HEY GUYS! School started for me and i have writer's block, to make that even worse i have completely lost inspiration for this story. Don't worry i'm not deleting, this just isn't my main focus any more. I came up with a lot of story ideas in the time i spent away from a key board, and i want you guys to choose which one you want read. I'm putting up a pole on my profile so tell everyone to check that out even if they haven't even read any of my stories. GO MY VIEWERS SPREAD THE WORD! PWEAAAAAAAAAAASE?! *u*


Alyssa Dawson, generous, kind, smart, respected, and shy. She's next in line for the throne as well, but this perfect little princess has a secret that few people know of, and thinks she's not ready to rule. Apparently someone else agrees with her. When the castle goes under siege she's the only one to escape. Before she leaves she promises to come back one day ready to rule. In this crazy world will she be able to keep that promise?

So that's the first one. I didn't want to explain to much in the summary so ... yeah. Um on to the next one!

I Admire You:

They asked me who I admire the most, but I didn't put my parents or some superstar up there, no i put someone who has been through hell and back twice and is still able to smile. I put down someone who has fought the war and still is, someone who has put up with my silly problems and continues to handle there own. The best friend I could ever have as well as my true love. I would do anything for that person. I wish i was as strong as you, I Admire You.

Awe! That sounds really sweet ... and I wrote it. Man I'm crazy.

Welcome 2 College:

Ally Marie Dawson, her 2 best friends David James Conner and Alexis Sky Jones are going to 'U MAD' or University of Miami Arts and Design this fall. When she goes to the 'Welcome 2 College' party she meets a blonde cutie and is immediately attracted to him. The only problem is she knows nothing about him except that he has beach blonde hair, beautiful hazel eyes, has a six pack, and has a voice that could make nuns go crazy over him. Somebody from their past comes back to taunt them. This causing enough trouble for everyone, a big competition is coming up as well. What will they do with all this drama? Will friendship survive? Can love form? All they can say is Welcome 2 College.

Ooh sounds dramatic. :)

Candy Girl:

He remembers her. She was the shy two year old that was always clinging to her mother and father. She was the five year old that loved red lollipops. She was the ten year old that kissed him for buying her a new ice cream cone after dropping her own. She was the book worm in the back of the class. She was the hot nerd even though she didn't know that. She was his first crush that he forgot about. She's the high school-er that works at Sarah's Sweets. She's the Candy Girl.

Hold on while I get a lollipop...

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