Reborn had ordered everyone to sit in a circle and passed each person a slip of paper earlier, telling them to draw something on it. You'd drawn the lizard on his hat, unable to think of anything on short notice, and given it to him last. Unfortunately, because you had been slow to draw, you would -ironically- now be the first to draw one out of the hat. When you pull out a paper and unfold it, what do you see?

-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

... I don't even KNOW what it is!

-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

"Well?" Hibari demanded quietly, his tonfa shining in the light. He'd had just about enough of your speechlessness, obviously, but you could help but flounder for something to say. What was the drawing even supposed to be?! Looking down at the scribble, your mouth opened and closed wordlessly until the cool edge of one weapon touched your cheek. "Spit it out, herbivore,"

"What is it?" Asked Mukuro, gentler than most as he scooted in beside you, and you gratefully gave up the slip to the illusionist. Leaning back on the heels of your small hands, you drew back from the tonfa and prayed that Hibari's attention would deflect onto his rival and or least favourite person. "Kufufu~..."

"What are you laughing at," Hibari sneered, glaring down his nose at the navy-haired ex-con intently. He seemed to have completely forgotten you existed for the moment -which was definitely good if he had his tonfa out- and was focused on Mukuro. "herbivore." He spat it so venomously that even Mukuro glanced up at him from under his lashes.

"This lovely... thing." Mukuro admitted, flicking the slip toward the prefect. He caught it expertly, swiping it out of the air and scowling at the crumpled paper before he uncurled it and stared down at the doodle impassively. Mukuro watched him with a growing grin, lifting an eyebrow at you when you glanced back and forth in confusion, and you were so confused. What was he finding so amusing? And why wasn't Hibari saying anything?

"Um..." "Kufufufu~, nothing to say?" Mukuro asked, resting his chin in one hand contentedly. "How odd... shouldn't you be biting someone?" You squeaked, turning to give Mukuro and anxious glare as he drew the prefect's diverted attention back to you subtly, and you cursed him under your breath as Hibari looked up from the drawing slowly. "Has a cat got your tongue, Kyoya?"

Suddenly, with a sharp glare in Mukuro's direction, Hibari grabbed your arm and pulled you roughly to your feet. You squeaked, flinching when his dark eyes checked your face for any protests, but didn't fight him as he pulled you away from the illusionist and the circle and into the closet.

You barely heard the door slam closed over the hammering of your heart and you breathed a quick sigh of relief as the darkness wrapped you both in an immovable shroud and blinded you. Was he going to hit you? Had you done something to upset him?! You felt a bead of sweat roll down the back of your neck and you swallowed. Why had Mukuro gone and stuck his nose in your-?

Suddenly all your anxious thoughts were cut off as Hibari pulled you by the wrist and he pressed his lips harshly to yours, biting and moving smoothly against your lips. You pulled back -or tried to- but he reclaimed your mouth before you could voice your protests against his kiss.

Your mind seemed to short circuit as he kissed you deeper, weaving his fingers in the back of your hair and holding firmly to control the kiss. His touch sent electricity jumping though you, making your spine tingle, and you dumbly let him press you flat against him; a tilt of his head opened your speechless lips and his tongue swept across the roof of your mouth.

Finally, the tension drained out of your shoulders and you gave up what little resistance you had left. Just like that, the domineering intensity to his kiss receded and left a slow, languid motion in its place. You leaned into the gentle sweep of tongue and petal-soft lips, sighing faintly, and tentatively let your arms drape over his heavily-set shoulders.

Hibari pulled back slowly, a hot breath mingling between you both as he paused.

"Herbivore," He rumbled, his nose touching your jaw as he leaned in towards you and sighed against your throat. Your skin prickled at the feeling of his warm breath caressing your throat and you looked away with a dark hot blush, squeaking as he kissed your jaw lazily. His ministrations had lost all their frenzy, slowing down and turning into something sensual and almost sweet.

But no matter how you tried you couldn't think of anything Hibari did as 'sweet'; he was too violent and unpredictable to be something fluffy and cute or sweet. With a small gasp, you let him move down the column of your throat, curling your fingers in the soft dark hairs at the nape of his neck to ease your mind and tugging faintly.

The gesture seemed so unimportant to you, but Hibari froze against you, his lips lifting and a set of teeth suddenly closing on the lobe of your ear. You jumped, yelping at the sharp squares of his teeth digging into your flesh, but didn't protest any more. He pulled back again, using his leverage to press you against the closet wall, and rested his forehead against yours.

"Don't do that." Hibari whispered, his lips grazing yours as he spoke with dizzying intensity.

"Why?" You asked quietly, tugging again and hearing a soft hiss in reply. "Do you-"

"I said, 'don't'." Hibari muttered, reaching back to your hand on his throat and carefully unwinding your fingers from what you now assumed to be a sensitive area for him. You struggled to keep your grip, pushing up onto your toes anxiously, and you kissed Hibari again quickly before your weight dropped back down.

When he opened his mouth to protest, you took the risk and did it again; his mouth closed again with a click of his teeth. He scowled, "Stop that,"

"Wh-What will you give me if I do?" You managed, fisting your empty hand and clenching the other in his hair as you waited for his reply. "Hm?"

"..." Hibari stared down at you in the dark, his eyes sliding over you and raising goosebumps in the dark. You took a shuddering breath, his growing annoyance washing against your skin like a wave, and let go of him with a soft exhale. You put up your hands, pressing the backs of them against the wall, and shakily said, "There. I did it, and I won't say anything..."

"Then what will you do?" Hibari asked daringly, two hands coming up beside you and effectively pinning you to your place against the wall. You swallowed as he came closer, his warmth radiating in the close space between your torsos, and mumbled,

"Nothing. Think of it as a favour..."

"No." Hibari growled, hot breath fanning your face. "I demand you undebt me to you now,"

You blinked: "What?"

"I... do not like owing someone." Hibari ground out finally, the hot breath fading as he turned his head away from you and averted his gaze. You resisted the urge to laugh at the almost-bashful way Hibari was approaching this; which was a great change because you had no hope of dodging a tonfa in this tiny room. He looked back at you. "Undebt me."

"A..." You paused, feeling the intensity o his gaze weigh down your tongue, and you thought hard until a brilliant idea came washing into your empty thoughts. You pursed your lips in determination and said, "Alright." but you didn't continue right away.

"And?" Hibari snapped, his nose nearly touching yours as he demanded his answer.

"If you don't want to owe me," You said slowly, lowering your hands inch by inch until they hung at your sides passively. You looked down at where you assumed they would be, licking your lips as Hibari huffed impatiently, and continued."date me."


A/N: |ω) Was that ending a little weak or was it just me? (;´Д`ヘ) I'm so sorry. I didn't want a mushy, huggy-wuggy ending and this seemed so matter-of-fact and... well, Hibari. Enjoy! Tell me what you think and keep an eye out for the next installment: 'It's A Butterfly!'