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So just a quick pointless ramble for a moment, feel free to ignore because this is a total fml moment for me :'D

So yeah, one of the GREATEST PET PEEVES I have for the snk fandom is how so many fanfic writers depict Eren as a defenseless, lovesick puppy instead of an angry, psychotic spaz who would constantly get into brawls and would probably end up in hospital half the time with serious injuries, and would rarely learn from them. And what have I done? Made Eren a weak defenseless puppy *facepalm*...even though this Eren isn't exactly human mentally, I do not consider myself an exception. I blame the shipping because god damn it, it's rubbed off on me! XD

It had been several months since Eren's little incident that caused a worldwide frenzy, leaving the military to be bombarded with enthusiastic news reporters, paparazzi, and many questions. Dot Pixis himself was the one to announce that it was an experiment developed by the science department to try and keep the peace between Sina and it's sister countries, and was meant to be a secret weapon in case war were to break out. As far fetched as the cover up was, the public seemed to go with it, and most appeared to have gotten over it within a few months.

As for Eren's fate?

As soon as the three were retrieved and returned to base, Eren was immediately taken away, under strict orders to be destroyed as the Higher ups deemed the boy to be too much of a threat to be allowed to live. Of course being the stubborn woman she is, Hanji fought back, trying to convince them that that why Eren went berserk was purely out of self defense from being abused. Others such as Levi, Petra, Hannes, and several of the Cadets backed up Hanji on the matter, bringing up that Eren is harmless, and that Hanji seems like the only person out of anyone he is completely obedient around, and especially then, he wouldn't harm a fly (Jean's boot on the other hand...).

After many long hours on the debate, they finally came to an agreement which, 9 months later, has now led Levi to be at the front of a house located in quiet little neighbourhood.




Rampant stomping could be heard from inside the house, getting louder and louder until there was a loud BANG as the door rattled from the force that just rammed into it. Levi didn't even flinch as he heard a loud cry, followed by a voice mumbling. There was a brief pause before the door finally opened.

"Yo!" was all Hanji said as she tried to pull Eren, who currently wiping off the blood dripping from his nose, off the floor.

"Nice to see he's as graceful as ever."

The brunette laughed, "He just gets excited when there's visitors, don't ya Baby?"

The boy shook his head vigorously, "Yes!"

"Also, see anything new about Eren?"

Levi glanced down at the boy. He'd certainly fattened up but he'd been like that after the first few months he'd moved in with Hanji. He still had that messy mop of hair, and it didn't seem like he'd lost a limb again and-ah.

"I see he's finally upgraded to pants."

"Yes!" Hanji grinned as she threw up a fist in victory, "It took me 9 months, but he's finally toilet trained! No more peeing on the carpet, marking his territory, or pooping on my bed!"

Levi pulled a face of disgust, "I would have been a lot happier not knowing that..."

"Oh, that's nothing. Should I tell you the tale of horror of when he had diar-"

"Please stop before I decide to call Child Services, or the Pound" Levi groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I only came here for the monthly inspection, and to remind you that he needs to be brought back to base for examination next week."

"Yeah yeah I know. He needs to get his examination done every month, do you people honestly not trust me to keep my word on it?"

"You seemed to have forgotten about it last month."

"But we had a play date with Mikasa and Armin at the fair!"

"Not a good enough excuse."

Hanji pouted with a huff "We had a lot of fun, even though we got kicked out of the petting zoo when Eren tried to eat a chicken."

Levi just gave her the usual deadpan expression.

The two got caught up in there conversation as Levi informing Hanji what had been going on back at work, and Hanji bragged about how Eren was now able to say 'Yes', 'No', and use body language to say if he was hungry, thirsty, or needed the bathroom, which seemed to impress the tiny Corporal.

Eren, who was still dangling in Hanji's arms looked up to Levi, who still seemed to be talking to his caregiver. In an attempt to get both of their attention, Eren posed his hands to be like claws, and bared his teeth.


"The heck is he doing?"

"I think he's just getting impatient." Hanji chuckled, "You caught us at a good time, we were just getting ready to watch his favourite movie."

"He has a favourite movie? I fear asking, but what is it?"

"Jurassic Park."

"Of course. A feral animal who turns into a giant loving a movie about giant feral animals."

"Eh, He's just going through his dinosaur phase like every other kid. He also loves The Land Before Time movies. Anyway, if you're not busy you're free to join us."

It took a moment for Levi to think about it, since he did have a few things back at base he still needed to go through, "Screw it, why the hell not. I'm working my arse off all day while you get to stay home and spoil a kid all day."

"Hey! Must I remind you of the toilet training?! That was not easy!"

"Calm down, I'm just saying I'm going to have a well needed break before heading back."

Hanji grinned as she moved out of the way for the short male, dragging Eren along with her like an oversized rag doll.

Wondering around the house, Levi frowned at seeing toys scattered on the floor. Coming into the lounge room, there were even more toys but what caught his attention were the photos placed on a shelf that stuck out of the wall. Some of the photos were reasonably old since there were pictured of the brunette back in high school, where she seemed like a sensible young girl. Then there were some that showed how much of a maniac she really is in group photos from her university days, followed by the trainee years when they joined the military...Levi looked as crabby as he does now. At the end there were the most recent photos of Hanji with Eren, the ones where she looked the happiest. Out of all the photos though, there was one that stuck out like a sore thumb; it was worn and tattered, and it featured a different crazy brunette, this one male, with a lovely woman standing next to him with a sleeping infant in her arms.

Levi was honestly surprised to see the photo, and turned to the couch that sat under the painting of Cecil the duck, where the two brunettes had made themselves comfy. Eren was bundled up in a blanket and snuggled against Hanji, who was stroking the boys hair as she picked up some popcorn from the bowl that was resting on her lap and shoveled it in her mouth. The short male joined them on the couch, sitting on the other side of Eren.

Eren squirmed around within his blanket until his arm was free, and reached over to grab the remote from the coffee table. Fumbling around a bit, Hanji was instructing her charge on which buttons to press to turn on the TV, and change the channel.

"Before we start, did you want me to get you anything to drink?" Hanji asked.

Levi shifted around a bit, grabbing a cushion to rest his head against, "I'll be fine, I'll help myself if I need one."

"Righty-o then."

And with that, Eren pushed play.

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