you would like, I just need feed back… but also feel free to restrain from mean-ness? :3 Okay, thanks.

-Hakura Nanase-

Damn Makoto. I had barley gotten any sleep last night and he just practically broke into my house to wake me up. I wasn't planning on going to school at all today, but now I don't have much of a choice. I ran down the stairs to the kitchen and got some fish on the grille while Makoto just stares at… the fish. He look's like he might vomit, and I get it but I just don't really know how to cook anything else. Maybe he would teach me. "If you're so disgusted by it maybe you shouldn't stare too hard". He looks away and says something finally.

"We have swim practice after school so make sure to… who am I kidding. I bet you slept in your bathing suit. Do you own under where?" I hate to admit it, but he's got a point. Although I do own under where, it's only three or four pairs of boxers to sleep in.

"I'll go buy some tonight, want to come?" I say, I think he knows I'm joking but I actually would like to go. He shakes his head in agreement and we leave for school.

-Rin Matsuoka-


I look over and the not so inviting, invitation was from none other than Nagisa Hazuki. One of the last people I want to be associating with right now. None of the members of my rival swim team. Although, I have to admit there is a small part of me that wants to walk to school with Hakura. I want to know how he is… I felt bad leaving for Australia but I lost against him…. And I won't again. "RIN!" hah, I was so busy thinking about that, I completely forgot about Nagisa so I turn and run down a different road. What road is this? As soon as I have enough distance from them I slow down. It's not the best of streets, but it's nicer than some. And for some reason the weather seems to be nicer. I close my eyes for a minute, just enjoying it when I run into someone and drop my phone. Hakura Picks it up and hand it too me. Wait. Hakura is the one I bumped into? I guess I was wrong about him not working out…

"You should be more careful Rin."

"I had my eyes closed, what's your excuse?" I kind of snapped at him.

"I got two hours of sleep last night, and I was woken up by my friends raiding my house." Damn it, he wins.

"I'm sorry" Well I am. Wait, I didn't say that.

"I should have stayed home and gotten more rest, it's my fault." He apologizes again.

"Oh no, it's okay. It's fine, really. Thanks for picking up my phone."

"Oh right, your phone. Here" And he offers me my phone back, but when I go to take it our hands touch and something in my chest leaps. Hakura looks at me, and steps closer. What is doing? And he hugs me. Now to gentle, but not to tight and for some reason that leap that my chest made just kept happening. But before I could fathom what was happening to me he let's go. "I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry".

Okay, I'm hope that it didn't suck and I'm just going to say now, even though you have definitely figured it out now that it's HakuraxRin, and it's going to get intense. Pleas send me feedback Also I'd like to know how the length was. Should I make the chapters longer?