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-Makoto Tachibana-

Something is definitely up with Haruka. This morning when I came to get him for school, he was already awake and dressed. He was even already done his nasty grilled fish. How the hell does he eat that every day? I almost vomit just looking at it. Maybe he's taking medication for insomnia now. Yeah, that makes sense. I'm so surprised I didn't even realize he was talking to me. "What?"

"Would you like any fish?" He's smiling now too.

"Oh no, that's alright."

"Okay, tomorrow?"

"Oh that's not necessary, my mom still makes me breakfast."

"Ah, well we better get going then." I agree and we leave his house. I don't know why he doesn't move somewhere else, his street is so dirty. I considered asking him, but I shouldn't risk messing up this mood that he's in.

-Rin Matsuoka-

I didn't see Haruka on the walk to school today, I hope he actually comes tonight. He seemed to be happy last night but there's no way to know for sure, I guess. Anyway, school has been boring for the most part that's why I can't believe that I'll still be here for two hours… But I think that Haruka's school lets out an hour before mine does so maybe I'll skip. I have Gym… yeah, I'll skip it. I'd much rather watch Haruka swim than be stared down by all of the girls, not that they don't do that when I'm not in gym.

When I'm about to leave the school I Manami getting a soda, not the person I wanted to see today. As I try to casually walk past her without attracting too much attention to myself I hear her all out. "HEY RIN!" Great. Now I don't a choice in talking to her. "Oh, hey Manami."

"Hey? That's what you say to me?" Damn. Here we go…

"What would rather I say?"

"Oh I don't know. How about, 'Oh Manami, I'm so sorry I had to do that I never wanted to hurt you!' "

"I did what I did because I wanted to. Hurting you was just a side effect, you'll get over it."

"But I didn't want to get over it. And I don't want to get over you. Why did you do it anyway?" Shit.

"You just weren't right for me." Shit. I couldn't come up with something better than that?

"Oh, you're just confused. That's alright, when you want to talk about whatever's going on I'll be here. Alright?" The thought that she was going to punch me faded, so I went ahead and nodded my head. But she just kept staring at me for like two minutes after that until she got a text message and kissed me on the cheek and left. Did her kiss always feel this nasty? It's not even like cold and stiff like you would think a bad kiss you be, it was nasty.

That scary conversation with Manami made me late for the beginning of Haruka's practice, but that's okay because I get to see him later. When I get there I hop the back of the fence and lean against the wall by the back, somehow unnoticed. I'm not sure how that is because I made a lot of noise climbing that fence. Did they see me but decide to ignore me or did Haruka say something? I decided that I looked a bit hostile the way I was leaning again the wall with my arms folded, so I sat down on the ground, watching. Haruka is talking to Makoto when Nagisa starts making ridiculous bird noises and jumps into the water flapping his arms like wings… Some taller guy with blue hair follows him, doing the butterfly stroke. Wait… he's the guy who was ranting about the chemicals in soda at the grocery store the other day. Makoto and Haruka finally stop talking and Haruka walks up to the end of the pool, moves into position, and extends, flexing, gliding through the air. When he's just about to break the surface tension, he doesn't. Well he does obviously, only "break" isn't the right word… I'm not if there is one he seems to glide right into the water, smoothly. Has he always been like this? Now that I think about it I've never gotten to watch him. I almost did last night but by the time I was above water I only caught a glimpse.

Haruka gets out of the pool and shake some of the water out of his hair, when he looks up he sees me and smiles. He looks a lot better than yesterday, like he's gotten a lot of sleep. When he gets back with his friends they all dry off and leave. I get up and strip down to my bathing suit. Diving into the pool is great after sitting in the sun for so long and when I get out of the water and turn around I see Haruka again, smiling.