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Sequel to Stopping the Unstoppable

Rated M for a reason! Sexual content. Later chapters will be more moderate but this chapter contains a lot of it.

In Stopping the Unstoppable There was the misconception I left with some that Kim in the story is shallow. That wasn't my intention. I tried to leave the impression that she was a good person who did something wrong and feels immense guilt, and confusion, over it. Not the feelings of a shallow person. Also it left unanswered whether or not Kim and Ron managed to patch their friendship together. This sequel is meant to take things a little bit further. The main view points will be from Ron and Kim, as well as "perhaps" Shego. No, this will not be RonGo. (Though I was seriously tempted to make it just that.) And yes, there is a reason behind Kim's actions that will be explained in later chapters.

This takes place around two months after Stopping the Unstoppable.

Kim's Thoughts,... First Mission,... The Talk

Kim was lying on the sofa. She was hiding. On the other side of the sofa Ron was working on some contraption with the tweebs. She couldn't see him. He couldn't see her. She knew she was hiding. She knew he knew she was hiding. It didn't really serve any purpose. However she was comfortable here, like this, with him in the house. To her it seemed like old times. She flipped a page in the fashion magazine Monique had lent her, not really paying attention to what was in it. It was just action for the sake of action. Lying there, like that, she was able to feel content. At least for a little while.

She listened to the three of them talking. When she had betrayed Ron the tweebs had hated her. That hate had pretty much disappeared when she had nearly died. When he had started hanging around again they had went back to treating her like normal. That was good. It was one of the few stable things in her life.

She recalled the day that he had apologized to her. It had stunned her. She was the one who had ruined everything. Yet he had sat there, next to her in the hospital, and apologized for not keeping his promise to treat her like a friend. From then on he had tried. When she had been released two weeks later he had started visiting again. Playing with the tweebs and talking with her mother about cooking. He walked with her to school and sat at the same table as her again. He became another one of the few stable things in her life. Her appreciation for that was not something that could be measured. It was infinite.

She needed those stable things because the rest of her life was something she couldn't even describe. She was doing things, acting in ways, that she couldn't understand. It was a nightmare. Josh was out of the picture. He had, in the twisted nightmare that her life had become, served his purpose. What that purpose was she wasn't sure but she felt no attraction to him at all now. She would have preferred that they had remained together as a couple. That she still had feelings for him. At least then she would have had some reason for why she had hurt her best friend in such a way. But no. It had got worse. Way worse.

Paul Tridon had asked her out and she had agreed. Why? She didn't know. Sure he was a football player. He had some looks. Seemed to be a decent enough person. But dating was something she was pretty sure she wasn't ready for. She hadn't been the least bit interested. Yet when asked she had said yes. On that first date she had went all the way with him. Why? She didn't have an answer for that either. That she would be so easy as to have sex with someone she hardly knew on a first date was disturbing to her. She had told her mother. Had explained the way she was feeling. That something was wrong. There had been a series of tests at the hospital but her mother hadn't said a word about them. She had asked a number of times and her mother had just given her a tired smile.

She hadn't even tried to keep up a relationship with Paul. It had been merely a one night thing. He had tried asking her out several times. Each time she had turned him down flat. Given the incentive she'd given him on that first date it was a wonder he had been so reasonable about it. After the seventh time he'd stopped asking.

That had been that, for a while at least. She had managed to stay sane for a few weeks. Then Bonnie had got a new boyfriend. Cute. Smart. Nice. Kim had, for lack of a better word, seduced him. What she had done repulsed her. Dressed in her cheerleading uniform, she had approached him in a classroom. Despite the lust she had seen in his eyes he had refused her. She had insisted, pushing him back against the teacher's desk and kissing him. After a few minutes he had given in and started responding to her. Kissing her back, hands roaming. At the very least when she had pinned him and kissed him it had been sexual assault. If someone did that to her that is what she would call it. And Monique agreed with her on that point.

Bonnie had found out. Kim figured her boyfriend had probably confessed. He was a nice guy and the guilt, something Kim knew all about, would have been overwhelming. The results of that had been predictable. Bonnie had accused her and Kim had not even tried to deny it. From the look on Bonnie's face she knew it would have been pointless. The insanely furious girl had assaulted her. Not that Kim could blame her.

Given a fight between her and Bonnie Kim had figured the outcome would never be in doubt. Bonnie was a superb cheerleader. An athlete. But Kim had sixteen styles of kung fu behind her. To her disbelief the outcome had surprised her. As expected she had pinned Bonnie easily. A piece of cake so to speak. That hadn't been surprising. It was what she had done then that had stunned both her and Bonnie. She had leaned down and kissed the brunette on the lips. With tongue. Kim figured she'd been lucky Bonnie hadn't bit her tongue off. She'd tried. Kim had seen the reaction and only just got her tongue out of the other girl's mouth before those teeth clamped shut. Hard.

Kim was pretty sure Bonnie hadn't told anyone about that incident. She had, however, started waiting until Kim was gone before she took her own shower after cheerleading practice. Once again Kim couldn't blame her. Chalk that up to two sexual assaults.

Kim was knew she wasn't a lesbian. Or even bi-sexual for that matter. Her crushes had always been guys. Her fantasies had always been about guys. Her dreams had always been about guys. Never a girl amongst them all. She had no idea why she had kissed Bonnie like that. She really hoped she never kissed Shego like that. She figured that would result in a very slow and very painful death. She shuddered.

She turned her attention back to the tweebs talking with Ron. She wondered if he had heard about the two guys she'd been with. She hoped not, but thought it was pretty likely he had. It was all over the school. Guys were hitting on her left and right. She had turned them all down, so far. She dreaded the time when she would say yes. She knew it would eventually come. She also knew what the outcome of it would be.

She silently sighed and recalled Ron and her talking about adrenaline and junkies. It was one of the things she'd talked to her mother about. Perhaps that did explain it a bit. However she knew what an adrenaline rush was like. It couldn't explain all the things she'd done. Sure, it was present, but there was something more to it. She would give anything for a reasonable explanation for the nightmare her life had become. She didn't want to spread her legs for any more guys. Well except for the one guy she would never have. And she certainly didn't want to stick her tongue into another girl's mouth.

From her view point she could look out in the kitchen and see her mother there, drinking coffee. She was looking back in at her, a small frown on her face. She was, Kim knew, worried about her. That was understandable. Kim herself was pretty worried. She decided she would ask her mother about those tests again tonight. She knew there was something her mother was keeping from her. Each time she mentioned those tests there was a certain look on her face. Dread. Worry. Sorrow. Panic. A mixture of feelings that did not bode well for the future. Kim was beyond terrified.

She flipped another page in the magazine, her mind a million miles away.

Ron was working with Jim and Tim, or the tweebs as Kim like to call them. Currently he was using a titanium based glue to glue together the components for what appeared to be a solar array. He was afraid to even ask where they'd got such an item as titanium based glue. All he knew is in its tube it was in the form of a paste. Spread it on something and it still remained in the form of a paste. But hit that paste with another object and it instantly crystalized into a solid state. He was terrified of gluing his fingers together. Sure there would be ways of getting it off, but it would be a major hassle that would involve a lot of equipment. Plus it was only recently that the twins seemed to trust him enough to let him work with them on their projects as anything other than a guinea pig. He didn't want to ruin that trust. So he worked slowly and carefully. He took occasional glances over at kim's feet that he could see poking out from the edge of the sofa.

He wondered what she was thinking. Over the last two months their friendship had sort of been mended. They talked like they used to before the prom. As best friends and nothing more. They did things together. They went to Bueno Nacho, often with Monique. They walked to school together, ate at the same table. He came over to her house pretty often now. She seemed to like having him over. She always took that same spot on the sofa when he got here and stayed until he left.

He had hoped that she would cheer up. That she would smile again. Laugh. Act like she had before the prom. She didn't. Seeing the agony she was in had ended the last of his anger at her. He recalled their talk about adrenaline addictions and how she had listened. She had admitted that it might be a part of what had happened. She hadn't said much beyond that though she had promised to talk to her mother about it.

He glanced towards the kitchen towards Mrs. Dr. P. She was home a lot more now. Always with the same expression on her face. One that told him she was scared. That she was worried over Kim even more than he was. And that scared him because he was pretty worried.

Then there were the rumors at school. About the two guys she had been with. There was even one that said she'd tried to seduce Bonnie. He didn't know what to think about that one. He knew Bonnie pretty well. That was one rumor the brunette definitely would not have started herself. Which increased the likelihood it was true by quite a bit.

He wondered if that was the answer. That Kim was a lesbian. That she had tried sex with a number of guys and had found it lacking. That she had finally decided to try women. Still that didn't answer two questions. Why she had been obsessed with guys since puberty. And, more importantly, why it was Bonnie she had tried to seduce. There were at least two girls at Middleton High who would jump at the chance to date Kim Possible. No seduction with a hated rival necessary.

He sighed and the twins looked at him. He shrugged and pointed at Kim. They got the message. They were worried too.

There was no way to get her to smile. There was one sure-fire way to get her to laugh. He slid over to the sofa where her bare feet were and tickled them.

"Ronald." The redhead screamed as she tried to jump up. She failed.

Ron kept hold of her ankle and tickle her foot until the redhead was rolling on the ground laughing. It wasn't the sort of laugh he wanted, but it was better than nothing. He let go.

"Ronald." Kim yelled again as she finally got to her feet. She wanted to say more but due to the tickling she had more immediate needs.

Ron went back to gluing the different components of the solar array together with the fear inspiring glue. Five minutes later he noticed Kim take her place again on the sofa. She still looked depressed, but not as bad as before.

Kim kept her feet safely hidden this time. She tried not to think of how much she had wanted to tackle him when he had tickled her feet. To pin him down and stare into his eyes. Then to kiss him. The way she might have done if they were still a couple. She sighed.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sound startled both Ron and Kim. Ron nearly glued himself to the solar array. That would have been bad.

"Hiya Wade. What's the sitch?" Kim asked. The greeting wasn't nearly as chipper as it once had been.

"Hiya Kim. Drakken and Shego are up to no good again. Dr. Betty Director wants to know if you can handle it?"

Kim look out into the kitchen at her mother who nodded. Kim wondered for a minute if she should take the mission. Her mother's nod had been so sad. She looked over to Ron. He simply stared back at her, awaiting her response. If she took it it would the first mission since the William Johnson incident.

"Global Justice already has a team on the way but it will take them a while to get there. They're afraid of what Drakken will do in the meantime." Wade explained to her.

"We'll go." Kim decided.

"I'll have transportation there in five minutes." Wade told her and signed off.

"You sure, honey?" Her mother asked.

Kim shook her head. "No. But missions make sense. Go in, take down the villain of the day, leave." So long as I don't try to kiss Shego things should be okay, she thought to herself.

Their ride arrived on time. A helicopter from a company Kim had once saved from Motor Ed. He'd been raiding the company's fleet of planes and helicopters for parts. The ride was noisy, but she and Ron still talked. That made her feel good. No more of the silent treatment during the rides.

Thirty minutes later they were outside the lair. It was pretty typical. A stone structure that tried to blend in with the background and failed miserably. There were a number of ventilation shafts.

"Vent?" Ron asked.

Kim nodded. "Might as well. Why break a routine that works?"

They both entered a nearby vent and started crawling. Ron was treated to a sight that he never tired of. Despite the chaos and emotional turmoil he found being last in the vents still had its benefits.

"Well. That's a surprise." Kim said from in front.

"What?" Ron asked, trying to look around her to see what the problem was.

"They set a trap this time. Wonder if we can disarm it or if we need to turn back." The redhead mused.

"Let me see?" Ron asked.

Kim moved as close to the side of the vent as she could and he crawled forward. It was a tight fit but soon he was side-by-side with Kim and could see the trap. A simple tripwire that would cause what looked like several blades to slide out of the wall.

"We could cut it." Kim stated. "But we have no idea if we could move the blades back out of the way."

"And if we block them we block the passage." Ron put in his two cents worth.

Kim nodded in agreement. "Any ideas?"

"Glue." Ron simply stated.

"Glue?" Kim looked at him.

"Yeah. I forgot to leave the glue I was using on the twins latest contraption behind. Lucky us. It's perfect for this." He started to wiggle around in the tight spot. Reaching his hand down to his pocket meant accidentally hitting Kim a few times in spots that he tried desperately to avoid. His face was red by the time he got the glue out.

"Perfect." Kim agreed as she saw the glue. Once she would have taken over and finished the job but this time she watched as he worked.

Ron gently pressed the edge of the tube to one side of the tripwire and squeezed a small amount out. He then did the same for the other side. It effectively glued the two points of the wire in place, allowing the middle to be cut. To be certain he also glued the blades in place. He then carefully placed the cap back on the glue before sliding back and letting Kim cut the wire. The two proceeded into the lair.

"Kim Possible!" Drakken exclaimed as Kim dropped down from the vent.

"What are you up to this time?" Kim demanded.

"This time the world is mine." The mad scientist declared. "When the world sees the power of my Sleepatron they will bow before the might of me, Dr. Drakken." He let loose with a laugh.

"Sleepatron?" Ron and Kim asked at the same time.

"Yes. My Sleepatron." The blue man exclaimed again. "No nation on earth will be able to stop me."

"What does it do?" Kim asked.

"What do you think Princess? It puts people to sleep. Yada, yada, yada. Now can we fight?" Shego stepped out from behind the machine.

"He'd going to take over the world by putting people to sleep? Neat." Ron stated.

"Ron. The evil guy's plan isn't neat." Kim kept her eyes on Shego.

"Sure it is KP. No killing. No bloodshed. Just a good night's sleep. The sheer genius is amazing."

"At last someone recognizes my genius." Drakken stared at the person whose name he couldn't recall. "You could take some pointers in respect from the Buffoon, Shego."

Shego shrugged. "It hasn't worked yet Dr. D." She pointed out.

"Too bad we got to stop him." Ron added. "It would have been amazing to watch."

Drakken reach out and touched a button. "All I need to do is press this button and the world will fall into a deep sleep." He pointed at Kim Possible. "Shego, tie her up."

Kim leapt away as the green skinned villainess tossed plasma her way.

Ron watched the two fight. He wondered why Drakken was waiting on pushing the button. Or for that matter why he didn't just order Kim to submit with the threat of pushing the button.

Kim leapt at Shego and launched a punch only to jump back out of the way as Shego tried to retaliate. With Kim out of physical reach Shego threw some plasma. Kim dodged it and ran in close to kick at the supervillainess who barely managed to get out of the way.

Ron turned his eyes away from the two. He'd seen it a hundred times before. His job was to hit the self-destruct, which was going to be difficult. It was there beside Drakken who had his finger on that Sleepatron button. That meant getting Drakken out of the way first. He leaned against a desk and felt it roll. He looked down. It had wheels. Excellent.

He pulled out the glue and carefully removed the cap. He spread the glue across one edge of the desk. He looked up. He was the Buffoon so Drakken, of course, wasn't paying attention to him. Not that he blamed the guy. Watch two attractive women fight or watch the Buffoon. Easy choice to make. As for Shego, she was busy with Kim. He stood back and gave the desk a kick towards the mad scientist. He saw it coming at the last second and grabbed at it, trying to stop it. He succeeded, but his hands were now firmly glued to the desk. No fingers loose meant no button pushing. He watched as Drakken tried to pull his fingers free. Ron knew it was hopeless.

Shego dodged a kick from Princess and looked to see if Dr. D. was still in his place. He wasn't. She would have cursed if she had the chance. Princess kicked her in the stomach and she went flying. No wonder I lose these fights, she thought to herself. I got to watch out for him and myself. Or the Buffoon ends the fight with that damn self-destruct. She leapt to one side as Princess launched another attack. This time Shego caught her with a punch and sent her flying. It gave her a chance to look at Dr. D again. Why does he have his hands on that desk, she wondered. Why doesn't he get them back on that button. She threw plasma towards Princess who was getting up, forcing her to dodge out of the way.

Ron watched the fight. He'd seen it so many times he could predict both their movements. He reached down and put two drops of the glue on the floor. "Hey Shego." he called out. "It's self-destruct time."

The villainess threw plasma at Kim and leapt towards him. Exactly as he'd expected. Exactly in the position he'd expected. Between him and the button.

Shego lifted her hands to throw plasma at the Buffoon from a range that couldn't miss. As she shifted her weight she stumbled. The Buffoon slipped behind her and ... She screamed. He had goosed her... Her hands reach around her in shock, grabbing the offended area. She found she could neither move her feet nor remove her hands from her behind.

Kim heard Ron call out the taunt to Shego and wondered what he was doing. Sure it got the pressure off her for a second but it was dangerous for him. Then she saw him goose the woman. Is he insane, she wondered. That's almost as bad as me kissing her. She'll kill him slowly. Hell I might need to kiss her just to distract her from him. Sure it'll be the end of me but it would save him.

Ron dropped another drop of the glue to the floor and kick Shego in the Knee. She sat down on the glue.

Kim saw that last move and realized what he'd done. For the first time in months and months she felt like laughing. Shego had been glued in place. She looked over at Drakken and saw him struggling to remove his hands from the desk. Also glued in place. I need to ask Wade to get us some of that, she decided. It'll make a nice addition to our mission kits.

"Shego." Drakken cried out. "Help me."

"Quiet Dr. D." She replied. "I got my own problems." She was sitting down in a very awkward position unable to move her feet or her hands. She flared some plasma trying to burn whatever it was holding her in place.

"Wouldn't do that." Ron told her. He held up the tube of glue. "Good for over sixteen hundred degrees celsius."

Shego stared at the tube. That would hurt she admitted. She tried to pull loose. It held. "Good one Buffoon." She admitted. "So how are things now?" She inclined her head towards Princess.

Ron shrugged. "One way good, other way not so good." He admitted.

Kim raised her eyebrows. They were talking about her. That she knew she definitely didn't like. She also knew the two had been on a 'mission' together. She wondered how they had worked together and what had been said.

Shego studied the girl. From what the Buffon had said, and from what she saw, she knew the friendship was back in place. So the 'not so good' she decided meant Princess was still acting a bit like an adrenaline junkie.

"Mind telling me what the conversation is about?" Kim demanded.

"Shego?" Drakken called out.

"All right amateurs." A voice called out from the lair door. "Step aside."

They all turned to look. Will Du stood there with another agent. A female.

Will Du surveyed the lair and saw Kim Possible. He leaned close to the female agent and muttered something. Her face turned red.

Shego, with her comet enhanced hearing, froze. She looked at Kim to see if she had heard what the Global Justice agent had said. She couldn't tell. Princess' face was neutral. Shego looked at the Buffoon and felt a chill run down her spine. He'd heard. There was little change to his face but his eyes were different. After they had worked together to stop Willian Johnson she had made a decision. If it ever came down to making the Buffoon or the Princess mad at her she would take Princess. She fought with her hands and feet. The Buffoon, on the other hand, was willing to use freaking nukes. She swallowed and watched, wondering what he would do.

Ron hadn't heard all of what Will Du had said but he had seen him look at Kim and had heard the word 'slut.' He had also seen the other Global Justice agent's face turn red. He walked towards the agent, trying to keep the fury from reaching his face.

"Hello Will." He said. "About time you got here." He took the tube of glue and squeezed some out on the tip. He flicked his hand.

"Out of way the amateur." Will Du, tried to rush past him.

"Okay." Ron answered. "I'm moving. By the way your fly is down."

Will Du's hands immediately moved to his fly. For a second he felt something wet, then it dried and he couldn't move his fingers.

"Watch out. Floor's slippery." Ron told him. He pretended to reach out to help Will Du. Instead he tripped him so he sat down.

Will Du struggled. His fingers were glued to the front of his pants and for some reason he couldn't get up from the floor.

"Oh no." Ron said. "You know, I think you might have got some of this on you. Better be careful. It hard to get off." He held up the nearly empty tube of glue. "And I mean it's hard. You need a blow torch with a seventeen hundred degree flame." He looked down at Will Du's hands. "Hope you didn't get any on you there. If so it's... Well it's bye bye to the little soldier. It'll be burned clean off."

Ron turned and winked at Shego as he said that. He didn't want to scare her. Will Du on the other hand...

Shego watched the Global Justice agent turn white. She wished the Buffoon was just a little more evil. He was fun. She hoped that wink meant he was joking. That sort of flame would hurt. Somewhere she heard Drakken screaming about his poor hands. Yeah, that Buffoon is fun to have around, she thought. She would let Drakken remain uninformed for a bit. Telling him would give the joke away. Then she saw the stream of water running from Will Du towards her.

"Don't you dare pee on me!" She roared at the agent, her voice full of fury. "If you do I'll burn it off myself!"

Will Du fainted.

Ron placed the cushion from the desk chair between Shego and the stream of water. Then he turned to the remaining Global Justice agent. "Congratulations." He told her. "You just single handedly captured Drakken and Shego."

"I did?" She asked. The young agent looked surprised at the comment and confused.

"Well Shego just terrified Will Du into fainting. And you're the only Global Justice agent remaining here. So. Yep. Congratulations."

Kim remained quiet. She'd heard Will Du's comment and she'd seen the way Ron had responded. Thankfully the female agent's eyes had been on Shego when he'd tripped her partner. She didn't think Will Du knew exactly what had happened. He'd been off guard from the moment Ron mentioned his fly was down.

The female agent quickly reoriented herself and said. "The rest of the team will be here in a few minutes. You can get a ride home then." She smiled at Ron and Kim. "Thanks for handling those two." She pointed at Shego and Drakken. She looked down at Will Du. "And for getting him out of my hair for a few minutes." She sighed. "Not that that's what he was trying to get into." She muttered to herself.

Kim moved to stand beside Ron. "The ride will be appreciate." She told the young woman.

The agent look down at Will Du. "By the way. Just how do we go about removing that glue." She asked.

"Just remove all the oxygen from the air. It's pretty strong, and heat resistant, but it'll corrode pretty fast if there's no oxygen present. Twenty to thirty minutes." Ron answered.

"Oh. That shouldn't be too tough to manage." The agent thought. "We'll just give them some scuba gear and pump in something heavier than oxygen."

Ron nodded. He wondered why Will Du had been leading the team instead of her. She seemed way more competent.

Ten minutes later he and Kim were on a Global Justice jet heading back to Middleton. He watched Kim stretch. While he had been just standing most of the time she'd been tossed around a bit by Shego. "Lie down." He suggested.

Kim looked up in surprised but did so. Lying across one of the seats on her stomach. As Ron's fingers moved across her back she sighed in content. She wished... She forced that thought out of her mind. She'd ruined that.

"He was right you know?" She finally spoke.

"About?" Ron kept his fingers moving, gently massaging.

"About me being a ... You know. The S word."

"Would you use that word when referring to me?" Ron asked her.

"Of course not." Kim was shocked.

"But I slept with a number of girls after... You know. So why not?" Ron kept his voice neutral, trying not to dredge up the painful past for either of them.

Kim felt jealousy flare to life in her. She had no right to it and squashed it. "That's different." She finally stated.

"No it's not." Ron insisted. "You slept with three guys, that I know of. For what reason I don't know. That's now between you and them. I slept with two girls. Why? Because they were willing and I was curious. The same rules apply. If you're the S word as you call it then so am I."

Ron was, Kim recalled, an equalist. Male or female he applied the same rules to both. For that matter he applied the same rules to everyone. People to him were just that, people. Whether they were professional athletes or in a wheelchair like Felix. Whether they were white like her or colored like Monique. Rich like the Seniors or dirt poor. She let herself relax more. He wouldn't judge her. At least not on that account. She found herself speaking.

"It was three guys. But I don't know why I slept with them. For crying out loud Ron I stuck my tongue down Bonnie's throat and I know I'm not into girls. When I was fighting Shego I couldn't fight like I should because I was afraid I would do the same to her and she would kill me for it." She found herself sobbing. "And I know mom knows something. She did a ton of tests when I told her about it and won't answer any questions about them."

Shocked, Ron knelt down beside the crying girl. He didn't know what to say. "So you weren't trying to seduce Bonnie?" He finally asked.

"No!" Kim exclaimed. "Ron please tell me there isn't a rumor like that going around."

"There's a rumor like that going around KP." He told her.

"I told you not to tell me." She cried. "I washed my mouth out twenty times after I did that. Why on earth did I do it? And If I did have to kiss a girl why was it Bonnie of all people?" She shuddered.

"Would Monique have been better?"

"Yes." Kim instantly replied. "With her I would only have washed my mouth out two or three times."

Ron sat down. "Have you asked Wade to hack into the hospital computers and find those test results?"

"Yes." The redhead admitted. "Mom refused to say anything and I just had to know. According to the my hospital record the tests were never done. I'm guessing my mother had them done as a personal favor and the data was never entered in the computer. At least not with my name attached."

Kim kept crying, but she felt a little better. Until she had cheated on him there had never been any secrets between them. At least not major ones. Now it was like that again. She decided it was time to stop being just terrified and try to do something. She also knew she had him by her side. He would be trying to think of how this stich could be solved too. She no longer felt so alone. She hoped one day she could repay him for even a fraction of what he'd done for her.

End of Chapter.

Kim is in pretty dire straits. Yes there is a reason for it. One that she will find out. Along with other things. Next chapter you met a pint sized demon.

The first section of this chapter I cut back on the intensity of the scenes a few times. I wanted to show a Kim who is out of control, knows she is out of control, and is terrified by it. I hope I showed that without going overboard with it.