Love Beyond Loyalty

Written by Risuna-Phenix

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Chapter 1: A New Start A New life

I sat meditating in the corner of the bare femme commons room underneath the gladiator pits of Karon the place that had been my home since the death of my carrier when I was taken in by my aunt StarSaber the femme leader of the black market ring.

I listened to the chatter of the other gladiators their talk of the recent Autobot and decepticon news.

Though many of us here could understand megatron's reasons for starting this war most of us in the underground had come to the conclusion that he had gone about it the wrong way and this was no place for factions to be revealed. most had taken a purple optic color to represent their neutrality most here were deserters, refugees with nothing left just fighting to keep a roof over their heads.

Then, there were those like me, that chose to fight who purposefully put them selves in to the spot light to be recognized by some remnant member of their shattered past life to be reunited I kept thinking of my sparkling-hood friend who I had not seen since that night. Images flashed through my memory banks when I heard something that made my heart skip a beat and my wings twitch.

"Did you hear about that Autobot repair ship that disappeared?" a dark crimson cycle femme chattered excitedly with a board looking turquoise praxian femme"Their were five bots on it one of them was a Prime! Apparently he was put there for punishment for something but he was an iocon archivist before enlisting his name was something that started with an O, oh what was it!"she wined

But my processor was already raceing, Orion, could it really be you? I remembered several of the adventures that I had joined him in. including that circuit-brained scheme of breaking in to the Iacon archives to find out who my sire, who I barely remember, was I wondered if he took my suggestion and changed his name like I suggested all those orns ago for when he became a prime.

"Optimus Prime Best First, if your going to aim high give yourself a name that sets a standard" I had told him.

"Oh thats right his name was Optimus" the crimson femme giggled like a lunatic and my spark had stopped. He couldn't be gone, He just couldn't. I jumped up with several shouts after me heading to the surface. Not stopping until a voice spoke near the exit

"Just where do you think your going youngling" a gravely female voice spoke in a ragged drawl.

" Aunty I...,"she cuts me off before I finish

"One of those missing autobots is that friend of yours isn't he" the leith form of a violet seeker femme stepped from the shadows. The blue pin-striping on her thin wings interrupted by welds that danced across her entire form , worn battle scared arms crossed across spiderweb-cracked golden cockpit glass grey lips pursed in indifference while white optics pierced the remaining shadows.

"yes" I clinch my fists "Nothing can stop me, don't try"

"who, said anything about stoping you?" Her eyes sparked with a knowing glint as a smirk crept across her face

I give her a shocked look of gratitude but she continues " every seeker at one point in time must spread their wings and fly now is yours but not as you are now"

I became confused, she reached up and removed my purple visor revealing bright blue optics that I had hidden since to since coming here, then dug in to her subspace and pulled out a short staff then proceeded to bounce it once in her hand as if to test the balance as soon as it landed in her hand it extend to match her wing span , my wingspan. She tosses it to me barely catching it I awkwardly clutch it to my chest panels as it shrinks back to the size of my fist. "this is the staff of Prima the first femme, and a priest of Primus she was a seeker and a prime"

"What dose this have to do with me? There are hundreds of primes" I intrigued by the staff but was beginning to get annoyed the more time I spent here the longer before I got to Orion.

"There didn't use to be, only the Primus chosen leader could hold the title of prime, the beloved of Primus, chosen by the matrix of leadership forged by the hands of Primus himself before he merged with Cybertron's core, your sires dream was to find the next true prime. Unfortunately the civil war began and then you were sparked just before it's, 'end'.

Your father had risen through the ranks of the autobots; because of it your mother was targeted and off-lined. Your uncles, who to this day still act as a decepticon spies, intervened to save you, with her death the majority of the seekers abandoned the Autobot and decepticon cause along with many of the femmes."

"Why was that?" what did this have to do with me. I didn't even remember going to the temple at any point in my life.

"Your mother was a decedent of prima, a seeker like you, your father however was a grounder a good mech but a grounder none the less. Your mother's position made it quite the high profile bonding." She let out a low chuckle as if reminiscing about the past when it clicked in my head.

"My sire is..."

"Ultra Magness" she finished for me "just as your uncle is Starscream, who has been spying on the Decepticons since the beginning, is the Prince of Vois, I am leader of the Underground and your Mother was the High priestess of primus."

I had known about Uncle Star after all he was the one who brought me here after that night I knew Aunt Saber ran the Underground but the truth about my parents sent me off balance too many thoughts with to much data ran simultaneously in my head connections that should have been obvious made themselves known.

Sensing my distress my aunt reached out to help balance me .

"After your mother's death your father asked me to look out for and train you how to fight and show you the other side of life for those less fortunate, after all the position of high priestess is past down from mother to daughter, so that you would see what needed to be done, without the influences of the council. They already view seekers as less than them, you would have been mere a pawn in their games."

"You make them sound as bad as Decepticons" I joke half heartily

With a grave gaze she meets my optics "The Decepticons had to learn from some where, The high priestess doesn't just interpret primus's word she guards the matrix until the next prime appears and the all spark, if they controlled you they controlled both not to mention your father as well, even as a sparkling you had a big fat target practically screaming 'take me out.' And the council doesn't care about any thing but public opinion. how do you think that bot of yours ended up on that ship. Probably the only thing you father could do to salvage that guys career if not his life with the council's interference."

It's a pregnant pause. I don't know exactly know what to say to that, I would like to think that Ulta Mag- my father would have had more control over the situation because of his position.

My aunt let out a sigh "I've taught you everything I can at this point. Your a young femme with the ability to make decisions for yourself. Whatever decisions you make kick ass and take names and follow your spark. you'll always have a place to call home here. Now go find your bot and stay safe"

I throw my arms around her I don't know when I'll see her again I try to hand her back the staff but she refused "It belongs to the high priestess no go, Solaria before a patrol passes over head and your father trys to stop you"

I nod my head and take to the sky. Orion if that's you, wait for me like you promised, I'm coming.

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