The Chronicles of Angel Book 4

By Jen

A/N: Guess who's back? Back again? Jen is back, tell a friend. Hello my readers. Hope you had a great summer. I know you have been and finally Book 4 has arrived. Fair warning it resembles season 4 but yet it's so different. I have changed things to fit with Angel as the slayer. I've changed episodes around completely and added some new ones plus added to the already existing episodes. What's in store for you guys? You might think you know what's going to happen but you're in for a surprise. Anyone nervous as what's come? You should be, things get…dirty and I'm talking mean and fun too. Happy Reading. Here…we…go.

Summary: High school is done and college is here for the A-Team. Angel faces the usual vampires and demons but as time goes on he must face one of the deadliest beings of all…man. The continuation of TCOA series.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and everything belongs to Joss Whedon.

Chapter 1 Champion

Oh, I see that lantern trimmed low burning in our home.
And though I feel like crying, I swear tonight, I'll cry no more.

And how many times have I prayed
That I would get lost along the way?

Dream with the feathers of angels stuffed beneath your head.
The regulator's swinging pendulum.

Dream with the feathers of angels stuffed beneath your head.
The regulator's swinging pendulum

Come with me and walk the longest mile.

Come with me and walk the longest mile.

Is his wallet leather? Is his wallet fat?
For not a year later it's got you lying on your back.
You should have closed your windows and got another dog.
You should have chained up all the doors and switched up all the locks.

And how many times have I prayed
The angels would speed me away.

Dream with the feathers of angels stuffed beneath your head.
The regulator's swinging pendulum.

Dream with the feathers of angels stuffed beneath your head.
The regulator's swinging pendulum.

Come with me and walk the longest mile.

Come with me and walk the longest mile.

Come with me and walk the longest mile.

Come with me and walk the longest mile.

The Regulator by Clutch

Summer time was nearing the end. Soon school hallways would start to get full, books would be open and pencil broken. It's always exciting to start the new term and see old friends. But when you graduate high school sometimes your friends leave. Cordelia was one, she was gone now. Last night they gave a her a party and now she was off to Columbia University for school. Of course she would be back during the holidays.

But when people left even just one the quietness seems much louder even if it's one person. Xander would be returning soon. He had kept his word and went on the trip to Europe and was backpacking through the countryside. That's two out of eight of the A-Team members gone. But the battle continues as it always does and always will.

Angel kicked down a door holding up his crossbow with the little flashlight on the end. He was the same Angel, the black on black look. He slowly took a step in the broken down house searching. He slowly advanced inside and pulled the trigger and an arrow flew landing in a head of a demon. Buffy came charging in and staked another demon and then Willow came in followed by Doyle, Oz then Giles. This broken down house was a demon nest and it was time to take them out. The team cleared the room so quickly and quietly you wouldn't even known they were there.

But now it was time to venture further back into the dark. Angel carefully went down a hallway as Buffy followed. She then went down a different hall to keep searching. Angel slowly crept looking around. He then heard something and held up the crossbow with his finger on the trigger. He slowly advances to the door and reaches for it. He grabbed the knob and pulled it wide opened but then lowered his crossbow with a smile as Buffy smiled back at him. There was a dead demon on the ground near her so she took care of it.

The house was cleared as the team gathered at the entranceway. They cleared a nest of demons, before that they hunted some vampires so overall it was good night. They filed out and would be going home. Angel stood off to the side lighting up a cigarette to calm himself a little. This mission seemed to go very smoothly but it could have gotten out of control fast. These days his group, the A-Team was very tight. Buffy didn't approve of the smoking but she could tell him until the cows came home then tell the cows. Buffy was the last one out and Angel followed in behind her.

Home was different these days. Giles now lives at the mansion with Buffy since the high school was burned down and the Council fired him. He had no income. Doyle still lived at the mansion as well. Angel didn't live there but he was at the mansion often. Tonight he was staying with Buffy. Once the fall semester starts up he'll be spending more time at the dorms than the mansion or his own house. He was going to give the dorm idea a try and if it doesn't work he can move back home.

Buffy was in bed laying there waiting for Angel. They still couldn't be intimate but that doesn't mean they haven't gotten closer over the summer. He was getting older, wiser and she liked it. Not only that but in the human maturity stand point he was reaching her age. In a little less than a year he'll be nineteen. Buffy couldn't wrap her head around it; it felt like a lifetime ago they met. He was sixteen when they met and now he was eighteen going on nineteen come next March.

Angel was in the bathroom washing up for the night. He toweled his face off and then reached out wiping the steam off the mirror and looked at himself. He looked older these days. Maybe because there was a war and war ages you faster. Angel toweled off his hands and on his wrist were tattoos. On his left wrist it said vampire and on the left it said slayer but they weren't in English it was written in Greek and old language and it looked like this βρυκόλακας φονιάς. The tattoo had two meanings, one was just stating what he is or it meant slayer in love with a vampire or a vampire in love with a slayer. It depends how you look at it.

That wasn't the only tattoo he had now a days. He had one on his right shoulder of a bird. It was a Griffin from the Book of Kells, with the addition of the letter "A" beneath it standing for his name. A Griffin represents both wisdom and power and is commonly associated with strength in war. Also they mate for life and if their partner dies then they live alone for the rest of their days. This tattoo seemed to be a good description of Angel.

He has one other tattoo now on his left side and it was the Triquetra Knot, Buffy's Triquetra Knot. Within in the knot there was writing in Latin since Buffy can both read and speak it. In it, it says Amor et vita mea Aeterna which translates to My Love and Life Forever. Also in it was a date the date was April 16th 1999, the day he and Buffy met. He didn't have these tattoos for no reason they each had a meaning behind them. Angel left the bathroom and shut the light off and crawled into bed next to Buffy for some much needed sleep.

The mansion and the A-Team was in full swing at the moment as the day started. This was a busy a summer for them hunting vampires and demons. Doyle's vision allowed them to save more lives these days. They had a whiteboard up with all the demons they have killed. It sort of looked like they were keeping track or score of something. They were, Buffy is to become human after fulfilling her destiny and fighting evil. This was their way of keeping track of how much she had done. Buffy wasn't awake though it was still her bedtime at the moment. Giles was sipping some tea to get himself going for the day.

"So, carnis demons?" Giles asked sitting down at the table.

"No, had to be sloth demons," Willow jumped in. "They nest and they're…very, very sloth like slow." She finished explaining.

"Like a sloth." Oz jumped in.

"Yes," Willow smiled and looked to Giles but he didn't look amused he looked tired. "Point is another point for the A-Team." She nodded and that much was true. "Oh, Angel we need to sign up for classes." Angel looked up at her and the was the last thing on his mind at the moment.

"Later," Angel downed the last bit of his coffee and walked back to the kitchen setting the cup in the sink.

"So," Willow looked to Doyle. "Any visions brewing?" And the half demon looked up at her with his coffee cup in mid air. He shook his head slowly continuing to drink his coffee. "Guess not," Willow sounded disappointed.

"I say you guys take the day off." Giles spoke up looking around. "The semester is about to start again and you all have been working hard," Giles explained and yes they should do something fun like the beach or see movies.

"Might have to wait after this vision." Doyle put his cup down and everyone gathered around him as he convulsed for a few seconds. It passed and he took in some deep breaths regaining himself. "Ow," Doyle grunted holding his head. "Ok, ok…oh shit,"

"What did you see?" Giles asked and Doyle looked up to Angel.

"You remember that big ass demon Faith sent on you?" Doyle asked the slayer and he nodded. "Got another one," Just then the phone rang and for some reason it made everyone jump. They all looked around the room at each as the phone rang and Giles sighed walking over to it. Only a few people had the number for the mansion and those few people were in the room right now. It could be a telemarketer they have gotten a few of those calls and they are annoying. "Hello?" Giles asked.

Everyone sat around waiting for Giles to return and talk about Doyle's vision. Guess they weren't going to get sometime off to see movies or do anything normal. It was ok it keeps them busy and they still end up hanging out together.

"Angel," Giles walked back to the kitchen and he looked up at her. "Lorne Greene?" He asked sounding confused. Angel however knew who Lorne is and his eyes widen.

Angel, Buffy and Doyle were packing up. Lorne requested their presence in Los Angeles. Of course Willow, Oz and Giles wanted to go with. But if this had anything to do with the Prio Motu then it's best they stay behind. Giles took some quick notes on the demon even though Angel has defeated one not that long ago come to think of it. It wasn't an easy kill to say the least.

"Leaving?" Joyce asked as Angel was in his room packing. "For how long?"

"A few days." Angel answered stuffing his bag. This worried Joyce last time he left he had no intention of returning. "Got a call from a friend in LA, needs my help and I owe him." Joyce sighed with a both understanding and a reluctant nod. "I'll be ok mom." She was getting more and more use to Angel's line of work these although she still worried greatly for him.

The sun was down and the city lit up for the night. It's been a year since Angel has been in this city and part of him never wanted to return. He only had half his crew with him at the moment but it was the stronger half. Willow was still learning magic and controlling it but everyday she got better with it. The three of them parked and Angel led them to a place called Caritas and walked in. Buffy and Doyle looked around the place and Angel had forgot to tell them about what kind of place this was.

Angel was shocked at first when he came in here. It's a safe haven for demons and a karaoke bar. You find something new everyday when you look outside the realm of normal reality.

"Angel?" Buffy asked looking around and he looked to her. "This stool pigeon owns…a…demon karaoke bar?" Angel looked to her and shrugged. "How do you find these people?" She asked wanting to smile but couldn't.

"It's ok we're safe in here." Angel assured her and Doyle nodded.

"Safe?" The half demon sounded scared. "How? There's demons everywhere."

"Trust me, we're ok." Angel answered looking around. "Let me talk to Lorne and see what's going on." Angel went to turn around and green demon with small red horns stood before him. "Lorne,"

"That's Lorne?" Doyle asked looking confused. "Seriously how do you find these people?"

"You must be Doyle, nice to meet you," Lorne held out his hand to the half demon. Doyle slowly shook hands with the green demon. Then Lorne looked to Buffy. "Elizabeth,"

"Going by Buffy these days." She stated and then Lorne held out his hand for a shake but Buffy didn't return the shake. Lorne shrugged and sipped his cocktail and looked to Angel.

"She's pretty Angel." Lorne commented. "And look at you last time I saw you, you were on the run now look at you. One heck of a slayer." Angel didn't have time for small chat and wanted to know why he was in town. "Hey, calm down big guy, I'll tell you why you're here."

"Ok, tell me." Angel demanded.

"Prio Motu is here in town. They usually don't like the above ground situation so sewers is your best bet." Lorne started to explain.

"You called me here to take care of your own demon problems?" Angel asked and Lorne shrugged.

"There's more behind this little case then just an ugly nasty demon Angel cake. You've faced a Prio once but the one you faced was just a teen." Lorne continued and Angel's eyes widen. That demon was huge a few months ago and now he was told they get bigger? "Yeah, so while you got a half breed and a vampire with you, you'll need one other person."

"Who?" Buffy asked and Lorne took out a card handing it to Angel. Angel took the card and it had a name of a hotel on it. The hotel was called the Hyperion.

"Rooms are paid for just drop your name." Lorne explained meaning this little vacation might take awhile. "My other contact will meet you guys there." Lorne took a sip still staring at Angel. "Get on stage and sing."

"No." Angel had no hesitation in objection.

"Bet you can sing." Lorne egged him on.

"No," Angel then started to leave with Buffy and Doyle following.

"Wait Angel you should sing." Buffy started with a little glint in her eyes thinking about Angel singing possibly serenating to her. "I want to hear you sing." She smiled.

"You know if you sing I can read you." Lorne reminded him.

"I don't sing." Angel stated clearly.

"Look slayer, I can see you got that look going on. You got a…hmm a swag about you. But you know there always comes a fall afterwards." Lorne warned him and Angel sighed.

"No, I got a demon to kill." Angel then started to leave with Buffy and Doyle following him. It was a good try though.

Doyle went to check in at the hotel while Buffy and Angel hit the sewers of the city. They didn't have plans to kill the demon tonight just to find out where it was. Angel carried his crossbow knowing vampires could be down here as well and other nasty things.

"Yuck it stinks," Buffy commented and then she yelped. "Rat! Rat!" She saw the little thing scurry away and Angel looked to her and she shrugged. "It came out of no where." She justified her actions. Angel kept walking and she knew something was on his mind. "I still say you should sing."

"Why?" Angel asked as they continued to walk around.

"Be kind of cute," Buffy answered. "Blackmail for later." Angel then gave her a stern look. "Oh come on," She smiled and that forced him to smile a little. Angel stopped dead in his tracks looking at her and she knew the look. "Angel, we're in a nasty, filthy, rat infested sewer," She protested meaning this was the least romantic place but it didn't stop him. Angel leaned in for a kiss anyways and she wouldn't protest it. But the sweet moment went away.

The couple looked up seeing a woman running and that only meant trouble. She wasn't really running but more of a waddle, she was pregnant.

"We're here to help." Angel assured her and then something rounded a corner. It was the Prio Motu. It had a huge axe ready to kill. Angel held up the crossbow and fired at the demon. It didn't even phase the demon and it charged at Angel and tackled him to the ground. Buffy ran to help him and kicked the demon off Angel. The demon growled at Buffy and charged at her slamming the axe down at her. She blocked the axe and kicked the demon away.

The demon then circled her as she waited for a moment. This thing was strong and massive. Buffy saw a shard of metal hanging from behind the demon. The demon charged at her and she braced herself. It punched her in the face and then went to slam its axe down again and she caught its wrist. The demon then grabbed Buffy by the throat and picked her off the ground. Just then Angel kicked the demon away and it dropped its axe. Buffy crawled to the axe and picked it up and swung at the demon and the blade was embedded at its side.

The demon screamed in pain and Angel punched it hard. Buffy then jumped in the air and kicked it back. She did that several times and then gave it one good shove and the hanging broken metal shard went through its chest. The demon screamed in pain and Angel picked up his crossbow and at point blank range pulled the trigger and the arrow went between the eyes and the demon was dead.

"What have you done?" The woman asked and the slayer and vampire looked to the woman as she was in shock. She ran to the dead demon in tears and pulled the arrow out. Both Angel and Buffy were extremely confused. "Why did you do this!" The screamed out.

"He was going to hurt you." Buffy answered and the woman shook her head no.

"He was my protector." The woman sounded out of breath as she started to back away.

"We, we protect people, we were sent here." Buffy started and the lady looked confused and started to back away. "That's a Prio Motu a killer." She was trying to justify why she and Angel killed it.

"What was it protecting you from?" Angel asked as they followed the woman.

"Things you wouldn't handle like the Tribunal!" She yelled out and then turned to the two. "I don't care who you two are. He was my protector, I had one friend in this god forsaken world and you two killed him." She was out of breath and in tears. "Stay the hell away from me." She demanded and took off.

Buffy sat on the hotel bed while Angel was in the corner of the room leaning against the wall. Angel and Buffy explained to Doyle what had happened and even he was shocked. A Prio Motu was good.

"Look, it's not your guys' fault ok. Prio Motus are nasty killers." Doyle assured them. Angel wasn't concerned about killing the demon he was more concerned about the pregnant woman and Buffy. "I would have done the same thing it was self defense." Angel started to pace and Doyle sighed. "What were you guys supposed to do? Think something like that could change and be good?"

"I did," Buffy spoke up and now Angel understood why this was bothering her more than him. Of course it bother him but for Buffy it hit close to home. She was a vampire but she wasn't evil. Her past still plagues her and defines who she is even though she was far from Elizabeth.

"Oh god," Doyle also realized it. "I'm sorry Buffy."

"He was a solider like us." Buffy then got up and paced around. "Now that woman is alone and helpless."

"Buffy, we can still make this right." Angel looked to her. "It was protecting the woman so she's our responsibility now." Buffy nodded. "She mentioned something about the Tribunal." Doyle nodded meaning some research needed to be done. He will phone Giles for more help on that. Angel still saw that Buffy was distraught with that happened earlier and needed to cheer her up. What was done was done but it didn't mean it was over. "Buffy," The small blond vampire looked up at the slayer. "You can't see everything, you're just a vampire like everyone else…and…and that came out wrong."

"Better hit the streets." Doyle suggested breaking the awkward but yet light moment. Buffy knew what he was trying to do and it helped.

"Right," Angel and Buffy said together and gathered some weapons to head out. Just as they opened the door someone was standing there about ready to knock. He was young black man, baldhead and in a hoody.

"You guys must be the A-Team." He said and walked in and the three looked confused. "Charles Gunn, call me Gunn." He introduced himself. "Lorne sent me here to help."

The four were in the car together as Gunn explained who he was. He was a vampire hunter. Him and his younger sister were orphans because of vampires. To seek revenge they hunted vampires. One day though his sister was killed and turned into a vampire. Gunn had a small group of vampire hunters and Lorne funded their little program. For a human he was strong at what he did.

"So we were supposed to help the Prio not kill it," Doyle continued on. "Well, thanks for the obscure vision Powers That be."

"Shit happens." Gunn assured them. "Thought all we had to dodge were roaches and vampires." He muttered. "So, where would the woman be?"

"Somewhere near the sewers we killed the Prio." Buffy answered.

"No," Angel was feeling something. "They were running from something, they live elsewhere. Somewhere close though." Angel informed them.

"Where are the sewers?" Gunn asked.

"Near the DWP." Angel answered and Gunn looked a little nervous.

"I know all the pockets and I guess you want to do this right now." Gunn looked around.

"Right now would be good." Buffy added.

The four of them were heading down a hill to the underground. LA was full of underground tunnels that stretched for miles. It was a great place to get lost and hide. People, vampires and demons live down here and it can get a little rough. It made sense why the woman would live down here.

"How deep are these tunnels?" Angel asked as they walked together.

"Pretty deep bro." Gunn answered. "Call them tombs. My crew and I cleaned out a vampire nest down here last year been checking in on it occasionally." The four were now walking down deeper in the tunnels. It was strange to know that there were those people out there that were in the vampire hunting business. Buffy's never come up against them just slayers. But if the Council knew and knew how to treat them right they could have an army. But it was the Council they were too stupid to see pass there cup of tea. But for Angel to know that he wasn't the only one fighting made the fight seem easier to face.

"Rules down here if you guys ever want to come back," Gunn started. "Got to stay together, these tombs twist and turn. Bring a light and mark your way out." He then pointed to a white arrow painted on the wall pointed to the way they came. "We put these up, anyone runs off they can be mistaken for a vampire and it's happen before." It looked like this Gunn had everything under control. They were about to round a corner when Gunn stopped. "Hold up," Gunn stared at something a vent. "That wasn't there before." He pointed out and now Angel, Buffy and Doyle understood why Lorne had Gunn onboard with this mission. The four walked up to the vent and it was very new.

"I don't feel any air coming from this thing." Buffy waved her hand around. There should be air because the vent was huge. All four looked at each other and they grabbed the vent and pulled it and it started to open like a door. They walked in and saw a fire going, two beds set up and a little table. "For a sewer it's pretty clean." They began to look around and Angel found a diary.

"Kamal," Buffy muttered the name on the diary. "That was his name." And she sounded guilty again. Angel then saw a wooden box and it looked important. He opened it but there was nothing there. Buffy then walked over to the box and knelt down and reached under and pulled something. It was a copper disk of some kind.

"The hell is that?" Gunn asked and Doyle shrugged.

"Bet it has something to do with the Tribunal." Doyle added.

"We need to get back and call Giles." Angel stated and then they heard something. They turned around and saw the pregnant woman standing there. "You're safe."

"You guys need to leave." She stated as she walked further in.

"What's happening?" Buffy asked.

"Look I just want to protect my baby." She answered in frustration.

"We're here to help." Doyle told her and she looked at them. "Why are you down here?"

"Look, six months ago I was just a normal cashier making sure I had the money to provide for my daughter. Now I'm in a sewer hoping my baby is just born. How was I supposed to know she's supposed to be a seer, warrior, something important?" The lady answered their questions.

"We can help." Buffy stepped in. "Let us help you and your daughter." The woman looked at the four of them as they stood there. They all came to seek her out meaning they cared.

"We need to find the coat of arms," The lady explained. "Kamal said I need to present it to the Tribunal and they might call this off." Then the lady saw Buffy holding up the copper talisman and she smiled.

"Let's get out of here." Doyle suggested and the woman followed them. They opened the door and looked down the tunnel hearing something. There were shadows walking to them.

"Vampires?" Doyle whispered.

"There's a price on my head." The woman informed them.

"Demons." Buffy stated sensing what they were. They had to go back further into the tombs and find another way out. Buffy took the woman's hand as Angel led the group. It's a good thing they brought some weapons.

"Stay together," Gunn informed them. Angel took out his flashlight and saw an arrow pointing to a direction. They all ran as quietly and swiftly as possible down the tunnel. Buffy went up to the front because she could see the best without light. Angel held up his crossbow while tossing the flashlight to Doyle and Gunn kept the woman close. They rounded a corner and Buffy saw vampires.

"Back, back, go back!" She whispered loudly at them and pushed them back. They ran down another tunnel and kept running. Then Buffy stopped and looked up seeing a vent and pointed. Buffy started to climb and Gunn had the lady go up next while Angel had his crossbow pointing down the tunnel. Doyle went up after Gunn then Angel followed. They ran down the road to the parked car and then got in and drove off.

"What's the Tribunal?" Angel asked as he drove.

"Way to ease into that one." Buffy muttered and the woman sighed.

"Some other unworldly court that can protect my baby." She explained. "You go before them with the talisman and…I don't know how it works. Kamal said he was going to be my champion." She finished.

They were back at the hotel and Angel saw Buffy standing out on the balcony. She was still upset about killing the Prio knowing it was trying to protect this woman. Angel walked outside to join her.

"Talk to me." He stated knowing sometimes you had to beat it out of her. Buffy looked up at him.

"I thought…" Buffy paused. "I thought I was close. We've been fighting nonstop and I thought I was done. I could be human again and then…then this happens."

"We've all gotten cocky Buffy." Angel looked to her. "I have because I want to see you become human so badly that I didn't pay attention." Angel then faced her. "You will become human, it's going to take a while but I know you well enough and I'll be there to see it." Buffy smiled a little and he pulled her in for a hug. The woman saw the hug from the glass doors. She could see something between them and smiled. Just then Doyle came outside.

"Got something," He informed the two and they came back inside. Doyle walked to the phone and pressed a button. "Giles you hear me?" Doyle asked.

"I can hear you." It was Giles' voice. "Ok, this talisman is something medieval. It is to be presented when going before the Chair of Judgment," The former Watcher explained. "The Tribunal settle…disputes so to speak."

"Like lawyers?" Buffy asked hoping that was the answer.

"They do it in a very primitive way uh a fight to the death." Giles corrected Buffy.

"The Prio is strong enough for that." Angel stated and the woman looked around. "Where does this happen?"

"Anywhere," Giles' answered on the speaker. "They don't live in our reality they can pop up anywhere."

"We need to find this place and now." Buffy knew time was always against them and it will never change.

"How?" Gunn asked.

"There's one way." Angel stated looking around and it was time to throw his hands up on this.

Buffy, Doyle, Gunn and the woman named Jo sat at a little table while Angel was on stage. They were back at Lorne's bar and Angel was singing. Buffy thought it was going to be cute see Angel singing but right now it was painful and she vowed for it to never happen again. He looked so awkward up there and the song he chose didn't help his case what so ever.

"Oh Mandy," Angel kept singing and he looked like he wanted to die right now. "Well, you came and you gave without takin'. But I sent you away, oh Mandy," Lorne sat in the back listening while part of Angel's crew just listening and were also in just as much agony as the slayer. "Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shakin' and I need you today, oh Mandy. Well, you came and you gave,"

"Your boyfriend will do anything to save a life." Doyle commented and Buffy nodded slowly as she watched Angel up there. Lorne came up to the stage to both save Angel's and the lives of those listening to him. Once the mic was put down you could hear a collective sigh. Lorne brought Angel to the table where his friends sat.

"Well, you're just a hot ticket," Lorne began as he sat down.

"Where can we find the Tribunal?" Angel wanted to cut to the chase and hopefully Lorne could read something in him and Angel could connect the dots. But Lorne read something else about Angel and things were confusing but there was something there, something important something about a sunrise or the break of dawn.

"Wherever she is, miss Jo can't escape it but without a champion," Lorne then looked to Jo and the face said it all. "You know where to go." Jo knew what Lorne meant she'll know where to go without knowing because she can feel it. "Better get walking,"

"Can we save her?" Buffy asked.

"You can always try." Lorne then got up to attend to his people leaving the crew alone.

Jo did as Kamal told her to and she walked the streets of LA. She was followed by Angel and Buffy as they were on a less populated street at the moment. Then Jo stopped and looked around and the ground shook. Jo turned around as three hood beings sat on chairs of stone and down the way a knight on a horse paced. The rider on the horse came up and tossed a talisman on the ground.

"Where is your coat of arms?" The center being asked. "Where is your champion?"

"Please I only ask for asylum." Jo begged.

"Asylum is not given it is earned human." The center being stated. "Two must engage in battle since you have no champion your life is forfeit." The rider got off the horse and took out his sword.

"Um excuse me," Buffy stepped in and everyone looked at her and then Angel threw in the talisman.

"She has two champions," Angel stated.

"Only one can enter." The center being said and Angel nodded.

"Nothing about tag teaming right?" Buffy asked and the center being looked confused and she shrugged. That meant one of them will start and will step out if needed while the other jumps in. Buffy and Angel didn't need to talk as their expressions said it all. Angel will take the first round.

Jo stepped aside as Buffy walked Angel to the empty horse as a jousting match was about to start. Buffy wouldn't do any jousting fear that a piece of wood could hit her in the wrong spot.

"Ever ridden a horse before?" Buffy asked and Angel with his eyes answered no.

"A pony on my fifth birthday." He answered and she nodded looking worried.

"Crash coarse, hold tightly on the reins and tightly on the jousting stick. You kick the horse at the same time with your heels and make this sound." Buffy made a clicking noise. "Keep using your heels to drive the horse faster and if you need to stop pull on the reins. Rules of jousting if you knock him off he loses but since this a fight to the death and you knock him off get off your horse fast to take him out." Buffy finished and Angel nodded. "Just toss me the sword if you need me to take over."

"We've faced worse right?" Angel asked and Buffy smiled a little and leaned in kissing his cheek.

"The fair maiden also kisses the cheek of her knight for luck." Buffy explained and Angel liked that. He forgets sometimes when she actually grew up. Even though in the seventeen hundreds knights weren't as popular it was still around. Buffy backed away as Angel mounted on the horse and put the shield on one arm and Buffy handed him his jousting stick. The center being held up a red scarf for a moment as Buffy backed up more. The scarf was dropped and the rider of one horse and Angel began to charge.

The riders got closer and closer and one got a hit. Angel got a piece of the other rider but didn't knock him off. That meant they had to go again and they charged at one another. Their jousting sticks hit both of them in the chest and they both flew off their horses. Angel hit the concrete pretty hard and slowly rolled over and spat some blood out. He got up as quickly as possible and grabbed the sword from the horse and turned around and saw the other rider advancing slowly to him.

"Fight to the death." The center being announced. The rider had an axe and went to slam it down. Angel spun and blocked the axe with the sword and they were in duel to the death match. Angel blocked all the riders move easily but Buffy could tell he was tired. They've been up since they've arrived and in about two hours it'll be sunrise.

"Angel!" Buffy called out and he looked to her. He did a back flip and tossed her the sword and she caught it and jumped into battle as Angel took a step back. Buffy was also tired but she had one advantage and it was time to use it. She blocked a few moves and took a purposely wrong step and was stabbed. Jo gasped but Angel knew what was about to happen. Buffy fell to one knee pretending to go down as the rider walked away proudly.

"You lose." The center being announced.

"Nope," Buffy looked up and pulled the sword out of her chest and tossed it to Angel. Angel jumped in the air and sliced the rider's head clean off. Jo looked shocked at Buffy not understanding, that sword should have killed her.

"You have won, the woman and her daughter are under our protection until the daughter becomes eighteen." The center being stated and disappeared.

"That's it?" Buffy asked. "No gold medal?"

It was a bright day in Sunnydale as Buffy sat on her couch thinking. She's been trying to keep score of what she's been doing hoping to earn enough points to save herself. But this isn't a game or a race it's life. If she is to be redeem then she'll have to earn it without keeping track she had to just fight and move on. As she sat there in deep thought a red rose was placed on the coffee table and Buffy looked up at Angel.

"One soul at a time." Angel began and she smiled with a nod as he sat down next to her. "No more keeping track we just do what we need to do." And she agreed.

"Say sign up for classes?" Buffy snuck that in and Angel sighed.

"Yeah been putting that off." Angel admitted and looked to her and held out his hand and she took it. "Road to redemption is a rocky one."

"Think I'll make it?" She asked and Angel gave a soft smile.

"You will." And he was honest.

"Please don't ever sing again." Buffy begged.

"I don't plan on it." Angel added and they started to just talk about whatever they wanted to talk about. Their little conversions were enjoyable it what's keeps the outside world at bay, kept them sane and close. Right now the topic of discussion was the Vulcan mind meld. Buffy has started to watch some modern TV and Angel had to help her understand. She put her hand on his face trying it and he smiled explain why it's done. It really is just the little things in life that keep you going.

Aaahhh I did a crossover with Angel. Hoped you liked it as we got see the group before college starts. There will be more crossovers and blending of BTVS and ATS to come. So, got your feet wet and as you can tell it's not season 4. I've kept parts of the season and you'll see them as we move along. But then again we're in a whole new ball game.

The forum for Book 4 is up with a chapter in review for you guys if you want more insight. I'll post a sneak peek of chapter two here and a longer look in the forum. Thanks for reading, comments and reviews are most welcome and I'm happy to be back writing again.

Chapter 2 Burning Down the House

The human was brought before her and she morphed into her vampire face and fed. She drained the young boy dry and started to walk around.

"Sunday," A vampire came over to her and the blonde vampire looked to him. "We have a few problems with this town."

"Like what?" She asked sitting down.

"The male slayer lives here." The vampire answered and she smiled.

"Well, I was a slayer myself so no issues there." Sunday sounded confidant.

"Elizabeth lives here too." The vampire add and Sunday stood up. Sunday or in her human days went as Marie and one night Marie was attacking a vampire a blonde that called herself Elizabeth and was killed and turned.