Chapter 13 Changes

A/N: Update time. There are ten chapters left wow. And guess what a lot will happen in ten chapters. It gets all the more interesting and chapter 14 is one of the more interesting ones. But first let's get through chapter 13 first. Enjoy.

I still don't know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
Every time I thought I'd got it made
It seemed the taste
was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I've never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I'm much too fast to take that testCh-ch-ch-ch-Changes
(Turn and face the stranger)
Don't want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the stranger)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace timeI watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware
of what they're going throughCh-ch-ch-ch-Changes
(Turn and face the stranger)
Don't tell them to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the stranger)
Where's your shame
You've left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can't trace timeStrange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace
I'm going throughCh-ch-ch-ch-Changes
(Turn and face the stranger)
Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers
(Turn and face the stranger)
Pretty soon you're gonna get
a little older
Time may change me
But I can't trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can't trace time

Changes by David Bowie

Angel was studying at the moment. He had his papers on the desk with the open books trying to make sure he knew both the chapters and notes forwards and backwards. The last few days have been…exciting…tiring and just long. What was on his mind was Riley and how he was one of the commandos. He and Buffy told the A-Team and well all in all it was "Surprise!" Were these commandos something to fear? Could they actually team up? What about Buffy? What about Oz? Doyle? These people hunt demons; vampires and he's pretty sure werewolves are on the list. There could be tension but one thing is for sure things were changing. The world Angel once knew, where he thought he was the only one that fought, where Giles was the one that knew the mythology, that world was disappearing.

Angel sat at the desk and looked at the time. He should get some sleep before the sun actually rises. But since the almost opening of the Hell Mouth and figuring out who Riley was you could say he wasn't completely focus. Just then Angel looked up as he sat at the small desk in the room and Buffy gotten up from the bed and walked over.

"It's midnight and you're still studying?" Buffy asked and Angel nodded and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders kissing his cheek. "Difficult?" She asked and he shook his head no.

"Just thinking about Riley and knowing he's out there somewhere hunting. Feels kind of creepy." Angel answered as he continued to read his notes and Buffy started to rub his shoulders and that will keep him from not focusing on anything.

"You should could come to bed. His secret is out there's nothing to hide." Buffy knew he needed to sleep. But Buffy felt with Riley there might actually be something to hide.

"Got a test on this soon." Angel explained and Buffy leaned in kissing his cheek and made a trail down his neck. "Buffy," He groaned a little. She was such a distraction. Buffy stood up and grabbed the paper from his hand and tossed it on the desk and wedged herself into Angel's lap so she was now straddling him. He sighed in frustration but then again he liked it too. Buffy leaned in to continue what she started and kept kissing his neck. "You're doing this on purpose."

"Yes," Buffy muttered and then pulled away. "And what are going to do about it?" She asked and if Angel didn't answer in three seconds then his argument was invalid. Three seconds went by and nothing so she leaned in for a kiss and he accepted. Maybe study time was over for the night.

Just then Angel and Buffy jumped as Willow came bursting into their room almost out of breath. Buffy looked up to the red head and Angel turned his head to see Willow a little.

"Please don't knock," Buffy sounded a little annoyed.

"Something jumped through the rec room window at the campus. It's breathing fire." Willow explained. "Avengers assemble?" She asked and both Angel and Buffy got up meaning yes.

Angel and Buffy headed to the garden and just then the lights turned on and Joyce was there, Anya, Cordelia, Doyle, Xander, Oz and Giles.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!" They all yelled and a banner hung with Buffy's name on it. Angel then looked to Buffy with smile meaning he knew all about this. Buffy looked shocked, she's never had a surprise birthday ever. And because it was passed midnight it was officially her birthday.

"How does it feel to be two hundred and fifty one?" Xander asked with a smile. "Does someone need a birthday spanking?"

"I'd advise against that." Angel warned and he didn't mean he'll kick his ass. How did Buffy not even notice this? It has to be know by now that she's oblivious to the obvious. But it didn't matter she walked into the small gathering of people to hug and thank them. And because of the location of the mansion they could party all night.

"Well, drinks all around." Giles announced as Doyle turned on the music. The table had small little snacks that Joyce prepared for this, matching cups and plates and of course a cake with Buffy's name on it. And on a smaller table there were gifts just for her. It wasn't until last year that she started to celebrate her birthday and the last time before that was before her mother died. Everyone deserves a second chance even if it's a birthday with your closet friends and families.

Buffy had to change into real clothes not PJs but they did surprise her. This surprise started actually in the summer. Angel wanted to do this for, give her a real birthday with balloons and cake. Buffy made her rounds to her friends as it was just a merry gathering for the late night. They would all be crashing here and in the afternoon Doyle would have to get Cordelia back to the airport.

"How's college?" Buffy asked Cordelia and she shrugged.

"Too much like high school, actually changed my major to theater." Cordelia answered. "Gotten some small little roles outside of the theater. Commercials but hey it's something." Buffy smiled at her while Angel, Giles and Joyce were talking. Joyce was the one who pulled off the food, baked the cake that everyone was enjoying and the decorating for this.

"It's very lovely Joyce," Giles commented as he sipped his Brandi. The kids all got virgin drinks excepted Doyle, Giles, Joyce and Buffy they get the real stuff. Pretty soon though Angel was going to be nineteen and that was hard for both Giles and Joyce to wrap their heads around. Angel noticed that there was a little something going on between his mom and Giles at the moment. Yes they had sex last year even though it was the candy's fault. But when they are together there's like this…sparks. His mom smiled and Giles seemed to get a little flustered.

Angel went to leave them alone to spend time with the birthday girl and their friends. There was a grand total of ten people here but sometimes these were the best parties as they all enjoyed each other's company.

Morning came as Angel came down the stairs to get to class. It might have been a bad idea to throw a birthday party that late but it was worth it. He headed to the kitchen hearing people and saw his mom and Giles the two earlier birds. Joyce was making sure everything was spotless before leaving. Doyle and Cordelia were up and Cordelia was packed and ready to head back to the airport.

"Morning Angel," Joyce walked over to her son and kissed his cheek and walked back to the counter to finish his breakfast. He did miss his mom's breakfasts once in a while.

"Willow and Oz still here?" Angel asked and Doyle shook his head no.

"They left like ten minutes ago." Cordelia answered which meant Angel needed to leave right now. He slept in as late as possible. He grabbed the breakfast sandwich his mom made for him and would eat it on the way.

"Sorry to eat and run." Angel apologized because he would love to just sit and enjoy the morning because it was a beautiful day.

"It's what you live for, go keep the streets safe." Joyce insisted and then Angel walked over to Cordelia to hug her good bye. The Spring term will be over before they know it and she'll back for the summer.

"Thanks for coming." Angel thanked the former cheerleader.

"We're family," She replied. Cordelia has mellowed out since being with Doyle, she can still be a little self-centered but she knows what's out there and how close the end of the world has come since meeting Angel. "See you over the summer." Angel pulled away and left for his classes.

Xander and Anya made it back to the basement as everyone stayed the night at the mansion. Spike was left to watch the basement and the vampire won't admit it but he was sad that he wasn't invited to the party.

"You don't own anything," Xander explained to Spike and the basement smelt like cigarettes. Spike was wondering around the basement while Anya sat in a chair looking bored. "This shouldn't take long,"

"Hang on, let me get organized." Spike was shuffling through some stuff. Just then Spike took something.

"That's my radio." Xander announced and Spike stopped and looked at him.

"And what you're shocked and disappointed?" The vampire asked. "I'm evil," And Xander just stood there. Spike was nearly back to his normal self again. He still couldn't hurt humans but he can fight demons so it was enough. Spike was leaving the cave and really wanted to go back to the mansion. It was spacious, clean and oh there was blood there with other food.

"What kind of place are you looking for?" Anya asked as she sat in the chair waiting. The true answer was the mansion but Spike will need to settle for something else.

"Don't know," Spike answered as he started to take some of Xander's magazines. "Maybe a crypt, some place that's dark and dank but not as bad as this place." Spike added and Xander continued to stand there watching the vampire take his things.

"Yeah, it is depressing here." Anya agreed and Xander still stood there with his arms across his chest taking the abuse.

"I've known corpses that live in a fresher place than this." Spike added.

"Alright, that's it out," Xander had enough and wanted the vampire out. Spike has over stayed his welcome and Buffy didn't want to take him back. Deep down Spike was afraid to be on his own thinking the commandoes would find him. Angel knew at least one commando but has not told Riley that he and Spike go way back even though if Spike was caught or killed it wouldn't be a loss to the slayer.

"Will you have running water?" Anya asked.

"No, it's a crypt." Spike answered and Anya looked confused.

"Well, you'll need a fridge to keep blood fresh. I don't know why don't you just don't stay in a hotel." Anya added and Spike thought about that for a moment.

"Demon girl has a point," Spike was thinking and then looked to Xander's mini fridge.

"No, out! Get out before I call Angel over here to kick you out." Xander threatened the vampire.

"Surprise he's not here to say good bye, been threw a lot together." Spike added. "Not like we're friends but still."

"Get out." Xander demanded.

Angel walked down the hallway to Walsh's office where Riley stood there waiting. Angel was very uncomfortable about doing this. Enough people knew he was the slayer and he really didn't want more to know. But then again Angel needed to figure out who Riley and his people are and what they actually do. Riley opened the door to the office where the psychology teacher by day sat her desk. Angel studied her further and wondered how he never saw it. He then took a seat and Walsh looked at him.

"So," She began looking at Angel and Riley stood off in the corner. "You're the slayer?" She asked because she wasn't sure what to believe.

"I am," Angel wasn't going to play games with her.

"Well we thought the slayer was a myth let alone a girl, how did you become one?" Walsh asked and Angel shrugged.

"I don't know but here I am." Angel was truly a man of a few words. He was studying though, trying to understand this woman. He knew the commandoes and Riley were hiding something and that mean Walsh was too. He wasn't going to give too much away because he didn't know enough. He'll let them know what is needed and nothing more.

"And to think, you were sitting in my class," Walsh was a little confused about it. "Well, I'd like to think that we fight for the same cause just our methods differ."

"Really?" Angel asked not too sure how to interpret that.

"We use the latest technology, sharp shooters, thermo radar and you use a crossbow?" She asked and answered.

"It gets the job done." Angel was getting a little bored. "It takes four of you to take out one vampire, I can take out four vampires with one crossbow if I'm busy and don't have time to fight them hand to hand." That was a little bit of a slap to the face and both Riley and Walsh felt it.

"Well, we should join up, we can really become a force." Walsh offered the slayer. "I'm in the process of getting you clearance to have access to the Initiative."

"That's nice but I have my team already." Angel wasn't sure if he could trust this woman.

"I hear you fight with a vampire, that's…odd." Walsh added.

"I do." Angel was not going to lie about it.

"And she can walk in day light?" Walsh asked because Riley has confirmed that he has seen Buffy in daylight. "How is that possible?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Angel asked meaning he wasn't going to say.

"Personal I take it, well Finn has taken out seventeen vampires." Walsh sounded proud. "What about you?" Angel wasn't sure if he should embarrass Riley.

"I've lost count and that's just vampires, killed many demons, killed the Master vampire, stopped The Judge, kept Acahtla from awakening, stopped the Hell Mouth from opening three times, and killed a huge demon who was once the mayor of Sunnydale." That was impressive. "You don't look impressed."

"I am," Walsh assured him. "To have that much skill you must have been doing this for sometime now."

"Since I was fifteen." Angel answered and Riley stood there. Angel already intimidated him even though Riley was much older yet Angel has achieved more and he does this every night. "Stopping the demons that night before they could entire into the Hell Mouth, that's average." Angel wasn't trying to put these people down but they haven't seen nothing yet.

At the mansion Buffy was still asleep, Doyle was at the airport and Joyce had went home so Giles was pretty much by himself. He was dusting to keep busy for a bit but as he dusted a book caught his attention. Now a days the study at the mansion had an impressive library and they were still collecting. Giles reached for the book and started to skim through it as he sat at the table and then he counted.

"The third moon after the nine hundredth Feast of Delthrox." Giles read and this was bad. "Oh shit," Giles raced out of the study and ran up stairs, ran down the hall and banged on Buffy's door. The sleepy vampire came to the door and opened it. "We have a huge problem."

"World's going to end?" Buffy asked as it was her birthday and she should be allowed to sleep all day.

"The demon Barvain is to rise tonight." Giles stated and Buffy nodded.

"We gotta get Angel." Buffy knew what this meant and she quickly went to change and figure this out now.

Angel and team walked the cemetery to fight and kill the demon. The demon was to rise at sunset and the had set an hour ago.

"We are late." Willow informed them.

"Yes, had to figure where this demon was going to rise." Giles explained as they kept walking while Angel smoked a cigarette as they kept walking. They came to the usual place where demons can be found, a crypt. Angel tossed the cigarette and made sure his crossbow was ready. Angel stood before the door ready while Doyle went to open the door and everyone was in formation. The door opened and Angel went in looking around. The place was empty as he went further in and lowered his crossbow.

"I like the demons who know how to clean up." Xander commented.

"Shut up," Angel snapped because he didn't like this.

"Maybe it hasn't happened yet?" Oz asked as they looked around.

"Or Riley already got here." Buffy suggested and that could have happened. Angel didn't completely believe that Riley was here. While the Initiative can clear a place they're more about the hunt not finding something that rises.

"What's the plan boss?" Oz asked as they looked around. Angel didn't like this as he looked into the dark. Something wasn't right but there was nothing here and Giles' math and calculations were always correct.

"If something does happened then we'll know." Angel answered meaning they'll leave and if something does happened they'll be ready. As they left someone came from the dark smiling at them as the group left. He was back.

"Something will happened my dear Rupert," The man said and just then the door opened and it was Giles but he was alone.

"Ethan Rein," Giles didn't know why he was here but it couldn't be good.

"Where's the boy?" Ethan asked meaning where Angel was. So far Angel didn't come in so that was good. Last time Angel and Ethan met Ethan had some bruises that lasted for weeks.

"Out hunting consider this a free night for you." Giles warned his old friend. Ethan smiled at Giles and went to run but Giles was able to knock him down and subdue him. Angel can beat the crap out of him and Giles can do.

"Alright, alright!" Ethan held up his hands calling a truce. "You can beat me up but I have information. Your slayer will need to hear this but I'm going to you first because I don't want to die yet. Something bad is happening, something very bad." Giles wasn't sure if he could trust this man.

"How can I trust you?" Giles asked.

"Please, you have to you and the slayer needs time to prepare." Ethan explained and Giles thought about it.

The restaurant would be closing soon so there were few people here. It was a small Italian place and they were more or less here for a drink. Giles wanted to bring Angel along but first he needed to be sure Ethan was honest and not sent them on a wild goose chase. The waitress brought them some beers and Giles wasted no time.

"What is it that you want to tell me?" The former Watcher asked and Ethan always liked how subtle Ripper could be. Ethan chuckled a little sipping his beer wondering how to start this.

"We use to be friends Rupert," Ethan began. "Guess it fell apart." Giles just sat there. "Fine, we'll just get to it. Something is happening in the dark world. There's always been rumors out there." Ethan got comfortable sitting there with his beer and Giles listened. "Only one thing is coming through clear and that is something is harming demons." Giles took a sip of his beer still listening. "It's not your slayer and the vampire, you know anything?" And Giles shrugged taking another sip.

"What are they saying?" Giles asked and Ethan chuckled.

"You know demons, all exaggeration I'm sure. Pain is bright as steal things like that." Ethan had a smile looking at Giles. "They're scared Rupert, the demons, they're afraid and it's not Angel. Something called three fourteen has got them scared most of all. It's the kind of scare that turns into angry. I know we aren't fond of each other anymore but we are couple of mystics." Giles chuckled to that.

Ethan could see Giles didn't want to be here so maybe he should it put into prospective for the Watcher. His slayer could be in danger because of it and maybe the only one who could stop it.

"Rupert, this, whatever this is, it doesn't belong." Ethan sat there and he was serious. "It's throwing the world out of balance. And that's beyond chaos. You know the balance, you know the slayer controls the balance but not anymore not with this thing." Ethan then sipped his beer as Giles listened. This did sound serious. "You're slayer, he's headed into one hell of a fight."

At the mansion Angel and Buffy were sparing. Tonight was a complete burn out and nothing happened. Buffy blocked Angel and he blocked her. They weren't really sparing they were sort of just joking around. They weren't throwing hard punches they were laughing. They got closer and Angel picked her up and she giggled as he playfully slammed her down but she didn't fight him. They were now close and passion was taking over.

"We should actually practice," Buffy suggested as Angel's lips were so close to hers and he nodded. "And this isn't practicing,"

"I know," Angel then leaned in for a very passionate kiss and Buffy smiled while she kissed him. Anyone could walk right in so if they were going to do anything they had to make it quick. Buffy pulled away with a smile.

"Is that your stake or you just happy to see me?" She asked but Angel didn't answer he just smiled and went back to kissing her.

Back at the bar Ethan and Giles were working on their sixth beer by now. They were drunk and laughing a little together.

"I've been fighting demons for twenty years, been here for four years now just six months ago demons are pissing themselves with fear." Giles was annoyed with this. "I mean Angel can make demons scared but this, this something else."

"Yes, this Initiative is," Ethan then wrote something one a napkin. "Here's my number, call me…for, for a good time." He handed the napkin to the waitress and she took it while giving them some shot glasses.

"From what I know they're gathering demons and killing them can't be all bad." Giles added. "They get the job done. I'm an unemployed librarian what's my function?"

"It'll all be over soon Rupert I poisoned your drink you'll be dead in an hour." Ethan answered and Giles' eyes widen and then Ethan roared with laughter and Giles started to laugh wildly too. Yes these two were very drunk. "Oh we're both going to hell."

"We all are." Giles held up the shot glass holding whiskey and Ethan raised his glass up and they clicked glasses. "To us old bastards."

"Here, here," And they both downed the shots. Well the old sayings goes beer before liquor never been sicker.

A knock was heard at the door and Willow got from her desk and opened it and Oz was there.

"Thank you for stopping by before I went to bed." Willow thanked him and Oz nodded and she let him in. Things were still weird and there was an awkwardness in between them.

"Sure," Oz walked in and Tara was there. "So what's this."?

"We're going to try a spell and I was hoping you could be the binding circle." Willow answered and there was a rose on the floor. Oz smiled a little meaning he would.

Giles' head was spinning and hurting and everything seemed to make it worse. Yes this was what we call a hang over. Giles rolled out of bed and knew he should not have drink so much but he did. Giles saw the time well it was a blur it could say seven or one…maybe. Giles got up and went to his dresser but when he looked into the mirror but saw something. He was looking at a demon…himself. He head horns, his skin was a light brown, he looked hideous.

"No!" His voice was low and gargly and he put his hand on the dresser but he broke the dresser. He started to move but he felt bulky as he opened the door and it flew off. "Angel, Buffy," He grunted down the hall and went to the door to knock but created a hole. "Damn!" He yelled and went in but the room was empty. "Doyle!" But it looks like the mansion was empty. "Ethan," Giles realized who this fault it was. Giles went into his room to put a jacket it on but his body was too big and he was too strong that he ripped it. Giles then grabbed a blanket to wrap himself with it and needed to find Angel.

Angel and Buffy were out enjoying brunch together with Doyle and Willow. It was nice as they were just talking like friends do.

"I like pancakes," Buffy stacked her pancakes perfectly. "You can stack them and then waffles you can put syrup in the tiny squares." She said as she poured some syrup over her pancakes and Angel smiled.

"So, Willow, Oz?" Doyle asked as he ate his bacon and Willow went red in the face and it matched her hair.

"He came over but there's nothing just friends." Willow assured them but she didn't fool anyone. Angel and Buffy went through something similar. "Tara and I did a spell and I wanted Oz to be there but something weird happened. Tara and I went to float a rose and the rose went all blah and crazy." That was strange.

"And the rose was supposed to do…what?" Doyle asked.

"Just float." Willow answered taking a bit of her waffle and Doyle nodded. "And the petals just went poof, gone."

"A little strange." Buffy added.

"It shouldn't have done that. I felt something in the air and same with Oz, he says things feel…just wrong." Willow explained. "I felt this dark magic and it's new."

"We'll tell Giles," Angel stated as he was enjoying the brunch he was eating.

"Could tell Walsh," Willow added and Angel shook his head no grabbing his glass of orange juice.

"Giles, don't like Walsh." Angel gave his reason. Its true he didn't like Walsh she seemed to think she knew it all that she knew about the demon underworld. She hasn't got a clue and Riley was no different.

Demon Giles opened a door to Xander's basement…room and looked around. He saw that Xander was asleep in his bed and he sighed.

"You still asleep?" Giles asked and Xander didn't move. "It's ten thirty in the morning." But again Xander didn't move. Giles got closer and started to wake Xander. "Xander, wake up," Xander finally rolled over still asleep.

"Mommy?" Xander muttered.

"No, not mommy," Giles answered. "When you look at me I may look a little different so don't be alarmed. Its me Giles now listen Ethan turned me into a demon and I need your help." Giles kept explaining and Xander was still half asleep. He finally started awake and saw a demon talking to him. Xander screamed fighting his way out of bed trying to get away. Giles trying to explain but all Xander heard was gargling and he ran and got a pot.

"Demon! Demon!" Xander yelled and threw the pot at the demon. He started to throw more stuff at the demon and Giles left. "That's right run! Get out!"

Giles left the house but it was a Saturday morning and everyone was outside enjoying the day. People were screaming as Giles ran trying to hide.

"Bloody humans!" He yelled as he ran as fast as he could.

Angel, Anya, Buffy, Doyle, Willow and Xander were walking through the garden at the mansion to tell Giles about the demon Xander found in his room. As they talked about what the demon looked like Buffy stepped into her mansion first and looked around.

"What-the," She looked around and everyone looked around. Angel advanced a little further and the place wasn't trashed but someone or something was here. They looked around and Giles wasn't downstairs anywhere so Angel and Buffy went upstairs slowly just to be sure there was nothing there. They came to Giles' room and the door was ripped away and there was a hole in their door something did attack this place and possibly Giles and that made Angel's heart race in panic.

Angel and Buffy raced downstairs to meet up with everyone else as they did a more through search for him. There was no blood so maybe Giles fought the demon and ran.

"Anything?" Angel asked and the looks of his people it meant no. "We have to find him." And he got no argument on that.

Out in the cemetery Giles was alone and night had settled. He managed to stay low during the day once he got out of the public. But he knew things would search for him not only that Angel might come to find him thinking he is a demon and probably will kill him. As he walked Spike was standing in front of a tombstone taking a leak as he smoked a cigarette.

"Well, well, well," Spike saw demon Giles and smiled and tucked himself away, zipped up his pants and tossed his cigarette away. "What do I spy with my little eye?" Meaning Spike was ready to fight a demon. "A demon I can kill you." The demon Giles stood there.

"Spike, great a perfect end to my day." Giles muttered but Spike looked so confused.

"Giles?" Spike asked and demon Giles turned around.

"Let's get the fight going, wait," Giles realized what just happened. "You can understand me?" He asked.

"Of course I can." Spike stared at Spike and this town can't truly get any weirder.

"I'm speaking English?" Giles asked.

"No, you're speaking Fyarl," Spike answered him looking at how hideous Giles looked as a demon with his horns. "I know the language and by the way why the hell are you a Fyarl demon all of a sudden?" Spike wanted to know and that was the same question Giles had. "What you woke up like this?"

"I did, Ethan Rein did this and I need your help to find him so he can change me back and I can kill him." Giles explained the plan as Spike was a little amused and lit up another cigarette.

"And what I should just help you out the evilness out of my heart?" Spike asked meaning he need some incentive to do this. He'll kill demons and his own kind to remain a "bad ass" but as far as helping people that's another subject.

"You help me and…and I don't kill you." Giles offered the vampire and Spike chuckled taking a drag on his cigarette.

"Oh, tremendously convincing," Spike smiled at the demon Watcher. "Try it again without the stutter."

"Money, I could give you money." Giles offered him and Spike smiled.

"How much are we talking?" Spike seemed interested in that offer.

"A hundred," Giles answered and Spike wasn't happy with that amount.

"That's it? You gotta do better than that." Spike took another drag on the cigarette. "Two hundred."

"Alright then." Giles agreed and Spike didn't think he would do that.

"Alright then, where do we start? Should I tell Angel what's going on?" Spike asked as they joined up.

"No, this is between me and Ethan, Angel doesn't need to be involved." Giles answered and they continued on.

Back at the mansion the gang was hard at work to find out what this demon was and that might lead to them to Giles. The study was busy as the group was pouring over the books trying to find this demon that Xander described. So far they had no leads.

"What about this one?" Buffy came over with a book and showed it to Xander he shook his head no just then there was a noise. Everyone looked up and Angel reached for his crossbow and held it up, the demon could come back. Angel moved out the study with everyone slowly following. Just then Riley was there and Angel let out an annoyed sigh lowering his crossbow.

"What's going on and nice place." Riley looked around but Angel didn't have time for this.

"What are you doing here?" Angel asked the demon hunter.

"There were nine one, one calls all over town saying they saw some sort monster." Riley answered.

"Probably our demon." Doyle added and Riley perked up meaning he could fight with Angel, see what this slayer was really capable of.

"Wait?" Xander was confused. "You get nine one, one calls?" And that was odd.

"We have a tap in the system and if anything comes through that sounds supernatural in nature we investigate." Riley answered and that made a little sense. "Nice place Buffy,"

"Thanks," Buffy answered but she didn't like how Riley looked at her and then something caught it his eye a ring. It wasn't the prettiest ring and with they way the mansion looks that green ring should look much nicer.

"What has the demon done?" Angel asked and Riley shrugged.

"Not much just sightings." Riley answered and everyone retreated into the study and Riley continued to look around the place. "I can help, get the whole Initiative on it." Riley offered.

"Maybe if I know what I'm looking for." Angel wasn't planning on taking up the offer right now.

Spike and Giles were in the shadows in the streets looking for the answer which to get that answer they needed to find Ethan.

"I don't like this," Giles stated as they walked.

"What?" Spike asked.

"I'm changing," Giles' voice was getting lower with more of a growl. "I feel, I feel the need to destroy."

"Welcome to being a demon." Spike muttered as they walked. "Enjoy it."

"No, I don't like it." Giles protested.

"Oh let it go, it's fun. I can't do it so do it for me." Spike insisted.

"No, I refuse to be a monster. I have a soul, I'm a human being." Giles explained and then looked up seeing professor Walsh walking. Giles did see her once near the campus only because Angel pointed her out. He didn't like the lady leading something like the Initiative. Giles smiled and decided to give the lady a good scare. He went after her growling and she screamed as she ran.

"Not so tough without your gun are you!" Giles yelled but it only came out as growls and Walsh disappeared into the night and he smiled and went to find Spike.

Meanwhile at the mansion Xander was flipping through a book like everyone else.

"Found it!" Xander announced and everyone got up and came over to Xander as he pointed to the picture and Angel took the book from him to read about this demon.

"A Fyral demon, foot solider and usually works for other demons, very strong." Angel summed it up. Just then something was ringing and Riley picked up some sort of phone as everyone looked to him. Once he was talking he looked around.

"The demon attacked Walsh and took off." Riley informed them.

"How do we kill it?" Buffy asked.

"Silver," Angel read from the book but something wasn't right. "This demon seems like it takes orders," Angel started and he looked to Willow. "You think the magic that's upsetting everything could be the reason why the demon is around." Willow thought about it for a moment.

"Yeah, maybe," She answered and Angel nodded.

"Alright, Willow I need you to go to the magic shop see what supplies were bought in the last day see if it's anything that has to do with mind control. Take Oz just in case." Willow nodded. "Xander and Anya stay here and wait, this thing that might be controlling the demon might call if they have Giles, give them what they want." Anya, Xander and Oz nodded. "Doyle, and Buffy you're with me, it's a demon we'll need to fight it."

"What about me? I can get back up." Riley suggested and Angel didn't like that idea.

"I want things to stay quiet you bring in your trigger happy people it may cause more panic than I need." Angel didn't want Riley in this one because Giles was involved. Everyone filed out leaving Riley behind but he wasn't going to allow that. Riley took out the phone to get a team together.

Spike was in the restaurant that Ethan and Giles were in last night and he managed to sweet talk the waitress. He was always smooth with the ladies and he got the information he wanted and the lady handed him a balled up napkin and Spike unrolled it seeing a number.

"I was going to meet him but when I drove by that hotel I said no." The lady explained.

"What hotel?" Spike asked.

"Off the highway called Sunnydale Motor Inn." She answered.

Oz and Willow got into the magic shop and the best way to know what was bought would be to look at receipts. They started to look and one name caught Willow's attention.

"I'll be damned Ethan Rein," Willow found it and the receipt had his name on it so now they knew it. "Angel will be happy to see him." And the two left.

Angel paced waiting and then Willow returned with Oz.

"It's Ethan!" Willow came running in. Riley then got on his phone to call in the name for back up.

"Alright let's find him," Angel ordered just then Riley caught up.

"I can't allow that." Riley got in front of Angel. "I talked to Walsh and she doesn't want involved this is a military operation now." Riley stated.

"Walsh is your boss not mine, you don't give me orders you got that. This is Giles and if he's hurt in anyway and you're the cause I swear I will hurt you."

"I can't take you." Riley stated.

"You don't seem to be understand a damn thing. You're the one tagging along with me." Angel then grabbed his crossbow and went to find Giles.

Giles was still walking with Spike but Giles looked sick.

"How are you holding up there?" Spike asked.

"Like snapping everyone's necks until they're all dead." Giles growled and Spike smiled.

"Now we're talking." Spike liked that idea. Just then they both went into the shadows. They looked out and saw military cars driving around.

"If you we split up I'll give you another hundred." Giles offered and Spike nodded and they split up and Giles ran.

Ethan was in his room packing as fast as he could and then the door flew open. Ethan turned around seeing a huge demon before him but he recognized the demon.

"Rupert?" Ethan asked and the demon grunted. "Now, look Rupert," Ethan went to defend himself. Demon Giles came over and Ethan had to get out. "Good Giles," And demon Giles swiped at him. "If you kill me I can't help." Demon Giles then picked Ethan up and tossed him just then Angel and Buffy came in followed by Riley.

"He's here to kill me!" Ethan yelled to them and somehow Angel just couldn't by it and punched Ethan and then he and Buffy charged at the demon and kicked him down. Riley then took out a knife to go stab the demon and Angel went to stop him while Buffy went to subdue the demon. Ethan went to get away so Angel shoved Riley back and then kicked Ethan down. Riley used that time and ran to the demon and stabbed him.

"No!" Angel yelled and tackled Riley down and crawled over to the demon. "No, no, Giles! Giles!" Angel yelled and Riley looked confused.

"That's, that's not Giles." Riley muttered.

"Giles don't you die on me." Angel demanded and he looked to Giles. "Giles?"

"Angel?" Demon Giles asked.

"Are you ok?" Angel asked and he nodded.

"Rage is gone but I want to be human again." Giles answered and it was Giles even though Angel couldn't understand him he knew his Watcher.

At the mansion Ethan was banged up as he sat on the floor waiting for his fait. He performed the ritual so Giles was human again

"I've got to learn to just do the damage and leave town. It's the "stay and gloat" that gets me every time." Ethan muttered. Angel then looked up seeing Giles coming down the stairs and they met up.

"You ok?" Angel asked and Giles nodded.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked.

"You're my Watcher." Angel answered and Giles nodded. The only person not here was Riley he left feeling embarrassed at what he did.

"Can I go now?" Ethan asked and everyone looked to him. "You can't kill me I'm human."

"That's true," Buffy walked over to him. "But I know some people who would love to kill you."

The Mustang pulled up somewhere not even bothering to slow down as the door opened and Ethan was tossed out and Angel's Mustang continued on. Ethan got up wondering where he was and looked around. He got up and then turned around seeing three people vamped out as he was near the cemetery where the vampires have been gathering.

"Oh shit." Ethan muttered and started to run with the vampires chasing him.

At the mansion everyone sat around the dining table. Mostly just talking about what had occurred but Giles needed to address something important and it was about Riley.

"Giles, he didn't know it was you." Angel sort of defended him.

"It's not that it's," Giles paused. "While Ethan isn't the most reliable he says something is disrupting the balance and the order of things. I believe it is the Initiative and we've seen it." No one here disagreed on it. "Until we know what it is that they do Riley is to not find out about Oz or Anya." Again everyone agreed. Angel didn't like this.

That night Buffy was sitting at the desk in her room looking for something as Angel came in. He noticed she was searching for something. Buffy looked up at him and without asking she knew Angel wanted to know what was going on.

"You remember the group I told you about? The one I own?" Buffy asked and Angel nodded. "They fund military operations and I don't know I was just thinking,"

"Wouldn't the purpose of the group need be known and well…you know not be supernatural?" Angel asked and Buffy shrugged.

"They could be under Research and Development and that's kind of general and maybe I'm the one the funding them without realizing it." Buffy walked over to the bed and looked a little frustrated. "It'll take a few weeks to figure out if I am but,"

"Buffy if you are it's ok, they're lying about what they do." Angel assured her and Buffy nodded. If it was Buffy's company funding them and they are lying about what they are and do then in theory Buffy could shut them down. Not very many companies fund people hunting demons.

Down in the lab Walsh sat her desk as Riley came in knowing he was in trouble.

"I said that Angel cannot," She began.

"I couldn't stop him." Riley tried to explain himself.

"We have a bigger problem, Elizabeth what about her? She is the enemy and yet this slayer sleeps with her?" Walsh asked and Riley nodded. "She's a vampire and she needs to die." Walsh gave the direct orders but while Riley knew he needed to kill the vampire but he kind of liked her. "Is that going to be a problem?" Walsh asked.

"I noticed she where's a ring and I looked it up it had strange appearance. It's called the Gem of Amara and she can't be touched with it and Angel," Riley kept going but Walsh didn't look pleased.

"I've put too much work into this and that vampire might stand in my way and clearly the slayer only acts on instincts and that can kill us all." Walsh looked at Riley as she stood up to leave.

"She wears the gem there's no way to get to her." Riley couldn't explain it any further to his boss.

"Find a way then." She demanded and left. Riley stood there as it was true dark forces were at work but it wasn't vampires or demons. Walsh headed to a restricted area of the lab where you had to have a certain clearance card to get in. She swiped it and the doors opened and she walked down the hall and to another door and swiped the card again to a door with the numbers three fourteen on it and went inside.

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Chapter 14 Teams

"Why are we awake?" He mumbled and that was a good question. "It's Sunday."

"Spike is here." Buffy answered.

"Just kill that poor helpless bastard." Angel was getting tired of Spike. Angel started to wake up and finally focused on Buffy.

"I know it's a little early to start asking questions," Buffy started as she crawled back into bed laying next to Angel.

"But you're going to anyways?" Angel asked and she nodded. "It is a lab, they do experiment. They say they're trying to find cures, get the hostiles out and make the streets safer." Buffy nodded.

"What about three fourteen?" She asked and Angel shrugged.

"I don't know but they are hiding something." Angel did confirm that. "Buffy, I don't want you around Riley or his men unless I'm there ok." She nodded. What he whispered to her last night was that Walsh was in fear of Elizabeth and that's all Buffy need to know and she understood what that meant.

"Aren't we supposed to patrol with them tonight?" Buffy asked and Angel didn't look all that thrilled.

Down in the lab the head doctor overseeing what was called The Genesis Project, Walsh and Riley were in a meeting.

"He knows too much," Riley stated. "He knows something is going on here and I think he'll figure it out."

"I think we can handle one little boy," The doctor added.

"This group," Riley started. "They concern me from what Angel has confirmed back in the beginning of the year they cleared an entire nest of vampires, they've cleared a nest of fire demons once. Something that has to take us at least two squads it only took them eight people and they cleared it within seconds. They can infiltrate, clear and win." Riley paced knowing this group will find out what's going on here and once they do all will be ruined. "They go deep into the red zones." The red zone were what the Initiative designates too hostile. "You said something like that couldn't be done." Riley looked to the doctor.

"It can't it's not possible." The doctor confirmed and Walsh to was very worried. But that was based on math and theory not pure gut instinct and density.

"Well, they do it and Angel and Buffy are the core of that group." Riley was getting angry. There was just too much tension of the two camps and something had to be done. Angel and his team were threatening everything and both Riley and Walsh can and will not stand for that.

"We got to take out the vampire first though." Walsh had to be methodical about this. You take out the strongest first and with the Gem Buffy was the strongest. Next Angel will go and since he's the leader the group will fall apart. "She'll be the only thing that can take The Genesis Project out." Walsh informed them.

"How?" Riley asked and Walsh looked to him.

"Take them to a red zone tonight, when she is caught off guard or you find that opportunity take her down, get the ring and behead her, stake her, light her up I don't care just kill her. Once Elizabeth is out Angel won't be that difficult and his friends are human, we can disperse them easily." Walsh answered and Riley nodded. However Riley wasn't going to admit it, he had a strange liking to Buffy. He was ready to kill Angel but there something about Buffy he liked.

"Yes ma'am," Riley accepted his orders.