Love Beyond Loyalty

Written by Risuna-Phenix

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers I am a poor student with no money what so ever. If I do ever end up owning Transformers in a dream, needless to say Do not wake me up!Until then it is property of Hasbro *Sigh*

AN: Welcome back here is something that many have been asking for Magnus's reaction. Here you go

Chapter 3: Magnus's Reaction


The prime known as Sentinel raced toward the council chamber in hopes of delivering a very important message to the Magnus.

He is soon admitted to the Magnus's side office off of the main council chamber

"sir, I just received word that a new high priestess has stepped forward the exact message I was given was:

A new high priestess from the line of prima, has taken command and though the Magnus may have given up on the hunter, the best first, the sun has not set for the hunter yet, it follows his back.'

The data pad in the Magnus's hand went crashing to the ground and he whispers "Primus she's chosen now to make her move? the sun is her the Magnus is me the sun follows the back of the hunter,the best first is, slag!"

"Sir, shouldn't the news of a new high priestess be good news? They don't make themselves known until they find their chosen sparkmate. and as the descendent of Prima has one of the oldest archived lines in existence"

"It's not when you alienate them by all but exiling their chosen intended, damn she just had to choose him," Ultra Magnus growls under his breath the only thing Sentinel hears however is "at least he's a good mech".

"Who, maybe I know him." Smirk's Sentinel already trying to figure out a way to weasel into the mech's good graces."

Magnus ground his jaw and thought "Oh you know him, he gave up his career in the Elite guard to save your sorry aft! Thank primus it's him my daughter chose and not you."

When the Magnus spoke how ever he sang a different tune "Perhaps you do how ever that is of no concern at the moment. What is your concern is finding this femme, my daughter." Upon seeing the same seeker from earlier Sentinel short circuited much to the surprise of and joy of the Magnus.