Author's Note: If asked what the hardest part of writing any story, I would definitely have to say the end. I look at endings as sort of the crescendo or everything you've been working towards the entire story to all come together in one final ultimate moment followed by a wrap up of all loose ends and an epilogue which allows the reader to know exactly how the characters they have truly come to care about end up. Doing all that is however extremely difficult which is why I can't blame a lot of authors, who while having a great story, often have a rather lackluster ending. The end of Book 7 in canon for example was extremely lacking for me, but on the bright side it was the reason that drove me to find fanfiction in the first place and so if it wasn't so lacking, you would not have the opportunity to read my stories.

Chapter 33

Several months later and Harry and Fleur were currently going through the maze of the Third Task together.

"Are you ready?" He asked Fleur.

"Of course," She told him confidently, "nothing to it right?"

"Yeah, we're only preventing the comeback of only the worst Dark Lord in history," Harry claimed.

They were following exactly what Luna had told them would happen and by now he had come to trust her. If she said something was going to happen, no matter how crazy it sounded, it was going to happen.

Not too much had happened however since the night chasing and destroying Horcruxes with Luna, Daphne, and Gabrielle, at least not eventful, but his relationship with the girls had certainly strengthened. His 12 girlfriends (Padma, Daphne, Luna, Hermione, Fleur, Susan, Hannah, Pansy, Millicent, Lavender, Su, and Gabrielle. The number still totally blew him away. While he was indeed extremely lucky, they felt very happy too, with them having developed very strong friendships (and in some cases more than just friendships). It was easy to see them now as a family, and it was getting harder and harder to see that family ever be broken up.

Sure, they had their difficulties and occasional disagreements as any relationship did, but considering all the people involved it really wasn't all that bad. Each girl was of course different, with many different personalities melding together, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Padma was still becoming an emerging leader of their group, Daphne was just as unfiltered, Gabrielle was still a bit trigger wand happy, Hermione becoming just as unfiltered and dirty as Daphne as well as more open with her partner Lavender, and Luna...well Luna was just as crazy as ever even if he found he was still learning plenty of things about her and he doubted he ever would understand her.

She was smarter than Hermione, more fun-loving than a set loose and wild Pansy, sexier than any beast, and yet...she only sought to share her incredible talents in making them all happy.

"We're almost there, there is the cup," Fleur informed him as she pointed straight ahead, breaking him out of his thoughts.

He nodded and then began running alongside her. They were way ahead of Cedric and Krum he figured, but still he wanted to ensure they were the ones who got there first.

As they stopped at the cup, knowing where they would be taken as soon as they touched it, he suggested, "a kiss for luck?"

She eagerly leaned in and kissed him, with his hand going straight to her bum and she doing likewise. By now, he'd felt up every inch of every single one of his girlfriends and had sex with about half of them, including the older beautiful veela girl he was with now.

Once they broke apart from their make out session, he told her, "you can keep my half of the prize money if you'd like."

"We're only going to end up sharing finances anyway," Fleur blurted out.

"When we get married?" He inquired, not skipping a beat.

"I didn't mean to say that," Fleur said as she shook her head, clearly disappointed in herself, "I so did not want to be the one to spill the beans after all this time."

Fortunately he wasn't all that surprised or upset.

"It's okay, I love you all by now, I think we all know we're going to end up all getting married anyway," Harry pointed out.

It only seemed almost inevitable at this point even if there was still plenty of time to go before any of them were ready to get married.

"Would you be okay with that?" She asked him.

"Okay with being married to 12 beautiful women that I love?" He queried, "I believe the correct answer would be duh."

She laughed and said, "I'm glad you're okay with it.

"I am if you are, I won't force anyone of course," Harry stated.

That was something very important to him, he would leave it up to each girl and let them decide what they wanted to do.

They could have kept talking and discussed it further, but it would have to wait, they had an appointment with a Dark Lord to get to.

Making sure to grab the cup at the same time, they were both immediately whisked off to the graveyard.

Neither of them bothered with any introductions, as soon as they landed, their wands were out. Fleur immediately stunned and incapacitated Wormtail, but he had his wand pointed at a figure that was no bigger than a baby.

A baby, he certainly wasn't. He would not be reborn. Not today, not ever.

Thinking of avenging his parents and the many lives lost to that monster, he yelled, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Voldemort had no ability to defend himself, as weak and helpless as many of his countless victims had been. The green bolt of light struck him and then...he was dead.

No piece of soul or vapor or anything whatsoever exited his body, he was well and truly gone from this world forever.

Looking over at the dead body of Nagini, dead only moments ago from the cursed rat that Luna had caught, cursed, and then released that Horcrux filled night had ensured that his last horcrux was gone.

She had thought of everything, planned it all so beautifully, even down to the last detail. She had even...

His breath caught as he finally figured it out, shocked and amazed as he looked away from the body of Voldemort and instead toward Fleur as he asked her, "Luna did it all, didn't she? She made this all happen, how I ended up getting all those dates with so many of you and then how we ended up getting together, she planned all of it?"

Fleur gave him a nervous smile and admitted, "she did."

She let that sink in for a moment before then asking, "so how do you feel about that? Angry?"

After thinking about it, he said, "no not really, I probably would have before, all worked out for the better didn't it? We're all happy and...that's enough."

She nodded in agreement as she went and placed her hand into his squeezing it gently to reassure him.

Sure he didn't have it all worked out yet, but for now that was okay, and it was hardly the time or place to truly dwell on it.

Fleur turned to look at the still unconscious body of Wormtail to be used to free Sirius with before stating, "it seems too easy though, defeating Voldemort like this."

He thought about that for a moment before stating, "you know, when Voldemort was defeated the first time, it was through my mother's love for me. I'd say as soon as I found love with each of you, he never really could be much of a threat. He never could understand that power and that is why he was defeated again before he could even come back...although I will agree it is a bit anti-climatic."

She couldn't resist grinning then in spite of everything and said, "if you wanted a climax, we could just have sex. I expect there to be plenty of climaxes for that."

"Well we probably should find some way to celebrate," He told her, "not everyday you kill Voldemort."

They went in to kiss before he remembered where they were and said, "not here though. Not exactly a very romantic spot."

"Oh of course not," He agreed as he went to go get the cup, "do you think I could last through a 12-some?"

Bravely, she said with a big beautiful smile, "well there is only one way to find out."



Harry did end up having sex with each of the girls by the end of 4th year, but needed to take some seriously strong potions to get through all the girls which he definitely needed.

That being said, there followed a short period of abstinence when either Fred or George ended up knocking up their girlfriend Alicia.

Since there was no way to tell which one was truly the father as they were both twins, the Twins decided to take joint responsibility for the baby when Alicia had the baby during their 7th year. They would go on to eventually both marry Alicia. It was a bit weird, but like his own situation, Harry figured as long as they were happy, why not?

Of course, he couldn't resist so many sexy ladies for too long despite Lakshmi's reminding him with that many girlfriends accidents were bound to happen.

When it eventually did happen however, it turned out to be Fleur, who had been wanting to have a baby and was already out of school anyway, even as she worked as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in order to be close to him and the other girls.

Since the only other applicant for the job was apparently a big, fat, ugly toad of a woman who would only make life miserable according to Luna, Dumbledore decided to hire her despite her young age and lack of experience. Yet then again, she had managed to help defeat a Dark Lord. Now that had been an interesting experience showing up with Wormtail's and Voldemort's bodies after the Third Task.

At any rate, Fleur had hers and his first child, a daughter, exactly on his 17th birthday, making them exactly 17 years apart. Now an adult, he and the girls mutually agreed to raise each of their children collectively, considering each others' children to be their own, starting with Fleur's. During his final year of school however their daughter Celeste was watched by his adoptive mother, Lakshmi.

Lakshmi had truly proven to be wonderful and someone he eventually came to recognize as a mother figure. When he proposed to all 12 of his girlfriends shortly after getting out of school, he also invited her to stay and live with them to which she accepted.

A year later and he married all 12 of the girls. It was a beautiful wedding, with each girl looking positively radiant. For Gabby, he did indeed get a beautiful diadem for her wedding day. Even girls he had dated but ultimately ended up not marrying were in attendance. Angelina was there as well as Cho, amazing girls who chose not to end up joining the harem but remained good friends to them.

However seeing how happy each of his new brides were and how beautiful they looked caused them to actually rethink that decision and see if there was a possibility of a second chance with him. He ended up marrying both of them a year later.

Many of the girls ended up having successful careers. Susan ended up succeeding her aunt as the Head of the DMLE, Hannah started her own restaurant, Millicent became a female wrestler, Gabrielle became a world class duelist, Hermione continued to be in business with Fred and George, becoming very wealthy doing so, Pansy became a healer, Daphne ended up becoming a journalist for the The Quibbler, which after a bit of retooling, ended up becoming even more popular than the Daily Prophet even was. Lavender ended up starting her own fashion clothing line, insisting on getting his wives to model them, much to his enjoyment. Su ended up getting into dueling and did very well at it as a pro.

As for Luna, well let's just say Luna was still Luna, she could be anything she wanted to be he knew and ultimately she did a little of everything. She made some investments in companies she knew would be successful, then donated to charities. Created wonderful and amazing devices, discovered several magical creatures that were thought to not exist including Crumple-horned Snorkacks, prevented two wars in the Middle East, and yet her most proud accomplishment was that of being a mother.

With as many wives as he had, it was inevitable that he have many children, and was partly due to that that prompted Padma to be a stay at home mom and look after the house and family. As for himself, he wanted to be an auror, but with as large a family as he had and with his wives' encouragement, he joined her as a stay at home dad and that was a full time job in and of itself, keeping both his wives and children happy and cared for.

In total he ended up having 66 children, Su had 2, Lavender and Daphne each had 3, Hannah and Millicent each had 4, Fleur and Gabrielle each had 5, Pansy and Susan each had 6, and Padma and Hermione each had 7. As for Luna, to the surprise of no one she insisted on having a dozen of his cute little babies.

Was he incredibly lucky? Of course, but none of the girls would have it any other way even if it was difficult juggling spending time with each of his wives.

That being said, he still went on many dates with his wives just to keep the romance going. He always would have too many dates.

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