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Raven Mikaelson

"You know the battle will happen soon, it's inevitable…" she said gently and rubbed her friend's shoulder encouragingly.

"I know…" was his simple answer, voice strained with the months of worry, pretence and decision making.

"This is your final chance to choose. I know we have only been friends shortly, but I do believe you deserve a second chance…"

He snickered. "You called me a foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach in our third year, Granger. I still don't get why you tolerate me now." he looked at the muggle-born. Truth be told, she was pretty to a degree, and definitely smarter than a lot of purebloods. Why should he hate her? Why force it when he could understand her instead? How far the mighty fall…

She put a stray lock of silvery hair behind his ear. "You know very well why, Draco. You may be a Slytherin but even Harry said this path was chosen for you if you wished to remain alive, and your family somewhat safe. Now, don't tell me you are truly evil..." she teased.

His lips quirked into a crooked little smile. "No, not really….I just want this to be over. I want him dead…" he gulped slightly. "I love my mother but she been openly supporting him for the past few months, I fear father has changed her mind to become a true follower." He shuddered slightly. "I don't want to lose them but I know I already have…" he whispered. "Don't get me wrong, I would spy for you again if I have to. But I just wish for this to be over already."

Hermione pulled him to her side. "It will be alright, as long as you get out of the battle alive, and choose the right side. We will defeat him, it cannot be any other way. And if not in this battle, then we will work to break him from the inside afterwards. Just…choose wisely. You are one of us now, Draco..." she encouraged softly.

"Harry Potter is dead!" Voldemort grinned victoriously as their armies stood across from each other. The first wave of attacks was brutal and they have lost many, but the light side stood firm against one of the most evil men in history.

His army of wizards, werewolves , trolls, dementors, and even giants stood firm across the field as the dead body of Harry Potter was dropped to the ground.

Hermione gasped slightly and took Ron's hand. It could not be, not Harry. After all he had sacrificed… She felt a tear run down her cheek but stood her ground firmly, wand raised and poised for any coming attack.

Some students and teachers were lost in the first wave of battle, and while their numbers may be smaller, they were prepared to battle until they met their end or won. There were no aurors in sight to help them, the ministry completely abandoning the cause, so they called for reinforcements of their own.

Remus led several packs of werewolves that refused to join the dark side, and Charlie Weasley watched the battle from the back of a Hungarian Horntail. He could feel the strong creature vibrating with energy, ready for the kill it was not allowed at the reserve. He looked over at the Chinese fireball, smoke escaping his wide nostrils as it rested upon on the castle's towers and waited for orders. They had one goal as far as strategy went. Take out the giants and the trolls as swiftly as possible to allow for a more even on-foot battle.

"This is your last chance to join me, if you do not wish to die. Step forward if you choose to do so!" goaded the Dark Lord as he looked over the masses. "Ah Draco, I see you survived. Come, join your rightful side away from the traitors of the Wizarding world!" he called to the blond.

Draco stood still for a moment, his eyes trained on his mother and father who were calling to him with their cool eyes, their heir to join them in pursuit of family reunion and position keeping. He tried to find an ounce of love, of hesitation for their beliefs in their gaze. Yet he found none and so his final decision was made. He started walking yet instead of joining the Dark Lord, he stopped in the front line and took Hermione's hand, raising his wand at the psychopath instead.

The Death Eaters hushed at the defiant display and the smile had gone from the Dark Lord's smile, only to be replaced by a look of rage. "You dare defy me and your family as a Malfoy. Have it your way, your parents shall pay the price. Let the dementors loose!" he commanded and the hooded figures immediately headed for Lucius and Narcissa.

"NOOO!" shouted Draco and took a step forward, firmly planting his feet in a crouch as he shouted "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

A large silver dragon burst from the tip of his wand and headed straight for the foul creatures, driving them all away with strong wings and cry of rage. The dementors fled the battle after such a display, never to return to the dark lord's side. He noticed his parents' surprise yet it was quickly replaced by the glint of disappointment and betrayal. He might have saved their souls but it was only because of him that they stood under attack. He was as of now a traitor to the family.

A sudden roar pierced the stunned silence that followed Draco's patronus as the Chinese Fireball swooped down from the tower and flew towards the crowd. Charlie attempted to give it orders yet he failed to command it in time, as shocked cries erupted within the mass of light side warriors. It was clear the dragon was heading for them and not the Dark Lord, for what reason they did not know as they tried to cover. The majestic scarlet dragon swooped down and with a cry of surprise Draco Malfoy was caught in its talons and lifted through the air back towards the tower. He was starting to fear for his life when the dragon suddenly settled on the tower and lifted its clawed arm up towards its back. He saw a saddle there and on instinct climber up from its grip into the piece of leather strapped to the majestic creature. He took the reigns firmly as to not topple over and caressed the smooth scales of the dragon's neck, trying to see if this was the creature's intent. The dragon turned slightly to look at its back and huffed gently, a little bit of smoke leaving its nostrils in satisfaction.

Draco nodded to the intelligent dragon and looked over at the other tower where the Horntail huffed softly as well. His eyes met the ones of the Romanian Dragon Handler and he nodded to him, letting him know he would follow lead. If this was how he was to fight in the battle, then so be it.

Charlie was stunned at the display. He had never seen a dragon choose someone to ride them for a purpose. Even though he had to admit the blond's patronus was breathtaking. He knew the young man was a Malfoy by the hair, even though they have never met. As he was sure the blond knew he was a Weasley. But this was a battle and if the dragon has chosen a rider, he would make use of the new force. He signalled with his hand their plan to aim for the giants and trolls, hoping the blond would understand the signals. Draco looked over the field for a moment before turning back to Charlie and nodding his head in understanding.

They watched from above as suddenly Harry sprang to his feet and attacked Voldemort, the second wave of battle beginning shortly afterwards. The two seas of light and dark forces clashed, bodies falling everywhere, bright beams of light from wand tips flying across the field. Charlie and Draco pulled on the reigns and directed their dragons towards the mighty giants, attacking with fire, sharp talons that gauged eyes from sockets and strong jaws that tore meat from bones. One after another the giants fell, all five of them, before the dragon riders focused their creatures on the trolls that seemed to be breaking bones with their clubs. Compared to giants, the trolls posed little problem to the dragons as they disposed of them pretty swiftly. Their destructive fire rained upon the dark side, occasionally penetrating a shield and ridding the masses on foot from another attack upon their light force.

Suddenly all stopped, Voldemort's and Harry's wands locked in a battle of two spells, as the beams shone brightly upon them all. Charlie guided his horntail closer to Draco's position as they settled down a moment upon the castle walls. A shuddering breath of relief left Draco as he watched the Dark Lord disintegrate, yet his joy was short lived. A searing pain caused him to cry out with distress and he toppled off the Fireball, clutching his forearm to his chest. Charlie did not hesitate upon hearing the cry and swooped down with his Horntail, barely managing to catch the blond by his collar and stop his fall as they rose up to heavens. He grunted softly, flexing his muscles tight until he managed to pulled the blond upon the seat directly in front of him and held him close as he navigated the majestic creature carrying them down to the ground.

Draco was in agony, whimpering softly as he was held against a wide firm chest in a strong hold. "Make it stop…" he whispered hoarsely, his nails scratching at the moving dark mark upon his forearm. "Please make it stop…"

Charlie held him tighter as they finally descended upon ground. "Calm down, we're down. I will get you to the mediwitch." He said and picked up the blond on instinct, carrying him swiftly into the infirmary as the crowds around them rejoiced from a battle won. He deposited the blond upon one of the beds as his old head of house walked over swiftly.

"I think it's his dark mark, it seems to have started burning after Voldemort fell." He explained hastily, pulling Draco's bloodied nails from the scratched skin to show her his forearm.

Minerva started waving her wand. "Thank you Mr Weasley, you may go now." she said as she gave the blond some potions.

Charlie nodded and turned on his heel. He had dragons to return to Romania after seeing his family.


It was another week before Charlie returned back to the country. The Wizarding World of Britain was on its way to repair, the last of Death Eaters were being captured and trials were dealt out swiftly as Kingsley was made Minister of magic the day after the battle.

He was glad to know that his family remained mostly intact, apart from Percy who fell at the ministry when the Dark Lord took over. His mother sent him a few letters to let him know of everything that was happening and invited him to stay at the Burrow to be with his family for the time being.

Charlie felt conflicted. While the reserve provided them help during the battle, he only received a week's leave to settle his last affairs in Britain before returning to Romania to continue his work. He wished to spend time with his family and celebrate their safety once more, yet he could not leave his job to do so. Being a Dragon Handler was in his blood, he knew nothing else and he did not wish to leave his home in Romania for too long. And so he agreed to spend the week in his previous home and cherish each moment with his family before his life settled back to its usual tracks.

It was just before dinner time in England when the international portkey dropped him outside the house's wards. He swiftly collected his duffel bag and threw it over his shoulder, making his way through the blooming garden. It was still early May yet the sun was gaining heat and the orchard smelled of cherry and honeysuckle, the sweet scent he came to associate with the Burrow.

"Charlie!" he smiled and turned around to be tackled by his only sister. He chuckled and dropped the bag only to pick her up and spin her around, happy to hear her content giggles.

"Hello little sis, glad to see I have you to welcome me home." He smiled and pressed a kiss to her cheek. He was the one helping mum with the twins, Ron and Ginny when they were born, as Bill had already left to pursue a career and he had stayed at home for two more years after finishing Hogwarts.

"I'm so glad you're back, mum was ecstatic that you got at least a weekend's leave." she grinned. "It will be a bit of a squeeze but apparently we will be getting some money to renovate! Can you imagine that?!" she smiled and took his hand, leading him towards the back door.

Charlie smiled kindly at his little sister. While she was no longer little by any means, having bloomed into quite a beauty over the years, he would always view her as his little sister and was glad to know Harry would be taking good care of her.

"What do you mean a tight squeeze?" he asked, her words only now registering with him. "Is mum housing the whole order again?" he chuckled.

Ginny rolled her eyes at his cheek. "No, silly. Harry, Hermione and Draco are staying with us for now. Mum would not let them stay anywhere else since they have nowhere to go really. But it's all good, at least we can all rest after the craziness of the past month." she grinned.

Charlie contemplated her words as they stepped into the kitchen, only to be brought back from his thoughts by his mother's rib cracking embrace. Thank Merlin she was too short to hug him around the neck.

"Hi mom." He chuckled and gently rubbed her back as she attempted to squeeze the life out of him.

Molly sniffed slightly. "Welcome back, Charlie dear. Come, dinner will be ready shortly. Why don't you go put your things down and freshen up?" she patted his cheek and bounded over to the army of pots and pans.

Charlie picked up his bag again and after greeting his family and the Gryffindor princess, heading upstairs to his old room. He opened the door but stopped in his tracks as he noticed a blond young man sitting upon various cushions on his window seat with a book in hands. A moment later he was pierced with light grey gaze full of surprise at the intrusion.

"Charlie, is it?" asked the blond as he elegantly turned in his seat and stood up, walking to the man.

"Draco." He replied in kind and shook the blond's hand. He knew almost nothing of the young man, apart from a few tales about 'the ferret' from the times when the golden trio and the Malfoy heir were still on opposite sides of the war. "May I ask what you are doing in my room?" he inquired conversationally as he put his duffel bag down.

"Oh. I didn't know it was your room." said the slytherin simply. "All the other rooms were taken so Mrs Weasley directed me to stay here. She did not mention you would be coming back." He said nonchalantly, yet his eyes were cautious.

Charlie shrugged and stretched his tired muscles. "I don't mind sharing if you do. I'm used to it."

Draco looked at him with surprise, and then his calculative gaze fell upon the small room and the small bed. There was hardly space for another in the narrow bedroom, especially when he considered the size of the dragon handler. He was one of the shorted Weasley men as far as Draco could judge but was wide enough for two. Thick, hard muscles covered his arms and wide chest, one he could remember cradling him though his pain only a week ago at the end of the battle. His nails unconsciously scratched his forearm where the dark mark used to be tattooed in as he took in the man in front of him. His hair was longish and a bit of a wild mess, and a dark smudge, most likely from work graced his neck. The light blue Levis were torn in places and did nothing to hide his thick, powerful thighs and calves, and a piece on sun-kissed skin covered in burns was revealed upon his belly as he stretched and his t-shirt rode up.

"And how are we supposed to fit into the room?" he drawled, turning his back on the man to bookmark his page.

Charlie looked around. "Don't tell me you are squeamish about personal space." He grinned roguishly.

Draco turned and raised a perfectly even eyebrow at the redhead. "I have learnt not to be around your family. It appears you do not know the meaning of the concept." He said, yet there was no real distaste in his tone or eyes. "I am not however accustomed to sharing a bed with a man I barely know." He said.

Charlie shrugged. "We can enlarge the bed as far as it will go in the evening. It will have to do. Or would you have me on the floor?" he rolled his eyes, yet a grin did not slip from his features.

Draco merely shrugged. "Whatever, I shall go help Mrs Weasley with dinner." He said and left the room, giving Charlie space to shower and change after a long gruelling day of work.

He took a quick shower and pulled his better jeans, meaning they only had one or two tears, his heavy boots and a black t-shirt with a three quarter sleeve to cover his tattoos so he wouldn't have to use a glamour around his mother. He smiled to himself and roughly dried his hair before heading downstairs. This should be interesting, he thought to himself as he bounded down the stairs.