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Chapter 24

Harry was walking Padma back to her dorm after their wonderful date.

It had been really nice, he reckoned. Padma was of course as beautiful as ever and he didn't even look too bad himself.

At that moment however as they started down the final hallway to the Ravenclaw common room, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a spell speeding towards them.

Almost as a reflex, he instantly dropped down to avoid it or any other spells.

He managed to drag Padma down right next to him just as a spell whizzed past her where her head used to be.

"What's going on?" She asked, seeming rather confused.

He was still trying to figure that out himself.

Having been attacked on more than one occasion his mind was already running quickly, trying to assess the situation as fast as possible as to what to do.

The first was to find better cover.

Quickly spotting a nearby large rubbish bin he did his best to pull him and Padma behind it while still focused on their attackers.

They were far enough away and it was dark enough in the hallway that he couldn't actually tell who they were just yet, although he already counted at least 4 figures.

So not just Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle then who had been his first suspects although it didn't mean it wasn't them and some other people.

Nevertheless whoever they were they were still firing spells, some bouncing harmlessly off the rubbish bin.

He'd never been so grateful for a rubbish container than now.

Still mostly protected by the rubbish bin he began to lay down suppressive fire and see if he couldn't take some of them down.

With the element of surprise now gone from their opponents he now had reason to hope that he and Padma might actually make it as long as there weren't too many and they kept them at a distance.

He wouldn't consider himself all that bad of a duelist and while he hadn't seen Padma in action, he still had confidence in her.

As if to prove that confidence correct Padma launched a spell of her own immediately taking down one of the shadowy figures.

Before he could congratulate her however he noted that they were starting to move in...and there were more of them than he had thought.

"STUPEFY!" He yelled, "STUPEFY!"

Immediately the two closest would-be attackers were knocked out instantly.

The rest were forced to unhappily retreat.

He however counted 7 more, but the two he had taken down he already recognized along with some of the ones that had retreated.

He recognized each of them.

They were all from Ravenclaw.

Unfortunately Hogwarts wasn't exactly populated by totally either brave, smart, cunning, or loyal students. It was nice in theory or for students to think that, but in reality every year there were a bunch of posers who at least valued or liked to think that they had the attributes of a particular house or simply wanted to be in it because some family member had been in it.

He and the girls had had a conversation about it one day and quickly came up with some names for them in each house: Chickendors, Ravencretins, and Slackerins.

Only Hufflepuff didn't really have any of them since they were already viewed as the house for students that weren't good enough to be anywhere else.

If the sorting hat had sorted students that truly exemplified the traits of their house every time then he had a feeling Hufflepuff would be a lot bigger, which was a shame since generally the students in it were rather nice...not to him exactly in many cases right now he supposed because of the whole Cedric/himself tournament thing, but he tried not to hold it against them too much.

However this group he found himself now facing was of an entirely different mold. They could really all be classified as Ravencretins. They couldn't be considered smart, but wanted people to think they did and often tried to copy off of their actually smart housemates.

"Come on out Potter," Terry Boot insisted.

"Actually I think I'm fine right here, I like the smell of the rubbish better than you," Harry replied.

A few curses followed that.

"You're going to get it no matter what Potter," Anthony Goldstein said confidently, "Padma, if you just leave right now we promise you won't get hurt."

"I'd be willing to offer you the same deal," Padma said right back.

Ooh, Padma was trash talking. He rather liked it.

Okay sure they were heavily outnumbered...and while he'd like to believe he and Padma could take them all, he also didn't see why he should take a risk if he didn't have to.

At about that time he was reminded of a certain lapel pin that Millicent had given him for his date with her. Well he could certainly use her help now...and hopefully she would bring back up with her.

Pulling it out, he pressed it causing it to light up. Now all he had to do was keep the Ravencretins distracted long enough for the help to arrive. Right now, the Ravencretins appeared to still be trying to work out a new plan of attack and weren't really fighting but that could change any minute.

"We need to stall them," He whispered to Padma, "I just called for help."

She chose not to ask questions and nodded.

"We'll be fine," He also added.

It was a trick he had learned. No matter how bad the situation, always try to think positively when it comes to a fight.

Of course when Dudley and his gang are holding you down while you get beat to a bloody pulp this was kind of hard to do, but it was still sound thinking.

"If you really wanted to get a date with me Terry, this is a rather poor way of showing it," Padma shouted out at Terry.

"I'm a lot better than Potter!" Terry shouted back angrily, "can Potter do a backflip? Or spew milk out of his nose? Or do a perfect Professor Snape impersonation?"

"You're right, that totally proves you're the better choice," Padma sarcastically answered.

"Exactly, about time you agree with me," Terry told her proudly, missing the sarcasm, "my plan is already working."

"What's your plan Terry?" Harry inquired, still trying to stall him.

"We're sick of you Potter," Terry insisted, "you're always so busy dating all the hot girls in the school and essentially spoiling them all for us that it's about time that we also got you a date, a date where you get beat up!" Terry explained.

Several of his housemates laughed at Terry's joke...even if they might not have gotten it.

"So what is this then?" Harry asked, "just because I'm dating a bunch of girls you think you should just beat me up and then you'll get more dates?"

"Oh Anthony already has a girlfriend," Stacey said as she put an arm around Anthony her apparent boyfriend.

Stacey he recognized as one of the girls that used to bully Luna. Needless to say he did not have any warm fuzzy feelings for her.

Not to mention she really did stink from her perfume, which he supposed made her and Anthony a good couple then. You don't want to stink while trying to get a girl unless she stinks too.

"It's the principal of the matter," Terry explained, "take Padma for example. I think Padma's hot yet she would be lucky to have me as a boyfriend. Has she been interested though? Not at all. Not after you showed up. Ever since those descriptions of your dates showed up in the paper all the girls have been wanting dates just as good and do you think we're made of romance?"

"No, primarily water, but I'd be happy to help you come up with some date ideas if this is what this is all about," Harry offered.

"Really?" Michael asked hopefully.

"Don't fall for his tricks," Terry warned before turning back to him, "anyway we were kind of hoping that after you stopped appearing in the paper that things would return to normal and girls would be..."

"Desperate enough," Matthew finished for him.

"Maybe for you," Terry corrected, "well girls wouldn't expect so much, but of course after over a month has gone by it seems to have only gotten even worse. Girls gossip and it seems they just love hearing about what you're going to do next on your amazing dates."

"So once again beating me up is supposed to help fix that and make you all be mobbed by beautiful girls?" Harry asked sarcastically, "sounds logical."

"Yep," Michael admitted.

"It's the law of the jungle," Terry answered, "if the weaker animal, being you, is all beat up then nobody will want you and instead want us being the stronger animals."

While he kind of figured Terry had been reading too many nature books, he did have a point. Dudley had actually done the same thing for years when he had been growing up. He and his gang would beat him up and nobody would want to be his friend because they were too afraid of Dudley doing the same thing to them. Dudley on the other hand had lots of friends because everyone wanted to be on his good side.

The good thing in this case was that he was a wizard and he would at least consider himself a better duelist than any of these louts.

Of course they were also badly outnumbered and they couldn't simply hide behind these rubbish bins forever.

He glanced over at Padma, bravely looking towards their opponents.

There was no way he was about to let them get their hands on her.

"What should we do?" Padma whispered to him.

Before he could respond however, he saw a spell whizz past them. It however came from behind them.

He was momentarily worried that the Ravencretins had somehow managed to circle back around and surround them, but then he watched the spell hit an exposed Ravencretin. Turning around to see just who had come to their aid, he spotted to his surprise Millicent, Gabrielle, Parvati, Lavender, and Daphne.

"Sorry I'm late, I stopped to round up some help on my way here," Millicent informed him.

He smiled and said, "you arrived just on time."

They'd already received more help than they would need, but he wasn't complaining as he and Padma came out from behind the rubbish bins to go on the offensive.

The Ravencretins were surprised and confused and looked like they might even run away in fear, clearly not wanting to fight now that they were so outmatched.

"All right," Gabrielle announced brightly, "let's have some fun."

Anthony tried to get out of it by insisting, "well we don't fight girls so I guess we'll just leave then."

"Not hot girls anyway," Michael corrected, practically drooling now as he stared at Gabrielle.

Michael really was the stupidest Ravenclaw he'd ever met. Aunt Marge's dog Ripper was smarter than him, which was saying something.

"You didn't seem to have any problem with it when you were just facing Harry and my sister," Parvati pointed out.

"Seriously you Ravencretins give actually decent boys a bad name," Gabrielle agreed.

While the Ravencretins were still trying to figure out just what they had been called and if it was a compliment, a couple of the boys tried to flee.

Unfortunately Parvati and Lavender, proving that they were not just gossiping fashionistas nailed both of them with spells that trapped them in too tight pink fabric.

"Ooh they look much prettier now," Lavender said with a giggle.

There followed chaos as spells began to fly from both sides.

Terry tried to hit him with one but he dodged it and tried to hit him with one of his own which Terry also dodged.

The others were taking it out on the remaining Ravencretins, none of them particularly skilled at a fight.

"Hey Michael," He heard Daphne say to him, "want to see me naked?"

Michael grinned eagerly and nodded.

"Too bad," Daphne answered as she hit him with a spell that knocked him out.

He noticed Gabrielle turn another Ravencretin into a chicken, which began to cluck.

Now there were only two Ravencretins left: Terry and Stacey.

Millicent approached, her fists bared, looking ferocious and just plain scary. He was so glad she was on their side.

"You stink," Millicent commented as she took in her awful perfume.

Stacey looked absolutely terrified, terrified enough that she wasn't even thinking to try and fight back with her wand. Millicent however proved she didn't need a wand, leveling a direct punch right into her face and causing her to be knocked a couple of feet backwards as she was knocked out with just that one punch.

Millicent then smelled her fist and said, "I'll have to wash my hand now."

"Ooh, that's going to mess up her face," Lavender observed gleefully.

"In her case it might actually make her look better," Parvati pointed out, "it can't get any worse anyway."

"Free blood makeup," Lavender agreed.

"I'll still bill her for it," Millicent claimed.

He however was forced to turn his attention back to Terry, who had been busy paying attention to the demise of his co-conspirators, but only just now realized he was alone and currently now being surrounded by the other girls.

"Want me to take him out for you Harry?" Gabrielle offered while she busied herself making a cage for her new pet chicken.

"No," He insisted, "you girls have already been enough help, thank you. I want to take Terry on my own now."

"A fight to win the girl, how romantic," Lavender gushed.

"Except I'm not some prize to be won," Padma pointed out.

"Since Harry already won you," Parvati replied.

Padma only blushed at that.

"Beat him up Harry!" Daphne urged him.

He stepped forward to take on Terry one on one while the girls stood nearby to watch.

"Stupefy!" Terry said, starting their duel.

Harry however dodged it and countered with, "Rictusempra."

"Stupefy!" Terry dodged then countered with the same spell.

After dodging it, Harry called out, "Energo."


Again with stupefy, it was almost like it was the only spell Terry knew. Although he supposed it was still effective.

"I'm getting bored," Gabrielle complained, "use something different Terry."

"Shut up," Terry roared back.

Taking advantage of Terry being distracted, he tried to hit him with another Rictusempra.

This one got him, causing him to go flying backwards and land awkwardly onto his hip on the ground.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry then said, causing Terry's wand to go right out of his hand.

Padma was the one to catch it.

"Now what I can do with this?" Padma teased.

"Use it to masturbate with?" Daphne suggested.

"Ewww!" Lavender and Parvati both said at the same time.

"It's probably disgusting with Terry all over it," Parvati pointed out.

"At least it's rather long," Millicent observed.

"Probably to compensate for something," Daphne agreed.

"I'm a solid 12 inches," Terry insisted.

"Your wand maybe," Daphne countered.

"Can I shut him up Harry?" Gabrielle asked of him, her wand pointed at Terry ready to finish him off.

Admittedly he was tempted to be the one to do it...but then he noticed Padma who he felt even more deserving.

"Care to do the honors?" He asked her.

"With pleasure," Padma agreed as she looked at him before telling him, "I warn you, if you or anyone else tries to mess with Harry, any of us, or anyone for that matter, I'll personally see to it that your life becomes a living nightmare."

Terry only nodded fearfully.

"Stupefy," Padma said, appropriately using Terry's own spell against him.

He immediately fell unconscious, but then Millicent went over and punched him in the face for good measure.

"Just making sure," Millicent explained.

The fighting now over, he thanked each of the girls, Parvati, Lavender, and Gabrielle accepting a mere thanks and Padma, Daphne, and Millicent kisses.

"Just wait until we tell everyone about this!" Lavender gushed.

"We need to tell Dumbledore first," Parvati surprisingly suggested, "he'll figure out what to do with them. Hopefully it should also help deter anymore would-be bullies. From what I hear there are more than a few people not exactly very happy with you Harry."

He was forced to concede that as well. As happy as he had been with the girls, it had made quite a few guys jealous...some evidently it seemed enough so to want to act violently because of it.

While he couldn't totally understand it, then again he'd never really understand jealous guys or bullies for that matter.

"If there are, we'll just have to ready again," Millicent insisted, pounding her fists for good measure.

"Of course, this was fun, we should do it again!" Gabrielle replied happily, having enjoyed the action.

If Millicent and Gabrielle were going to be his bodyguards or security for him, he reasoned, he was in pretty good hands.


The next morning, Harry came down to where he and Padma usually worked out.

However he found Padma not to be in her workout clothes.

"I figured we needed to talk," Padma told him.

"Oh no, the dreaded we need to talk," Harry claimed.

Padma however uncharacteristically did not seem in the mood for jokes.

"I'm worried about you Harry," She confessed, "after last night..."

"I'm fine," He insisted, "look not a scratch on me."

Having been beaten up by Dudley (or someone or something multiple times a year at Hogwarts) so many times he was actually rather used to it by now.

"Forgive me if I like you better still in one piece," Padma claimed.

Realizing that Padma really was just looking out for him, he asked, "all right, well what do you think I should do?"

"I'll discuss it with the other girls over breakfast," Padma said.

"You were awesome by the way," He claimed.

She smiled and said, "thanks so were you."

He leaned in and gave her a kiss for that.

Padma however looked back at him and stated, "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you stay safe even if you get annoyed with me, you know that right?"

"Would it involve me dueling, working out, getting all buff and strong, sweaty, muscle-bound...?" He suggested.

"Are you trying to get me turned on?" Padma questioned.

"Is it working?" He inquired.

"Maybe," She answered as she leaned in to kiss him, this time more passionately.

He let out a low moan.

"Yeah it's working," Padma admitted as she slowly kissed him savoring his lips with her own.

When he and Padma finally went down to breakfast (a lot later) he noticed the girls all sitting at the Gryffindor table with Lavender and Parvati sitting with them, having evidently decided to be the ones to tell them all what had happened.

However when they spotted he and Padma coming, each of the girls suddenly looked rather concerned at them.

"Are you all right Harry and Padma?" Hermione asked concernedly.

"We're fine," Harry answered, trying to reassure them, "no big deal."

"Other than a bunch of guys trying to beat you up," Daphne noted.

"They weren't big guys ," He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

"I just wish I was there," Hermione complained, "I have a few toys I invented I'd like to give them."

"Well we can't let it happen again," Padma argued, "we've got to protect him in case anyone tries anything."

"We could all form a circle around Harry whenever he goes anywhere," Daphne joked, "it might make going to the bathroom difficult but..."

"Any other ideas?" Harry objected.

"I'll try to keep an ear out for anyone saying anything," Lavender promised, "you can count on me to gossip."

Yes, he certainly could, he thought, but at the moment he was actually rather glad for that fact.

"I have been working on a few things that might help including some listening devices," Hermione commented, "I could probably install them in various locations."

"Even in the showers?" Daphne asked.

"I'm not that perverted," Hermione remarked, although she went and gave him a not so subtle smile, "although that might not be such a bad idea."

"You'd only hear me singing anyway, and you definitely wouldn't want to listen to that," He argued.

"I just want to make sure that we do everything we can," Padma insisted, "I'm not about to let Harry or any of us get hurt."

A few other ideas were then suggested, some good such as having them all do a bit of duel training to the just plain ridiculous such as having him dress up in one of the suits of armor everywhere he went for added protection.

Just as they were brainstorming ideas, Fleur came over to them.

"I just heard what happened," Fleur admitted worriedly, "is everyone okay?"

"Sure we are," He replied, "the Ravenclaws who attacked me aren't especially after the 2 months worth of detentions they'll be serving with Filch."

"You want to come sit with us and help come up with ways to keep Harry and the rest of us safe?" Hermione suggested.

Fleur grinned and asked, "are you inviting me to sit with the fun group Hermione?"

"We're the fun group?" Hermione questioned, looking pleased at now being considered fun.

"Actually you are," Parvati admitted, "there's a lot of rumors some of which I know to be true about some of the fun stuff you've all been doing. There's actually been a few bets placed on some of the things people think you might end up doing at some point. I've even got a money on it."

"Told you I was fun," Hermione claimed to Harry.

"If anything Hermione, you're becoming too much fun," Harry replied.

"I've known about that for ages," Daphne admitted, "not that I can blame them. Who wouldn't want to be us?"

"Anyone should get at least a chance to be fun like us," Luna pointed out, "we shouldn't turn people away from fun."

Padma seemed to realize something from that as she asked Fleur,

"Is that why you've been having Harry, Daphne, and me do fun stuff with you? If you wanted to join us to do stuff all you had to do was ask."

Fleur blushed before admitting, "I suppose it was rather obvious."

"Ooh, good, Fleur's decided to join our group," Luna claimed happily.

"I didn't say that," Fleur reminded her.

"Yes you have," Luna insisted.

"Well at any rate, I see no reason why we shouldn't have other people do fun stuff with us, it's not like we each don't have friends outside of our group," Padma commented.

"You know what we should do?" Luna suggested, "we should have a big slumber party!"

"Ooh we should," Lavender instantly agreed gleefully.

Padma however had an odd expression on her face as she said, "actually I think that's a great idea."

"It is?" He questioned.

"It'll help with a few things," Padma observed, "first of all by including more people in one of our activities and it'll also give me a chance to help recruit people to try and watch out for you Harry."

"We're going to form an anti-bullying defense league," Luna blurted out.

"Maybe a bit more low key than that," Padma answered her.

"Not that I don't like the idea but how are we going to have a sleepover without getting in trouble?" Parvati asked.

"Hermione?" Daphne asked, "don't you happen to have that blow up doll thing you were talking about?"

Hermione blushed at that before deciding to explain:

"They're actually lifelike figures of a person. Outwardly they'll very closely resemble any person you want, but on the inside just be full of air. They'll even simulate a person's breathing patterns while sleeping and should be mistaken for the real thing as long as they are mostly covered up by a blanket and aren't looked at too hard.

"So basically they're still more lifelike sex blow-up dolls," Daphne surmised.

Hermione blushed again at that, but answered, "actually I removed that function just so that they couldn't be used in such a way."

"Yes, but how would you know they don't work unless you tested it to make sure?" Daphne observed.

"Not me," Hermione corrected her, "actually I tricked Fred into testing it out. Let's just say he wasn't able to perform for Alicia for a week. He wasn't too happy with me for that."

"Wait, they're still together?" Harry asked.

"Yep, I even hear he and George are having threesomes with her," Lavender admitted.

"I want a threesome," Luna piped up.

"With another girl or with 2 guys," Daphne decided to clarify.

"With two Harrys," Luna replied.

Before anyone could point anything wrong with that out, Padma said, "well at any rate, how many do you think you could make for tonight?"

"Plenty," Hermione answered, "although it would probably be easier and risk less just to have a slumber party but not actually spend the night together."

"I want to sleep with Harry though," Luna complained.

"Yeah me too," Daphne agreed before putting on a pleading face in front of Hermione, "Hermione, can we please have some blow up dolls?"

"Oh all right," Hermione relented, "just don't misuse them."

"Well most of us don't have to spend the night," Padma surmised, "but I still think we should each maybe invite one or two friends each and have a fun night. It might even be more fun in big groups."

"Can we invite animals?" Luna asked.

"What about boys?" Parvati asked.

"Whoever you'd like," Padma told them, "maybe even bring that secret boyfriend of yours Parvati?"

"What secret boyfriend?" Parvati asked.

"I'm your twin sister, I know everything about you," Padma argued with a smile.

"You don't know who my secret boyfriend is," Parvati countered.

"I think you know perfectly well why I've respected your privacy," Her sister replied.

Parvati only nodded and gave a glance over at him...whatever that meant.

After a bit more talking each of them decided to go off and invite people.

He was about to as well when he realized...who was he supposed to invite?

None of his dormmates. They were bound to bring alcohol and...he'd rather it not be that kind of party.

For awhile he still considered inviting at least some guys...just to prove that there were actually some decent guys in the school even if he seemed to be dealing with the stupid variety more often than not. Yet you couldn't blame him for liking girls better.

Many of the girls he thought of such as ones he'd already dated one or more of the girls had already expressed an interest in inviting.

Just as he was figuring it out, Daphne put a hand on his shoulder as she suggested, "hey invite Susan and Hannah."

"Is this just because you want more cookies?" He interrogated her.

"Maybe partly," Daphne confessed, "but I'm sure they'd also like to be invited."

"All right," He agreed.

When he invited them both it was easily made worth it by the smiles on their faces.

"Yeah! Of course we'd love to go," Hannah gushed.

"Great," He answered before adding, "and as a side note, Daphne wants you to make cookies."

Hannah laughed a bit at that before saying, "I can think I can do that."

"I'll help her," Susan volunteered, "for a price of course."

"Naturally," He agreed with a smile, guessing what that price was.


The party started at 7 in the Room of Requirement.

They'd already set things up so that the place was basically a slumber city.

Various pillow and blanket forts were scattered all over with extra pillows and blankets as well.

For those who didn't have any sleepwear, there was a big stack of them at the front for them to borrow.

As people began to all arrive, he noted just how many of them he had already dated.

You know you've been around when you go to a party and find that you've already dated most of the girls there.

It wasn't true that he'd dated anywhere near every girl at Hogwarts, but it sort of felt like it at the moment.

Daphne had invited all of her roommates Millicent, Pansy, and Tracey; Hermione had invited Angelina and the Weasley twins who'd decided it was then okay for them to bring Alicia along with Katie who'd opted to come along; Luna brought her pet parrot Perry as well as Gabrielle, Padma came with Su and one of her other roommates Sally, and Fleur came with a couple of her Beauxbatons friends.

The real surprise however was with who Parvati had invited.

Parvati was last to show up, but he was rather shocked at the boy she had decided to bring.

"This is my boyfriend Viktor Krum," She introduced.

"Seriously!" Padma said in surprise, "you've been dating Viktor Krum and kept it a secret?"

"Yep," Parvati said proudly.

"So how did you two get together anyway?" Harry asked Parvati and Krum.

"It's a long story," Parvati replied.

"A very good story," Krum corrected, placing an arm around Parvati as if he'd done it many times.

It was certainly an interesting pairing...but not unwelcome either. If he had thought that seeing someone that looked just like Padma with another guy would bother him it really didn't...he just wasn't interested in Parvati that way.

It was rather strange.

Before he could think on it some more, Krum however seemed to be looking around at the many pillows and blankets as well as the few blow up dolls that Hermione had brought "just in case."

All he said to that was, "you British wizards are weird."

Once the party had "officially" gotten started however Padma decided to address everyone.

"First of all welcome to the party everyone!" Padma shouted.

There came a roar of approval to that.

"Before we begin with the various festivities I thought I'd take this time to talk about what happened to me and Harry last night. I'm sure all of you have already heard about it, but what I'd really like is to ensure that it doesn't ever happen again either to Harry or really any of us," Padma announced.

"I'll be his bodyguard," Millicent suggested, standing well above the general height of the crowd.

"I'm thinking a little bit more than that," Padma answered, "of course we'll try to watch out for one another, but perhaps some other things."

A few suggestions were thrown out, even some that hadn't already been thought up, such as Hermione suddenly coming up with the idea on teaching an anti-bullying seminar once she had studied up on the topic.

Hannah even offered to make cookies laced with sleeping potion to offer to anyone wanting to mess with any of them, but he had a feeling Daphne would just end up eating them all and then just take a lot of naps afterwards.

"I can teach people in defensive magical training," Gabrielle volunteered throwing out one last suggestion.

"Thanks Gabby," Padma thanked her warmly, "I'll try to talk to you later on the details and anyone can come if they would like even if they aren't even here tonight. Is everyone agreed then?"

Everyone nodded.

"All right," Padma replied, "well that's all I had for the evening, other than that have fun!"

After that they started their various activities they had planned for the evening.

First was a good old-fashioned pillow fight with them picking teams by having each person put their name into a hat and then have them randomly drawn out of it.

He ended up on the Pillow Team with Padma and a bunch of other people, including both Weasley twins who he suspected would be twin menaces in a game like this, having plenty of experience firsthand of them trying to hit him with bludgers during Quidditch practices.

"You did a good job," He congratulated Padma as he lined up next to her.

"The anti-bullying thing or getting this party together?" She asked.

"Both," He admitted before giving her a quick kiss.

"I figured if I was going to make sure that we created some anti-bullying measures I should try to make some fun out of it," She explained, "besides I think a lot of activities that we do would be a lot more fun with even more people."

"I agree," He answered, "we might just have to make this a regular thing, having lots of people here. Or let people join us in various activities throughout the week if they'd like."

Padma commented, "besides each of us had friends before we all got together. This way should be able to help keep us in touch."

They then had to end their conversation as their side suddenly rushed forward and charged the other team who were just finishing up building their fluffy fortifications.

It soon became an absolute mess as they attacked each other with reckless and enjoyable abandon.

In one case a pillow exploded, cotton spraying all over.

He soon realized that Padma had been right, some activities really were more fun with more people.

As the night progressed, he began to grow more and more tired not only from pilow fighting but also kissing more than one girl.

He couldn't help but think why some guys might be jealous of him, he thought.

As for himself, he considered himself just incredibly lucky. Likely many of the girls would get boyfriends or move on from him, but he couldn't seem to shake the feeling many of them wouldn't.

Yet before he'd had a chance to really think on it, he was hit in the head with a pillow.


Author's Note: So essentially a lot happened, perhaps a bit sooner than I had planned but the timing seemed right. Of course Harry is going to get a lot of jealous guys upset with him and jealous guys tend to do stupid stuff even if they are generally nice so I can see Harry having problems with that even if it does make the male population of Hogwarts not so likeable. However Luna being Luna has always believed in protecting Harry as well as being against bullying anyway. That combined with her desire to make sure everyone is included led to Harry and his group essentially expanding into a larger group, already using the spiderweb of connections that I've been carefully weaving in order to form it. You can consider it to indeed have at least some elements of the D.A, but with more of a party feel to it.

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