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Jessica Wakefield Travis couldn't help but sigh. Her life was not going well lately. Her husband died. She had a miscarriage. One of her children was sick. Her sister was married to a very important man, had a baby and was too busy for her. Jessica was happy for her sister but she missed her.

"Jess are you okay," Elizabeth asked, "You seem like you're about to burst into tears."

Jessica looked up. The last thing she had expected was to run into Elizabeth. She hugged her tightly sobbing into her shoulder. Elizabeth hugged Jessica right back stroking her hair and reassuring her till Jessica could finally speak and say what was wrong.

"It's going to sound stupid," Jessica said, "I know you're busy and you have your own life but I miss you."

There was a short pause.

"Still waiting to hear the stupid part," Elizabeth said.

"You're busy. You have your own life. You're a new mom."

"You're telling me something I already know," Elizabeth said, "Please get to the stupid part."

"I'm being selfish," Jessica said.

"You are not selfish," Elizabeth told her sister firmly, "Look Jess remember when I had my miscarriage? I mean before I had the baby and I fell apart?"

"Yes. I didn't understand until I miscarried myself"

"Jess I am your big sister—by four minutes but I'm still your big sister and I will always be there for you. If you ever feel like I'm too busy for you then you just tell me you need to spend time with me"

"What if I don't need to? What if I just want to," Jessica asked.

"Fine then tell me you want to," Elizabeth said, "That's even better."

"Really," Jessica asked, "You promise?"

"Cross my heart," Elizabeth said, "I love you Jessica"