A ship set anchor and a certain white haired captain strolled off the ship. He wanted a go at the gathering tonight. His white hair was slightly hidden under a black, gold trimmed hat that had a white feather on top. He wore a long blue vest over a dirty, white, baggy armed shirt. His pants were a dark brown and the boots he wore a scuffed up black. His blue eyes scanned the area with an amused smirk on his face. He found an upper class house that appeared to be having a party. His grin increased as he spotted his target and made his way up the roof into a top window.

A blonde mistress eased her way towards the stairs, staying close to the wall. Her green eyes darted to the place where her curly haired mother stood entertaining guests. She smiled seeing she was distracted and then looked over at her brunette fiancé that had a goatee on his chin. Seeing him turning up his charm to the women in front of him caused her to roll her eyes. The girl picked up her long, purple, flowery dress and made her way up the stairs quickly. She turned down the hall and made a hasty retreat to her room. The female closed her door and leaned against it with a sigh. Upon opening her eyes, she gasped upon seeing a white haired male, rummaging among her belongings with a bag in tote.

Ice blue eyes fell on her and the owner of those orbs quickly covered her mouth with his cold hand. He wrapped a strong arm around her tiny waist and held her close to him, a smirk dancing across his lips. "Now, m'lady," his voice mocked her, "Don't make a fuss and all with be fine. Even pirates got to eat, no?"

A knock came to the door behind them and a soft voice from a maid servant called from the other side, "M'lady Rapunzel, are you okay? Lady Gothel wishes you'd come back to join her Sir Flynn..."

A frown came to his lips as he smoothing breathed into her ear, "Send her away, Rapunzel, and nothing bad will happen." The blonde couldn't suppress the shiver that went down her spine at the way he said her name. A blush came to her freckled cheeks as she saw him smirk and slowly remove his hand, but keeping her close. Rapunzel called, "It's alright, Elizabeth. I'll be down momentarily. I just needed a breather." Her voice must have been reassuring because the maid simply said yes and went on her way.

A soft chuckle came from the pirate, "You're quite a little actress, aren't you?" He slowly removed his arm from her waist and went on rummaging through the drawers. "Mmm, I'd let you go back to your party but I'd fear you'd rat me out, so just sit tight, missy." Her wide, innocent green eyes watched him with a spark of delight. Her mind started wondering about all the adventures he must have gone on and how wonderful it must be. The thief closed everything he opened as he put the bag over his shoulder. He made two strides over to her and smirked at her awed face. His cold fingers lifted her chin before he snatched her plump, warm lips with his own. He gave another sparkling smirk as he went to the window and hopped onto the sill, his white bangs moving from the sudden air when he opened the tiny, glass doors of the window.

Rapunzel suddenly dashed to him, holding out her arms slightly to reach him, calling out, "Wait!" His eyes narrowed at her outburst as he turned to hiss at her, "Do you want me dead." The long haired girl shrunk back as she bit her lip, "...Take me with you." She looked up with pleading eyes. He laughed softly, "Are you kidding me? My life is nothing for the likes of you, princess." He snorted a bit.

She pressed her lips together until a slight smirk came to her lips, "You have to think, a servant up here more than likely heard my cry. They will be running up here soon." A scowl came to the sailor's face as he looked at her with narrowed eyes, "Why do you want to come? And you can't possibly run to my ship in that." The mistress's eyes filled with delight as she explained herself, "I've dreamt of an adventure all my life...a real one, not one of marrying the best courter and birthing out kids." She let out a soft sigh as she finished her explanation. She then peered at him from behind the slight strands of blonde that fell into her face, "Would you at least tell me your name?"

"Jack. Captain Jack," he said, a smirk came to the pirate's lips as he set the bag on the windowsill before gripping the front of her dress and ripping it open to expose her undergarments. She gasped in surprise and as fresh air was able to rush into her now expanded lungs before she blushed deeply, "What are you-" She was quickly cut off by the captain, "I told you, you couldn't keep up in that dress. Those undergarments will do just fine." He lifted his bag back over his shoulder and smirked, "Take off the dress, Rapunzel."

The mistress blushed more at that statement but quickly got out of her dress as they heard a banging on her door. She looked worriedly at it before gasping as Jack wrapped on arm around her waist and lifted her a bit. "Wrap your arms around my neck," he instructed. She did as she was told and looked at him, "What are we doing Jack-!" her question turned into a yell as he jumped out of the window onto the roof and made his was down with her in tote. The blonde gripped the captain tightly as she hid her face into his neck. As they reached the ground, there was shouting coming from the window. Rapunzel looked up at the window until her attention was turned to the pirate as he grabbed her creamy had with his free one. He smirked as he said one word, "Run."

And just like that, the blonde haired mistress that was supposed to have this perfect life and marrying the best general in Corona, had ran away with a white haired, blue eyed, pirate.

Sooo this idea came to mind because of the song, I'm a Pirate, You're a Princess by PlayRadioPlay. It also got even more fueled by freaking Pirates of the Caribbean hence why you can see some similarities like the general though I don't think that's what the dude was that Elizabeth was suppose to marry...I don't remember now xD

This is mainly Jackunzel, but don't worry, they'll be Merricup :3

Also, the 'Run' scene totally reminds me of the Doctor and pretty much every companion...oh Doctor Who -w-