Author's Note: If asked what the hardest part of writing any story, I would definitely have to say the end. I look at endings as sort of the crescendo or everything you've been working towards the entire story to all come together in one final ultimate moment followed by a wrap up of all loose ends and an epilogue which allows the reader to know exactly how the characters they have truly come to care about end up. Doing all that is however extremely difficult which is why I can't blame a lot of authors, who while having a great story, often have a rather lackluster ending. The end of Book 7 for example was extremely lacking for me, but on the bright side it was the reason that drove me to find fanfiction in the first place and so if it wasn't so lacking, you would not have the opportunity to read my stories.

Chapter 33

Harry was once again awoken in the middle of the night to find a girl on top of him. By now he was getting so used to this behavior he hardly batted an eye. Instead, he just grinned and tried to find out who it was.

Based on the fact that they weren't particularly heavy and the position they had taken in cuddling with him, he could have narrowed it down somewhat, but it was her rather pleasant smell of candy that gave it away.

"Hello Luna," He greeted her warmly but quietly so as not to wake any of his roommates...again. Lavender had ended up waking all of them up a few nights ago and while there was plenty of teasing that came his way and a bit of grumbling about having been woken up, none of them of course tattled on them. Still he'd rather his roommates not becoming too familiar with such behavior.

"Hello Harry," Luna replied as she lent down to kiss him, "do you want to come with me?"

He feigned tiredness as he let out a yawn and said, "I don't know about that Luna, I'm really tired right now. Maybe we should just get back to bed."

Luna giggled and said, "no time for sleeping Harry. We're going on an adventure."

"An adventure huh?" He asked, "is that what you want to call it? Well its certainly an adventure with you I suppose."

With a girl as crazy and up for anything as Luna, literally everything was an adventure. He swore he could never get tired of her.

"Yeah, I know, but this is going to be a real adventure," She informed him, "we'll battle dragons, goblins, zombies, giant snakes-"

"You wouldn't happen to still be talking about me would you?" He asked, taking special note of her comment about giant snakes. Oh, he wasn't absolutely huge or anything down there, but respectable enough.

She giggled again and asked, "is your snake hungry for me Harry?"

"I'm pretty sure I'm always hungry for you Luna," He admitted honestly.

"I know," She answered, "that's because I'm your sexy beast. I guess our adventure can wait a bit if your snake is too hungry. We'll just have to feed him then."

With that, she got underneath the covers with him and it wasn't until then that he realized she wasn't wearing...well anything. With him currently clad only in a pair of boxer shorts and no shirt, her breasts currently pressing into his stomach.

"Not that I mind but are you naked Luna?" He asked her.

Laughing yet again she pointed out, "I do sleep in the nude Harry."

"You do realize if you are going to be naked, there is no way I can sleep," Harry answered.

"Are you even going to want to sleep when you can feel my boobies instead?" Luna coyly asked.

He smiled and said, "I think that's one of the best ideas you've ever had and you've had a lot of them."

Having now handled Padma's, Hermione's, and Lavender's breasts, touching a girl's tits was no longer new to him, but it was still amazing to feel Luna's breasts for the first time.

They actually felt slightly bigger than Padma's and Hermione's, but slightly smaller than Lavender's, but they were all Luna's, perfectly smooth and firm and beautiful.

"My boobies like that a lot," Luna claimed happily, "do you like my boobies?"

"That's a stupid question," He answered, "I love your boobs, tits, breasts, yabbos, babysuckers, melons, jugs, hooters, Sarah and Jessica, and any other name you want to give them."

"I knew you would," She replied with a contented sigh.

With that, she brought her lips to his as they started making out. Well he thought if any of his roommates were to wake up, they would get quite the show.

One hand still fondling a breast, the other hand drifted down to cup her naked bum, eliciting a gasp from Luna. Oh Merlin, this girl was incredible he thought. Nice tits, nice bum, so adorably cute, and...he wondered idly if she was crazy in the bedroom so to speak.

In response, she grasped his erect cock through his boxer shorts.

"He's happy I'm here," She claimed happily.

He would have been perfectly content to remain in such a position for probably forever, but then Luna unexpectedly said regretfully, "we have to go now."

"Go?" He asked, "as far as I'm concerned we just started."

Luna sighed and said regretfully, "I want to Harry, but the whole reason I did this is because we have to go on a dangerous adventure and there is a chance I might not make it."

He was tempted to laugh in case it was merely a joke, but honestly he had never heard Luna sound more serious.

Suddenly Luna spoke again, only this time it was in a voice that was lower and more reserved than Luna's was.

"Death shall claim the fragments of souls,

But with it comes a price.

The Plan shall be known to the One

And the One shall know love

Beware the cheesemaker

That actually sounded a prophecy. He was about to ask her what on earth she was talking about but then she seemed to shake herself and then say as if she hadn't said anything just before, "well let's go."

At that, she got out of his bed and then reached for and put her clothes back on while he did the same, wondering just what this was all about.

He became even more curious when they met up just outside the Room of Requirement with Daphne and Gabrielle. The fact that Daphne was wearing a tomb raider outfit did not escape his attention. She wore very short and tight booty shorts as well as an equally tight blue shirt, all of which showcasing her amazing assets.

"I like the outfit," He told Daphne with an appreciative look.

She grinned and said, "I do pull it off rather nicely don't I? Only problem is the shorts are just a bit too tight. I ended up borrowing them from Pansy."

"You mean Pansy actually had those shorts and she never wore them for me?" Harry pouted as he eyed Daphne's smooth, perfect legs.

Fortunately Daphne told him, "I think I can convince her to wear them. Assuming of course I don't accidentally rip them myself."

Gabrielle however seemed already eager to begin whatever they were supposed to be doing as she then asked Luna, "What took you so long?"

He shared a guilty look with Luna, causing Daphne to laugh.

"I knew I should have gone with you to go get him," Daphne claimed, sounding disappointed.

"Then you would have been there all night and we would never have gotten to go," Gabrielle pointed out.

Daphne grinned and agreed, "probably true."

"Well at least tell me you let him know where we're going and what we're doing?" Gabrielle asked.

Again, Luna gave her a guilty look, only this time he had no idea what for.

Gabrielle sighed and said, "all right, I'm just going to come out with it. We're going to go destroy pieces of Voldemort's soul so he can finally be killed by you. You know, your average in the middle of the night surprise date."

"It'll be fun," Luna added.

He gave her an incredulous look as it seemed too random to be real and too specific at the same time to be a lie.

"I think that sums it up," Daphne agreed, "well let's go before these shorts rip."

"They'll rip eventually, but nobody will mind," Luna supplied for her.

"Would anyone care to really explain what is going on?" Harry asked exasperatedly.

All 3 girls seemed to have compassion on him and Gabrielle suggested to Luna and Daphne, "why don't you two go get the first one inside the Room and I'll explain things to him?"

Both Luna and Daphne nodded as they headed inside the Room.

Gabrielle then took the time to briefly explain over the next several minutes, but frankly it only caused him to have more questions.

"So let me get this straight," He tried to sum what she had told him up, "Luna is a psychic and used her psychic powers to figure out that Voldemort apparently has these things called horcruxes which are basically pieces of his soul he has kept in various objects in order to prevent him from dying?"

"Yeah, that pretty much covers it, glad you were listening," She answered approvingly, "you're a good listener Harry."

"Well that is one of my many good qualities," He quipped, even while trying to make sense of things.

Harry rubbed his forehead, trying to make sense of it all. If he had known something this crazy, crazy even by Luna standards was going to happen, he would have just stayed in bed. In fact, he'd rather that Luna not have even shown up in the middle of the night at all totally naked...

Yeah, that part he wasn't at all upset about, he realized. No way could he ever be upset about that.

So Luna was a psychic. Well he supposed she had been telling him that since the beginning. However the fact that she was, or at least that Daphne and Gabrielle believed she was, was rather enlightening. It certainly explained a lot even if it had already been staring him in the face. It was however the Voldemort thing that actually concerned him more. That sounded rather insane to have a bunch of teenagers go and try and destroy evil pieces of Voldemort's soul.

"So what do you think of all this?" He decided to ask her.

Gabrielle seemed surprised by his question but then admitted, "frankly ever since becoming Luna's friend, there has been a lot of crazy and difficult things to deal with that comes with it. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The thing is with every good thing I think there has to be some challenges mixed in with it, that it will never be easy. I wanted a good friend so badly and so did she and we just connected. It's also that same understanding of the value of friendship that has allowed me to put up with her own efforts to make even more friends. I love Luna, I really do, and she's a special girl."

"I would definitely agree with that," He answered.

"That being said, I can also understand why she loves you so much. You're kind, and funny, and witty, yet strong and courageous and loving, and handsome, and-"

"Keep talking like that about me and you would think you were the one who loved me," He interrupted.

It was meant as a joke, but she seemed to take it very seriously, her eyes hardening as she mulled that over for a long moment before saying barely in a whisper, "I do love you."

It sounded like she was saying that more to herself than him, but then she repeated it, this time looking directly into his eyes as she admitted, "I do love you."

With that, she leaned forward and kissed him, a passionate, long and deep kiss that left him surprised by such a reaction, but still wanting more.

However she then broke apart from him to admit, "I suppose the heart does know what it wants and a veela knows that better than anyone. I've been trying to deny it because I didn't want to share you, but honestly...I'm not the only one who needs you. We all need you."

She stood there, appearing like she was waiting for him to say something but he was forced to admit, "I'm not really sure what to say. I mean you're a great girl and if you're saying you'd like to be my girlfriend, I'd be happy to accept."

Gabrielle smiled real wide and in that moment, he caught his breath as she appeared like an angel. Despite it being somewhat dark, the space around them lit only by torches, she let off her own soft glow, her beautiful blonde hair framing her gorgeous face which was also lit up by her perfect smile.

"We'll just have to work the details out later," She suggested as she then leaned in and kissed him again.

This one was for a good deal longer, and by the time they finally broke apart, Daphne and Luna were standing there watching.

"YES!" Luna cheered happily.

Gabrielle smiled back and asked, "is this the part where you say I told you so?"

"I'd never do that to you Gabby, my bust friend," Luna claimed, a few tears escaping her cheeks as the two girls shared a hug, "I love you."

"I love you too Luna," Gabrielle replied, "I'm glad we'll both be sister wives."

He'd been about to ask about that apparent slip of the tongue, but then Daphne came in and kissed him before guiding his hand to her left breast.

"What do you know? You've got a busty friend too Harry," Daphne joked.

Daphne's breasts were indeed larger than any girl's he had ever felt before and more than big enough for his hands to enjoy.

"Oh boobs," He stated.

She laughed and said, "yep, boobs. My boobs."

At that moment he was then interrupted by Luna.

"Do you like my new crown Harry?" Luna asked as she held up a stunning diadem, complete with brilliantly sparkling jewels.

That got him back to the task at hand as he asked with concern, "so inside there is...a piece of Voldemort's soul?"

It seemed difficult to believe.

"Not anymore," Luna claimed, "not with the soul extractor!"

She then held up in her other hand what appeared to be a small handheld Muggle vacuum cleaner.

"It's my GhostDuster!" Luna proclaimed proudly.

He couldn't resist smiling a bit and said, "nice."

"I just suck out the piece of soul with this," Luna demonstrated as she pointed at a button, "and voila, no more piece of soul."

"What if you accidentally suck out someone else's soul?" He asked.

"It only works on bad souls," She claimed, "watch me try to suck out yours for instance."

Before he could react, she pressed the button and pointed the nozzle right at his head.

There was a loud sucking sound and it felt like something was getting ripped from him, but then...immediately afterwards he suddenly felt...lighter a great weight had been lifted off him.

Luna seemed to be staring at him for a long moment after she had turned her device off, but then she smiled, looking very pleased about something.

"You're okay Harry!" She said as she threw her arms around him for a hug.

"Yeah, I'm fine," He told her, wondering what the big deal was.

"You will be now," Luna told him, "nobody besides me will ever have to know. It's better that way."

"Know that Harry is still a virgin?" Daphne joked.

"Hey!" He complained, "I'm getting naked girls into my bed and I just felt up your boobs. I'd hardly say I'm not getting any action."

"So how do I go about getting a piece of this action?" Gabrielle inquired.

"We can celebrate later Gabby," Luna suggested.

"So what do we do with the diadem now?" Daphne asked, bringing them all back to the task at hand.

"I'll wear it," Gabrielle offered.

"You're not going around wearing something that used to house a piece of Voldemort's soul," Harry insisted.

"Why not?" Gabrielle asked.

"Since I won't kiss you any more if you do," He argued.

Gabrielle pouted and said, "apparently having a boyfriend now has a few drawbacks."

"That really is rather gross even if it does look pretty," Daphne came to his defense.

Finally, the beautiful young veela girl sighed and said, "all right, we'll just have to donate it to a museum or something. Some Rowena Ravenclaw dummy is going to end up looking really good."

"Don't worry, you'll get your own really beautiful diadem from Harry someday," Luna claimed.

With that now settled, he followed the girls outside of the castle to where the next piece of soul apparently was.

As he did so, he took the opportunity to comment to Luna, "that soul extractor thing was really clever. It must have taken a lot of work to figure out."

She just shrugged and said, "nothing to it, all I needed was a vacuum and some basilisk venom to line the inside with and then put a few spells on it."

He nodded and then asked, "so about these horcrux things? How many are there?"

Luna then thought about it and then said, "the ring I gave an anonymous tip to Dumbledore to go find and destroy it himself, but I also warned him not to touch it."

"Why would that be a concern?" He asked.

"Don't ask it gives me goosies," Luna announced with a shudder, "then the diadem we just took care of, the locket I had Sirius send to me without him realizing what it was-"

"How does Sirius play into all this?" He inquired.

"Not at all," Luna admitted, "so that leaves us with just the cup and snake and then Voldemort himself, but we can't get to him yet. He would only escape. We'll have to wait until the Third Task."

"You seem to have this all planned out," Harry observed, growing more and more impressed, "so are you really psychic?"

"Of course Harry, haven't I told you all along?" She reminded him.

He had to admit she did as he replied, "I suppose you did, I just never really thought much of it."

"It was all part of the plan you not finding out," Luna admitted.

"What plan?" He asked.

She just smiled and said, "you'll know when the time is right."

With that, she started skipping ahead of them out of the castle. Once outside having encountered no one along the way, they finally stopped at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

It occurred to him then that they had no known method of transportation yet.

"How are we going to get to...wherever we're going?" He asked Luna.

"Fly of course," Luna answered as if it was obvious, "we'll just have Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang take us."

"Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang?" He asked. Sounded like an awfully weird name.

"Chitty!" Luna called loudly.

For a moment he was a bit confused and then...VROOM! To his surprise, the Weasley's old flying Ford Anglia drove up right in front of them. The last time he had seen it was clear back in 2nd year, when it had helped save him and Ron from a swarm of Acromantulas. Back then it had been pretty damaged, both from it crashing into the Whomping Willow and it romping around wild through the forest. Now however it appeared to have been repaired almost good as new, although it was now a hot pink color with flames going down the sides.

"You fix cars too?" He asked Luna, now rather impressed, "what can't you do?"

Luna smiled but admitted, "actually I only befriended and domesticated it again. Gabrielle is the car fixer-upper."

Gabby smiled and said, "you may find I'm just as full of surprises as Luna."

He couldn't resist quipping, "oh, and when might I find out these surprises from you?"

She only smiled even wider as she claimed coyly, "stick around for the ride and you might find out."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that," Harry answered. he looked over the hot pink car...he privately hoped he could avoid Gabrielle finding out about Sirius' old motorbike that Hagrid now had in order to avoid it receiving similar fate and have it end up hot pink. That would just be a crime.

With that and with a bit of trepidation, he got inside the passenger side of the front with Daphne choosing to be the one to drive.

"How come you get to be the one to drive?" Gabrielle pouted.

"Since you're too short to reach the pedals," Daphne countered.

Gabby frowned and said, "not cool Daphne, not cool."

"It's true," Daphne argued back, "however maybe I could get a stick and-"

"Or maybe I could turn you into a squirrel so you'd be too short to reach them as well," Gabrielle suggested, gripping her wand as if more than happy to do so."

With that, Daphne then admitted, "actually I have a confession to make anyway. I don't really know how to drive this thing."

Having grown up in the Muggle world, he'd watched either his Aunt or Uncle drive loads of times, and even watched the Weasleys drive this particular car and so gave her suggestions on what to do.

Finally, she got it started, with him now having even greater cause to be concerned about this whole trip if he wasn't concerned enough already. He was now flying in a flying car named Chitty driven by Daphne the never having driven before witch, off to destroy piece's of Voldemort's soul. Simple enough right?

Still, Daphne took off into the air, allowing herself to get used to it a bit before activating the Invisibility booster so they wouldn't be seen. They could still see themselves of course, but it was a good deal more hazy.

One of the Hogwarts ghosts had nothing on them.

Luna directed her where to go, seeming to have an innate sense of it. Still their first stop consisted of dropping down inside of a clearing inside of a wooded area and Luna and Gabrielle running around trying to catch this rat they had found.

Once they had however, a moment later and then they just released it.

Figuring that Luna at least seemed to know what she was doing with Daphne and Gabrielle very trusting of her, they got back inside the car.

They next headed to...of all places...Diagon Alley. It looked at first like they were headed to the bank, but instead Luna headed to the side building where the Goblin theater performed.

"We're going to see a play?" He asked in confusion, "at 2:00 in the morning?"

"Of course," Luna answered, "that's what makes this a date, silly."

"Also," Gabby explained, "goblins don't care what time it is, they work and live mostly down in the mines where it is just as light or dark no matter what time it is."

He supposed she had a point.

With that, Luna approached the front goblin clerk CaptainHook, who he had met with Dumbledore awhile back with Susan and Pansy before saying, "I do believe I bought up every single ticket for this particular showing of The Hobbit: A Goblin's Tale for a private viewing?"

"Name?" CaptainHook asked.

"Mrs. Potter," Luna told him.

CaptainHook looked down at what he had on a slip of paper before grinning widely and said, "very well, right this way, Mrs. Potter and her guests."

They headed inside the theater with him asking Luna, "Mrs. Potter?"

She only giggled at that.

As they went to go sit down, he was not too keen on sitting through this entire show. A moment later however and a terribly apologetic CaptainHook came back in and said, "I'm terribly sorry, but unfortunately due to an unforeseen food poisoning incident, many of our actors are now ill. It looks like we're going to have to cancel."

"Thank goodness," He couldn't resist saying.

"Oh!" Gabrielle complained, "I was really looking forward to watching it! It sounded really good!"

"We knew we wouldn't get a chance to watch it, it's why we chose this particular one," Daphne reminded her.

"On behalf of the Goblin Theatre Company and Gringotts, we would like to issue an apology," CaptainHook informed them, "and refund all of your money."

"I want a theater prop instead," Luna suggested, "I want a gold cup like in the dragon scene."

CaptainHook seemed to mull this over, before saying, "I'll see what I can do."

He left, but then returned a few minutes later, a gold cup in hand.

"Here you go Mrs. Potter," He told her.

Luna took it and immediately stuffed it into her bookbag she had brought with her, thanked CaptainHook, and left.

"What are we going to do with a theater prop?" Harry asked.

"It isn't just a theater prop," Luna explained, "it's a horcrux."

His eyes widened as he asked, "just how would it have ended up in the play and then just be given to us?"

Gabrielle seemed eager to explain starting out with, "they apparently didn't have enough gold objects to do the part in the play with Smaug the Dragon lying on top of a massive pile of gold and then roasting all of the Hobbits."

He didn't think he'd heard of that last part happening, but let her continue, "so they had to get a bit creative and 'borrow' some of the gold from some of the people's vaults. Luna then ensured that one of the vaults they borrowed gold objects from was Bellatrix Lestrange's vault including the horcrux. When we then showed up for that particular showing, knowing that the show was going to be canceled due to some of the actors getting food poisoning, we knew that we could then take advantage of the opportunity and ask for a theater prop instead of having our money refunded. The fact that there was in fact only one gold cup being used as a prop, that being the horcrux, ensured that we ended up getting it."

"It sounds complicated," Harry observed.

"All of Luna's plans are complicated, you have no idea," Daphne replied as she shook her head.

"Apparently I'm finding out a lot of things tonight," He answered as he glanced over at Luna.

Once they got back to the car, Luna extracted the soul piece from the cup and then tossed the cup in the trunk.

"So what now?" He asked.

"Now?" Luna responded, "now we wait until the opportune moment to end this whole thing."


Several months later and Harry and Fleur were currently going through the maze of the Third Task together.

"Are you ready?" He asked Fleur.

"Of course," She told him confidently, "nothing to it right?"

"Yeah, we're only preventing the comeback of only the worst Dark Lord in history," Harry claimed.

They were following exactly what Luna had told them would happen and by now he had come to trust her. If she said something was going to happen, no matter how crazy it sounded, it was going to happen.

Not too much had happened however since the night chasing and destroying Horcruxes with Luna, Daphne, and Gabrielle, at least not eventful, but his relationship with the girls had certainly strengthened. His 10 girlfriends (Padma, Daphne, Luna, Hermione, Fleur, Susan, Hannah, Pansy, Millicent, and Gabrielle. The number still totally blew him away. While he was indeed extremely lucky, they felt very happy too, with them having developed very strong friendships (and in some cases more than just friendships). It was easy to see them now as a family, and it was getting harder and harder to see that family ever be broken up.

Sure, they had their difficulties and occasional disagreements as any relationship did, but considering all the people involved it really wasn't all that bad. Each girl was of course different, with many different personalities melding together, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Padma was still becoming an emerging leader of their group, Daphne was just as unfiltered, Gabrielle was still a bit trigger wand happy, Hermione becoming just as unfiltered and dirty as Daphne as well as more open with her partner Lavender, and Luna...well Luna was just as crazy as ever even if he found he was still learning plenty of things about her and he doubted he ever would understand her.

She was smarter than Hermione, more fun-loving than a set loose and wild Pansy, sexier than any beast, and yet...she only sought to share her incredible talents in making them all happy.

"We're almost there, there is the cup," Fleur informed him as she pointed straight ahead, breaking him out of his thoughts.

He nodded and then began running alongside her. They were way ahead of Cedric and Krum he figured, but still he wanted to ensure they were the ones who got there first.

As they stopped at the cup, knowing where they would be taken as soon as they touched it, he suggested, "a kiss for luck?"

She eagerly leaned in and kissed him, with his hand going straight to her bum and she doing likewise. By now, he'd felt up every inch of every single one of his girlfriends, but he still had yet to have actual sex. He wouldn't be able to resist that for long though.

Once they broke apart, he told her, "you can keep my half of the prize money if you'd like."

"We're only going to end up sharing finances anyway," Fleur blurted out.

"When we get married?" He inquired, not skipping a beat.

"I didn't mean to say that," Fleur said as she shook her head, clearly disappointed in herself, "I so did not want to be the one to spill the beans after all this time."

Fortunately he wasn't all that surprised or upset.

"It's okay, I love you all by now, I think we all know we're going to end up all getting married anyway," Harry pointed out.

It only seemed almost inevitable at this point even if there was still plenty of time to go before any of them were ready to get married.

"Would you be okay with that?" She asked him.

"Okay with being married to 10 beautiful women that I love?" He queried, "I believe the correct answer would be duh."

She laughed and said, "I'm glad you're okay with it.

"I am if you are, I won't force anyone of course," Harry stated.

That was something very important to him, he would leave it up to each girl and let them decide what they wanted to do.

They could have kept talking and discussed it further, but it would have to wait, they had an appointment with a Dark Lord to get to.

Making sure to grab the cup at the same time, they were both immediately whisked off to the graveyard.

Neither of them bothered with any introductions, as soon as they landed, their wands were out. Fleur immediately stunned and incapacitated Wormtail, but he had his wand pointed at a figure that was no bigger than a baby.

A baby, he certainly wasn't. He would not be reborn. Not today, not ever.

Thinking of avenging his parents and the many lives lost to that monster, he yelled, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Voldemort had no ability to defend himself, as weak and helpless as many of his countless victims had been. The green bolt of light struck him and then...he was dead.

No piece of soul or vapor or anything whatsoever exited his body, he was well and truly gone from this world forever.

Looking over at the dead body of Nagini, dead only moments ago from the cursed rat that Luna had caught, cursed, and then released that Horcrux filled night had ensured that his last horcrux was gone.

She had thought of everything, planned it all so beautifully, even down to the last detail. She had even...

His breath caught as he finally figured it out, shocked and amazed as he looked away from the body of Voldemort and instead toward Fleur as he asked her, "Luna did it all, didn't she? She made this all happen, how I ended up getting all those dates with so many of you and then how we ended up getting together, she planned all of it?"

Fleur gave him a nervous smile and admitted, "she did."

She let that sink in for a moment before then asking, "so how do you feel about that? Angry?"

After thinking about it, he said, "no not really, I probably would have before, all worked out for the better didn't it? We're all happy and...that's enough."

She nodded in agreement as she went and placed her hand into his squeezing it gently to reassure him.

Sure he didn't have it all worked out yet, but for now that was okay, and it was hardly the time or place to truly dwell on it.

Fleur turned to look at the still unconscious body of Wormtail to be used to free Sirius with before stating, "it seems too easy though, defeating Voldemort like this."

He thought about that for a moment before stating, "you know, when Voldemort was defeated the first time, it was through my mother's love for me. I'd say as soon as I found love with each of you, he never really could be much of a threat. He never could understand that power and that is why he was defeated again before he could even come back...although I will agree it is a bit anti-climatic."

She couldn't resist grinning then in spite of everything and said, "if you wanted a climax, we could just have sex. I expect there to be plenty of climaxes for that."

"Do you really want to?" He asked her seriously.

Fleur then said, "I don't want to wait any longer."

"Neither do I," Harry agreed.

They went in to kiss before he remembered where they were and said, "not here though. Not exactly a very romantic spot for a person's first time."

"Oh of course not," He agreed as he went to go get the cup, "do you think I could last through a 10-some?"

Bravely, she said with a big beautiful smile, "well there is only one way to find out."



Harry did end up having sex with each of the girls by the end of 4th year, but still ended up having to take breaks in between them as he just didn't unfortunately have legendary stamina, but still a good deal better than he would have expected which certainly needed.

That being said, there followed a long period of abstinence when either Fred or George ended up knocking up their girlfriend Alicia.

Since there was no way to tell which one was truly the father as they were both twins, the Twins decided to take joint responsibility for the baby when Alicia had the baby during their 7th year. They would go on to eventually both marry Alicia. It was a bit weird, but like his own situation, Harry figured as long as they were happy, why not?

Of course, he couldn't resist so many sexy ladies for too long despite Lakshmi's reminding him with that many girlfriends accidents were bound to happen.

When it eventually did happen however, it turned out to be Fleur, who had been wanting to have a baby and was already out of school anyway, even as she worked as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in order to be close to him and the other girls.

Since the only other applicant for the job was apparently a big, fat, ugly toad of a woman who would only make life miserable according to Luna, Dumbledore decided to hire her despite her young age and lack of experience. Yet then again, she had managed to help defeat a Dark Lord. Now that had been an interesting experience showing up with Wormtail's and Voldemort's bodies after the Third Task.

At any rate, Fleur had hers and his first child, a daughter, exactly on his 17th birthday, making them exactly 17 years apart. Now an adult, he and the girls mutually agreed to raise each of their children collectively, considering each others' children to be their own, starting with Fleur's. During his final year of school however their daughter Celeste was watched by his adoptive mother, Lakshmi.

Lakshmi had truly proven to be wonderful and someone he eventually came to recognize as a mother figure. When he proposed to all 10 of his girlfriends shortly after getting out of school, he also invited her to stay and live with them to which she accepted.

A year later and he married all 10 of the girls. It was a beautiful wedding, with each girl looking positively radiant. For Gabby, he did indeed get a beautiful diadem for her wedding day. Even girls he had dated but ultimately ended up not marrying were in attendance. Angelina was there as well as Su, amazing girls who chose not to end up joining the harem but remained good friends to them.

Many of the girls ended up having successful careers. Susan ended up succeeding her aunt as the Head of the DMLE, Hannah started her own restaurant, Millicent became a female wrestler, Gabrielle became a world class duelist, Hermione continued to be in business with Fred and George, becoming very wealthy doing so, Pansy became a healer, Daphne ended up becoming a journalist for the The Quibbler, which after a bit of retooling, ended up becoming even more popular than the Daily Prophet even was.

As for Luna, well let's just say Luna was still Luna, she could be anything she wanted to be he knew and ultimately she did a little of everything. She made some investments in companies she knew would be successful, then donated to charities. Created wonderful and amazing devices, discovered several magical creatures that were thought to not exist including Crumple-horned Snorkacks, prevented two wars in the Middle East, and yet her most proud accomplishment was that of being a mother.

With as many wives as he had, it was inevitable that he have many children, and was partly due to that that prompted Padma to be a stay at home mom and look after the house and family. As for himself, he wanted to be an auror, but with as large a family as he had and with his wives' encouragement, he joined her as a stay at home dad and that was a full time job in and of itself.

In total he ended up having 40 children, Hermione and Daphne each had 2, Hannah and Millicent each had 3, Fleur and Gabrielle each had 4, Pansy and Susan each had 5, and Padma and Luna each had 6.

Was he incredibly lucky? Of course, but none of the girls would have it any other way even if it was difficult juggling spending time with each of his wives.

That being said, he still went on many dates with his wives just to keep the romance going. He always would have too many dates.

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