Hi Andrew, Monica, Tess and everyone and everything else associated with Touched by An Angel does not belong to me and I make no profit from them. I have just entered their world for a little while. I have also borrowed my title from Bruce Springsteen for now as I think it fits my story. But I will try to come up with something more original. So it may change. Finally I do not have a beta reader, so I apologise in advance and hope you can forgive me any mistakes.

I hope you enjoy my story! :)

Dancing In The Dark

Chapter 1 – Devil's Deception

Fingertips caressed the ragged edge of the brickwork. He gently, slowly pulled himself forward and tilted his head just enough to peer round the side of the alleyway. There she was. He had studied her for months. Knew everywhere she had been, everything she had done. He knew her inside out. Knew what made her happy, made her sad, hurt her, angered her, excited her, he knew everything. He had a built up a detailed picture of her and would need everything he had to accomplish his mission. He'd heard all the stories, knew what she was capable of; every one he knew wanted to be the chosen one. But it was going to be him. He was going to destroy her.

She felt the cold air reach its icy fingers around her neck and the sharp breeze nip her face. She pulled the collar of her coat up trying to find shelter from the attack on her skin; hunched her shoulders, put her head down and drove forward. The thought of her friends waiting in a nice, warm coffee shop with a steaming hot Mocha Latte already ordered for her made her already pleasant mood soar even higher. She had just finished what had proved to be a difficult assignment and it had ended far better than she had believed it would just a few short weeks ago. Then it had seemed hopeless. But after a lot of talking and even more tears her assignment had taken the first step towards the father and he had taken her the rest of the way. The young lady in question was now beginning a new, richer, happier chapter in her life and Monica was absolutely delighted. Despite the chill in the air, the lateness of the hour and the bleakness of the night Monica continued on with the most beautiful smile gracing her lips and it held more warmth than any living thing for miles around.

With every step she takes closer to him, his excitement grows. His fingers begin to twitch impatiently and his breathing deepens. He hears her footsteps for the first time and withdraws back into the shadows. She is close enough now that he can track her by sound alone. As he did so he allowed his thoughts to drift a little, allowed himself to feel a little of the glory that awaited him. It was finally here. The moment that was going to make him the most celebrated of his kind to have terrorised the earth in many a century. He slipped into the mask that would play such a pivotal role in his plan, adjusted his stance slightly to better suit the change in height and build he had so easily imitated and hearing her finally approach him put his evil plan in to action.

She continued on, propelled forward by the thought of the friendship, laughter and coffee that awaited her, unaware of the danger that was about to assault her. Already there with Andrew and Tess in spirit and already tasting the first cup of Mocha Latte on her lips she failed to notice the slight movement in the shadows and was abruptly pulled from her daydream by a mixture of dizziness and fear as she felt herself wrenched sideways into pitch darkness, pushed forcefully against a hard, immovable surface and her arms pinned against her body. In just a few short seconds she had gone from dreamy contentment to unadulterated fear. So quickly was she rendered helpless, she was still struggling to make sense of what was happening to her when she felt the first bolt of pain streak across her skin. Not even having the time to scream or use her god given talent for speaking the truth to try and diffuse the attack before it really started, she realised to her horror that her jaw had taken the impact of the blow to her face and unable to move it as the pain was so great she really was now at the mercy of whoever it was that wanted her to suffer so badly. For a few seconds this horrific realisation had deflected her attention from the myriad of blows that had rained down on her, but now feeling a particularly savage blow to her stomach rapidly followed by another to her lower back as she bent double in pain from the first, awareness flooded back to her and the cruel and horrific beating she had taken became all too clear as every part of her body seemed to erupt at the exact same moment. Pain raged through every muscle at the slightest twitch.

Sagging down to the cold, damp, dirty floor she called on every bit of inner strength she possessed and forced herself to look up, determined to see her attacker, determined to see the face of the person who had done this to her. Even if just for one fleeting moment, she had to see. Her eyes flickered skywards. Before her stood a man, fair skinned, medium build, she guessed in his thirties perhaps, she drank in as much detail as she could. His clothes somehow seemed familiar but in the haze of pain and drowsiness that engulfed her she couldn't quite understand why. All the time she had been subjected to the horrific assault her assailant had remained absolutely silent. Now she heard a deep, throaty laugh and the whisper of a single question that would haunt her in her darkest moments in the weeks and months ahead 'Where was the father?' Her tormentor turned slowly and slightly, his face revealed in the dim rays of the street lights passing by the alleyway and what she saw took Monica's breath away. Every nightmare she had ever known tumbled around her mind. Fear, shock, Terror every negative emotion there was took hold of her, her body paralysed by her inability to imagine the unimaginable, believe what could not possibly be true, accept what her eyes told her to be real….Andrew.