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Chapter 1
Never-Seen-Before Visitors

Not an hour had passed since the end of the incident involving a monstrous fish living in Fishermen's Lake. Thanks to Minamitsu, the monster was sent out of Gensokyo using the mysterious iPhone-sized device Nue stole from the outside world when she went there with Mamizou.

Aya was entrusted with the task of taking that device to the science department to see if they could find out anything about it. However, Aya and her group felt hungry, so they stopped by a restaurant in the Human Village to get something to eat.

Aya was the only one who could be said to be enjoying her meal. Kara and the kappa that accompanied them both to Fishermen's Lake both look depressed and didn't have much appetite. Aya looked up from the bowl of noodle she was eating and asked them, "What's wrong? Not feeling hungry?"

"Some of our co-workers were eaten by that demon... It's really hard to feel like eating something when people you know are taken away from you before your eyes..." Kara replied.

Hearing this, Aya became depressed as well. "Right... It's a sad thing that they died so suddenly and so easily... Guess it was a bad idea to get a scoop on that demon after all... I'm sorry for wanting to find out more about that demon, which resulted in them losing their lives..."

"I'm also a blame for this..." the kappa told her. "I really wanted to try out my Sea Turtloid 2000, so I volunteered to go with you… Not only did I lose a co-worker, but also the Sea Turtloid itself..." Suddenly, she remembered something. "Oh yeah! I forgot to salvage it from the lake! I'll go and get it now! Go ahead and return first! I'll go back myself after I find it!" She quickly finished her meal and then left.

"Guess she wants us to pay for her..." Aya said as she watched the kappa run down the road.

Kara's cell phone suddenly rang, and when she looked at who called her, "hearts appeared all over her head". She immediately answered the call. "Keichi! I miss you so much! Where are you now? Eh? You want to see me now? Okay! I'll be there right away! Please wait for me, my sweetheart!" Then she ended the call.

"He called you for a date, right?" Aya asked her.

"Yep! I haven't seen my super awesome boyfriend since yesterday afternoon!" Kara replied with a really happy face. "I'm so glad to be able to finally meet him again! I can't wait to see his handsome face and give him a huge hug!"

"Wait a minute... You only last met him yesterday... How can you miss him already?" Aya asked.

"Lovers cannot be separated from each for too long. Even one minute can feel like an hour to them!" Kara told her. "I have to go and meet my future husband now! See ya!" Then she got up and flew off at a very fast speed, so fast that she whipped up a gust that blew away some small stuff, and the chair she was sitting on even fell over.

Aya watched Kara fly into the distance, and when she was out of sight, the former said, "So I have to pay for everything myself...?"

After Aya was done with her meal and paid for everything, she took off into the sky and headed for the headquarters of Bunbunmaru.

While on her way there, Aya took out the device and looked at it. "So this thing is responsible for bringing that fish demon into Gensokyo? It's almost like summoning shikigamis, except it doesn't help you... The outside world sure invented quite an interesting object!"

"BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" cried a loud voice that came from above her all of a sudden, and whoever did that also grabbed her shoulder.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Aya screamed in shock. She quickly shook the person off her back and, without bothering to take a look at who it was, punched the "attacker" square in the face.


The attacker was sent shooting across the sky and eventually fell to the ground. Aya looked at where her attacker fell and said while breathing heavily, "What... What was that?!" Then she noticed that the device was no longer in her hand. "Hey! Where'd that thing go?!" She looked down and thought that it must've fallen into the forest below when she dropped it out of shock just now, so she quickly flew down there.

Kogasa was passed out on the ground with a broken nose, and she was missing a few teeth as well. Wriggle, who was standing next to her, asked her, "Are you all right...?"

Aya landed in the forest and looked around for the device. It didn't take her long at all to notice it lying not too far in the distance, and there was a portal slightly further ahead of it. "Uh oh... Looks like the fall caused it to make a portal appear..." she said in a worried tone. "Let's hope nothing dangerous comes out of it..."

She approached the device and hoped to pick it up and try to make it close the portal before something came out of the latter, but then she heard sounds coming from inside the portal, so she quickly hid behind a tree. She peeked at the portal from behind the tree and waited for whatever was making the sound to come out.

Two beings suddenly shot out of the portal and fell onto the ground. When they stood up to dust themselves, Aya took note of their appearances. The two beings were covered mostly in white metal. Certains parts of their arms and legs were not covered in metal, and their skin was grayish and looked dry. Their heads were also covered in metal and had an insectoid appearance to them, what with them having mandibles. Their eyes glowed with green light and had an evil look them.

"What... What are those...?" the tengu wondered.

The two beings were clearly surprised by the environment. One of them noticed the device on the ground, so he picked it up and inspected it. The other creature looked at the device as well and then spoke to his companion in a deep and somewhat computerized voice that sounded like gibberish to Aya.

The being inspecting the device released green light from his eyes and used it to scan the machine from top to bottom. He then spoke in a tone that implied he was surprised by what he found out, and his companion was also surprised when he heard what he said.

Aya continued to watch the two having a conversation with each other, and she really wished she could understand what they were saying. Right now, she was concerned about whether they were friendly or dangerous.

The being that wasn't holding the device then walked forward a few steps and spread out his arms to the sides while saying something. His tone implied that he wasn't very happy. The other being nodded, said something, and then held up the device while continuing to speak. Aya assumed that those beings knew what that device was and that they could make use of it or something like that.

The other being then shined green light from his eyes and looked around the place. Seeing him turning his head in her direction, Aya quickly hid behind the tree and hoped that he wouldn't find her. However, when the creature saw that tree, he pointed at it and spoke in a loud voice. Turning his hand into an arm cannon, the creature fired an energy ball at that tree. The sound of the energy ball being fired and flying through the air alerted Aya of impending danger, so she jumped out of the way before she was blown up along with the tree by it.

The tengu took out her fan just before she landed from her jump and then turned to face the two beings. "I take that you both are not friendly!" she said to them. "Why else would you do something like that just now?"

The being who fired at her said something to his companion, and then he moved in the tengu's direction while seemingly saying to her something.

"Sorry, I can't understand your langugage, so unless you speak in a language that I can understand and give me a good reason for why you did that just now, I'll do something similar to you!" Aya said to the approaching being.

The being was going to shoot her again, but the other one told him to stop. That being approached Aya and then scanned her from head to toe, and then he spoke in Japanese, "I apologize to you that my friend attacked you all of a sudden."

The tengu was surprised by his change in language. "You can speak Japanese?!"

"It's the translation system built into us that allows us to instantly learn a foreign language just by scanning someone who is speaking one," the being said to her.

"Translation system built into you? What are you? A robot?" Aya asked.

"Close, but not quite," the being replied. "We are actually cyborgs, beings of flesh and metal. We are known as the Cybrox."

"Cyborgs? Cybrox?" Aya curiously said. "Only heard of the former from the kappas, not the latter…"

"I do believe that an explanation is required," the being said. "Our appearance surely must have surprised you."

"That monster is dealt with already?" Reimu asked after hearing the whole story from Byakuren.

"Yes," the magician replied with a nod. "Minamitsu managed to send it back to where it came from using a device Nue brought back from the outside world."

"A device from the outside world?" Reimu curiously said. "When did she go to the outside world?"

"She went there with Mamizou to spend Christmas," Byakuren told her. "That device was something… she stole from a place that invents high-tech products."

"Stole? I didn't know she's into that…" Reimu said.

"It's a long story, actually…" Byakuren told her. "Whatever the case is, the fish demon is no longer in Gensokyo, so Fishermen's Lake is safe to go to again. As for the device, Minamitsu gave it to Aya to take to the science department."

"Makes sense to give it to them. Didn't know that the humans of the outside world can invent a device for summoning demons…" Reimu said.

"I see…" Aya said after the Cybrox finished explaining things. "So that's what that device is…"

"Yes, and we are very surprised to find it here!" the Cybrox told her. "My built-in sensor is telling me that this is a different dimension, and few of these things can actually pull off dimension-traveling. Coming across one that can do this is a good thing to us, because it brought us to a place that is in need of renovation!"

"Oh yeah, about that… Combining natural life and technology together…" Aya said. "Is there a choice to this?"

"We are offering you the chance to make life better," the Cybrox told her. "Our entire race consists of cyborgs, and so are all the life forms from where we come from. We can testify to you that the combination of natural life and technology truly does make life better! You will be able to experience things yourself once we allow us to renovate your land!"

The other Cybrox scanned Aya in order to speak Japanese. "I can't believe that you people are still living among natural trees! In where we come from, all trees are merged with machine parts. This makes them more appealing to look at, not to mention cleaner to touch!"

"Please excuse my friend's attitude," the other Cybrox said to Aya. "He's a hot-tempered fellow. He simply can't stand nature in its purest form, so he doesn't like this place at all. He can't wait for you to agree to us renovating your land."

"If would be nice to be able to live a more comfortable life… I've never been to the outside world before, and I admit that I do want to know how it's like living there," Aya said. "Your offer sounds appealing, but I don't have the right to say yes, since I'm not the boss of this place. However, there is one thing I don't think I like, and I'm sure nobody here likes that as well…"

"And that would be?" the Cybrox asked.

"Changing everyone into cyborgs!" Aya told him. "I'm fine with introducing technology to this place, but changing everyone into robots?! Sorry, I'm not that desperate to live a comfortable life. I'd prefer being the way I am now!"

"I see… So we have different opinions regarding this," the Cybrox said in a tone that implied disappointment. "I was hoping that you would cooperate…"

"Looks like negotiations are off," the other Cybrox said as he turned his hand into an arm cannon, and then he pointed it at the tengu. "You made a mistake rejecting our offer! We shall now renovate your land by force!"

"Resolving things using violence now?" Aya asked.

"We Cybroxes are ruthless warriors!" the Cybrox said to her. "We believe that all life should be combined with machinery in order to become stronger, and since you do not agree with us, we'll show you our power in order to change your mind!"

"Getting mad at me because of difference in opinions? Geez… That's not a good reason to get mad, is it?" Aya asked. "How childish…"

"You'll know who the childish one is after I've taught you a lesson!" the Cybrox angrily said before firing an energy blast at Aya, who dodged it by swiftly moving to the side.

"You'll have to attack faster than that if you want to hit me!" Aya told him.

"You'll get you asked for!" the Cybrox said. He changed his arm cannon into a sword and then dashed at Aya at an unexpectedly fast speed. The tengu was caught off guard by this, and though she did get out of the way fast, she still received a small cut to the side of her arm.

"Ow!" she cried as she put her hand over the wound. "That was fast! Wasn't expecting that…"

"You satisfied now?" the Cybrox asked. "You'll soon realize how powerless you are compared to us!"

"Yes, it seems that you need to learn things the hard way," the other Cybrox said. "As much as I would love to teach you a lesson myself too, there is something I have to do, so my partner will deal with you. I hope you reconsider your decision when we meet again. The fate of your land lies in your decision." After saying that, the Cybrox pressed a button on his arm and then disappeared.

"He disappeared?!" Aya thought. "Either it's teleportation or invisibility…"

"Now it's time for you to suffer!" the remaining Cybrox said to Aya. "However, seeing how you are capable of moving at a speed that is unseen among living creatures, killing you would be a waste. Imagine the potential you will have if you become a cyborg! You should seriously consider allowing us to turn you into one!"

"Not interested in that at all!" Aya told him as she held out her fan. "I wouldn't want to look anything like you guys! You'll have to take me down first if you want to do that, and that's never going to happen!"


Cybroxes are my creation, so please don't bother looking them up.

This story will have only two chapters. I didn't intend for this story to exist at first, but then I realized that going from Minamitsu's story to Tenshi's right away doesn't seem like a good idea if there is nothing major happening in between them. Of course, I can make this story a part of Tenshi's story, but that would make the story lose a bit of focus on her.