Author's Notes (edited slightly during proofreading and minor fix-ups 30/7/13)

I've been a big fan of Supernatural since it started. I'm definitely Team Dean, but hey, the whole cast has some seriously awesome eye candy going on. I've been tossing around this storyline for a long time, and with 7 seasons down I'm a little hesitant to take it on now (especially when most of my inspiration is coming from Season 4!), it may be a BIG project. But I'm in the mood to write, and I have no other inspiration right now, so I'll write as I'm inspired and see how far I get.

To take you off on a little tangent... I'm also huge Sabewan (Obi-wan Kenobi & Sabe) fan from the Star Wars fanfic. Dean and Obi-wan strike me as similar in many ways. They're both bound by their duties, their sense of honour and their self-sacrifice. My favourite story with Sabewan was Fair Maiden, Shining Knight by Sweet Christabel (look it up here on FF). It's the story as I would have loved to have seen it told - it's perfect.

In this story, Sweet Christabel takes the handmaiden Sabe and writes from her perspective about the love that grew and was finally consummated by her and Obi-wan, following the six movies from start to finish, telling a story that paralleled the original. I couldn't have asked for a better writing of this. It was phenomenal - I can't watch the movies now, they just don't seem right, like half the story is missing!

It inspired me to follow on with my own take on Supernatural. I feel it's never fair to have to watch Dean battle every day to save a world, while everything he loves is ripped from him. And I love a little (consistent) romance, so I wanted to write in an OC just for Dean.

She takes the form of Elizabeth (Beth) O'Malley. Taken in by John at age 15 when her father (a minister, also a hunter) was murdered. She is raised by John like a daughter, learning their ways. But of course, feelings develop between her and Dean, and eventually are acted upon.

The first series picks up a few years after they admit their feelings for each other. Dean and Beth are a solid hunting team together, but there is something wrong with Beth, an injury from a previous job. And John is missing. They are vulnerable, and they need help. Help in the form of Sam, their 'little brother' who had left the family.

Obviously that means I'm going to have to change a bit of the Canon storyline. Clearly Lisa and Dean are not going to develop as much, though she is in there - some of the story with her will be replaced with Beth. And Anna... well, I never liked her anyway, so she doesn't get to do the deed with Dean ;) Dean is still a bit of a flirt, I'm not taking that from him, but it's a more harmless flirtation with women, it's his nature, but he's loyal to Beth, he loves her. Beth understands that and accepts him for who he is.

So I hope you enjoy it. I'm mostly writing this for me, but reviews are most welcome, especially if you're liking the story - I'm more inclined to keep going if I know people are enjoying it!

This is Beth's story.

P.S. I might not get through all the episodes, some may end up being shorter than others, and so on. But if there's a particular episode you really want me to do and I skip it, let me know, if I can see it to write it, then I will :)

P.P.S. I'm from Australia, but I lived in the US for eight years, so I try to keep with the US terminology as much as possible because of the series being based there - ie. in Australia it's not "trunk and hood" it's "boot and bonnet" on a car ... but you'll probably see the spelling kind of more Australian from habit... sorry about that, I just can't get my head around changing s to z and so on. Also, if I put a date on something, it'll be in DD/MM/YY format, also an Oz thing.