AU; characters might be a little OOC.

Lots of vauseman after the first bit with Pennsatucky at the beginning. Enjoy :)

Piper Chapman walked down the hall, a neatly stapled package in her hand. It was Monday's assignment in which she had used all her powers of persuasion to receive an extension on. And that, too, was late.

She just needed to hand it in to the dropbox before the teachers went on lunch, and then she could still get marks for it. Easy.

Piper nearly groans as she approaches the teacher's den. She can hear the commotion even from around the corner; a booming chant of badly-rhymed anti-abortion slogans. Bible thumpers. Bible thumpers of the worst variety, who felt it was their duty to rally during lunch hours and harass the rest of Litchfield.

Oh, and Pennsatucky - their ringleader who happened to hate Piper. That too.

The maintenance door opened, nearly smacking Piper in the face as the school handyman stepped out. She sidestepped the door with a jump.

A messy head of brown hair turned towards her. "Oh, sorry Chapman. Didn't see you there," he said upon realizing he'd cut her off. He ducked his head back into the maintenance closet and wheeled out a trolley of electrical equipment.

"It's fine, Mr. Luschek," she responded, hugging the paper to her chest.

She felt his dopey gaze linger a touch too long, before he scratched the back of his head and shrugged. "You going that way?" he asked, jabbing his finger in the direction of all the noise. Piper nodded. "Watch out for Pennsatucky. She's got her troupe marching around the school again. It's a big pain in the ass."

Piper nodded again. "I can hear them. At least they don't have the megaphones anymore – though you'd think they'd shut her down by now."

Luschek chuckled. "If Healy had balls bigger than two raisins, he would – but nobody wants to get a mouthful from her. She's batshit crazy anyhow," he said. He wheeled his trolley around and started pulling it in the other direction. "Anyway, see you around Chapman."

Piper gave him a small wave and walked towards the end of the hall. She took a quick peek around the corner, seeing Pennsatucky and an impressive amount of people, making an impressive amount of noise.

She pulled out her phone to check the time. There was a message from Polly asking where she was, and to hurry up because she wanted to grab coffee from the plaza. There was also a message from Larry saying that he was going to print something from the lab, but he'd see her in the cafeteria later. And that he missed her. A lot. And a dorky happy face.

She took a breath.

It was 11:57am, so all she had to do was sneak her way to the den, drop it off, and stroll out the side doors. She takes a cautious step. Like a ninja in the night; like a whisper in the shadows; like a breeze through a –

"Watch where you're going!" a girl barks in her face as she unsuccessfully tries to slide past the marching crowd.

'Oh, sorry," Piper said, again trying to squeeze through the troupe of people. She was successfully failing.

And then Piper heard the unmistakable voice of Pennsatucky. "Chapman?" she called out, her voice seeming to cut through the din like a sharp knife. It was like the part of the Red Sea; the mass of people split down the middle, creating an open path between the nmousey leader and herself. Upon seeing her, Pennsatucky snorted. "Look at that, fellas. It is Chapman!" she proclaimed, in that mystical, self-righteous way she does. "The Lord obviously brought her here today as a prime example of an abomination!"

Piper scrunched up her nose, already sensing that dropping off her assignment would be more difficult than it needed to be. She'd had several run-ins with Pennsatucky before – none of which ended up with either of them being very nice. Her attempts to 'bring Jesus' into the school were frequently shot down by student council – though they were a nice break from her usual racist-request-of-the-week.

"I'm not in the mood today, Tucky," Piper said, feeling all eyes turn towards her. "I just want to drop off my paper."

"Right, right. You always have an excuse when you're abominating."

"Abominating?" Piper repeated. "Is that even a real word?"

Pennsatucky jutted her chin into the air. "Sure is," she said, raising her hands into the air in zealous accusation. "It means to abominate. You and the whole student council should be familiar with the term, seeing as student democracy is a sham!" she said, earning a couple of cheers and cried from her audience. She took a couple of threatening steps towards Piper.

Piper rolled her eyes and made her way towards the den doors. She really didn't have time for this. "Right."

There was a flapping sound and suddenly Piper was empty-handed. She whipped her head around. Pennsatucky was holding her paper up by the staple, a shit-eating grin plastered to her face.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

"How'd it feel to have something important taken from you?" she asked, waving the assignment around for all the see. Her tongue hung out between her teeth, tauntingly.

Right. Pyschotic.

Piper gritted her teeth. "Very funny. Give it back," she said outstretching her open palm.

"Why should I? You haven't given us anything," she gestured to the people around her. "We come up with proposals all the time. Am I right, guys?" she asked them, and they murmur their agreement. She took a look at Piper's unamused face. "Oh, poor Piper." She mock frowned. "Chapman here dates all the boys and girls; she buys into material things and all other temptations. She's unpure!" Pennsatucky boomed. "She doesn't deserve to represent us in student council," she said, wagging the assignment at Piper.

Piper sighed, taking a peek at the time on her phone. 11:59am. With her patience gone, she squared her jaw. "Listen, Tucky. If you don't give my paper back right now, I will literally punch you in your fucked up teeth," she warned. And just because she had a big mouth and probably a temper problem, she added: "Consider it dental work."

Pennsatucky flashed her so-called fucked up teeth with a smug smile. She held the paper out in front of her with two hands, and then tore it halfway down the page. The sound of ripper paper resonated through the hallway like a victory bell.

Piper punched her in the mouth.

Maybe it was Mr. Healy's perverse interest in Piper, or maybe it was because everybody hated Pennsatucky anyway; but Piper was happy that she only received detention as a punishment. Well, detention for the rest of the week.

Not bad for a well-deserved punch.

Piper knocked on the door to room M23 and a larger man at the teacher's desk beckoned her in.

She placed her bag on one of the round tables in the room. There was only one other person in there – a girl, hunched over her book and facing the opposite direction.

"Can I help you?" the man asked, his expectant look hinting at irritation and extreme boredom.

Piper nodded, approaching the desk. "Uhh, yes. I'm Piper Chapman, here for detention. I'm supposed to be here all week."

The man stared at Piper long enough to make her uncomfortable. He pointed to a book on the desk without breaking eye contact. "Sign your name and time in the log, and then sit down," he instructed.

Piper picked up a pen from the desk and wrote her name underneath the first entry. The name was scrawled in narrow and flowing handwriting: Alex Vause.

When Piper sat down by her bag, the man stood from his desk. "Alright, newbie. The rules are: no cellphones, no eating, no talking, no leaving. Take out some books and do some homework. Or stare at the words and make it look like you're doing homework. I'm going for lunch. I'll check in every so often and if you're not here, you get more detention. Got it?" he asked.

"Yeah, got it." Piper breathed.

"Oh, and no visitors," he said. Content with his little speech, he picked up his wallet from the desk drawer and lef the room.

It was just Piper and the Alex girl now. She shot another glance at the girl who hadn't seemed to acknowledge her presence yet, nor the absence of the teacher.

Well, this is going to be a boring week, she thought wryly.

She unzipped her bag, pulling out a couple of books and examining the room. She'd never been the M building before. It was a small, dark room with a couple round tables and chairs at the front of the room. The back half of the room was filled with book shelves and there were a couple school computers at the very back desks. It was an environmental studies room. Or at least seemed like it was, judging from the charts and posters on the walls.

Regardless, boring.

She opened up her math textbook to some practice questions.

"So you did you really punch the bible dweeb in the face?"

Piper lifted her gaze towards the sound of the voice. The other girl was fully facing her now, twisted in her chair to look at Piper with an elbow propped up on the back of her seat. She kicked up her feet onto the table.

"I, uhh-" Piper began, throwing a cautionary glance to the door where the teacher had just left. Who was this girl again?

"Don't worry; he says he'll check up on us but he never does. Sometimes he doesn't even come back from the lunch break," she said, as if sensing Piper's unasked question. Her hand from her propped up arm opened, fingers beckoning her over. "Come here," she said, head nodding to the seat beside her. Piper glanced at the door one more time, causing the other girl to laugh. "Come on, trust me. We could start a fire in here and he still wouldn't come back. Among other things . . ." she trailed.

Piper blinked, looking at the mysterious girl from across the room. She seemed confident enough to know what she was talking about. "Okay," Piper cedes, after another moment's contemplation. She closed her textbook slowly, pushing her pencil into the spine to save the page. The girl flicked her eyes towards the seat she had pointed out earlier, as if to remind Piper of the invitation.

She removed her feet from the table when Piper sat down next to her.

"It's Piper, right?" the girl asked, not missing a beat. Piper settled into the chair, unsure of what to do with her hands. She tangled them in her lap, feleing a bit uneasy. The girl was looking at her intently – not that there was anything else to look at in such a dull room.

"Yes," Piper responded. She took a moment to look a the girl from up close. The girl was taller than she was. Pale. Dark, dark hair. Black glasses framed her face and seemingly permanent smirk was thrown onto her lips. She was pretty.

A different kind of pretty.

She was the type of girl Piper wouldn't mind having a tumble with.

"I'm Alex," the girl said. She sucked on the inside of her lip, giving Chapman a once-over. "So did you?"

Piper raised an eyebrow. "Did I what?"

"Punch Pennsatucky in the face," the girl prompted.

"Oh," Piper felt red creeping into her cheeks, and chuckled. "Umm, yeah. I guess I did. She ripped my paper in half."

"How dare she," Alex drawled, tipping back with amusement.

"Well I know it sounds bad!" Piper said, pouting as she remembered the confrontation. "But trust me – she deserved it."

"I'm just teasing. I'm sure she deserved it. But good on you though . . . You don't look the type."

Piper's lip curled at the half-compliment. Was it a compliment? "Is there a type?" she asked.

"Not necessarily," Alex shrugged. "- you just look fairly put together. It's not every day you find a cute girl who can throw a punch."

That was a compliment. Piper tries to not glow. Instead, she bit her lip and spoke in a hushed voice. "It was my first punch. Ever."

Alex leaned in, mimicking the hushed tone. "Scandalous. How did it feel?"

"It hurt like hell. I think her jaw did more damage to my hand than my hand did to her jaw."

Alex laughed, shaking her head. "There's a good and a bad to everything, kid. Are you the girl on student council?" Alex asked.

"Yes. And you are . . .-?"

"- Not part of any council," Alex said, finishing Piper's sentence. She adjusted her glasses, but her brown eyes stayed fixed on the blonde. "I don't have it in me to deal with idiots all day."

Piper ran a hand through her hair, feeling fidgety for some reason. "Well that's half the job, I guess. People vote you in and then think that you owe them."

Alex pursed her lips in a pensive way. "I'd prefer not to owe anybody anything," she paused, thoughtful. "Though I do like a girl on top," she murmured. She made brief eye contact with Piper before laughing, pleased with her own pun.

Piper raised an eyebrow at the innuendo, but all she could do was laugh as well. It was natural to her; light laughter tumbling out from nervous lips.

"What else do you like?" Piper asked, before she could stop herself. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear, better revealing curious green eyes. Flirting. That, too, was natural. She liked being liked.

An afterthought of Larry crossed her mind, inciting a small wave of guilt that she quickly pushed aside. What was a little flirting, anyhow?

The girl just had a certain allure to her, that all.

"Aside from detention on a sunny day and the promise of more detentions to come?" The corner of her Alex's lip curled mischievously. "Pizza, for starters. Black eye liner; dogs; the occasional Kanye song."

Piper nodded her head seriously. "Deep."

"Am I impressing you yet?" Alex asked, locking Piper into a gaze that made her question how someone could possibly be so intense and languid at the same time. "I'm trying very hard, you know."

Piper bites back a smile. "Pizza is sort of an insta-win. I'm not sure if that counts."

Alex shrugged. "I tend to play my best cards first."

There was a moment of silence between the two before they both broke out in laughter. It was a comfortable laughter that was only interrupted by the buzzing on Piper's phone. She retrieved the phone from her pocket, quietly groaning at the influx of messages. It mean that Larry just found out about Pennsatucky. She opened up the messages and quickly began typing a reply to his frantic questions.

"Problem?" Alex asked, noticing the change in disposition.

Piper exhaled deeply. "Boyfriend." She stated, continuing to type on her iPhone.

"Problem." Alex confirmed. With a small hop, she kicked her feet up onto the table again. She picked up her book, assuming her earlier page, shot a sideways glance at Piper, and then continued reading.

"Can you keep a secret?" Alex had asked earlier on in the lunch break. Piper had said yes, feeling both anxious and excited as to what this secret could be. And so it shouldn't have been surprising when it was revealed that Alex dealt drugs.

It was the second day of detention and Alex figured they knew each other well enough for her to continue on with her business. Piper watched with a captivated attention as two boys entered the room, handing a small roll of bills to Alex before going to the bookshelves. They retrieved their purchased drugs from the shelves that Alex had stowed away earlier, and then left without a word. When the click of the door indicated its full closer, Piper turned to Alex with wide eyes. "That's illegal!" she said, accusingly; excitedly.

Alex just smirked, filing away her cash into her knapsack. "Technically, you were an accomplice."

"Do you do this all the time in detention?" ask Piper.

"No. Just for the smaller requests. I do all the big deals outside of school."

"So you're a druggie?"

"No!" Alex supplied, quickly. "I provide. I don't use. That would be bad business."

"That's smart, I suppose."

Alex leaned in closer to the blonde. "Hey, don't tell anyone – alright?"

"Opps; I just tweeted about it."

Alex's head snapped to attention. "What?"

Piper let herself enjoy the wide-eyed expression for a moment before sticking her tongue between her teeth. "I'm kidding."

She received a swat to the shoulder. "You little shit."

It was day three of detention and Piper figured she could use the resources in M23. A social science assignment on environment issues seemed to come at just the right time. Piper was looking for a book on glacial melting.

"You're early today. That eager to see me?"

Alex's voice made her jump; not so much because she was startled by her appearance, but moreso by how close her voice was. In fact, it was just behind her ear; hot breath making the hairs on her neck raise. Piper turned around quickly, again surprising herself with the proximity. They were now chest to chest, and Alex made no move to provide more space. "Alex," Piper breathed.

A sly smile appeared on the taller girl's lips. She liked seeing Piper breathless.

As if to make it that much harder, she brushed the hair from Piper's forehead. Her fingertips grazed the fair skin, lingering longer than necessary. "What are you looking for?"

"I, uhh –" Piper stumbled. Her skin still tingled from Alex's touch. Strange. "I have an assignment on global warming," she said, recomposing herself – perhaps talking with a more stern tone than usual.

Alex gazed down at the shorter girl. "I'll help you find something," she said, placing a hand on either of Piper's shoulders. She spun her around to face the bookshelf again, letting her hands slide down to Piper's waist.

Piper's breath caught.

"Do you read these books?" Piper asked, letting herself be guided a few steps to the right. Alex's fingers were warm . . . dizzying . . . She looked over her shoulder, her face only inches from the girl's. Maybe she imagined Alex looking at her lips.

"No, I just hide my weed in them," Alex said with a chuckle.


"Carbon dioxide emissions?" Alex offered, hovering her finger over the spine of a red book.

Piper shook her head. "Glacial melting. Or anything on water levels,"

They continued looking. Alex was big enough so that they could keep their position comfortably with Alex's one hand resting on the rise of Piper's hip, and the other reaching around her, perusing the bookshelf. She let her fingers run over various titles before stopping on one that caught her eye. She hooked onto it with her index finger, pulling it free from the shelf. The title read The Realities of Climate Change: In the Shadows of Melting Glaciers. "How about this one?" she asked, holding it out in front of them.

Piper made a sound of triumph. "It's perfect!" she said, taking it with one hand. And then much to Alex's surprise, Piper's other hand came to rest on top of the one on her hip. A cascade of warmth seeped into Alex's skin as Piper interlaced their fingers; a silent interaction.

It was Alex's turn to catch her breath.

Hope you liked it. I'm excited for this story. Vause and Chapman are both such interesting characters with all their flaws and complexities. Most people are writing post-finale fics, but I'm not really into writing dark stuff. So there will probably be boatloads of fluff.

Stick around :) I have plot outline for this story and I think it's gonna be a good one!


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