Chapter 5

Flying High

He was just dropping Hannah off in front of the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room, when they were both tapped on the shoulders.

"Hello Harry and Hannah," Luna said, seeming to begin to say something before suddenly going misty eyed again and instead said, "wow, both of your names start with H."

"I suppose that settles it then, apparently they were made for each other," Daphne claimed, coming up behind them with Padma right next to her.

"Are we having an intervention here or something?" Hannah queried as she eyed all three girls, seeming to be curious as to why they were there.

"I don't know, do we have reason to have an intervention?" Daphne asked slyly.

Padma decided to take pity on them and say, "Don't worry, we're just here to interview both of you and see how the date went."

"For some reason they seem to think they need to be around to keep me focused," Luna confessed, "I can't imagine why."

"We're just crazy," Daphne answered.

"Don't worry I like crazy people," Luna claimed, "Most people actually are crazy, so very few are sane like me."

"Just who else do you know who's sane?" Daphne questioned.

"Professor Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, Professor Moody, my father, and Harry of course," Luna replied.

"Gee thanks Luna for judging me to be sane, I sure am in good company," Harry said sarcastically, personally too amused to be upset at Luna's pronouncement.

All the girls besides Luna laughed.

"At any rate, we had better do these interviews," Padma then reminded them all.

"Would you mind going first Harry?" Daphne suggested.

He nodded his head as he was led to the nearest classroom, following Padma inside.

Sitting across from all 3 girls while Hannah waited outside, they began the interview.

"So have you asked her to marry you yet?" Luna asked right off the bat.

Padma looked scandalized by this question, but Daphne merely grinned and said: "He already asked me to marry him silly."

"Oh good, so when's the wedding?" Luna enthusiastically asked, immediatiely believing her.

"Harry and Daphne are not getting married Luna!" Padma snapped.

"We could be," Daphne reminded her, "you think I'm not good enough for him?"

Padma looked entirely unsure what to reply to that, but fortunately Luna said to Padma reasurringly: "Don't worry, he'll ask you to marry him too eventually."

"I'm just messing with her Luna," Daphne answered.

"Oh you mean like a joke?" Luna asked, swinging her arms, "hah hah, I like jokes."

"So do I," Daphne agreed, "have you heard the one about the..."

"Are you about done with the interview?" Hannah interrupted as she peeped in on them.

"Actually we haven't even gotten started," Padma admitted somewhat guiltily.

"Okay, just checking," Hannah said, before popping back out again.

Evidently having decided to proceed onward, Padma began asking him questions:

"So how do you feel the date went?

What were some things that you found that you liked about Hannah?

What were some interesting moments that you don't mind sharing?

He answered all of those questions but then was interrupted by Luna who asked rather weird questions such as if he would rather go on another date with Hannah or a bunny rabbit?

When he chose Hannah, she exclaimed, "Oh, but bunnies are so cute."

"I thought bunnies weren't real?" Daphne asked her.

"Of course they are, don't be silly," Luna answered, "yet if you have trouble finding out about which animals are real or not, I would be happy to help you."

"We'll have plenty of time to talk about that when we both marry Harry," Daphne reminded her, even though Harry could tell that Daphne was not actually being serious. She probably didn't believe much of anything that Luna said, not that he could blame her.

"You don't have to make fun of her Daphne," Padma cautioned.

"No, it's okay, since I know that Daphne and I will soon be the best of friends," Luna claimed.

"I can see that," Daphne admitted fairly, "at least you'd be a fun friend to have."

"Oh, thanks future BFF!" Luna replied gratefully, going and giving her a hug, which Daphne to her credit did not reject.

Luna then turned to him and asked, "so who would you rather be friends with? A chicken or a duck?"

They only had a few questions after that and then he was released to go, not wanting the interview to take up any more time than they had taken.

He stood outside while they interviewed Hannah.

Several minutes later, she also came out and he escorted her back to her common room finally.

"I hope that you didn't mind doing that little interview," He told her.

"OH I didn't mind at all," She answered, "I actually said quite a lot of good things about you."

She gave him a wink.

"So did I," He admitted.

"I guess I'll get to read about it in tomorrow's paper," Hannah claimed.

"You sure will," He agreed.

She gave him one final kiss before going and entering her common room.

He had thought that he was then alone but evidently someone else was there because he heard a faint sound just to his left.

"Luna, you've really got to stop doing that," He cautioned.

"I just enjoy watching it all happen, just as it starts," She admitted.

"How what starts?" He asked.

"Oh you won't be happy at first, but you'll come to like it eventually," She told him.

"What won't I be happy about?" He queried.

She merely giggled and said, "I like candy canes and rainbow colored scarves."

Skipping happily down the hallway, he could only shake his head at the retreating form of the crazy ravenclaw girl.


The following day, he missed breakfast because Hermione had told him that she had a major red alert crisis on her hands: she couldn't find her homework assignment for Ancient Runes.

Deciding to help her, they looked all over for it until he found out that it wasn't even due for another week.

Needless to say he was extremely annoyed that he had wasted his morning looking for a homework assignment that wasn't even due yet.

By then, he had already missed breakfast and so was forced to skip it, his stomach growling as he got ready for his first class, which happened to be Divination.

Hermione, however, feeling guilty produced some soy cubes for him to eat on his way there.

He was hungry enough that he actually ate one, despite the fact that it tasted horrible. Perhaps he would get lucky and Professor Trelawney would have them study tea leaves again.

Perhaps if he chose to drink his supposed prophecy, he might get a better reading than he had before or at the very least, make him less hungry.

At any rate, when he got there, he went and sat down in the back on one of the cushions.

As soon as he did so, he noticed that all of the girls in the class appeared to now be staring at him or at the very least giving him constant glances.

They didn't appear angry or to be laughing at him, in fact it looked like they were checking him out.

While he was rather used to at least some attention from girls, this appeared to be more than he was used to.

He finally decided to ask Lavender: "So why are you staring at me?"

"I was just noticing how beautiful your eyes were," Lavender commented unabashedly, sighing.

"Um, thanks I guess," Harry said, "you have beautiful eyes too."

"You seem to always know just what to say to a girl," Lavender concluded.

He would definitely never make that assumption, unless he was a total pompous idiot. Malfoy might already think that, but he didn't.

"Now if only you could convince Hermione of that," He joked.

Lavender however, seemed to take it a different way and gushed, "I knew it! Are you crushing on Hermione then? This is like totally like such epic major news!"

"I didn't mean it like that," He answered, "Hermione's a nice girl, but she's with Krum, and I'm with...well I'm not really sure at the moment."

"Well if things don't work out with any of them, you'll know where to find me," Lavender told him, winking at him.

He was sure that Lavender was totally hitting on him, which wouldn't have caused any undue concern since Lavender was well known as a total flirt, but he was still unnerved by all of the other stares he was still getting from the other girls in the class.

Parvati came into class a minute later, who also looked back to give him a long stare.

Choosing to ignore these stares until he could figure out what was going on, particularly from either Daphne, Luna, or Padma, whom he had a feeling were responsible for the sudden increased attention he was getting from the female population, he waited until Professor Trelawney came in and began the class.

"Class, I have an announcement of utmost importance!" She claimed in her usual out of it voice.

Personally Harry was starting to wonder if Trelawney was on drugs while making her "announcements" or "visions" or perhaps just all the time.

At any rate, she continued with: "As you may have already known, Venus has aligned perfectly with Mars, and both have grown brighter in the sky of late. It can only mean one thing: there shall be a war of love!"

Both Parvati and Lavender had already leaned forward, now listening intently.

"Whatever does that mean?" Lavender asked curiously.

"I did not know that myself, but after consulting the tea leaves this morning, I believe I have finally found an answer: a student, even in this very room will prove to be a catalyst for a war fought for his heart."

"Who is it?" Lavender then demanded.

"My dear, it is none other than our own Harry Potter!" She exclaimed gravely in the same tone that she usually used when declaring his death.

By now he'd gotten tired of her antics, so he said: "yep, that's me, Harry of Troy. They'd better start building that wooden horse now."

"You have no idea just what will happen to you, dear boy," Trelawney tried to tell him, "we can see it is already beginning to happen as we read about it in the papers."

"You can't believe everything you read," He claimed.

"My sister helped write that last article, so I'm pretty sure that this morning's at least was true Harry," Parvati pointed out.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to talk to her apparently," He answered.

"I have decided to revisit tea leaves so that you can all see the phenomenon for yourselves!" Trelawney suggested.

Instead of being upset, Harry let out an actually audible: "Yes!"

Earning several more glances, he mumbled, "What? I like tea."

After a lesson of constant stares and Trelawney prattling on about finding whatever it was she was blabbing about in every person's tea leaves, he left the class and headed to his next one, feeling at least less hungry as he had "needed several cups of coffee to get anything."

Before he got too far however, he was surprisingly pulled into a broom closet and kissed by some unknown girl before he had a chance to escape.

It wasn't unpleasant of an experience, but he was still wondering just who it was.

"Oh, I knew you really were a good kisser!" The girl claimed.

"Wait a minute," Harry concluded, "Romilda?"

"Guity as charged," She admitted smiling at him, "want another taste?"

Before anything else could happen, the door to the broom closet was pulled open again and Harry looked to see Padma now glaring at Romilda as she yelled: "Out!"

Romilda made a hasty exit and left.

"Not that I mind being pulled into broom closets and being kissed by girls, but would you mind telling me just what's going on?" Harry demanded.

She sighed and said, "I'm assuming you never read today's paper, or if you did, you didn't really read it."

He nodded.

"As you probably already know, Hannah had a wonderful time on her date with you and she positively gushed about how wonderful you are. Of course, you had only good things to say about Hannah as well so we had really only a lot of super positive information to work with from both of you when working on the story. Of course, add to that the fact that all 3 of us think you are quite the catch too so it led to casting you in a very fanciful light. I'd imagine plenty of girls are wondering if you really are that great as you seemed to be in the article."

"So that's why all those girls keep ogling me," Harry concluded, "however that still doesn't explain why you didn't realize this might happen or tried to stop it."

"After reading it, I did notice that," Padma said, "the problem was that well, it was all true."

"Yes, because the readers need to know the truth about me," Harry sarcastically said, "if I wanted that, I would have stuck with Rita Skeeter."

"Don't be like that Harry," Padma told him, "we probably could have made you sound horrible or just average, but that just wouldn't be honest either. Besides, we think that this can be a really great thing."

"How so?" He asked.

"Just hear me out," She suggested, "we noticed that you had evidently had a profound effect upon Hannah. She's always been rather self conscious of her body and herself, but after seeing just how she acted after the date with you, she seemed to totally change, as if you had treated her like she was worth a million dollars and she was the most beautiful girl on earth. There are so many girls out there that are self conscious or think badly of themselves, yet the idea that someone like you, who has many other what would be considered more beautiful girls to choose from to treat Hannah like that would no doubt be very comforting to them. That's really what we made the article about: that no matter what, every girl can be considered beautiful and that there are guys out there who will treat them with respect. I'll bet even Hannah was probably changed a lot for the better simply by taking the time and effort on her even if you never go out again. I felt that it was important that we do that, but I'm sorry for doing so without your permission."

How was he supposed to reply to that?

"I suppose I can't really be mad at you if that's the case," Harry answered, deciding to be fair to her and see how things went for now, "even if I may not like the increased attention, if it's helping people, then I can't really be mad at that."

"I'm glad that you understand Harry," Padma told him, "I worried so much that I had done the wrong thing to you."

"It's okay," He reassured her, "I suppose I really was upset, but I also feel like I can trust you to do what's right."

"Thanks Harry," Padma said gratefully.

"I just have one question," He admitted, "Is there a reason why we're still in a broom closet?"

He'd meant it to ask just why they had to be in such a dark, confined space fully of dirty cleaning utensils, but she seemed to take it to mean something else entirely.

"There's nothing wrong with broom closets Harry," Padma replied, grinning at him.

She leaned in and kissed him and he happily kissed back.

Yep, definitely nothing wrong with broom closets he had to agree. While he didn't mind the Romilda kiss, he had to admit that Padma was definitely the better kisser.

When both of them left the broom closet to get to their next classes, both of them smiling wide smiles, he was already much more willing to accept that perhaps he shouldn't be too upset if lots of girls apparently liked him.

Padma handing him a copy of the paper certainly helped and as he surreptitiously read it during Charms he had to admit that it seemed to be just as Padma had told him.

He liked making girls feel special, even if it was only for one night and he was pleased to hear that it had had such a positive impact on Hannah.

He'd be sure and try and do the same with his other dates even if he did get more attention.


Following a day full of stares from girls, he had taken to smiling and waving back at them to let them all know he knew they were staring at him.

Admittedly it was kind of fun, at least for now, reminding them to turn around and focus on the class.

When he finally got some free time during lunch, he pulled Hermione aside to ask her what she thought.

She bit her lip, seeming to be a bit worried about what she wanted to say.

"It's okay, Hermione, you're free to express you're own opinion," He told her.

"See the thing is, while I know you may not like the attention..." She began before blurting out, "I think it's great what you're doing!"

"Why?" He asked.

"When I asked Hannah to go with you in the first place I had honestly hoped that something like this might happen with her," Hermione confided, "she didn't have a lot of self confidence in herself and I just knew that if you went on a date with her and just allowed yourself to be yourself that she would feel a lot better."

"Hannah is a great girl," He admitted.

"I'm glad to see that you didn't let a little something like someone's weight get in the way of having a good time on a date," She told him.

"Well there's nothing wrong with a little more ushin to the cushion," He answered jokingly.

"I wouldn't put it like that," Hermione argued.

"How else would you like me to put it?" He asked, "Hannah's got some curves, she's a BBW, she's as much woman as any man could ever want, heavy in body and heavy on my heart..."

"Okay I get it," Hermione said, "quit while you're ahead, I don't need to hear that."

"I don't think there is anything wrong with making bigger girls seem more attractive," He pointed out, "or any body type for that matter. Any girl can be beautiful even if you don't automatically see it at first."

"No I don't suppose I can argue with that," Hermione said, seeming quite pleased at his answer for whatever reason, "I think you set a great example for other guys in that regard."

"I did think of that," He agreed, "although I think some of the guys might get a bit mad if I appear to be a better date than they would be especially considering how many mistakes I've already made in my previous dates."

"You're just fine Harry," Hermione insisted, "that's their problem, not yours."

"Try asking Krum that," He pointed out.

"I expect Krum will also have a positive influence in that regard and in proving that unattractive girls can be desired as well," Hermione responded.

"Why? You're definitely not unattractive," He argued.

She blushed but then said, "you're sweet Harry, but I wouldn't say that."

"Sounds like Hannah isn't the only one who needs to be reminded she's beautiful," Harry told her, "even Krum noticed that and he's extremely lucky to have you as a date."

She blushed yet again, and she thanked him, "You know, I think Hannah isn't the only one who's been changed for the better. I would have never guessed you really do know exactly what to say to a girl."

"I wish," He insisted, "Lavender made the same comment to me today. I make so many mistakes around girls, it's almost not funny."

"I'd say you are at least doing something right," She argued.


When it came time for his date with Angelina, he waited down at the bottom of the stairs to her room since they were both Gryffindors.

When she finally came out, she was wearing a tight white shirt and light blue pants that highly emphasized her womanly curves and contrasted well with her dark skin.

He was also suddenly painfully aware that this was an actual woman, several years older than him and of age as well.

"Hey Harry," She greeted him as she came down the stairs, "ready to wow me with the most amazing date ever?"

"Nope, I was planning on having us spend the night helping Filch clean the school bathrooms," He joked.

"Oh good, that's exactly what I was hoping you would say we were going to do," She countered.

"Admittedly I am a little bit worried though. Hannah might have made me seem a bit better of a date than I really am, so I can't promise I'd be able to replicate that for you. Besides, I'm sure that you've already been on plenty of dates before."

"I'm really not expecting too much, I was just joking before," She confessed, "I think we'll have a great time because I already know you, but I don't expect you to leave me so wowed I can't even think straight."

"So I suppose snogging you senseless is out then?" He asked.

He had meant it as a joke and she knew but she said, "We'll see if your luck holds throughout the date. So what are we really going to be doing?"

"Well I figured that since we haven't had quidditch this year, that you might be a bit eager to go do some flying," He suggested.

"That sounds like fun," She agreed.

"I'll even let you use my broom," He offered.

"You'd never win against me if I've got your broom," She argued.

"I wasn't aware we were going to competing in something," He pointed out.

"Exactly how long have you known me Harry?" She asked, "everything is a competition."

They had a lot of fun flying around with Angelina thoroughly enjoying using his Firebolt. Last year he flew circles around his teammates with his broom.

Eventually, however, Angelina suggested that they both ride his broom.

He slid on behind her, trying to leave as much room as possible between them.

"You know you can actually be touching me," She pointed out, "I promise I don't have cooties."

"I'll need to see a note from Madame Pomfrey," He told her.

She laughed, but he also slid forward so that his body was now pressing into hers.

As soon as he did so, however, he immediately regretted it, suddenly cognizant of just how close he really was to her, along with the fact that a certain part of his anatomy was now pressing into her rather attractive rear.

Unbidden, this same part of his anatomy decided that it definitely liked what it was pressing into as he could feel it begin to harden and grow.

Please stay down, please stay down, he thought. Think of a naked Uncle Vernon, think of a nake Uncle Vernon...

An image of a time when he was 10 and had caught his Uncle naked came to mind.

It had given him plenty of nightmares as a child, but now it was the only thing that could save him from certain humiliation.

Thankfully it began to go down, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"What happened Harry? I get unattractive all of a sudden?" Angelina asked.

Great Merlin!

With the realization that she had already caught him, he decided to apologize.

"I'm sorry, Angelina, I just couldn't help it," He confessed.

"Don't be sorry for that Harry," She insisted, "I really don't mind."

"Still I think it might be a good idea if we didn't get too familiar with each other on a first date," He pointed out.

Sliding backwards, he found it was easier to gain control of himself.

After a thrilling night, they descended and stood on the ground facing each other.

"I suppose it wasn't the best of dates, but I hope that you had a good time," Harry told her.

"I thought it was the best date ever," Angelina said, "it was so amazing in fact that I've decided that no other date will ever compare and I'll have to join a convent because it already satisfied every desire that I could possibly ever have."

"Then I suppose I need to tone it down a little," He suggested, "like say something derogatory about you being black or something."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt instantly guilty.

"I am so sorry," He apologized, "I mean I know that you're black, not that there is anything wrong with that, but..."

Feeling like he had only made things worse he let out a long exhale of breath and then said, "Okay, now you think I'm a racist."

"I'm not offended Harry," Angelina answered, "besides I'm proud of my heritage and I've learned not to really care about what others think or that they are all out to get me. I'm sure you're not."

"Okay good, because if that were to appear in tomorrow's paper or something...," He confessed.

"Trust me, you're going to get a good review from me," She said, "not that you really care, I'm sure, but it certainly won't hurt your growing reputation either."

"Just what I needed," He said, "another glowing review from a girl who somehow still likes me in spite of myself. I might as well start going by boy-who's-loved-by-girls."

"I wouldn't go that far buddy," Angelina said, "you're certainly cute, and girls are getting more interested in you, but you aren't that hot stuff."

"I had a girl practically kidnap me and force me into a broom closet today," He admitted.

"Well I'd say that she was just plain crazy, but I'm starting to wish that I'd thought of that myself," Angelina joked.

"Well I'd be happy to find a broom closet so that you can fulfill that desire," He joked right back.

"Is that so?" She asked slyly, "then I think I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Did you know that black girls taste like chocolate?"

He immediately dropped his gaze down to her chest.

She didn't seriously mean...

"That is so not what I meant Harry, as you pointed out earlier this is still a first date," Angelina told him, "I meant tasting my lips."

"Oh," He said, feeling stupid again.

Still, she allowed him as he leaned forward as she leaned forward as well until both of their lips met.

Slowly deepening the kiss, they made out for a few precious seconds before breaking apart.

"So how was it?" He asked.

She grinned and said, "Expect a good article about you in tomorrow's paper."

He only groaned.

Author's Note: A few things needing to be pointed out. I felt it would be quite believable for girls to be more interested in Harry now, but most of them aren't irrationally so. More at the levels expected of a young, hot teen celebrity boy who has been getting a lot of very positive attention in the news and from other girls. So no "everybody suddenly loves Harry unconditionally." They like him more so than he was in canon but in most cases not ridiculously so. Almost everyone at this point is still at the infatuation stage. I'm going for a more believable harem story than is normally found. I may or may not succeed.

The other thing is I am currently looking for a beta for this story, preferably one who has a sense of humor, so I don't tell too many lame jokes, but I'd be happy with anyone willing to help. Thanks.