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What purpose did Kogasa serve by trying to steal that device that should've been taken to the research lab?
Game2002: She wasn't trying to steal that device. She simply wanted to surprise Aya.

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Final Chapter
The Worst Has Yet to Come

Aya and the Cybrox stood face to face with each other, both sides ready to make their moves. The Cybrox held up his sword hand slightly and said, "You cannot win! I have the superior body!"

"Don't underestimate flesh!" Aya said to him, and then she swung her fan to shoot wind blades. "Gale Fan!"

BGM: The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (Touhou Youyou Kengeki Musou)

The Cybrox remained in one place, and he swung his sword hand at the incoming projectiles to get rid of them. Aya didn't give him the chance to do anything; she dashed straight at him and tackled him hard to send him flying back into a tree. The tengu attacked with Gale Fan again, but the cyborg quickly leaped out of the way.

"Don't get too cocky!" the Cybrox angrily said to her. His sword glowed with blue light, and when he swung it against the air multiple times, crescent-shaped energy blades were fired. Aya swiftly dodged them while closing in on the Cybrox, and then she moved in circles around him very fast, so fast that it produced the illusion of there being several people moving around him.

"You can't tell me not to be cocky! I'm someone who is proud of her own strength!" she said. "There's no way you can ever win against me!"

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that!" the Cybrox said, and then his sword glowed again before he spun once to create a shockwave. Aya was hit by the shockwave and blown back quite a few steps.

"Ow!" the tengu cried. The Cybrox charged at her at a fast speed to slash her with his sword, but Aya quickly moved out of the way. The Cybrox immediately turned around and changed his sword into an arm cannon in a split second to fire an energy blast at her, but she managed to dodge it.

Aya then swung her fan hard to create a strong gale that made the Cybrox unable to stand properly and eventually getting blown back. The tengu flew behind him at a fast speed and punched him across the back to make him tumble against the ground violently. The Cybrox quickly got back up and growled in anger before pointing his arm cannon at her, only to find her no longer there. The tengu suddenly fell from above and stomped him in the head hard and then bounced off it, landing in front of him. She turned around and swung her fan to unleash wind blades that struck in him various parts of the body.

The Cybrox was knocked down by the projectiles, and then he sat up and glared at her. "See? I'm clearly the more superior one here!" Aya said to him. "Just because you're part machine doesn't mean you're automatically better than me!"

"You haven't seen anything yet! You're overestimating yourself!" the Cybrox angrily said as he changed both his hands into arm cannons, and then he fired several missiles one after another from them.

Aya stepped to the side and allowed them to go past her, but when she looked at the missiles, she saw them turning around to come back for her. Realizing that they were homing missiles, she quickly escaped into the air, and the missiles followed her. No matter where she went, the missiles kept on going after her. "Man! They're persistent!" she said as she turned back to look at them, and then she turned around to fire wind blades at the missiles to destroy them.

The Cybrox saw her destroying them from below, so he fired more at her. Aya saw those missiles coming and so fired more wind blades to destroy them. However, more were fired this time, and she wasn't able to destroy all of them before they got too close, so she was forced to move aside to dodge them. The missiles turned around, but she managed to destroy them all this time.

After taking out the last of the missiles, Aya went for the Cybrox at a very fast speed and tackled him to the ground before he could fire more. Pinning him to the ground with her weight, Aya pulled back her fist and said to him, "Giving up yet? Seriously, I can break rocks just by punching them, so you better not make me punch you! Don't underestimate the strength of a tengu!"

"You better not underestimate the strength of a Cybrox too!" the Cybrox told her before raising his legs to kick Aya over his head. The cyborg then stood up and changed his hand into a machine gun before firing rapid bursts of energy shots at her, but the tengu got up and avoided them in time.

"Looks like you haven't learned your lesson yet! I'll teach you not to get on my bad side!" Aya said. "Domination Dash!" She suddenly dashed forward while spinning like a drill to ram into the Cybrox, but he moved out of the way in the nick of time.

"Speed won't help you win against me!" the Cybrox said. "I can move just as fast as you!" The cyborg then moved at a very fast speed after the tengu, who turned around and swung her fan to fire a wind blade at his neck, but he bent back his body to avoid getting hit by it. When he returned his body to its normal position, he changed his hand into a sword as he leaped at Aya and tried to hit her with it, only for her to dodge it by moving aside.

"Too slow!" Aya said before swinging her fan at him, but the cyborg countered it by cutting off a part of its handle. "What the?!" The Cybrox quickly thrust his sword at her afterwards, but she reacted fast and managed to avoid getting impaled in the abdomen by moving back. "You'll pay for that!"

"Like I care!" the Cybrox said as he slashed the air to fire crescent-shaped energy blades at her. Aya swiftly dodged them by moving side to side, and then she charged into him at a fast speed. The Cybrox thrust his sword at her, but she jumped over him at the last second and landed a kick to the back of his head using one leg before landing. The cyborg landed on his front and slid forward a bit of a distance before coming to a stop and then standing back up, only to get punched in the abdomen by the tengu the moment he turned around.


BGM Ends

The Cybrox got up while growling in pain, and Aya approached him from behind and said, "Don't you have enough yet? There's no way you're going to beat me!"

"I will win NO MATTER WHAT!" the Cybrox angrily shouted before firing a rapid burst of energy bullets at Aya, who swiftly dodged them by moving to the side. She flew at the cyborg from the side and punched him in the head to send him shooting across the air.


Not giving him the chance to fight back, Aya went after the Cybrox and lifted him up by the neck and then slammed him onto the part of the ground behind herself really hard. She picked him up the second time, flung him against a tree, and then dashed at him to punch him in the abdomen so hard that the tree behind him was torn apart. The Cybrox flew backwards, while the tree fell forward, but Aya caught it as it was falling and then slowly placed it at the side.

Despite getting beaten up badly, the Cybrox was still conscious. He coughed in pain a bit, and when he slowly sat back up, he snickered. Curious, Aya asked, "What's so funny?" She then heard the sound of beeping coming from nearby, and when she looked at her left arm, she saw a small device glowing with red light attached to her sleeve. The feeling that something bad was going to happen if she didn't get rid of that device made her brush it off her sleeve before it exploded.


While she managed to avoid getting her arm blown off, the explosion still wounded it badly. The tengu fell on her side with her hand holding the wound on that arm. "Augh! When did you put that there?!" she asked.

"When you picked me up to throw me!" the Cybrox said as he ran towards her with his hand changed into a sword. "Now die!" The Cybrox brought down the sword at her, but she quickly rolled away and got back on her feet. The Cybrox changed his sword hand into an arm cannon and then fired energy shots at her, but she managed to dodge them.

Aya closed in on him and tried to punch him in the face, but he quickly tilted his head to the side and then pressed his arm cannon against the tengu's abdomen. Acting quick, Aya pulled back and then turned the arm cannon in the opposite direction right before he fired.


The Cybrox's lower torso fell back onto the ground, while the upper torso fell straight down, and Aya was still holding onto the arm cannon. She quickly let go of it in shock, and the Cybrox cursed angrily before falling limp.

Thinking that cyborgs were capable of surviving getting torn in half, she stared at the two pieces of the Cybrox for several seconds to see if he was still going to get back up. Nothing ever happened, so she kicked the upper torso lightly, but nothing happened as well. "He's… He's dead…" the tengu said. The wound on her left arm acted up, so she grunted in pain and then walked towards the nearest tree to sit down against it. "Phew… I win… There's still one more out there, though… I have to find him soon and stop him… or else Gensokyo will be in danger…"

She stood up and thought of going to look for the other Cybrox, but due to her arm hurting, she decided that it was better that she return to a healthy condition first. She also thought it was better if she let some people know about this, as this was something that concerned Gensokyo as a whole.

The other Cybrox was standing on a very high branch of a very tall tree when he sensed something happening inside his head. His placed his hand against the side of his head and remained silent for a few seconds, and then he said, "Ceilrox is dead… His data disappeared from my memory bank… Unthinkable… To think that he would be defeated by a being of pure flesh… How is this possible…?" He then looked at the iPhone-sized device on his hand. "Don't worry, friend. You will be avenged!"

He then raised the device into the air. "This is a land where nature still rules. As us Cybrox can testify to things, life cannot stand if it has no support from technology! We Cybrox shall renovate this place and turn it into a land where nature and technology coexist as one! With this, I shall return to my own kind and report to them the existence of this place, and then together, we shall come and take over this land!"

Meanwhile, high up in the sky, a blue-haired girl wearing a black hat that was decorated with peaches was sitting at the edge of a cliff of a seemingly floating landmass, looking at the endless span of cloud before her eyes with a bored expression.

Slightly leaned back and supporting herself with her hands, the girl let out a sigh and then said, "I'm bored…"




The final "build-up" story

As I said, this story is only two chapters long. It's really only to serve as a gateway to Tenshi's story. Tenshi's story will be longer, but I'll still try to keep it short. I can at least guarantee that it won't go over twenty chapters. I really want to get to Universes' Finest as soon as possible after all.

As promised, here's the short preview for Universes' Finest:

Reimu slowly opened her eyes, but she remained lying on her front for a few seconds before deciding to get up. "What… What happened…?" she asked. She rubbed her eyes and then looked at her surroundings to see that it was nighttime, and Kaguya was seen lying on her front not too far away.

The shrine maiden stood up and then approached the Lunarian princess. She bent down next to her and shook her by the shoulder to wake her up, to which the princess replied, "Five more minutes, Eirin…"

"I'm not Eirin, and this surely isn't your bedroom!" Reimu said as she smacked the princess in the back of her head with the back of her index finger hard.

"Ow! What was that for?!" Kaguya angrily asked as she sat up with her hands at the back of her head. "You! The shrine maiden! Is this how you're supposed to treat a princess!? I demand an apology!"

"I treat everyone equally, so I don't care if you're a princess or a not," Reimu said to her. The princess pouted and formed her hands into fists when she heard that, but Reimu ignored her and then turned around. "What is this place? I don't remember any place in Gensokyo looking like this…"

She noticed that there were lights all over the place. She walked forward until she realized that she had come to the edge of a "cliff". She then looked at the sight before her eyes and became filled with awe.

Skyscrapers… Towering skyscrapers everywhere…