Imagine this: You're sitting in you're bedroom with you're 4 best friends ever. You have the music blarring Justin Bieber's new hit single Boyfriend, gossiping about boys, and sneaking you're parent's vodka. Massie( You're main leader) is talking about how cute Darrington's outfit was yesterday, and how red is SO his colour. And of course everybody is agreeing, because no one has the nerve to stick up to Massie. Ever. While you girls are all painting each others nails, Massie screams. Everybody jumps. "WHAT IS THE MATTER?" Claire screams. "THAT, THAT FREAK!" Massie yelled angrily. "WHO? WHAT FREAK!?" Kristin asked anxiously.

"THAT FREAK CAM!" Massie screams.

"CAM?!" Claire asks curiously. "Are you sure it was Cam?"

"FOLLOW ME GIRLS, PRONTO." Massie commanded.

All the girls follow Massie to the washroom.

once there in the washroom, Massie sits on the toilet, and then she starts to pee.

"Umm, privacy much? Don't you girls know to wait outside? shesh." Massie said.

"Sorry." All the girls said quickly at once.

"Ya, whatever, im done anyways. Now back to that freak Cam, I saw him."

"SAW HIM WHAT?" All the girls asked, afraid for the answer.

"I saw him peeing in the bush." Massie answers, with a disgusted look on her face.

All the girls gasp, except Claire.

"So what? Thats all you screamed for? Seriously Massie the scream was not neccesary." Claire scolded.

"GO NOW. BEFORE I BEHEAD YOU! " Massie screams at Claire.


Massie grabs her pitch fork, and hunts for them.

Too be continued...