Chapter 28

Gabrielle seemed to pause for a long moment after saying that as if extremely nervous before asking him finally, "have you ever considered being with more than one girl?"

"You mean like a threesome?" He asked unable to hide his grin, "well I'd be lying if I said I hadn't at least considered it."

"What!" Gabrielle exclaimed, now looking surprised as she struggled with how to respond to that, "I didn't mean...well I suppose it's sort of like that..."

"Like a foursome?" He asked, not being able to resist asking that.

"I wasn't trying to talk about...well sex specifically," Gabrielle replied, "especially not threesomes."

He was about to ask what she was really trying to say when suddenly he heard someone's voice behind them.

"Did I hear someone mention threesomes?" Daphne teased.

"In which case me and you should team up," Fleur agreed, her hair still slightly damp from swimming in the lake and showering afterwards.

"No Gabby is the one who wants a threesome you sillies," Luna announced, "and she wants it with Harry and me."

He smiled at the 3 girls who seemed to so often be together and asked, "did the cooking class already get out?"

"Hannah kicked us out early after we ate too much of the cake batter," Daphne explained.

"More like they ate all the cake batter displaying no self-control or patience then tried to blame it on me," Fleur clarified.

Luna then strode over to Gabby and said, "You love Harry now too and you can't deny your feelings any longer right?"

Gabrielle looked rather annoyed but was blushing nonetheless as she tried to say, "no I don't, just leave it alone Luna."

"Yes you do," Luna replied, smiling happily, "you want to have his babies and kiss in a tree and have threesomes with me and-"

Her young veela friend opened her mouth to protest again to continue the argument when Fleur suddenly interceded.

"Wait a minute," Fleur said as she stepped forward to look at Gabrielle and then him closely before declaring, "you two just kissed right now didn't you?"

Then Gabrielle really blushed. Couldn't keep that a secret for long could she?

"How did you know that?" He asked Fleur.

"I'm a veela I know these things," Fleur explained, "Gabby is just scared right now of her feelings that she can no longer deny. I kind of know the feeling actually."

"I don't want to be just another girl in a collection of girls," Gabrielle pointed out, "you may be okay with it just not me."

"You'd be surprised how good it's been," Fleur replied, "nor can I even imagine just how good it'll get in the future if things work out."

"It's really not so bad, Gabby, quite the contrary actually," Daphne argued, "lots of friends, lots of free porn to watch, and hey maybe another lover or two to occupy any spare time with."

She put an arm around Fleur and gave her her best seductive smile at that.

Fleur, not skipping a beat, immediately put her own arm around Daphne and reminded her, "if you're going to keep trying to unnerve me, you're going to have to try a lot harder than that."

"Like this?" Daphne asked as she leaned in and kissed Fleur full on the mouth, causing the older veela girl to match the stakes in their competition and kiss her back.

Admittedly his mind went blank while watching it. There was absolutely no way he was ever going to forget this moment. Daphne and Fleur making out? No complaints here.

"Seriously!" Daphne then complained as she finally shoved Fleur off her, "no hesitation whatsoever in kissing me back? Either you're secretly a lesbian or you're taking some sort of potion."

"Or I'm just stronger than you," Fleur taunted with a smile, "want to give up?"

Daphne grinned back and insisted, "Never!"

Fleur then turned to Gabrielle and said, "You see Gabby? Not so bad at all."

Gabrielle, who looked a bit unnerved herself even if Fleur and Daphne weren't admitted, "I'm just going to ignore the fact that my sister apparently enjoys pretending to be a lesbian for a moment and focus more on what I think really needs to be discussed...even if you three might not agree with me."

"Harry?" Luna asked before saying something else that he didn't quite hear.

He had to shake his head at that and admitted, "Sorry, I really wasn't paying attention. I was too busy thinking about Fleur and Daphne kissing."

All 4 girls couldn't help but laugh at such a confession as Daphne remarked, "see? I told you there was free porn."

"Not very good porn but better than those romance novels that Hermione and Pansy read which is saying something since one of the participants was my own sister and there was no nudity involved which I will confess to being grateful for," Gabrielle answered.

"No wonder those two have been extra close lately," He commented, unable to avoid the image of Hermione and Pansy masturbating in a bathroom stall somewhere huddled over a romance novel.

Surely they wouldn't...maybe...hopefully?

"Actually we came to help you little sis," Fleur announced, "you're right; it's time Harry knew the truth."

"What truth?" He asked.

"I'm pregnant!" Luna announced.

"We haven't even had sex," He pointed out to her.

"We drugged you," Daphne claimed.

"Sorry," Luna apologized, "I've just always wanted to do that."

"Anyway," Fleur declared, once again the one to steer the conversation, "we just thought you should know that we've decided we want to all be your girlfriends and maybe marry you."

He mulled that over, not really sure how to reply before he answered as if it was no big deal and said, "oh is that all?"

"That about sums it up," Daphne agreed.

"Aren't you missing a few important details?" Gabrielle pointed out.

"We'll get to those later," Luna insisted, "we just want to talk about how we love you Harry and want to marry you and have your babies. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"That actually does sound like fun, at least the part of trying for the babies," Daphne replied.

She received a couple annoyed looks from Fleur and Gabrielle as if to say, "Not helping."

"Look," Fleur then explained, "it's obvious you've got a close connection with plenty more girls then just me and I realized I needed to accept that, however I also can't deny how much I care about you or the other girls. Right now you're already technically dating quite a few girls even if you don't use the term girlfriend. It's obvious to me they care about or even love you as well so I'd say what we're suggesting really isn't too much of a stretch or something you wouldn't have realized eventually yourself anyway."

"Yes, because marrying a bunch of girls really isn't that big of a deal," He said sarcastically.

Each of the girls gave him a grim smile at that before Daphne said, "Truthfully we really haven't made any final decisions especially me. I like the way things are going and I'd like to see how it plays out but I can also accept it if you choose against it in favor of just one girl."

He mulled this over before asking, "so it's my decision then?"

"Well of course silly!" Luna pointed out, "you're kind of the most important part of the harem. We can't do it without you."

Until that moment when Luna said the word harem he hadn't fully grasped what they were getting at.

A harem. They wanted to be part of a harem with him as their husband.

His mind flashed to his conception of a harem, basically a room full of Arab women scantily clad in blue and pink silks while some fat old Arab leader was surrounded by them.

At first the idea didn't seem to appeal to him and then he inserted himself into the imaginary scene in place of the Arab leader and the Arab women for Fleur, Daphne, and Luna.

Now that was a lot better, he couldn't help but feel, in particular since they were still scantily clad in see-through silks.

Daphne went over and put an arm on his shoulder as she asked gently, "Are you okay Harry?"

Just to confirm that he wasn't being majorly pranked he asked them, "are you girls for real?"

All 4 girls nodded gravely.

He was currently still trying to wrap his head around this.

So the three of them loved him? Check. They wanted to at the very least be his girlfriends? Check. They were okay with having more girls get involved? Check. Did they have marriage at the very least in mind? Check. Were they however allowing him to make the final decision and willing to accept it? Check. Would it likely just about break their hearts if he was to reject them all? Check. In any case wasn't he aware even before now that he'd be breaking some hearts in any case? Check. Was this not a possible solution especially since they were already okay with it? Check.

Honestly he felt like he was part of a messed up Muggle commercial. But wait there's more! Why have just one beautiful, amazing wife or girlfriend when you can have 3! But I'm not done yet! If you call right now you'll get x amount of wives or girlfriends at no extra charge!

Shaking his head again out of his ridiculous thoughts, he realized that Daphne had now started speaking.

"-I mean I wasn't expecting, to you know, feel this way," Daphne admitted, "I mean you dream of having one guy all to yourself, who loves you and cares about you and who you feel the same way about, but then when this whole thing got started and then as things progressed...well it was just so enjoyable having the opportunity to share that not only with you Harry but with other girls as well. I soon learned that I didn't feel jealous or angry that I had to share you, in fact that I was having more fun and enjoying myself more than I ever had in life. All jokes aside I love watching you spend time with the other girls and seeing how happy it makes all of us, including watching you kiss them."

"Yeah the kissing is my favorite part too," Luna interrupted happily.

"What I'm trying to say is," Daphne announced, "as difficult as it is to believe we really do want to see if this is really what we want if you do."

Each of the girls looked expectantly at him as if wondering what his reaction would be before he finally declared, "I'll have to think about this first."

Fleur nodded and said, "Take all the time you need."


Walking away, he knew he needed to talk to someone, someone he trusted and yet had no idea just what had been going on.

He first thought of Padma or Hermione, but he wasn't sure that would be the best idea since they were involved themselves.

Another guy would be best, but the only guys he trusted enough were the Weasley twins and Sirius and they would probably just encourage him to go for it, that it was every guy's dream to have a bunch of hot girls all to himself.

It actually was, he thought. A part of him he knew would even be okay with simply telling them "sounds like a plan, let's do it!" The more aware side of him however knew it wasn't that simple.

So that left a that clearly wasn't into him like that...which was seriously hard apparently. Did he even know a girl that he trusted enough that didn't like him or that he didn't like? Curse his good looks and charisma at this moment!

A teacher?

No he wasn't that desperate to actually ask advice of a teacher. He could just imagine walking into Professor McGonagall's office as she asked him, "What seems to be the trouble Mr. Potter?"

"Oh I just wondering if you thought it was a good idea for me to practice polygamy," He saw himself telling her.

Yeah that would go over real well.

At least it would be better than if he went to Professor Snape for help. Snape's solution would likely be a simple castration.

Having at least concluded that he did not want to have to live as a eunuch if he could help it, he went over other people. There was Dumbledore of course but he was rather old and probably hadn't even dated anyone in like...

Gah! That was just disgusting to think about, he thought.

At the very least such a thought managed to jar him a little as he realized that there was really no one he could discuss his problem with.

Just as he was thinking that, he heard Padma call to him from down the hallway, now walking towards him as she announced, "there you are. Would you happen to know why they canceled dueling today? There was a note posted on the door saying it was."

He couldn't answer, still too overcome with his thoughts to be able to tell her the truth just yet.

She however seemed to realize that there was a problem as she asked gently, "are you okay?"

Somehow he managed to shake his head no and she then drew him into a hug. Even that seemed to be really comforting to him, that even if she didn't know herself she was still telling him it was okay.

He wasn't sure what he'd do without Padma in his life.

It struck him that his decision affected not only Fleur, Daphne, and Luna, but also the other girls that he loved.

Wait a minute? Loved.

As he looked into her face, her beautiful wonderful face, concern written all over it for him, he realized that was correct. He did in fact love her...and she wasn't the only one he loved either.

Yet would Padma really be willing to go along with something so crazy? I mean sure he knew she loved him, but was it enough?

"Does it bother you that you have to share me with other girls or that we aren't dating exclusively?" He finally asked her.

Padma seemed surprised but then questioned, "Is that what's bothering you?"

"Not exactly," He admitted, "it's a bit more complicated than that."

She thought for a moment before answering, "You know I've had more than one chance to have you all to myself. Do I regret such a decision though? No."

"Why?" He desperately wanted to know.

Padma smiled, the way only she could as she told him, "Since I knew you'd miss out on so much with girls that care about you just as much as I do. Truthfully though looking back I'd say it's also me that would have missed out on a lot nor do I want to miss what is to come."

"That's actually my problem, what is to come," He said, "I mean the way things are going-"

She put a finger to his lips before saying slowly, "I know."

"You know?" He asked in total surprise once she'd removed her finger from his lips.

"I think deep down I always knew," Padma admitted, "knew what would happen if I allowed it. It's been however comforting to know that I could have stopped it but continually chose not to. You've always been slightly closer to me than to anyone else. When I finally grew confident enough that I could probably be the one to win you if I were to actually try for that I realized that wasn't what I wanted. I love you Harry and over time that love has only grown, but because I love you I also recognize that you'll never love just me, nor am I the only one who needs you. You give strength and stability and confidence to girls that I care about as well. They in turn love you and who am I to deny them that love? So in truth no matter how things end up, I'll always love you and I'll always support whatever decision you might make and stand by you...even if it means having to give you up to someone else if you so choose."

Wow, that was...really, really deep and personal.

He had to reply to that, he knew he needed to as he finally managed to say, "I love you too Padma."

Words now failing him, he pulled her in for a kiss, a deep passionate kiss that he hoped convey the other thoughts and emotions that he was unable to say.

Yet when they finally broke apart, he found the kiss had then given him strength as he claimed vehemently, "I'm not leaving you Padma. Ever. No matter what happens I always want you in my life. Yet you're right. You aren't the only girl that I love and I need to accept that. I am however grateful that you're willing to share wherever things end up."

Padma let out a slow smile as she asked him, "What would you have done if I said I wanted you all to myself?"

"Probably just explode," He admitted.

She laughed at that before telling him, "good thing I made the right choice then. I would have hated cleaning up the pieces of you...well maybe not all of you."

He felt her hand lightly grasp his penis before pulling away.

"What about your pact not go any further?" He questioned.

Laughing again, she explained, "I'm your girlfriend now, I can do whatever I want."

His lips curling up into a smile he asked, "is that so? What about you just agreeing to share?"

"Well I'm not your only girlfriend now am I?" Padma pointed out.

"Remind me again who exactly my girlfriends are now according to you because I'm not sure nor do I think my other apparent girlfriends know either," He asked.

"Good point, maybe I ought to help you figure that out then," She suggested, half-serious, half-jokingly.

He however leaned in and kissed her before saying, "I think I'd like to celebrate with my one new girlfriend first before we get to that."

"I rather do like the sound of that," Padma agreed with a smile.


By the time he got done "celebrating" with Padma he was feeling much better about the state of things and while tempting to stay longer, it was then time for his meeting with Dumbledore.

True he did have a lot still to figure out, but so far he was happy with the decision he had made. He could simply not show up on Dumbledore and discuss it with the girls, but he knew he needed to wait until he'd worked things out well enough yet, such as exactly what to say and who to say it to as there were indeed other girls involved who still had no idea just what was going on.

In any case he wasn't going to just not show up for the meeting and so he met Susan and Pansy in front of his office who had agreed to accompany him for the meeting, the meeting being on his custody battle.

Amazing how he had girls saying they wanted to potentially marry him and have his babies, but he didn't even have a roof over his head at the moment. It would get awfully rainy without a roof for them all he couldn't help joking.

That was the least of his problems, he thought with a shake of his head.

Both Susan and Pansy seemed to notice the expression on his face, but likely just explained it away on his worry over who he would end up living with. If Fleur, Luna, and Daphne had their way it would need to be the person with the biggest house.

All jokes aside, he spoke the password that opened up the stairs to Dumbledore's office and walked up behind the two girls.

When he entered, he first of all noticed Fawkes, currently perched on his pedestal, as well as some of Dumbledore's various knickknacks, but he also spotted something he hadn't seen in a long time, bringing back old memories. It was the Mirror of Erised.

"Is that what I think it is?" Pansy asked aloud, obviously recognizing the mirror somehow as well.

"Yes that is indeed a full Chocolate Frog Card Collection," Dumbledore admitted proudly seemingly unaware that that was not what Pansy was referring to as he pointed at a large stack of cards sitting on a shelf just to the left of the mirror, "it only took me a century to collect them all, but I will admit that I never bought that many anyway on account of the fact that I don't like chocolate that tries to hop away on you."

"Yeah I hate that," Susan agreed, "when I was into collecting those my Auntie convinced me to just buy the cards alone."

"You can do that?" Dumbledore asked, looking flabbergasted, "it appears I learn something every day from the youth although I wish I'd known that decades ago. I could have saved so much money and magical dental care on chocolate."

Susan smiled and shamelessly replied, "Well teenagers at least like to think they know everything."

Dumbledore smiled as well with a twinkle in his eye as he pointed out, "and just why do you think I became a teacher? A teacher can learn just as much from his students. It is however a shame that the school board still annually rejects my idea of having Napping, Bowling, and History of Sweets classes."

"I will admit that's a real shame," Harry agreed. They would probably be more instructive than some of his actual classes.

"No matter," Dumbledore answered although sounding disappointed, "unfortunately I have significantly less control over which classes are taught or who teaches them than people realize. I am for example quite aware that Professor Binns might very well have literally bored himself to death with his lectures, but when he no longer needs payment or even living accommodations, it's a bit difficult to convince the school board to shell out the extra money for actually alive teacher."

While Harry was aware that Dumbledore was an influential and powerful wizard for the wizarding world at large, he'd since learned that he had little control over a great deal of things tightly controlled by the school board who were in Lucius Malfoy's pocket and otherwise inclined to just take the cheapest options they could find resulting in some rather dreadful teachers willing to work for next to nothing."

Maybe he should have Daphne's mother do an expose on the whole thing...that ought to be a really good story. Perhaps he should even ask his son Draco for a signed picture autograph to be used as the photo...Malfoy might actually be stupid enough to even give him one.

"I was actually referring to the Mirror of Erised standing right there," Pansy clarified, ignoring all the talk in between about cards and classes.

"Ah, I see," Dumbledore observed, "I thought it might help us tonight."

"How so?" Susan asked curiously.

Dumbledore then focused his eyes on him, his half-moon spectacles glinting in the light as he asked him pointedly, "while this custody battle has raged on, I dare say that essentially it will ultimately end up being decided upon your personal decision Harry. Have you then been able to make to figure out with who you'd like to get custody of you?"

Both Susan and Pansy looked at him hopefully but he had to confess, "I'm still not sure Professor but it appears you've already thought of me potentially saying that."

Dumbledore chuckled before confessing, "Indeed you are correct. Having guessed that you still hadn't been able to decide I realized that there was actually a very simple solution. You came upon this mirror back in your first year with Mr. Weasley and found that the deepest desire of your heart, reflected in the mirror was to have a family that loved you. It is then my theory that this mirror might very well show the family or individual that you most desire in your heart to accept as your own family."

Clever, Harry thought, if it worked of course, for all he knew his greatest desire of his heart had now changed to wanting to have plenty of sex which with his teenage hormones constantly raging was a real possibility.

He'd be grateful then that no one else could see what he saw in the mirror especially in front of Dumbledore who just might give him detention for such a desire.

Dumbledore however went over the mirror and pulled it out so it would be more easily accessible to them all, letting out a sigh as he looked at what he saw in the mirror.

Echoing a question that he had asked himself years ago, Susan asked, "what is it that you see Professor?"

The old headmaster paused as if trying to decide what to say, but finally he admitted, "I see the exact same thing that Mr. Potter saw; surrounded by my loving family, happy, healthy, and whole."

Susan seemed to be impressed by such an answer, no doubt wondering if she could say the same. Like him she had lost a great deal of family members as well.

"You want to try it out first?" He invited her.

She nodded, likely grateful at such an invitation before stepping forward to look inside the mirror.

Once she had, she immediately blushed at what she saw.

"What do you see?" Pansy asked curiously.

Susan however only shook her head, refusing to answer before stepping away from the mirror and looking directly at him before blushing again and looking back down at the ground.

Pansy decided that she should be next as she also stepped forward to look inside the mirror before also blushing and moving aside to stand next to Susan.

"I think I have a pretty good idea now what it is you saw," Pansy told her.

Both girls now refusing to tell him what it is they'd seen, he finally stepped forward to take his turn.

In a day absolutely full of surprises he didn't think he could be any more surprised but he was now.

Reflected back at him in the mirror he saw himself, only he appeared to be at least several years older and he wasn't alone. Surrounding him were many of the girls. Padma, Daphne, Luna, Hermione, Fleur, all looking a bit older and behind them were other figures although appearing more blurry, blurry enough that he couldn't tell exactly who they were, but he could tell that they were also others of the girls even if their identities had yet to be identified.

They were all standing there happily, but what got his attention was that each of the girls wore beautiful wedding rings and were all gazing lovingly at him.

Fleur in fact was already holding his child, an infant that appeared to be a combination of both him and her, looking so adorably perfect it brought tears to his eyes. In addition as he studied further he noted that both Luna and Padma were already noticeably pregnant, probably with two more of his future children.

So this was the greatest desire of his heart he was forced to recognize. He really did want to have a harem...

Yet the word harem was almost inadequate, failing to express what he truly wanted. He loved each of them he was forced to admit at that moment. He actually wanted to spend the rest of his life with them...and they wanted the same with him...or some of them did anyway.

Not realizing what was really going on, Pansy asked impatiently, "what do you see Harry?"

"Nothing I didn't already know," He answered finally.

Author's Note: This chapter took a lot longer than I would have wanted to complete. I literally rewrote the first part about half a dozen times before being satisfied. It turned out it really just needed to go the way it came out (and how I'd planned it out in the first place as I really do have the rest of the story all planned out) and only that way. There were some things I finally had to accept needed to happen: first of all that Harry needed to find out and not just from Gabrielle and that I couldn't plausibly get away with having him not go through some sort of struggle on what to do. Also at least Padma had to be already aware of and fully accepting of it. I am however finally satisfied with it and I hope you are too as we move past this vitally important part of the story and the actual post finding out building of the harem. Those girls who are not already aware of what is going on will soon find out and have to make a decision concerning just what they will do.