They wanted to help her. All she saw was the too white walls and the too long needle. She didn't want to jump she had to, which is what they didn't realize. When you ignore the nagging voice in your head terrible things happen. But they sent her here anyway. This place where everything is that shade of too white and it smells like everything's been drowned in bleach. Where there is nothing sharp enough too cause the pain she needs too feel something more than sadness. They try to calm her down without the needle, but to no avail. She feels the needle slowly pierce her skin as they hold her down. Moving in and out of consciousness she is safe and happy. She feels as though St Jude finally has heard her prayer. Even as she hears another girl screaming being dragged down the hall, she feels calm, as if her mind is not her own. She feels calm as the darkness takes her because this what she wanted all along. She wishes it could last. Freedom from the pain. From the scars..