Chapter 7

The Beginnings of Friendship

It seemed like Harry was always getting ambushed or bothered by someone on his way to breakfast because the next morning, he was pulled into a classroom by Luna.

"Good morning Harry!" Luna shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Good morning to you too Luna, but you don't have to shout," Harry argued, still rubbing his ears.

It was simply too early to be shouting, and if he was still only half awake before, he wasn't now.

"I'm just so happy to see you that's all," Luna said, actually sounding very happy, "do you remember what today is?"

He pretended to think for a moment, then said teasingly, "Hmm, is it Free Pie Day?"

"No, but I wish it was," Luna said wistfully, "now stop teasing and really guess."

"Today is the day I have a date with you," Harry finally replied.

"Good job Harry, I just knew you would get it right," Luna said, sounding very pleased, "you deserve a cookie."

Instead of it being just an expression however, she literally pulled out a cookie and handed it to him.

"Er...thanks," He said, "I'll save it for later."

Privately he wasn't too excited to eat it.

Not that he thought that Luna was trying to poison him or anything, but glancing at it he could tell that it was oatmeal raisin, and he had to question the sanity of anyone who thought that raisins inside of a cookie was actually good.

Chocolate and more chocolate was where it was at, he thought.

"Our date is going to be so much fun!" Luna said, excitedly, now bouncing on her toes.

Luna certainly was energetic today, he noticed.

Yet as he watched her bounce up and down, he couldn't help noticing her breasts bounce. They weren't huge or anything, just average although he supposed big for her slender frame, but still they were breasts moving up and down and he couldn't help but keep his eyes on them.

Curse his teenage boy hormones.

"Ooh, are you watching my boobies bounce Harry?" Luna asked him, obviously noticing what he had been fixated on.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it," He apologized, forcing himself to look away.

"Oh, no, don't worry about it," Luna reassured him, "Sarah and Jessica like it when you look at them," Luna replied.

"Huh?" He asked confused.

"My boobies' names of course," Luna stated, "so what are we doing on our date?"

"I haven't decided yet," He answered truthfully.

In all honesty, it was getting hard to come up with new date ideas that he thought each girl would like and Luna in particular was rather difficult.

"How about we play Would you rather?" Luna suggested.

"I haven't heard of it, how do you play it?" Harry asked.

"You ask people if they would rather do one ridiculous thing or another, I've been dying to play it with you. The nargles and hefflahumps aren't too good at it," Luna told him.

"Um...sure, I guess we could do that," Harry said.

He supposed if Luna really wanted to play a game, he didn't have a problem with that.

"Then we can have ice cream," Luna recommended excitedly, "cockroach cluster flavored."

"Sorry, I'm afraid I'm all out of that kind of ice cream," He informed her truthfully, "how about cookies and cream?"

Luna seemed disappointed but said, "All right, but it isn't as good. Can we at least have worms on it?"

Okay, ew.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Harry said.

"Gummy worms silly," Luna answered, "what did you think I meant real worms? Now that would be disgusting."

She let out a laugh as if she had made a joke.

Right, a girl who didn't seem to have any problem with cockroach flavored ice cream, but did with having worms on it.

Well, to each his own, he supposed.

"Well I suppose that should be a fun date then. I don't think Padma will have a problem with that," Harry told her.

"Neither will Daphne," Luna declared.

"Daphne isn't going on our date though," Harry reminded her.

"She is now," Luna replied.

"When did you ask her?" Harry asked.

Luna put her hand on her head and said, "I knew I was forgetting something, silly me."

He thought about it for a moment and then decided it was technically still Luna's date. If she wanted Daphne to come too, he supposed he didn't have a problem with that.

"All right, if you want to invite Daphne you can," Harry told her.

"Thanks Harry," Luna said gratefully, "I'm glad I'm going to be marrying you."

With that note, she turned and ran outside the room.

Still shaking his head at Luna's antics, he headed down to breakfast and took a seat next to Hermione at the Gryffindor table.

"Fleur gave a pretty good dating review," Hermione informed him as she handed the paper over to him.

As he read, he set the cookie that Luna had given him aside and started dishing up some real breakfast, namely cinnamon rolls and chocolate donuts.

She did give him a pretty good review and said some awfully nice things about him, he thought as he read. The article was rather well written too.

After finishing reading it, he got up to go congratulate Padma for another good article, leaving his mostly finished plate of food along with Luna's still uneaten cookie.

Tapping her on the shoulder, he said, "I just wanted to congratulate you on the article."

She blushed and said, "it was nothing. Daphne and Luna did a lot too."

"Still I just thought I would anyway," He claimed lamely, now starting to wonder why he had come all the way over here just for that.

The answer wasn't too hard to figure out however. He really just wanted an excuse to see and talk to her, despite only having seen her just last night.

He had to admit to himself that he was really starting to like her.

Now struggling to think of something to say to break the awkward silence, he asked: "Would you like to sit with me during breakfast?"

"I'd like that but are you sure we're allowed to sit at our unassigned tables?" Padma asked worriedly.

"I don't see why not," He pointed out, "however if it bothers you so much, I guess I could come over here."

"Okay," She told him somewhat reluctantly, although he could tell she really did want him to.

"Great, then let me just go get my bookbag and my plate and I'll be right back," He replied.

Heading back to where he was sitting however, he found that the spot he had been sitting in was now occupied by Ron.

While he had heard that Ron had been suspended for attacking him and Professor McGonagall, he hadn't known exactly when he would be back.

Apparently that time was now.

As he got closer however, he realized that he and Hermione were having an argument.

While concerned for Hermione, he also wasn't sure if he should intervene or not, as he felt that his presence may just make things worse.

What clinched it however was when he saw Ron shove Hermione.

It didn't seem to actually hurt her, but it was enough to set his blood boiling.

"Ron, that's enough," He yelled from behind him as he got closer.

Ron turned to look at him, still looking quite angry.

"So there you are Potter," Ron said, choosing to use his last name as he spat it out, "just who we were talking about. I've been reading all about you in the papers. The famous Harry Potter dating many beautiful girls who all seen to fawn over him like dogs. It must be so hard for you, dealing with all of that."

"Ron, I know you're upset..." Harry tried to say.

"UPSET!" Ron exploded, "I'm beyond upset! Do you know what Fleur says about you in the paper?"

Ron picked up a paper and read aloud, "Harry is the sweetest, nicest young man I've ever met and the best date I've ever had."

His probably now former best friend then said, "I was supposed to hear that from Fleur! She was supposed to be mine! You said that you would help me get a date with her, but then suddenly as soon as I come back, I find you've already snogged her and every other girl that thinks you're all that."

"I didn't mean for things to happen this way," Harry tried to explain, "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, well sorry doesn't cut it," Ron insisted, "just leave me alone, I don't want to be friends with you anymore, not after what you've done."

Ron turned back to eating and Harry noticed Ron was currently eating off of the plate of food he had had before, although he had a feeling Ron knew that and didn't care.

He would have simply left and gone and sat by Padma, it was just that his bookbag was now underneath Ron's feet.

"Ron, can I at least...?" He began again to Ron.

"Oh so now you want something from me?" Ron asked angrily, "well isn't that nice? Well I've had just about enough of you..."

Ron pulled out his wand and pointed downward at him before he could react or pull out his own wand and yelled, "Reduct..."

Yet before he could finish, Ron's eyes went listless before he ended up leaning towards the table collapsing his head right on top of his plate of food.

Fortunately he had put a lot of oatmeal onto his plate that broke his head's fall.

"What happened?" Hermione asked as she checked him over, "he seems to have fainted."

"He tried to curse me, I know that, but I don't know how he fainted," Harry claimed.

"It could easily be magical overload, which is quite possible if Ron hasn't used any magic in awhile which he hasn't all week and I suppose it could have also just been stress after being so angry," Hermione suggested, "I don't see any other obvious reasons."

"That has happened to my uncle more than once," Harry admitted, not bothering to mention that it had been while angry at him for doing accidental magic as a kid.

Even he himself had fainted more than once last year when he had kept running afoul of dementors so he could see it happening. Since it had already happened to him, he didn't bother to make some sort of joke at Ron's expense.

Professor McGonagall then came up behind them.

"I was watching the whole thing as soon as you and Ron started arguing," She confessed, "I wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to try anything after coming back from suspension. He promised he wouldn't but obviously he hasn't learned his lesson. He didn't get a chance to finish his spell fortunately, but that spell could have killed you, especially at such close range. I'll be having a talk with Dumbledore as to what to do with him. If and when he does end up coming back to school we'll have to be sure such behavior doesn't happen again. I'm sorry it came to this."

"It's all right Professor, I think it might be a good idea for me to make new friends though. I just don't see us moving past this," Harry replied honestly.

He was already thinking about the fact that perhaps Ron hadn't been a very good friend to start with.

Professor McGonagall nodded approvingly and said, "From what I've been reading in the papers, I'd say you've got quite a few prospects for new friends. I have lived long enough to appreciate having many people of the opposite gender as merely friends."

It was an interesting remark, and he pondered it as she levitated Ron out and got everyone who had come over to see what was going on to return to their seats.

"Not that I'm not grateful, but do you really think Ron just collapsed because of stress?" Harry asked.

"You should just be grateful you didn't get your bits blown off like Ron intended. That would have been bad," Luna said, having just now entered the conversation along with Daphne.

He assumed that they had come over once they heard Ron yelling and making a scene.

"Yes, a real tragedy," Daphne agreed, "it would be a great loss to womankind."

"At least it's all going according to plan," Luna stated.

"What plan?" Harry demanded.

She grinned and said, "All right, I'll tell you my plan Harry. After you have sex with me."

Surely she couldn't be serious...

"I would say that was highly inappropriate Luna," Hermione admonished, "you both are too young to be having sex or even asking for it."

"You won't be saying that next year," Luna singsonged.

"Why does Harry have to have sex with you in order to know your plan?" Daphne asked.

"Since I'm a sexy beast," Luna replied, still grinning, "the only way to find out a sexy beast's plans is by having sex with them."

"Okay, I'm not sure whether to consider you a slut or just plain crazy," Daphne surmised.

"Ooh, thank you for the compliments Daphne, I think you're a slut too," Luna answered.

Daphne seemed more taken aback by her remark to be mad, but still she told her sarcastically, "Yep, Luna can see the future all right. According to her we are going to be best friends, and calling each other sluts is a really good way to begin a friendship."

"Oh, good, I think so too," Luna agreed, totally missing the sarcasm.

"Well at any rate, I'm not having sex with Luna or anybody," Harry claimed.

"Really? Anybody ever?" Daphne asked, trying to sound surprised, "if that's the case then I rather think maybe Ron really should have blown your bits off."

His face reddened as he blushed at this comment.

"Ooh, no I could never let that happen to Peter," Luna insisted.

"Is that the name that you have for my..." Harry began before remembering what he was asking, "on second thought never mind."

Everyone laughed at that, other than Hermione who seemed rather annoyed by all this sex talk.

"Harry really doesn't need all this. I don't see why we can't be more mature," She reprimanded them all.

"Oh don't be such a wet blanket Hermione," Daphne urged.

"Hermione just doesn't realize she's actually a hot biscuit," Luna claimed.

"I'd hardly call myself a hot biscuit," Hermione answered.

"Don't be mad, somebody just called you hot," Daphne reminded her.

Hermione blushed but then said, "Yeah, well try getting someone who isn't another girl or crazy to say that."

"All right, you're hot Hermione," Harry told her.

He had meant it as a joke, but she blushed as red as Ron's hair when he told her that.

"Actually if you just wore some less shapeless clothes, you'd probably look pretty good," Daphne commented.

"Hey by the way," Luna announced, "Daphne and Hermione, you should totally come with us on our date with Harry."

Hermione suddenly got flustered again.

"A date? Like a real date? With Harry?" She asked, now looking scared for some reason.

"Come on Hermione, I can't be that scary of a date," He commented.

To him, it really didn't bother him since he had already been on so many dates with girls and Hermione he just considered his best friend. It would seem perfectly natural for them to do something merely as friends.

"Oh, I have a date with Harry tomorrow myself and I'm absolutely terrified," Daphne teased putting on a mock terrified look, "it would be like going on a date with the boogeyman."

"Actually I've found the boogeyman to be quite friendly once you get past the fact that he's so hairy," Luna claimed before pausing and asking him, "how come you aren't so hairy, harry? That's kind of a bad name for you."

"I'm told that my father apparently wanted to name me Gaylord instead because he thought it was funny so I consider myself lucky," Harry answered.

He neglected to mention that his on the run godfather Sirius Black had supplied that information. He had also mentioned that his mother had had the sense to immediately nix that idea.

Daphne made a face and said, "suddenly Harry sounds like a lovely name."

"I quite agree," Hermione said, shuddering as she imagined having to call her best friend that, "well at any rate, its not because I'm scared, it's just I already have a date for the Yule Ball and would prefer to wait until then."

That made sense, he supposed.

"I'd hardly call that a date anymore anyway if all 4 of us are going to be going with Harry," Daphne pointed out.

"Then we can all go as friends, it'll be nice to have friends to play with," Luna commented.

"We were planning on playing some games so it should be fun, especially with more people I'd imagine. It's kind of Luna's thing so I don't have a problem with who she invites," Harry said.

"All right, then I guess that could be fun, I'll go," Daphne agreed.

"I guess I will too then," Hermione answered.


Later on Daphne was just now headed to lunch when she spotted Luna standing against a wall simply staring off into space.

"Hey Luna," Daphne greeted.

Luna didn't seem to notice her for a second but when she finally did she exclaimed, "Oh hey busty."

"Did you just call me besty or busty?" Daphne asked.

"Both would work," Luna claimed fairly.

She wasn't exactly lacking in that department, she had to agree, nor did she take offense to it.

"So how is seeing the future going?" Daphne asked.

Luna leaned in conspiratorially and said, "Do you want to know a secret?"

"What?" Daphne asked.

"I gave Harry an oatmeal raisin cookie with a sleeping potion in it this morning knowing that he wouldn't eat it, since after all oatmeal raisin cookies are yucky, and then leave it right where he was sitting. I also knew that Ron would be coming back and see the cookie and eat it instead, timed so that Ron would try to curse Harry while Professor McGonagall was watching yet fall asleep just as he was finishing casting it so Ron would get in trouble but Harry would be safe. Had I not, Harry would have had his bits blown off and I couldn't let that happen."

Daphne was completely surprised by this. Not only did Luna at least appear to be able to see the future and prevent a potential catastrophe, but the entire time she had explained much more rationally than Luna normally acted. Her eyes were no longer glazed over and for once she was looking steadily and directly back at her.

However it didn't necessarily mean that she believed her yet as Luna had already claimed some pretty crazy things in the past.

"So why tell me?" Daphne asked.

"Since we're busties, that's why," Luna pointed out.

"Sorry if I'm a little skeptical," Daphne answered, "but if you really can see the future like you claim, what is going to happen next in this little plan of yours you've apparently got going on?"

"You're going to go tell Padma in about 10 minutes that you think that she should be the one to date Harry," Luna claimed.

"Yeah, sorry, you're wrong because that's just not going to happen. I like Padma and all, but I still think I should get a chance to see if I can win Harry over myself," Daphne reminded her.

"Harry's mind is already made up though," Luna said, "last night I overheard him ask Padma to be the one that he takes to the Yule Ball."

Daphne's heart sank at hearing that. She had really been hoping to at least have a chance before...

"However I managed to convince Padma beforehand that she should turn him down so that you would get an opportunity to try and change his mind.

Daphne stepped back in disbelief.

"She actually did that?" She questioned.

"Absolutely," Luna confirmed, "the problem is Harry's mind will still be made up."

Daphne allowed this to sink in. So she supposed it wouldn't do much good anyway.

"What do you think I should do?" Daphne asked.

"If we hadn't had this conversation or Padma had immediately accepted, you'd try and fight for him anyway, which would only get you mad at Padma and drive a wedge between you," Luna said.

Daphne had to agree that probably would be what she would do.

"The other option is for you to support her which will cause Padma to be quite grateful and help her not feel threatened by you. You'll become good friends and over a course of events, you'll both be dating Harry."

Daphne was once again surprised.

"What?" She asked.

"It's all part of the plan, you don't need to worry about it," Luna tried to reassure her, "just go find Padma who will be heading to the Gryffindor common room to ask her sister for something to wear. Offer her one of your nice dresses."

"Those are the ones my grandmother made for me!" Daphne exclaimed.

"You want Harry don't you?" Luna reminded her.

"Yes," Daphne agreed.

"Then do it, you'll be glad you did," Luna told her, "now you should go."

"I'm still confused about this whole thing," Daphne insisted.

Luna simply rolled her eyes and said, "tell me about it. After all the things I keep seeing, I could easily be driven mad."

"You aren't really crazy are you?" Daphne queried.

"Probably yes, just not as much as people think," Luna admitted, "some of it is actually just for show so people won't take me seriously. I can't seem to resist blurting out what will happen so in order to prevent them getting freaked out by it I blurt out ridiculous stuff too. Trust me when I tell you, it would not be good if Harry and the other girls actually believed me and knew what their future was."

"What about me though?" Daphne asked.

"Oh, you're still going to be skeptical for awhile too, but at least I don't foresee you messing anything up by knowing. In fact, you knowing will be necessary for the plan to work," Luna claimed.

"What makes you think I want to help you though? I don't want to be in a harem," Daphne pointed out.

"Oh not yet you don't," Luna replied, "however you'll change your mind and I'm confident that you'll help me. I don't really have any other options so I have to trust you. I know that we're going to end up becoming best friends in the future so that will have to be enough for now."

"I still have a lot of questions," Daphne admitted.

"They'll have to wait," Luna answered, "you need to get going?" Luna asked.

"What?" Daphne questioned.

"You need to go to the ant convention, remember?" Luna reminded her, switching to ridiculousness again.

Although she wasn't entirely certain what was going on, she decided to see if Luna was correct and if she would end up finding Padma where she said she would be.

As she did, she reflected on what Luna had told her and if she would actually follow her advice.

She ended up finding her just in front of the Gryffindor common room causing her to think of even harder about what Luna had said.

"Hey Padma," Daphne greeted.

"Hi, I was just going to go talk to Parvati and see if I could borrow any clothes of hers," Padma admitted.

Yet another thing that Luna had gotten right.

"If you'd like you could borrow something of mine," Daphne offered.

She had decided that she would at least offer to let her borrow one of her dresses. She could at least do that.

"Are you sure?" Padma asked.

"Absolutely," Daphne told her, "just come back with me and wait outside the Slytherin common room and I'll bring out a few outfits that I think you might like."

"Thanks Daphne," Padma answered gratefully.

She followed her back and then waited while Daphne went into her room to go get them. She pulled them both out.

One was more formal and then the other was more casual.

However she reminded herself that they actually no longer fit her anyway.

When she reemerged, she held them both up and Padma was instantly amazed by how beautiful both were.

"I really couldn't wear these," Padma claimed, "these are way too nice."

"They no longer fit me," Daphne claimed.

She had just made, at least to her, a rather generous offer and she wasn't about to have Padma say no to it.

"Thank you," Padma said gratefully, selecting the more casual one, a gorgeous light blue color.

Daphne found however that she could no longer wait and simply had to know.

"Did Harry ask you to be the one to go with you to the Yule Ball last night?" She asked.

Padma certainly looked surprised by the question but when she recovered, she answered hesitantly, "How did you know?"

"Does it really matter? I'd really like to know what you told him," Daphne said.

Quite honestly, if Padma had said yes to Harry, Daphne probably would have slapped her, however Luna was once again correct.

"I told him no so that you would have your chance with him, I felt like you deserved at least that much," Padma said.

Personally, she really couldn't figure Padma out. Had it been her, she would have said yes immediately.

"You do realize just how stupid that was right," Daphne pointed out.

"Serves me right for trying to be nice to you I suppose," Padma answered bitterly.

Now Daphne felt guilty.

"No, actually it was very sweet. I certainly wouldn't have done it," Daphne reassured her.

"What would you have done if I had said yes?" Padma asked.

"I'd probably have kidnapped you, tortured you for awhile, killed you, then fed you to Hagrid's blast ended skrewts," Daphne replied.

"Maybe it wasn't such a stupid thing to do then if I didn't want to die an early death," Padma pointed out.

"All jokes aside, I am grateful, but I also want you to know that..." Daphne paused even as she said this because she really didn't want to say it, but knew she should, "you should go accept anyway."

Oh, that was tough to say, but she also recognized that it was smart, whether Luna suggested it or not. After all, what hope did she have in changing Harry's mind?

Whenever he and Padma were together, she could always sense that they had a connection and now that both of them had figured that out, it would be difficult to persuade Harry otherwise.

At least this way she would be able to maintain a good reputation. If she decided to get mean about the whole thing, it just wouldn't end well.

Padma again looked surprised but then asked, "What about you?"

"Harry has already made his choice and I think it's a good one, just don't question it anymore because this is hard enough for me as it is," Daphne replied.

"You do realize I already totally owe you," Padma answered.

Daphne let out a small grin and shrugged and said, "Hey, I'm a Slytherin, that's what we do in getting people to owe us."

"Well, then I guess I can expect to have to name my firstborn Daphne or something," Padma suggested.

"Oh no, I'll cash in on your debt long before that," Daphne insisted, "perhaps work as my slave for the day and call me mistress."

Padma laughed and said, "Yeah, I'm not doing that."

"Hey a girl can dream can't she?" Daphne said, "now then about tonight..."


Harry waited at the bottom of the stairs to the 4th year girl dormitory for Hermione to come out for, group of friends getting together, whatever.

At any rate, he finally spotted Hermione coming down the stairs.

She had dispensed with her usual hogwarts robes for a tight shirt that emphasized her modest bust and blue jeans that hugged her hips.

It was definitely different from what he was used to seeing Hermione look like and he realized at that moment Hermione was actually quite attractive.

"You look really good Hermione," Harry told her.

She blushed and said, "Thanks Harry, I just decided to wear something a little different and borrowed some clothes from Parvati."

"Well you should totally start wearing clothes like that more often. Krum won't be able to keep his eyes off you," He commented.

She frowned and said, "Right, Krum, of course."

"So should we go then?" He suggested.

"Yes," Hermione agreed.

He probably would have given Hermione his arm to hold but since this wasn't really a date anymore and she would be going with Krum to the Yule Ball, he chose just to walk alongside her.

They met Luna in front of the Room of the Requirement, where they were supposed to be meeting up with the other girls.

"Ooh, Hermione, you're such a hot biscuit now!" Luna greeted her.

"Thanks Luna," Hermione said, accepting it as a compliment now, "you look pretty good yourself."

Luna did indeed look pretty good.

She was wearing a short yellow dress that showed off her long legs and cleavage.

"Ooh, and Harry is staring at my boobies again," Luna observed.

Darn it, why did Luna always have to catch him? Couldn't he ogle attractive girls with them at least not blurting it out.

Well she had said he could...

He unabashedly continued to stare at them.

Hermione however swatted him on the arm and said, "Stop staring at them."

"What?" He argued, "she said I could."

"I don't mind Hermione," Luna told her, "you can stare at them too if you want."

Hermione suddenly looked unsure how to reply to that, but fortunately Daphne and Padma arrived just then.

"Hey everyone," Padma greeted.

Harry immediately noticed that both girls also looked rather good. So much eye candy could make a guy delirious, he thought.

Daphne was wearing a green dress that emphasized her large chest, and Padma wore a light blue dress that did the same with her average sized one, her long dark hair currently draped over one shoulder.

"Hey girls," Harry greeted right back.

"So what exactly are we going to be doing then?" Daphne asked.

"Let's go in and see," Luna suggested.

They all entered the Room of Requirement and Harry was curious just what type of room Luna had selected.

As they entered, it looked like the room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that Dudley had watched over and over again when he was a kid which always resulted in him convincing his parents to take him to the candy store halfway through.

Everything seemed to be made of candy. There were giant cotton candy beanbag chairs, a large chocolate fountain in the center of the room, various life sized animals made out of chocolate, some which he recognized as owls, cats, or toads, but others he had no clue about as he assumed that they were some of the animals that only Luna believed in, and lining the walls were candy dispensers.

"What on earth?" Hermione asked in amazement.

"Don't you just love it!" Luna enthusiastically said as she pulled off what appeared to be a cobweb made out of licorice, complete with a marshmallow spider.

"Well there goes my figure," Daphne immediately said as she reached into one of the candy dispensers and began eating some sort of fruit candy.

"I could gain 5 pounds easily tonight," Padma declared.

"Don't worry, Harry likes fat girls too so you should be okay," Daphne pointed out, "me it'll probably just disappear or go right to the right places."

"She's right, let's just enjoy it, but I wouldn't recommend coming back too soon," Harry told Padma.

As for himself he began eating as well while Hermione finally gave in and began eating herself.

"All of this is going to go straight to my hips," She insisted.

"Oh, don't be such a spoil sport, we can have some fun once in awhile," Daphne claimed.

After they had all gotten full on candy, they sat down in the cotton candy bean bag chairs to play Luna's game.

Once Luna had explained the rules, Padma started: "Would you rather get stuck in the hospital wing for a month or have detention with Snape for a week?"

"That's a tough one," Harry admitted, "I've been in the hospital wing enough to appreciate wanting to leave, but Snape's detentions are killer too. I'd say Snape though because at least then the detentions would be only in the evenings."

"Detentions with Snape definitely," Daphne answered, "he's never given a Slytherin detention, but if he did, I'd imagine that it would be super easy like babysitting the Gryffindors that he put in detention."

"I like the hospital wing," Luna said, "Madame Pomfrey touching me always makes me ticklish."

Daphne poked Luna in the arm causing her to giggle.

"She actually is ticklish," Daphne confirmed as she continued to tickle Luna continued to not be able to resist laughing.

Even after Daphne stopped, Luna was still laughing.

"I'm not even touching you!" Daphne insisted.

"I know but it's just so much fun to laugh!" Luna declared.

Okay, weird, but probably true, Harry had to agree.

"Would you rather sleep all night in the forbidden forest or in the owlery?" He then asked.

"I'd say owlery but then I'd likely wake up with owl droppings all over me," Padma pointed out.

"Yeah, owl droppings apparently don't taste very good," Luna agreed, sighing.

On it went as they continued to ask questions.

Luna suggested they eat ice cream while they did so, but they were all already too full from eating candy.

It was then suggest that they play Exploding Snap, which they did, along with a few other games that he had never played before, but evidently wizards did including Duck, Duck, Dragon and Magical Chairs.

He knew the muggle equivalents to these games, but evidently in Duck, Duck, Dragon you had a spell put on you that would cause smoke to start blowing out of your nose if you were it and in Magical Chairs, which they used cotton candy pillows for chairs, their chair would light up when you sat in it, causing the cotton candy to turn blue.

Luna claimed it then tasted like blueberries, but he didn't really think so.

All in all it was turning into a very fun evening. No dating pressure, just a bunch of friends getting together and having fun.

Author's Note: I actually happen to know one very unlucky guy with the name of Gaylord so it actually is a real name that admittedly awful parents have given their children. It's usually pronounced gay-lerd though which still doesn't help when people, particularly children mispronounce it.

Luna as mentioned before, is not as insane as people think, yet still crazy. She was however forced to let Daphne know that in order to achieve her plans for the future and it will inevitably bring them closer together as eventual best friends.