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Notes: Some animals in the animal kingdom don't age past a certain point. We mammals just seem to be unlucky. We age, we get senile, we die. Lobsters on the other hand just get larger. The oldest clam is over 400 years old. Other events, like getting eaten or disease, keeps their population under control rather than old age. Oh well, at least we're better off than the 1 day a may fly lives.

Time: Three months after last chapter.

Waking Up,...

Kim opened her eyes and stretched, careful not to wake the little demon that was sleeping at her side. She looked and could only see a bit of red hair sticking above the blanket. Her sister, but as different from her as night and day. She smiled and gently stroked the girl's head. Her sister had her own bed a few feet from Kim's but each night she seemed to end up in Kim's bed. Not that Kim minded. Anything for her sister.

She heard a small whimper and slid down to look at her sister's face. It was frowning. She leaned over and whispered in her ear. "The boy,...The boy,... The boy."

A look of intense concentration appeared on the sleeping girl's face. She murmured." "No,... Bad Princes,... Boy mine." Her sister settled down, this time with a slight smile.

Kim sighed. Lilith had heard Shego call her Princess so that was, at times, her name for Kim. At least when she was competing for the boy's attention. The boy being, of course, Ron. At other times it was Kim, or sis, or KP. It depended. It was strange having someone other than Ron call her KP, but that was fine.

The woman, Cally Bright, or the voice as her sister called her, had been very thorough with her notes. Too thorough for Kim's liking. It had given her a good description of what her sister's life had been like. When she was born the woman had done a procedure to keep the girl from crying. It seemed it disrupted her work. At four she had undone the procedure so she could teach the girl to talk and read. To measure her intelligence. The devices had been implanted when she was six. After that she had not been allowed to talk. With every sound the girl heard being recorded and transmitted to Cally's laptop for analysis, with dire consequences for speaking, her sister hadn't uttered a single word for a little over six years.

For all those years only Cally had been able to hear her. And to her Lilith had been nothing more than a lab experiment. To cut down on costs she had been fed mainly dog's food with a few vitamin supplements. The cost savings had turned into a test to see just how well her sister's digestive processes worked. According to the woman's notes it was quite efficient. There had been a lot of tests and procedures. None of them involved giving the girl anything for pain. Even when she had had the devices implanted.

From the dreams her sister had Kim thought the worst part for her had been the murders. When her sister was seven Cally had managed to gain another girl to experiment on. She had had no choice but to watch the other girl undergo torture and then, when the woman tried more genetic manipulation, die. There had been another youngster, a boy, when Lilith was eight. He too had died.

Dr. Betty Director had kept her promise. With the information they got from the woman's laptop the organization had been rounded up. Lilith had provided the key to breaking the encryption Cally had been using. Without her sister's help Wade had predicted it would have taken around six billion years to break the encryption. There had been four other geneticists in the group. Two of them well versed with computers. It had been a good system. But Lilith had seen everything. And remembered it. Her memory was even better than Kim's. Cally had seen to that. The device that had been in her sister's brain had been able to simulate the pain centers. It had been used frequently when Cally was trying to teach her something. Her sister had a very good memory. Once she had learned she could hurt the voice by talking the supply of information from her had been endless.

From the bottom of her heart Kim hated Cally Bright. The woman had wanted to improve humanity. Kim could understand that. She even understood what had drove the woman. Cally had had two sisters and a brother. They had all died of leukemia before they were ten. Cally had been there for all of it. Year after year of watching her sisters and brother suffer. And, one after the other, dying with their hand in hers. Her mother and father had died young too. One struck down by some form of dementia that slowly destroyed the brain. The other with another type of cancer. Cally had been there through all that too. Her goal of improving humanity had consumed her. Anything for that goal. Even sacrificing the few for the many.

Kim didn't think the woman was heartless. That was why she had treated Lilith, and the other children, as she had. To have seen them as anything other than lab experiments would have required her to slow down her rush towards her goal. Her mind had rejected that possibility. Still, regardless of the woman's reasons, Kim hated her from the bottom of her heart. It was something new to her. True hate. She had thought she hated Shego. No. She now understood the difference. She would kill Cally without regret or remorse if she ever harmed Lilith again.

Kim kept stroking the girl's hair. She wondered how her sister had even remained sane through all those years. She recalled that first night in the hospital. Kim had seen her sister and had been lost in emotion. Her mother had too. After all the girl was her daughter. Her professionalism had vanished before that fact. She recalled how Ron had talked with the girl and how she had nodded and shook her head in response, remaining awake when sheer exhaustion should have forced her to sleep. Ron had somehow understood even when Kim hadn't. For all her life her sister had had not one person she could talk to. And that was a fundamental need of humans. The need to connect with other people. For the first time in twelve years her sister had someone fulfilling that basic need. There must have been joy beyond belief. And a great fear of losing that precious connection.

Kim wondered how Ron had remained awake. He had already missed one night's sleep watching the warehouse with her. Yet during the forty-six hours the girl remained awake he hadn't let his weariness show once. Her sister had nodded, shooked her head, shrugged, and yawned. But Ron had merely smiled and talked until the girl had finally fallen asleep. He was amazing. But then she already knew that.

She looked around her room. She had expected to be leaving in it in a few months. That was no longer the case. She would go to Middleton College and remain at home where her mother could test her blood on a regular basis. She was back to normal but why risk it? Besides Ron was remaining here. He was skipping college and going to work with a professional chef at a nearby restaurant as an apprentice. Then there was her sister. Kim decided she was happy to stay at home for a bit longer.

The figure at her side stirred and a face poke out from under the blanket. "Boy mine." Her sister said, sleep still in her voice.

Kim grinned. "We'll see." Who would have though her biggest rival for Ron's attention would be her sister.

The girl snuggled close to her sister. This was better than waking up alone on a concrete floor. Much better. She could tell her sister didn't take her words about the boy seriously but she would see. Meanwhile there was warmth and food and talking. All was good. But talking was the best of all. Except maybe when the boy came over in the morning and made her pancakes. She felt her sister's hand on her head. All was good. She yawned.

Kim slid out of bed and got two glasses of apple juice from the kitchen. She handed one to her sister along with a white pill. She took another one of the pills herself. She watched carefully to make sure Lilith took the pill. The girl didn't like them since they reminded her of Cally, but they would add ten years to her life.

Her mother had analyzed the pills. The red ones were a concentrated form of adrenaline. From Cally's notes they knew taking two of them within five minutes of each other would give someone like her and Lilith one chance in nineteen of dying. There were six recorded instances where her sister had taken two within a five minutes period. It was mostly likely during those six times that her sister's heart had been damaged.

The white ones were a concentrated form of the chemicals her body produced when injured. It aided the healing process. It wasn't the cure that would let them live to a ripe old age. But ten years more was not something she was going to turn down. Nor was she going to let Lilith turn them down. She watched the girl swallow and then checked her mouth to make sure the pill was gone.

"Better take a shower and get dressed." Kim told her sister. "Ron is going to be over in a little while."

Kim blinked. Her sister was already gone. Maybe they weren't all that different in some aspects. Lilith loved showers. She also loved shampoo and soap and perfume. It had to be better than being hosed down once a week. She looked across the room at her sister's dresser. The top was covered in items she had taken from Kim's dresser. Kim stretched again. The bed seemed empty with just her in it. She looked at the dresser again. Between Christmas and her birthday Kim had more makeup and perfume than she could ever hope to use. She had a sneaky suspicion thought that her sister wasn't just interested in makeup. She was looking for something to get Ron's attention.

It was still an hour before Ron would be over. It might be just enough time for her sister to get ready. As a lab experiment Lilith had not had to make many decision. None at all unless she was fighting. In an effort to get her used to making decisions they were forcing her to make a lot of trivial ones. In the bathroom her sister would find over a dozen different types of soap and shampoo. A big difference from the three of each there used to be. To the average person it might not seem like a big deal. To her sister it was. She had to make decisions.

Lilith stood in front of the shower, looking at the sixteen bars of soap. She sighed. So many. She wondered if there was one the boy liked more than the others. There was only one way to find out. Try them all. Or, since she knew the boy liked her sister, maybe she should just use the soap she used. But maybe there was a better one there that her sister hadn't tried. She took each bar and smelled it. Some she liked. Some she didn't. It was hard to decide. She sighed again. She would go with the try them all plan. She picked a reddish looking soap that had a nice smell. It was one she hadn't tried yet.

Then there was the shampoo. Seventeen bottles of it. The options were the same. She could go through them all to see which one the boy liked or go with the one her sister used. But what if it was the combination he liked. If so then that meant two hundred and seventy-two possibilities. That was a lot to try. She took the top off each bottle and smelled it. She would go with the try them all plan again. Combinations could come later if she failed to win the boy's attention. She picked a bottle that was reddish in color. It smelled a lot like the soap.

With the two decisions made she turned on the water. Warm. Wonderful. Nothing like the cold water from the hose the voice had used. She loved showers. But she had to hurry or her sister wouldn't have enough time for her shower. She could stay in the shower until the last minute. Her sister wouldn't complain. She was still trying to sort out what love meant but she knew her sister loved her. She thought she loved her sister. And the boy and the older woman, who was her mother, had talked to her a lot about respecting other people. She had to respect her sister. So she had to leave enough time for her to shower too. She let the water rush over her. This was good.

And if the boy was coming over it meant he was making breakfast. They would all eat it together. Her sister, her mother, her father, the tweebs, and the boy would be there. That would be good. Better than good. It felt strange having a family. From the biology books she'd read she understood the definition. But what she'd read didn't fit what she was experiencing. That had been just words. This was real. Maybe she was just dreaming. She hoped not. If she woke up and it was just a dream she would kill the voice. She knew she could. She would just take a red pill and let the voice come close. She would kill her before she could push the button. Then she thought she would also die. Or maybe she could search and find a real sister. One like the dream one. And a boy. That would be better than dying or staying with the voice.

She pushed the thoughts of the voice aside. Better to think of the boy. She had seen him and her sister pressing there lips together a few times. Kissing is what her sister had called it. She had asked if she could try. The boy's face had turned so red she had wondered if there was something wrong with him. But her sister's face had turned red as well. She wondered what the problem was. Her sister always let her try the things she had and do the things she did. She wondered why pressing her lips on the boy's would be any different. She had yelled out to Jim and Tim that she had an experiment she wanted to try. Her sister had blown up at that. It was strange. She helped the tweebs with their experiments so why shouldn't she be allowed to ask them to help her with an experiment she wanted to try. Her mother claimed she was smart, but there were so many things she didn't understand yet. She was learning.

More decisions. She had to pick out clothes to wear. Her sister would tell her if what she picked out was okay, but she had to pick them out first and then ask. She understood their reasoning. She had to learn to make decisions. But sometimes it tired her out.


The boy was in the kitchen when she and her sister got there. He kissed her sister. She watched. It made them nervous but she was curious. He tousled her hair and told her it was nice. It had been getting long so her sister had taken her to get it cut. That was something. Her sister didn't get all the attention. It made her feel warm inside. Then had come more decisions. What kind of pancakes did she want for breakfast? That decision had been easy. She watched the boy make them. The rest of her family arrived. She was happy.

"Hello Mrs. Dr. P. What kind of pancakes and how did the experiments go so far?"

"Blueberry for me to Ron. Around an eighty-percent success rate. I think the twenty percent failure is due to an allergic reaction to the chemicals."

Kim knew this had something to do with turning her into a lizard, or a squid, or... Well something she didn't want to be turned into. They were using Camp Wannaweep lake water to perform experiments on mice. Mutating them.

"Not perfect but if Kim and Lilith are not allergic then it would work." Ron started on a triple batch of blueberry pancakes. Her knew Lilith would want seconds.

"It would. Gil has undergone the mutation at least three times. His DNA is still normal. From the scientists working on him it seems the original DNA isn't altered. The chemicals on the lake water just allows a third stand of DNA that is dominant to attach itself over parts of the human DNA. It's not something I'm going to try on either of them until a lot more work has been done. But it will work." Mrs. Dr. P was clearly ecstatic.

"Strange that water." Ron mused. "Who would have thought something like that would form by accident."

"I don't want to be a mutant." Kim insisted.

"It's not permanent." Lilith pointed out to Kim.

Kim blinked. "It's not?" While her sister's growth was in many ways stunted her time with a brilliant, if mad, geneticist had taught her a lot about the sciences. In biology and chemistry her knowledge far surpassed Kim's.

"Didn't you hear them. They said it was reversible." The girl pointed out. "That someone called Gil has been mutated three times already and changed back to normal." She looked at Ron. "I'm going to like being immortal. More time with the boy."

Ron blushed.

"Immortal?" Kim asked.

"Well if it works then you can choose which strands of DNA to use. Just remove all existing DNA out of the water and add what you want. Turtle DNA for example. Or lobster DNA. Or even clam DNA. That could reset our biological clock." Lilith couldn't understand why her sister was so confused. Wasn't it obvious.

Kim looked at her mother.

"Well, if the correct strands of DNA can be attached then you would mutate. The mutated organism would be immortal and would reset it's biological age to adolescence again. The foreign DNA would be removed, like it's been done three times with Gil. That would leave the person as an adolescence." Mrs. Dr. P looked at her daughter. "You would have to repeat the process every fifteen years, twenty-five with the pills, but it might work." She turned to look at Lilith. "There's a lot of work to be done yet."

"If it's so easy then why didn't ... someone else do it already?" Kim asked. She avoided mentioning Cally's name.

"Her approach was different." Lilith tried to explain. "She was trying to change a person's DNA. But genes interact with each other. Change one and it's hard to predict the outcome. Change a dozen and it's just a guess what you will get. This water they're talking about doesn't change a person's DNA. It just adds a third strand to parts of it. It adds new attributes without changing the existing ones. It a whole magnitude, if not more, easier. The voice didn't know water like that existed." The girl shrugged. "Just make sure there's no may fly DNA in the water." She added.

"Why?" Kim asked.

"They only live one day." Lilith explained. She liked talking. And she liked that she would live a very long time.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Kim turned on the Kimmunicator.

"Hiya Wade." Lilith poked her head above her sister's shoulder.

"Hi Lilith. How are you doing?"

"Good. You?"

"I'm good too." He smiled at the girl. "Want to handle a mission Kim?"

"Sure Wade. Who is it?"

"Shego and Drakken."

"Can I go? I want to see Shego." Lilith asked.

"Sorry. Might be dangerous." Kim told her sister.

Lilith pouted. Why would it be dangerous for her but not for her sister? She'd beaten her sister in a fight once. Of course she'd used the red pills. And there was no way she was using them again. She didn't even have any. And she wouldn't be fighting Shego anyway. Shego was her friend.

Kim grinned. Shego had actually dropped by twice to see Lilith in the month since she'd been out of the hospital. Lilith liked her. "I'll tell her to drop by again." Kim promised her sister. She perked up a little at that. Kim grabbed a bag from the fridge. She had some bragging to do.

Drakken Despairs,...

Ron parked the hovercraft a hundred meters from the lair. He wanted it to be safe if the lair exploded. Not that he expected it to. The last few visits to Drakken's various lairs had been weird. Very weird.

They entered through the vents. It was habit.

"Kim Possible." Drakken said without much enthusiasm as Kim dropped into the lab. His usual greeting of surprise was gone.

"Hi Princess. How's Lilith doing?" Shego greeted Kim. "Hiya Buffoon."

"Hi Shego." Kim and Ron greeted her back.

"Catch." Kim tossed the bag she had to Shego.

Shego looked inside cookies. She looked back up at Kim.

"Guess what? Lilith can actually cook. She doesn't blow stuff up like I do when she's in the kitchen." Kim beamed with pride.

Shego tried one of the cookie. "Hmmmm. It's good." She exclaimed. "Almost as good as the Buffoon's cooking." She looked at her boss. "Hey Drakken. Whip up some coco moo to go with these."

Drakken sighed. "Shego we're supposed to be taking over the world. Not eating cookies."

"But they're good. Coco moo would be perfect with them."

"But my Tickle-lizer?"

"Tickle-lizer?" Ron asked.

"Yes. This ray stimulates the nerve endings and makes it seem like people are being tickled. People will submit to me, Dr. Drakken, or I will tickle them into submission."

"I like the concept." Ron admitted. "Kim always wins our tickling contests. If I had one of these I could tickle her from a safe distance."

"Ronald!" Kim exclaimed. She shook her head. If he got one she would just grab it and use it on him. She would still win.

Kim took the seat across from Shego. She took the cookie she was offered. "Coco moo would be good with these. I wonder if Drakken would mind if I took some home to Lilith. She loves coco moo."

"I'm sure he won't mind making her some too." Shego said. "So how is the little imp doing?"

"Pretty good. She wants to go to school but we're keeping her out for a year."


"She needs the time to adjust. I grew up around people and learned how to control my strength around them. She's still a bit too rough at times. And she needs to learn how to interact with others a bit better yet. It's a good thing my house it perfect for that. Between mom and dad and the tweeb, then myself and Ron, she's learning pretty fast. Plus Monique comes over to teach her fashion."

"Took me forever." Shego admitted. "I would go to shake someone's hand and leave them on the ground in pain. So is she planning on being a cheerleader like her big sister?"

"Nay." Kim told her. "She likes running. I think it makes her feel free. When she does go to school she's going to be on the track team."

Ron wandered over and took a cookie.

"So how are you handling her crush?" Shego asked.

Ron sighed. "One of them isn't too bad. But Joss was over to visit last week. I felt like running away to Japan somewhere." He took a cookie and tossed it to Drakken. "Try one."

Shego laughed. "Last time I was there she asked me how to get the boy."

Ron's face turned red. Kim sighed.

"What did you tell her?" Kim asked. This could be bad.

"That's a secret Kimmie." Shego winked at her.

Kim sighed. It was bad. "She asked me to tell you to come and see her again." She told her ex-archfoe.

"I will." She looked at Drakken. "Where's the coco moo?"

Drakken sighed. It was useless when they got like this. He looked at the Tickle-lizer. Then he turned and left for the kitchen. He returned a minute later with several cups of coco moo. He'd been planning to celebrate his conquest of the world with it. He took a cup and dipped a cookie in it. It was, he had to admit, good.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Kim flipped open the Kimmunicator. "What is it Wade?"

"Bad news." The genius was typing frantically. "Cally escaped and we can't track her."

"What?" Kim, Ron and Shego exclaimed.

"Global Justice was finished interrogating her so Will Du was escorting her to a prison facility. She convinced him to remove her restraints. She knocked him out."

"Damn!" Shego exclaimed.

"I'm going back to the house." Kim said. "Just incase she tries for Lilith."

"I'm going too." Shego declared.

Drakken thought for a moment. "I might as well go too. Perhaps I can take over the world from there." He grabbed to Tickle-lizer. It was pretty small for one of his doomsday devices.

Soon two hovercrafts took off for the Possible Residence.

The Voice,...

Lilith was happily finishing her pancakes. Her father had left for the Space Center and the tweebs had vanished somewhere. She had dishes to wash but that was okay. She knew it was a part of working together as a family. Besides dishes didn't require thinking. Which meant she could think about the boy. He had said her hair was nice. Which meant the three hours she had spent looking through pictures trying to decide on a hair cut had been worth it. That had been a hard decision. One of the hardest ever. There had been hundreds of choices. Her sister had just waited patiently and then said it will look nice on you, when she finally made her choice.

Still he hadn't commented on the perfume she wore. Maybe he didn't like it. Her sister rarely wore any. She would ask Shego about it the next time she visited. It might be something simple like wearing too much, or not enough. Shego would tell her.

She sighed and looked up. She froze. The voice was there.

"Don't move." The voice ordered.

Lilith decided not to move. It was strange hearing the voice this way instead of in her head. But still it was the voice and had to be obeyed. There would be pain if she didn't. And maybe the voice would decide to kill her. She looked at her mother. She wasn't moving either. There was fear in her eyes.

"Tie her up." The voice pointed at her mother and then set a device on the floor. She tossed some rope to Lilith.

Lilith obeyed. What choice did she have. This was the voice.

"Stupid experiments." The voice spoke to Lilith's mother. She sounded angry. "You had to go into labor early and get rushed to the hospital. I waited for three weeks trying to grab that experiment back. But no. You were around her the whole time while she was in that incubator. Then the authorities were closing in on me." She pointed at the device on the floor. "Do you know what this is?"

Her mother shook her head. Lilith felt bad about tying her up. But maybe now the voice would leave. She would take her with her but the voice had to be obeyed.

"It twenty kilos of C4. When that experiment arrives it will be terminated."

"No..." Lilith started to cry out.

The voice whirled around. "Quiet. You are not to talk." She held a device in her hand.

Lilith knew what it was. The plastic lid was open and the voice's finger was on the button. The tingling in her head was gone but what if the transmitter still worked. What if there had been more than one bomb in her body. She looked over to her mother's face. She saw love and understanding in those eyes. Unconditional love. Lilith finally knew what love was. Still it was the voice speaking and she had to obey. Her mother understood she had to obey. She didn't hate her for it. Lilith cried.

She watched as the voice went to work setting up the bomb. It would be triggered by a motion sensor. Lilith wondered if her sister would come home alone or if the boy would come with her. He might come to say good-bye to her before he went to his job at the restaurant. If so he would die too. Because of her. It was the voice speaking but... The boy dying was unacceptable. Lilith struggled.

She recalled her decision earlier, when she had been taking a shower. But now the voice was back and it was so real. She was afraid. The voice had to be obeyed. Her whole mind was afire with fear. She saw the boy's tired eyes in her mind. He had talked to her for so long. She who was nothing yet he had fought the tiredness not to save her, but just to talk to her. To fulfill that need. Lilith swallowed. She had to protect the boy. She felt the fear and tried to ignored it. She hated the voice. She had thought she hated it before but now it was threatening the boy.

She looked at the transmitter in the voice's hand. The finger on the button. Even she couldn't move fast enough to stop the voice before she pressed the button. But the voice had to work on the bomb. She put the transmitter down. Lilith took a deep breath. She had to move. Her limbs felt frozen. But this would be her only chance. Now while the voice wasn't holding the transmitter. Before the bomb was set up. She had to move. But the voice was so far away. She wished she had a red pill. It would have made the difference.

She saw the boy's tired eyes again. The eyes that looked at her in a way she had never been looked at before. The eyes that said she mattered. That she was a person. That someone cared for her. Lilith smiled. The transmitter was on the other side of the table. As was the voice. Now that the fear was made insignificant before the need to protect she knew what to do. She stepped forward and kicked the table. It went flying, along with the transmitter. The voice couldn't reach it now. Not in time anyway. Lilith took another step and kicked the voice in the stomach. The voice looked surprised. Blood bubbled up from her mouth from the force of the kick. Lilith recalled another time when she had seen blood bubble up in a person's mouth like that. The girl the voice had killed when Lilith was seven.

"Stop" The voice ordered. It was weak and filled with surprise.

Lilith stepped forward again. "No." She answered. The rage that poured through her veins was almost as good as a red pill. Her hands reach down and grabbed the voice who she lifted and threw against the wall.

She stepped forward again. The voice was barely moving. Lilith knelt beside it. "Look at me." She ordered and the voice looked up. "I am what you made me to be. Strong. Fast. Smart. And I will NOT let you hurt the boy." She reach down and took the voice's right hand in her own two small hands. "You will not hurt the boy." She repeated. She snapped the voice's thumb. "You will not hurt my sister." She ordered. She snapped one of the voice's fingers. "You will not hurt my brothers." She commanded. She snapped another finger. "You will not hurt my mother." She snapped another finger. "You will not hurt my father." She snapped the last finger. "You will not hurt my friends." She yelled. She bent the wrist of the voice back and it snapped.

She breathed hard, looking down at the mangled hand. The voice was barely conscious. She wanted to kill it. The voice had killed so many. It did not deserved to live. She took the voice's left hand into her two hands. She bent the fingers and thumb back, breaking them. Then she did the same with the wrist. "You will not hurt anyone I care about or I will hurt you." She stated. She stood up. She recalled the boy's eyes. She knew the boy could kill. That his love for those he cared about was great enough that he would commit any crime to protect them. He would forgive her if she killed. But she knew he would not approve. The voice was broken. There was no need. She turned away and went to untie her mother.

Her mother's arms close around her and pulled her close. She let her cry on her shoulder. Her mother was okay. The boy was okay. Her sister was okay. It was good. She felt her mother kiss the top of her head. Her hand running through her hair. Finally she managed to stop crying. She knew she had been crying for a long time. Looking over, she made sure the voice was still there.

Her mother got up when she stopped crying and went and got her a glass of apple juice and one of the white pills. Lilith took it without complain. She guessed the rage had been sort of like a red pill so she needed a white one.

The door burst open and her sister came running in along with Shego. The boy was right behind them along with a blue man. Lilith blinked for a second, wondering how a man could be blue. Then she ran for the boy. Her mother's arms were nice, but the boy's were the best of all.

The Decision,...

It was two hours later and Lilith was still attached to Ron. He had tried to hand her over to Mrs. Dr. P a few times but the girl had refused to let go. It was he decided okay. Just this once. She had been through a lot and her decision to not kill had him awed. Given what she'd been though it must have taken immense self-control. She deserved a reward. He was worried where it would lead to in a few years though. He had expected her to lose interest in him when she started school. At least a little bit. Now he wasn't so sure. She would have if Cally hadn't showed up. He was pretty sure of that.

He looked around. Global Justice had collected the woman again. They had apparently not noticed Shego and Drakken. Shego had stayed to talk with Lilith a little bit. The two were talking around him about various stuff.

"You know Shego, this is the perfect weapon." Drakken held up the Tickle-lizer.

"I'm not so interested in taking over the world any more." Shego told him.

Drakken shrugged. "I sort of figured that out over the last few months. I didn't mean it was just the perfect weapon for taking over the world."

"Oh?" Shego was curious.

"Imagine a hovercraft equipped with this. It has a neutrino carrier-wave. It can pass through three kilometers of solid rock and still have enough power to work." Drakken looked at Shego. He'd heard the story about Lilith. Had seen the girl. He had also heard about Mia and Tia. Somehow the hate he'd harbored against those who had mocked him had vanished over the last few months. And just now, when he'd seen that woman, he'd realized just where hate could lead. He was, he'd decided, tired of it.

"So?" Shego prompted her boss.

"I was thinking. It's the perfect weapon for neutralizing a villain. A cloaked craft could hover over a lair and use it. Those inside would be rendered unable to act. A team could then safely go in and apprehend then."

"Just one thing." Ron jumped into the conversation.

"Oh? The Buffoon can spot a flaw in my perfect plan to take over the wo... err... Stop villains."

Ron looked at Lilith and smiled.

"The team that goes in will be in the ray too." The girl pointed out.

Drakken blinked. "Oh." That was a flaw.

Shego grinned at Lilith. "Smart girl."

Lilith grinned back but kept her arms tight around the boy.

"Unless." Ron suggested. "The team is made of synthodrones."

"Brilliant." Drakken exclaimed.


Kim stretched and yawned, comfortably warm beneath the covers of her bed. Lilith had opted to sleep with her again tonight. This time thought she had decided to skip the sneaking in after Kim was asleep part. That was okay. She thought of all her sister had been through. She reach down and pulled her sleepy sister up close to her. "Got a gift for you." She told her.

Kim wondered about what she was about do but decided it was the right thing. She reach over and pulled the Cuddle Buddie Ron had given her so many years ago from its place on her dresser. It was the one thing she had refused her sister even though she had seen her stare at it a few times. "Ron gave me this a long time ago. His name is Pandaroo." She held it out to the wide-eyed girl. She hoped it would comfort her when she and Ron weren't around.

Lilith looked up at her sister and took the offered gift. She hugged it. She knew this was important. It wasn't like the makeup or the perfume. This was big. Way big.

"Now sleep." Kim ordered her little sister.

Lilith slipped down beneath the covers and snuggled close. Pandaroo was between her and her sister. She closed her eyes and dreamed of the boy.

Kim watched the sleeping girl. She had that smile on her face again. Kim sighed. If her sister followed her path then in around five years she would have to keep a close eye on her. They would cross that bridge when it came. Her mother knew what to look out for in her blood work and Kim could guide her in sensing when she should avoid people.

Of course, according to her mother, part of Kim's problem had stemmed from trying to be reasonable. She had only just started dating Ron and had decided a few weeks wasn't enough time to jump from just dating to going all the way. Unfortunately that was when her hormones went crazy. Sex releases hormones in the body. It had been an attempt by her body to balance those hormones, or so the theory went. The going out of control part might never have happened if she'd jumped into having sex right away. But Kim still thought waiting had been the right choice with the information she'd had. It had just been the wrong choice because of the information she hadn't had.

She'd been lucky. Ron had cared enough to keep the friendship going. And when the source of the problem had been discovered he had been willing to try the relationship again. She recalled that talk. It hadn't been a talk. He'd known her too well for that. Had known she would try to lie. Instead he had just kissed her. A gentle kiss, just brushing her lips. Her body had betrayed her again. This time she was glad it had.

She hoped her sister had another boy of interest when that time came. The problem was Kim didn't think she would. She couldn't blame her sister for that. Unlike Kim she'd just zeroed in on the best boy around. In five years time things were going to get interesting. Too interesting.

End of Story.

There were a lot of details to cover in this chapter but little action. Hope it turned out okay.

I'm sure Lilith does sound a bit immature. But given her life experiences so far it's lucky she's even sane.

And yes she's obsessed with the boy (Ron). That's to be expected. He's the first friend she ever had. The first person she could talk to. The first person who saw her as something other than a lab experiment. Twelve years of misery and he's the one who she sees as being there for her.

Shego is different. Perhaps seeing justice for Mia and Tia makes her see it as something worthwhile rather than something to be rejected.

Drakken's hate has burned out. He's thinking of stopping villains.

As for dying at thirty. The white pills give Kim and Lilith ten years more. By that time they will have the option of a very long life should they choose to mutate for a few days every 15-25 years. Offering near immortality, I'm sure, will make the Possibles, and Ron, very very wealthy.

Review questions:

The girl is biologically twelve. She may seem naive but her mental growth would not have had a chance to mature in many aspects. She would know a sister is a female sibling but she have no emotional understanding of what that means. She reasons. She catalogues stuff. But she would have never needed to make decisions for herself. She would never had had the social interaction needed to grow. We see her intelligence in the way she can navigate a city that is new to her. In the way she can analyze a fight. She wasn't raise by lunatics. She was treated as a lab experiment by lunatics. When she decides not to kill Shego that is a pretty big step for her. It shows her strength as a person. The mere fact that she can question her orders also shows immense strength.

Kim's body is not more advanced. Just different from a normal human. If DNAmy's machines can cross two different species then it would be able to cross Kim's body with another species.

The organization is small. More logical that way. Of course the KP universe is fantasy so I guess I could have made the organization any size.

Their goal was to improve humans. At least that was Cally's goal.

Dr. Betty Director keeps Will Du around because it makes her look good. And gives the other agents some laughs. Well, that could be the reason. Or it might be that while he is poor at actually capturing villains and doesn't work well with others he has skills that helps the organization. Maybe while he isn't good at leading teams he is a good analyst and can put together teams that have the required skills for a given situation. Sort of like Wade. He doesn't get into much action. But he is a vital part of the team.