Edward leaves Bella pregnant in New Moon. She goes to the Volturi. Meets Aro. Aro helps her with the child. Bella must be changed into a vampire. She is the most powerful vampire in history. Her twins Carlie and Renesmee have gifts also. Carlie can change the weather and your appearance. Renesmee can read your mind and show you what she is thinking. After 200 years they leave the Volturi and go back to forks. Where they meet the Cullen's again. Edward tries to get Bella back.

Chapter 1 – a sudden suprise

It has been two weeks since he left. I can't even bare to say his name. I have practically been a shell, no living soul, mind, just a shell of skin and flesh. He said he wanted me to have my soul, to have a human life, but he has ripped my soul out of me when he left.

I am sitting on my bed thinking about nothing basically what I have been doing for two weeks. When I feel a sharp stinging pain from my abdomen. I feel sick. I ran to the bathroom and threw-up all in the toilet. I looked down at where the stinging pain was. Instead of the sharp stinging pain there was a small bump.

Throwing up, stinging, sleeping more, feeling more hungry and my bump. There was only one way all five fitted together. I was pregnant.

Chapter 2 – proving the impossible

No I couldn't. I couldn't be pregnant. I only has sex once and that was with him. A vampire. It was impossible for a vampire to conceive a child. But I wasn't a vampire I was a human. A human with a functioning body. A human with blood pumping through my body. A human with a working heart. I could have a child.

To confirm my suspicions I went out of town to the nearest chemist. I didn't want Charlie to know because if someone saw me news would spread like wildfire. I went in and got three tests just to make sure.

When I got home I went straight to the bathroom and did the tests. The next few minutes were the longest minutes I have ever had to wait. Soon the timer went off and I looked at the first test. It had two lines. So did the next. And the last….had two lines.

I sunk to the ground sobbing and thinking for what had been my hardest think in two weeks. I needed to decide what I was going to do when they are born. Will I keep them, will I give them up for adoption or will I have an abortion. Will I move, will I stay. And most importantly are they human.

I was so deep in thought I didn't hear the door open. When it slammed closed I knew Charlie was home. His steps were coming up the stairs. "Bells, you okay?" he called from outside the door.

"Yeah Dad, Just give me a moment," I said in a hushed voice. As I heard his footsteps go back down the stairs I got up and went into my room with the tests in my hand. I knew where I would go. I would leave. I would go to the only people who I knew could help. The only place that he wouldn't come until he had to. The Volturi.

Chapter 3 – Aro's promise

After I got dressed in baggy clothes so Charlie wouldn't see the bump. I went downstairs to cook dinner for Charlie so he wouldn't suspect a thing. I cooked steak and potatoes his favourite. After Charlie would go to sleep I would sneak out. I would need to make a stop first.

Charlie didn't question me about when he got home from work or why I had cooked this. I think he just thought I was trying to get over it. After Charlie was finished he went to watch yet another game on the television while I washed up.

Later about ten o'clock Charlie went to bed. This was when I was going to make my move.