THANK YOU to everyone who has made writing this story so much fun! I have absolutely loved all your feedback and reviews.

I'm still looking for ideas on songs for the first 8 chapters, so if you have any please let me know what you think would suit!

Over the next month or so (Sept 2013) I plan to go back and fix all the typos, grammar issues and formatting from this story. I update really fast so sometimes the proofreading isn't the best. Plus, sometimes I swear eats things! Plus auto-correct likes to "help" out too. One example I'm seeing in the last few episodes is where I write "yards" and it keeps getting switched to "years." Yeah, let's push that car for YEARS!

OK. This is just a little update to say that the sequel All Hell Breaks Loose has been posted, so please mosey on over there and have a read if you're interested, and you might like to favourite/follow that story so you get all the updates!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the story!