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Chapter one

Bros all over the world were worried. You were one of about 10 million who was stressing out. Pewdiepie had not made a video in over 3 months. Only last week he tweeted that he wasn't dead.

You sighed and opened up your laptop. While it loaded you noticed it was getting a little cold, so you went and put on your favourite winter sweater and messily tied your hair back. You glanced at the corner of your mirror.

It had a picture of Pewdie with his tiara on with, 'Fabulous' underneath it. You gave a small smile. He had defiantly helped you through some hard times in life

Flopping back onto your bed, you opened up the usual social media sites. As you scrolled through YouTube you saw that Pewdie had a new video. "Finally." You said under your breath.

"Hows it goin' bros?

I told you I wasn't dead! Anyyyway, I reason I didn't upload any videos was because I wanted some time off to think…..

You see, *sigh* Marzia and I broke up. The flame just faded away…. and we were denying it for a long time….. I fell pretty hard from it I guess, but we are still friends and everything's fine between us… *pause* At least it was a clean breakup eh?

Well, hopefully I'll start uploading again in a month or so, I know it's a long time but now that Im ,er, not being sad and stuff, I just want some time to enjoy life I guess…

Well, sorry for freaking you guys out *nervous laugh*


You sat back from your computer. 'Oh…..'

Absent minded, you shut down your computer and just thought over the video, and stared outside.


Your lit up phone brought you back into reality. Looking over at your phone, you realised it was from your best friend.

-Heyyy girl! missin'you! feels like I havnt seen you in forever D: Come over for the night? xx

You laughed "At 20 years old and we're still having sleep overs," you said grinning.

-Haiiii, yeah sure, ill walk over to yours and should be there in 20 kay? want me to bring anything? :D xx

-na algud, see you soon! xxxx

She lives a few blocks over in her flat. You had both considered flatting together, but you wanted some space for a while. Living alone was something you had dreamed about in your late teens. Your house seemed to be too crowed, your parents constantly telling you what to do, always arguing with your younger brother, living alone was bliss compared to a few years ago.

You went around your house looking for everything. Toothbrush and toothpaste, Pj's, extra warm clothes, hairbrush and some face wipes. You shoved it all into a bag and slung it over your shoulder.


You looked out the window before you left, you hadn't even noticed it was snowing. You clapped your hands together happily. Walking in the snow was one of your favourite things in life. Smiling widely you swung open your front door; almost immediately you were greeted by a blast of cold, crisp air. Luckily, it always snowed in Brighton.

Five minutes into your walk and you glanced at your watch; 5pm. It was going to get dark soon, and so you picked up your pace.

Suddenly the snow got heavy, and the wind picked up.

'Shit!' You said as you attempted to cover your eyes from the violent snow storm.

All you could see was white. Snow covered your vision as you stumbled on. As you walked for what you thought was longer and longer, your hope started to fade. Time become meaningless. All you could comprehend was that you were gradually getting colder and colder.

Out of nowhere a hand appeared out of the snow, and grabbed your hand.

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