Why the hell do I feel so self conscious whenever I write fics for new fandoms? ;w;

Err...I dunno, I've just had this idea in my head for a while, so I thought I'd write it to get it out of my system. Can't exactly say If I'll continue it or not (I mean, I've gotten some of it planned out, but I don't know how well this'll go)...Also have no idea what genre to put this under :'D.

"Ah, So this is where Grisha Yeager was researching before he disappeared." Hanji commented in awe, as she explored the long since abandoned tree house. It had taken her and her research group weeks to find this tiny little research hideout that was smacked in a forest in the middle of bumfuck. Going around in circles, getting caught in erratic weather, and running into dangerous animals, it was worth it in the end as the woman scavenged around the dilapidated building.

One of her companions who came with her on today's expedition scowled as he placed a clean handkerchief over his nose and mouth. "This place is a fucking disgrace, so filthy."

"Suck it up Levi, Yeager disappeared about 14 years ago, so of course this place would be a sty."

Levi rolled his eyes as the woman flicked through a few old notebooks and journals, placing any that she deemed interesting or important into her satchel.

"There have been rumors about sightings of a giant monster around here, right?" Levi asked, glancing at the massive hole that was took up a whole wall and a good portion of the roof. Hanji let out a noise of confirmation of his question, "Think Yeager has something to do with it? He was working on developing a living weapon before he went missing."

"Maybe, maybe not, for all we know it's some big hoax like the Yettie or the Locke ness Monster. I hope not, I'd love to see it with my own eyes- Oh hey, a video camera!" Hanji chirped as she picked up the device. Obviously the camera was dead, and both the screen and lens were cracked, but the tape inside looked to be in good condition. Pocketing the tape, she rummaged through a few more drawers, finding more tapes that were labeled which she stored as many as she could into her bag. "Alright, I think we're good, time to head back to camp!"

"Good, I don't want to be in this dump much longer." Levi sniped, walking for the front door but paused as he heard something snap underneath his boot. Glancing down, he finds that he had stepped on an old photo frame. Picking up the broken object, he brushed away the dust that was obscuring the image with his gloved thumb.

It seemed to be a simple family photo. The familiar face of Dr. Yeager with a hand placed on what was clearly his wife. Admittedly, the woman was quite attractive, long brown hair tied in a lose ponytail and a warm smile, an infant who looked no older than a couple months calmly sleeping in his mothers arms.

Now that he actually bothered to look around, he found a broken crib in the corner, as well as a majority of the furniture was demolished as if the hut had previously been a war zone.

The male began thinking of the possibilities as to why the place was in the state it was in, 'What on earth happened here? Maybe an animal got inside...Could that monster rumor is true?'

"-o, yoohoo, Levi, ya coming?!" Hanji called out, already on the rope ladder as she waved enthusiastically with a dorky grin to get her friends attention, which succeeded to snap Levi out of his train of thought.

"Coming." Levi muttered quietly as he followed after the woman down, mounting his horse as he prepared to return to camp.