There's Hope For The Hopeless

Paul/Bella Imprint Story

Full Summary: Set in New Moon – The Cullen's leave and Bella is broken. When her savior, Jacob, begins to pull away she feels more than lost. When she confronts the pack and punches Paul, he imprints on contact. He tries hard to fight the pull but has to eventually give in. When his playboy ways don't stop she breaks up with him leaving him a mess. Paul must overcome his commitment phobia to be with his imprint. Can she trust him?

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize from the movie or books, just the people and situations that do not belong to the lovely Stephanie Meyer! I will also use quotes/lyrics at the beginning of the chapters, I don't own any of them and credit will be given.

Stitch in your knitted brow

And you don't know how

You're gonna get it out.

Crushed under your heavy chest

Trying to catch your breath

But it always beats you by a step.

"Hope For The Hopeless" – A Fine Frenzy

Chapter One: Heartbroken

Paul POV

We were scavenging the forest looking for the chief's daughter. Apparently she had gone missing…just disappeared after she had gotten home from school. Sam had discreetly let us get hold of her scent from her backpack that had made it onto the front step. Of course, we could smell her in the woods, her and the leech. Part of me wanted to find her bitten and attacked just for an excuse to maul those fucking bloodsuckers. The other part knew that a chick that ran with vampires didn't deserve avenging. She deserved what would surely come.

Chief Swan was worried sick…he was the only reason a small shred of me wanted to find her unharmed. He was a good man and a great father. His world was protecting the town of Forks and his daughter, and she thanked him by dating a vampire and lying to him. If I had a dad like Charlie…I almost choked up at the thought.

'But you don't. Just find the broad.' I phased and cleared my mind of everything but her scent, no point in bumming the guys out. They were well aware of my living situation but we didn't discuss it. The forest reeked of the girl, that leech, and tears. We all knew we wouldn't find a girl that simply lost track of time, we just didn't know her exact condition.

"But she isn't screaming so she couldn't be changing." Sam rang through our heads. There were only three of us, Sam, Nigel, and myself. None of the other boys had caught the "bug" yet and it was doubtful any of them would. See, to become like us new vamps need to come around, then the fever sets in. Sam changed a while back, about five years ago when the Cullen's came back into town. He was scared and alone…something he would never let us experience. Nigel and I changed this past year around late March. There were a few killings due to a nomad vampires apparently passing through. Sam had been there for us through it all…we owed him endless gratitude.

Not that I minded the change. It was hard to control at first but come on, what guy wouldn't want to be action packed with super powers? Anyone that complains clearly doesn't have big enough issues in their personal life. For me, it was a nice escape from home to be in this form. I could run free…as far as I wanted. Though I would always come home. I paused as her scent became very potent and I could hear distant whimpering.

"East." I thought and we took off running. Within the minute we had found her.

"That asshole left her here." Nigel thought harshly and Sam shook his head. We phased back and pulled on our cutoffs and t-shirts for show. Normally we wouldn't bother with the shirts but it would look odd if we left in shirts and came back shirtless. We dressed and Sam picked Bella up. She was curled into a ball on the ground beside a large fallen branch. She was seemingly unconscious but still crying and quietly whimpering. She looked crushed. It killed me to see a girl cry…but I couldn't get soft. She made her choice to step into this world; she must have known she would end up heartbroken, or worse. I shook my head to clear it…her state still bothered me even though I felt no sympathy for her. Sam looked to me.

"Paul, why don't you run ahead and tell them we found Bella before Charlie sends out state emergency calls." I smirked and nodded. We both knew he was doing it for my benefit, but it didn't need to be acknowledged. I ran for a minute, faster than most people but at a perfectly comfortable wolf speed before I reached the clearing where the Swan house was perfectly nestled. I feigned exhaustion and gestured to the forest where I knew Sam and Nigel were a few seconds behind.

"They've got her." I 'panted' and watched Charlie's face break into obvious relief. In that moment, I was relieved for him that she was alright. He didn't deserve to deal with the consequences of her actions. Sam came out of the woods holding Bella's still form and Charlie rushed over to take her. He struggled a bit under her weight, even though she couldn't be more than 100lbs, then again, Sam made it seem effortless.

"It's ok, I've got her. Thank you, Sam." With that, Charlie took Bella inside. I looked at Harry and Billy, who both looked disgusted. We walked over to them and Billy was shaking his head.

"The Cullen's skipped town. He just left her lost in the woods. There are a whole lot worse things out there than them. You'd think he'd know that." Billy spit out in a hushed voice.

"Or that he'd at least care enough about his girlfriend to get her home safely." Nigel bit. I had to agree it was awfully low of him, but I wasn't surprised. What would an immortal vampire want with an average human girl? Nothing pure if you ask me. Jacob came over looking lost.

"Dad…do we need to go? Maybe Charlie could use some help…" Poor kid. He was clearly smitten but he didn't have a clue what kind of situation he was walking into. This wouldn't be as simple as "time heals all wounds". She wouldn't easily step out of our world. Everything changes once you know what goes bump in the night.

"I'm sure Charlie wouldn't mind some company. Go put on some coffee for him, would you?" Billy replied and Jacob nodded, disappearing into the house. Sam was about to speak when we heard a blood-curdling scream from inside. We rushed in, Harry lagging behind with Billy, to find Bella tossing and screaming on the couch. Charlie tried to shake her awake and within seconds the screaming stopped. It was followed by Bella sitting up and looking around frantically.

"E-Ed-Edward?!" She stood up and began searching frantically for him, whimpering his name as if she didn't even see us.

"Edward?! …Edward?...E-Edward…" She sank to the floor and Nigel caught her. He sat on the floor hugging her to his chest while she cried. She was ridiculously small compared to his 6'2" 190lbs frame. She looked broken and fragile…like a used toy that had been thrown away. I have seen that state too many times…it made my stomach twist into knots. I glanced to Jacob who just looked hopeless and Charlie began pacing angrily as if he didn't know what to break first. I imagine he was starting in his mind with Cullen's jaw even though I knew that would do more damage to Charlie than Cullen. Sam picked Bella's crying form back up and placed her on the couch where she curled into a ball, hugging herself, and cried silently. Sam, Nigel, and I gracefully excused ourselves with a goodnight to everyone. Charlie shook all of our hands and thanked us profusely. Such a good man. As we were jogging back we phased.

"Man…she is so small and broken. I hope that asshole pays for this." Nigel snarled.

"At least he didn't harm her Nigel." Sam told him, trying to smooth it over.

"Who cares. Girl dated a vampire…got what she had coming. I'm taking a run." I bit and took off with a nod from Sam. I wasn't about to feel sorry for her when she was clearly delusional.

Charlie POV

All I wanted to find that kid and give him a piece of my mind. He left my daughter, MY little girl, a mess on the forest floor. I'd be damned if he thinks he is ever welcome here again. Billy, Jake, and I sat in the living room "watching" TV though none of us were really paying attention. We would small talk and watch Bella's now sleeping form. She had cried for about an hour to herself on the couch and fallen asleep about twenty minutes ago.

"Alright, I think it's time to address the elephant in the room. What are you thinking Charlie?" Billy asked and I was silent for a minute. I opened and closed my mouth a few times, knowing what I wanted to say would come out wrong. I sighed.

"I'm glad." They looked at me unsure of what I meant.

"Bella hasn't been herself since she met that guy. She let her whole world revolve around him like some kind of energy source. She'd rush through dinner…stopped hanging out with her friends. They'd get into arguments and he'd get all huffy and she'd just cave. You remember Bella, she is just as stubborn as I am…when does she give in? Now I'm not saying he was abusive…just…took away who she is. She doesn't even paint anymore." I halted my rant to look to them. "I know she is broken right now…but she will heal and move on. This will be good for her." We sat silently for a few minutes before Bella shifted and got up. She silently went upstairs and we heard her door close. I sighed and shook my head.

"It's just a matter of time."

I know it's short, but chapters will be on the shorter side until I have achieved the plot necessary to build the story up. I hope you all enjoy!

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