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Draco entered the holding room, Charlie not far behind him as they stood in front of the ex-Death Eater. Draco sat down and with a neautral expression unrolled the freshly signed parchment in his hands for Avery to see. "As agreed, the Wizengamot has granted you a promise to not give you the dementor's kiss. Under one condition however." he said, watchign the man's expression stiffen slightly in appreheansion. "You will give us the name of your contact or accomplice here at the reserve under veritaserum to ensure the validity of the information. Do you agree to the set terms?" he asked, feeling the redhead's silent presence behind him.

Avery contemplated a moment after reading the rest fo the parchment and nodded. "I agree to your terms." he said, letting the blond administer the truth serum.

Once his gaze went blank, Draco asked a question that determined you a Deather Eater or a mere spy. Depending on Avery's answer, the serum was either working fully or only partially. "Do you faithfully serve the Dark Lord?" he asked in a clear, neutral tone.

Avery's eyes remained blank and tone sounded slightly dreamy as he asnwered. "The Dark Lord may be dead but I serve him until death takes me n his name."

Draco nodded. "It's working as it should." he said without turningaround, already feeling Charlie leaning against the back of his chair with his hips, looking at the dark man over the blond's head. "How long have you been taking dragon commodities from this reserve with the aid of your accomplice?" he asked clearly, his tone firm, making Draco shudder slightly.

Avery had no choice but to answer. "The past 17 months, one dragon each 4 weeks to replenish supplies for the market." he said dispassionately.

Charlie growled slightly in fury at the audacity of the man, but he felt Draco's hand reach around the back of his seat to squeeze his in a soothing gesture. Charlie clenched his jaw a moment to calm down before asking one more question. "Who is your accomplice here at the reserve?" his voice shaking slightly with pent up rage still.

Draco waited with bated breath, having a feeling he knew the name, but did not want to say so aloud in front of Charlie in case he was mistaken.

"Jade Sommers." Avery spoke clearly, his words ramming a chest into Charlie's heart. No, it was not possible...

"You lie.." he hissed, but Draco had already administered the antidote and pulled the redheat out of the room.

The director of the reserve was already waiting for them with a somber expression. "Did you close the deal and get the name?" he asked.

Draco nodded, answering instead of the still stunned and most likely silently fuming redhead. "It's Jade. Sommers." he said evenly.

The balding man in front of them looked stunned a moment before contemplating the turn of event. "I admit, I did not expect her to be the one.. Jade has been with us for a few years now and always behaved in such a comely manner.." he said disbelievingly.

"There must be some sort of a mistake. Not Jade, it can't be her, I refuse to believe that." Charlie found his voice again, but the blond could detect a change in his tone. It was no longer the voice of the man who was blinded by fury. It sounded hurt, and that was much more difficult to provide comfort for.

Draco exchanged a look with the man across from him and received a nod, knowing Avery would be guarded before being handed to the Aurors. He took Charlie outside for some fresh air before leading him into the privacy of their cottage, sitting him down at the table and putting the kettle on.

"How could I have been so wrong? Am I such a bad judge of character? Is there even a reason to trust someone these days?" Charlie's question were softly spoken and his eyes unfocused with the internal struggle he felt.

Draco stepped closed and gently cupper the man's cheeks to pull his face up and waited for the beautiful eyes to focus on him a little bit at least. "You could not have known. We all at one point in our lives trust someone who breaks our hopes in other people. But you cannot think this way. You trust me, even though I am a Malfoy, don't you?" he asked, smiling softly, trying to lift the man's spirits.

Charlie just watched the blond a moment, looking at that gentle smile and warm eyes.. and something inside him just snapped. His arm shot up to curl at the back of the blond's neck and pulled him down into a kiss full of muddled emotions, and the remains of his trust in hope that the blond would not reject him. Would the blond prove that he could trust him still?

Draco was momentarily thrown off balance by the sudden kiss, returning it after a few seconds when his mind caught up. Perhaps it was not the best of timings as Charlie was clearly distressed, but it seemed the dam was opened and could not be sealed anymore. With a soft hum he returned the kiss, giving as good as he got as their tongues coiled and battled. He pressed closer to the redhead and soon found himself straddling the man's lap, the strong hands upon his hips making his cock twitch with anticipation. It had been quite some time since he had a lover, and his pent up attraction for the redhead was making him greedy for any and all touch.

Charlie knew that if he were in a better state of mind, he would rejoice at the blond accepting his touch so readily, and take his time. But it seemed today was not about gentle explorations. It was a clashing of two bodies whose souls were already intertwined after the short weeks spent together. He felt Draco grind into his swiftly rising cock and groaned softly into their kiss, fumbling for his wand.

Draco beat him to it however and swiftly vanished their clothing with a flick of his wrist. They both groaned at the full on skin contact, their hard lengths rubbing together smoothly, aided by the glistening precum.

"I want you.." Charlie whispered against the blond's rosy lip, nibbling at it before soothing the small hurt from his teeth with his tongue.

Draco whimpered softly at the word, the greedy hands running over his back and hips making him want more. Was this right? Perhaps not. But he needed, nay, he wanted to show the redhead that he could trust him. That even if their relationship changed, he would still be here with him. "Then have me..." he whispered his reply, his hips pressing further into Charlie's, making them both groan from pleasure.

Charlie picked the blond up and carried him into the living room, making sure the door to their bedroom was closed and silenced, so little Callie would neither hear them, nor disturb them. The fire was cracking merrily in the fireplace as the Welsh summer at the reserve was quite cold, and he slowly laid his soon to be lover upon the furs in front of it.

Draco pulled him into another deep kiss, his hand rubbing Charlie's lightly stubbled cheek, enjoying the contrast with his own smooth skin. To feel the firm weight of the other man hovering over him, and pressing lightly into his chest was heavenly. It has been so long since he felt this way, and for it to be the redhead who was about to claim him was pure joy. His thighs parted and accepted the taunt hips into their craddle, rubbing his smooth calf over the thin hair covering the redhead's thighs, his skin sensitive to the gentle tickling sensation. It felt so good to be held like this, in Charlie's strong arms, just as he dreamt many a night.

Charlie held the smaller man close, humming in pleasure as his hand caressed the slim thigh wounding around his hip. He has held Draco every night for the past weeks, yet it did not compare to the intimacy that was creeping into their hurried explorations even now. He summoned the blond's argan oil from the bathroom and slicked his fingers, intent on preparing Draco traditionally. He detested the cold, dispassionate charms and cold lubrication, instead prefering the simple joy of building his lover's pleasure by an intimate touch.

Draco spread his thighs a little bit wider in anticipation, his eyes the colour of stormy skies, darkened by passion as he looking at the redhead trustingly. He knew Charlie would never hurt him, but they were both quite impatient and hoped he would prepared well for the length pressing currently into his hip. Charlie was by no means small and he had been celibate too long. His thoughts were disrupted when warm oil was rubbed into his quiverring rosette before a slick finger pressed inside. He gasped, taken by surprise by the lack of a burning sensation, even through the tight feeling around the intrusion.

Charlie pressed his forehead against the blond's breastbone. The tight heat around his finger was maddening and he was seriously reconsidering his traditional ways. All he wanted to do when he felt the silken walls massaging his finger, was trusting home and not thinking of England in the least. But he pressed a little further until the third knuckle and rubbed the walls sensually, making the blond in his arms shudder. Nails were digging passionately into his shoulders, leaving half moon little dents in the freckled skin.

Once the tightness loosened, he added another finger, this time crooking both of the digits in search of that elusive spot that would make the blond arch into his arms with pleasure. And it appeared he had found it as Draco meowled softly, his back arching slightly and he pressed further on the intrusion, needing more of that delicious feeling. Charlie licked and nibbled at the length of the blond's neck, thrusting both his fingers a little deeper, a little harder, rubbing over the spot again and again, until the thighs around him quivered, his shoulders were covered in little nail dents, and Draco scrambled for purchase.

The tension was becoming too much of a strain for them both and Charlie pulled his fingers out to slick his own length, wanting to finally join them. Draco hissed at the loss and sat up halfway, pulling the redhead into another deep kiss, not wanting to be completely separated from him even for a moment. In their current position, Charlie sat back on his heels and pulled the blond up over his lap, slowly lowring his hips and pressing inside the breath-taking heat and tightness.

Draco bit into his shoulder in slight distress at being stretched so much and Charlie paused, his strong arms holding the hips partially on his length, preventing them from sliding further down with some effort. Once he felt the blond relaxing again, he slid all the way and they were finally one. He held Draco close to his chest, the slim thighs wrapped tightly around his hips and ankles pressed against his lower back. He looked into the blond's half lidded eyes and kissed him, this time only gently in simple affection. Now that they were joined, their completion was not far and they paused a moment to relish the closeness, both of body and minds.

Draco shifted slightly, his cheeks tightening around the cock pressed into his depth and returned the gentle kiss, nibbling on Charlie's bottom lip before licking it with his eager tongue. That was all it took for Charlie to tighen his hold upon the blond's cheeks and back, supporting his weight as he slid the boy upon his length at the same time as his own hips thrust upwards.

It was not long before Draco was raching his end with Charlie giving him all his body and heart desired, the redhead not far behind. "Look at me..." he whispered, cupping Charlie's cheeks, wanting to see the man as they kissed once more and he cried his pleasure into their joined lips. Charlie could not take the tightness anymore and filler the quiverring channel with his own release, holding the blond close to his chest as they slowly tried to catch their breath.

Charlie laid them down after gently separating them, and let the languid blond rest on his chest as they let their bodies cool slowly, illuminated by the flickering light from the fire.

"Thank you..." the blond whispered, his long fingers gently caressing the redhead's chest. When he noticed the man's quizzical look, he just smiled and elaborated softly. "For trusting me.."

Charlie shook his head and smiled, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "No, I thank you for keeping my trust." he replied.

Their moment, as often times, was interrupted by none other than little Callie who had managed to break out her way from the bedroom, tackling their intertwined forms. Her human and her mate were all slippery unlike usual! And their scales were too soft. She took a closer whiff of them and trilled happily. They have fully mated, she could smell her human's mark on his mate. She licked both their jaws before curling up happily right in front of the fire, making them chuckle at their affectionate little girl...


Four months have gone by and Charlie stood by the living room glass wall, sipping his whiskey hot chocolate. He had built the extention to the space but a week after designing it, and both Callie and Draco adored it. The blond had picked many soft and and colourful cushion and beanbags, hoping to bring their little girl some more comfort, and have their own space to relax in as well.

The weather has grown quite cold and unpleasant, but they kept a steady temperature for the dragons around the caves. He listened to the raindrops hit the glass and smiled when Callie snored gently. She had growned much, not even Charlie could lift her up now. She was at tall as Draco already and she would continue to grow fast, soon becoming old enough to become a woman instead of their little girl, and have her own little dragons. The notion made him slightly nostalgic, but they would always remain here if she wanted to come round for a at least a ltitle nuzzle. Pale arms wrapped around his waist and he smiled, opening his own arms to let the blond step around and curl into his chest.

"Can't sleep?" Draco asked softly, not wanting to wake up Callie.

Charlie pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Not tonight. The rain is too loud and it calls to me." he smiled.

Draconuzzled his neck, his arms tightening around the redhead. "Well, if you can't sleep, I could always tire you out.." he suggested with a wink.

Charlie chuckled and finished his cup, kissing the blond to share some of the chocolate taste, feeling him hum into their kiss.

The past months have been more than he could ever ask for. After the innitial pain of loosing Jade as a friend, he learnt to trust again in his team and they worked hard to keep the dragons at the reserve happy. Draco decided to invest his own money into the hatchery and made a charity donation, with which they were able to build a comopeltely new one. It was now the blond's home, Sebastian looking after the humans and Draco tending to the dragons. They were happy, now openly in love, and most importantly, they have found their home. In each other, in this little cottage at a Welsh reserve. He could not be more content with his life.

"Come, let's see if you can put me to sleep then." he grinned and bent down, pulling thebloind over his shoulder and carrying him into the bedroom much to the blond's chagrin, which he expressed with a hearty dose of hissing...


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