Author's Note: Interestingly enough, Luna is actually based off of a girl I knew in junior high back when I was her age so her behavior is actually believable to me. However she will still be very much Luna. A lot of what she does wouldn't make sense but in reality it was very well thought out.

Chapter 8


Harry was just thinking the date was about to end when Luna suggested: "we should totally brush each others' hair!"

"Ooh, then I dibs Harry to brush mine!" Padma immediately claimed.

"I get him next!" Luna quickly said after.

Daphne then turned to Hermione and said, "I suppose that leaves us with each other."

"Mine is kind of hard to brush," Hermione answered.

"Actually I think I might have a solution to that problem," Daphne told her.

Both girls went into a corner of the room while Luna went off to go play with some of the chocolate animals before her turn and Padma went into another corner while he followed.

He could already sense that she probably wanted to have a private conversation with him, but he couldn't say for sure what.

At any rate, Padma managed to get a brush out of her purse and she handed it to him.

"How do I do it exactly?" He asked tentatively having never done this before.

She gave a few instructions and he started at the bottom as she suggested.

As he started, he was once again struck by just how beautiful Padma's hair really was.

It was very long and shiny, descending to the bottom of her butt.

"You have really beautiful hair," He commented.

"Thanks Harry," Padma replied, "I really hoped you would like to do this."

"Well I am Harry after all," He pointed out.

"Isn't that joke getting a little old?" She asked.

"Not if it's true and I think your long hair makes you look very sexy," He admitted.

"On second thought, I'm rather glad you're named Harry then," Padma answered.

"I thought you would see things my way," He agreed.

As he was trying to get a snarl out at the bottom, trying to be gentle in case he ended up hurting her, he accidentally touched her butt with the back of his hand.

He'd better apologize or she was totally going to think he was a pervert, he reasoned.

"Sorry," He apologized as he stopped brushing.

"I'm sure it was just an accident," Padma said, seeming to dismiss the whole incident.

"I might do it again though," He reminded her nervously.

The fact that he actually wanted to "accidentally" touch it again weighed on his mind. This whole dating thing was harder when he was in close proximity to rather interesting body parts.

She paused for a second then said, "Then you have my permission to do so."

"You mean..." He tried to ask, hardly able to believe it.

"NO! Not like that Harry," Padma explained, suddenly flustered herself, "I meant if you did it on accident, sorry to disappoint you but I think simply grabbing my butt and feeling it up is a bit forward for a couple that isn't even really dating yet."

He would have agreed with her, but his mind was now focused on the last word: yet. Did that mean that she planned on having them be a couple?

Was he supposed to already know that for sure?

While he chose to say nothing, Padma then said, "If it's accidental though, it's okay, although I'm sure that you are now freaking out about having a chance to touch my butt."

"I'll bet you're the one freaking out about the fact that I'm brushing your hair and that I just touched your butt," He slyly answered.

"Oh, you're good!" She agreed, "fine, so what if I am?"

"You know what Daphne would say right?" He pointed out teasingly, "she would say that you secretly want me to touch your butt."

"Maybe," She responded, not denying it, "all right, if you want to you can. For just a second and make sure the other girls don't notice."

After making sure Daphne, Hermione, and Luna were all distracted, he quickly put his hands on her bum before quickly pulling away.

"Well?" She asked.

"Best second of my life," He claimed.

"I would certainly hope so," Padma stated, sounding pleased with his answer.

He got back to brushing her hair, half admiring her hair and still half thinking about what Padma's butt had felt like.

A few minutes later, Padma said: "I was also hoping to talk to you about something Harry."

"Go ahead," He urged.

"I had a talk with Daphne before this got started and she's decided to bow out and let me have you," Padma said.

He was surprised, but also couldn't resist quipping, "let you huh? Well what if I've changed my mind already? What if I've already decided on another stunningly beautiful girl with long beautiful black hair, gorgeous eyes and brown skin?"

"You had so better not be referring to Parvati," Padma said warningly.

Actually Parvati hadn't even crossed his mind when he had said that. Parvati was nice, but she was no Padma, and she was the one he was interested in.

"Parvati hasn't kissed me though or let me touch her bum," He reminded her.

She laughed and said, "So that's all I needed to do to win you over huh? Good thing Parvati never figured that out. I should have let you do both ages ago if that's the case."

Deciding to be more serious, he told her, "I also like your mind, how it's fun to talk to you, to be around you..."

"Keep going," She urged, clearly enjoying the praise he was lavishing upon her.

"You're also funny and friendly, and I really feel like I can trust you with things," He finished.

"That'll do for now," She answered, "you can tell me more at the ball."

"I haven't even asked you again yet," He pointed out.

"You've already asked me twice," She reminded him.

"Well if you've gotten tired of me asking and won't let me ask again, I suppose I'll just have to settle for another girl," He reasoned.

"Then yes, please ask me," She insisted.

"Padma Patil, will you go to the Yule Ball with me?" He asked.

"Yes!" She immediately said as she went and gave him a hug.

"Just a hug?" He questioned.

"We're supposed to kiss during the date," She pointed out.

"That hasn't stopped you before," He reminded her.

Nevertheless, she gave him a big kiss, which he quickly returned.

"I love kissing you," He admitted.

"So do I," She agreed.

"Can we just skip the ball and kiss the whole time?" He asked.

She seemed to ponder this for a second and then said, "You yet again prove that you always have such great date ideas."

"I'm glad you agree," He replied.

At that moment, Luna came over to them.

"Have you got done touching Padma's bum and kissing her so I can have my turn?" She asked.

Padma immediately blushed and said, "You saw that?"

"Why would I want to miss it?" Luna queried as if she had been expecting it to happen.

"Did you really see that beforehand?" Harry asked.

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?" Luna asked, "all right, if you must know, I keep doing it just for attention. It's also the same reason why I keep acting crazy. I'm merely a social misfit who doesn't know how to interact with other people and so cover it up by coming across as crazy and claiming ridiculous things, such as the ability to see the future."

"That would make sense I suppose, but is that really the truth?" Padma queried.

"Professor McGonagall says that's the case, and Professor McGonagall is always right," Luna answered.

Neither of them got to answer because Daphne and Hermione then came over.

"So what do you think?" Daphne asked.

Harry looked at Hermione and was shocked to find that her chestnut colored hair was no longer bushy but now nice and straight descending to midback.

"Wow!" Both he and Padma said at the same time.

Hermione blushed as she twirled her hair as if she was in a muggle hair commercial.

"Your hair looks gorgeous," Padma claimed.

"Thanks," Hermione replied gratefully.

"I taught her a spell that my sister uses for her hair," Daphne admitted.

"Astoria's hair is usually bushy?" Padma asked.

"Her hair is actually a bushy chestnut color like Hermione's, but she straightens and uses a hair dye potion," Daphne answered.

"I thought all Greengrasses were straight haired platinum blondes?" Padma asked.

"Yeah, I don't know where it came from. I keep telling her that she's adopted," Daphne replied.

"I'm adopted too!" Luna claimed.

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yep, daddy says that I'm too normal to be his daughter," Luna told them.

"I don't see how he could say that," Harry said.

"You obviously haven't met Luna's father," Padma pointed out, "I met him once and it was certainly...interesting."

No offense to Luna, Harry thought, but if Luna was considered too normal for her father, he wasn't sure he wanted to ever meet him.

However to be fair, now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure he wanted to meet any of the girls' parents he hadn't already met.

"That reminds me," Harry asked Daphne, "how is your mother doing by the way?"

"She's doing great," Daphne answered, "I've been sending her what we've been writing for the articles everyday and it's been getting her a lot of attention. Newspaper sales have actually been higher this week than they ever have. I guess we aren't the only ones who want to know just who our favorite celebrity is dating."

"It's almost a shame it has to end. I rather enjoyed all of my dates and I loved spending time with each beautiful girl," Harry admitted.

Padma elbowed him and said, "Ahem."

"However I am looking forward to the Ball and going with a very special girl," He said, "I am pleased to announce that I've made a decision. I'll be taking Padma with me."

"Congratulations Padma on being Harry's first girlfriend!" Luna congratulated her.

Harry noted that Padma did not bother to correct her, something that he did not have any objections to either as he was hopeful that they would continue dating even after the Ball himself.

Hermione however seemed concerned as she asked Daphne, "What about you?"

"I already talked to Padma about it beforehand and we both agreed that Harry has already made his decision and that we are both willing to accept it," Daphne answered resignedly.

"What about your date with him tomorrow though?" Hermione questioned.

"We can just skip that I suppose," Daphne replied.

There was a brief pause then Padma finally said, "not if you don't want to. You already were looking forward to it, so I think you should go."

"Are you sure?" Daphne asked, "I'd hate to take away from anything that you and Harry have now."

"Yes, I really think so," Padma said.

Daphne still looked reluctant, despite the fact that he knew she wanted to go, so he decided to step in.

"Well, I suppose you just don't want to go on a date with a manly stud like me," Harry suggested.

Hermione rolled her eyes at that, but Daphne, Padma, and then Luna laughed.

However Luna continued to laugh even after the two girls had stopped.

Over her laughter, Daphne stated, "yep, you're right. How could I possibly resist you? I'm putty in your hands."

Luna however continued laughing until Padma asked, "why are you still laughing Luna? It wasn't that funny."

She stopped but then said, "oh did someone tell a joke? I thought everyone was laughing just because laughing is fun. Besides I already know Harry is a stud."

"Oh, so do we but it doesn't mean we can't poke fun at him," Daphne replied.

"I see," Luna said, as she went and poked her finger at Harry's shoulder, "here's some fun Harry."

"Yeah, that's not fun," Harry answered as he moved away from her and closer to Padma to avoid her poking him again.

"Is the mean nasty girl hurting you Harry?" Padma asked in a mock tone.

"I think I need you to kiss it all better," He informed her.

Padma in response leaned in and kissed his shoulder.

"It feels better now. Your kisses apparently have healing properties," He insisted.

"I'm guessing that means you're going to be trying to get injured a lot then, particularly on your lips," She suggested.

"We can only hope," He agreed.

Daphne grinned and said: "I'd be happy to go and beat you up Harry if that's the case."

"Okay," He answered.

At the moment such an idea sounded actually appealing if that would be his reward.

Then Daphne hit him the arm.

"Ouch!" He yelled, before turning angrily at her, "what was that for?"

"You told me I should do it," She pointed out.

"That was before I realized you could hit so hard," He answered, still nursing his arm, "I'll probably never be able to use this arm ever again."

Being actually quite used to getting hit from growing up with Dudley he was used to much worse, but it didn't mean that he couldn't pretend otherwise for his own benefit.

"You'll be fine, you big baby," She claimed, "I didn't hit you that hard."

In response he let his arm dangle uselessly as he pretended to try and fail to lift it.

"Nope, it will have to be amputated now, only thing I can do for it," He answered teasingly.

Daphne grinned, realizing he was only playing with her and said: "Then I suppose I'll just have to hang around you for the rest of your life so I can do everything that would require two hands to do."

"Was that meant to be crude?" Hermione demanded of Daphne.

"No," Daphne replied, now grinning wider, "I hadn't even thought of that. Just where is your mind at Hermione for you to think that it could be crude?"

Hermione majorly blushed at that.

"I suppose I wouldn't mind performing such two handed tasks if they were required," Daphne claimed.

"Fortunately you won't need to," Padma stated as she leaned down and kissed his shoulder, "there it should be all better."

He tested his arm, proving that he could suddenly and miraculously use it.

"Wow, Padma, you saved it, it's a miracle," He suggested.

"Always happy to help," She answered.

With that out of the way, Daphne, Padma, and Hermione went to go discuss a few things, leaving him alone with Luna.

"Ready to brush my amazingly sexy hair?" Luna asked.

"Sure," He answered, taking the brush from her.

He began brushing Luna's hair and was suddenly confronted with the same problem that he had with Padma as Luna's hair went to the bottom of her butt as well.

"Are you worried that you're going to touch my butt like you did with Padma?" Luna asked.

How did she always know?

"Nope, because I know you won't mind if I do," He pointed out.

"Harry!" Luna declared in shock, "you have a girlfriend now, you can't go touching other girl's bums."

"Ah, but according to you, you are going to eventually be my girlfriend and then wife too, so technically your butt will be mine anyway," Harry pointed out, quite pleased he had thought up such a response.

She giggled in a way only Luna could and then said, "Okay, that works for me."

Nevertheless, he did his best not to touch it as he brushed as in reality he really did feel obligated to just Padma.

However he did so, just with the back of his finger, but still it made contact.

Luna however appeared not to notice. He breathed a small sigh of relief.

A few minutes went by in silence until Luna said: "You should take Daphne to Hogsmeade for your date tomorrow."

"It's not a Hogsmeade weekend though," Harry reminded her.

"Just ask the warden to let you out," Luna recommended.

"You mean Dumbledore?" Harry asked, "I'd hardly classify him as a warden."

"We're all prisoners in here though Harry," Luna pointed out, "Dumbledore won't even let me wear clothes made out of walnuts or bring wolves into the castle."

"I'm pretty sure there is a good reason for not allowing both of those things," Harry declared.

What he didn't say was that wearing clothes made out of nuts was well...nuts.

"Is Dumbledore really such a bad guy?" Harry reminded her, "a bit out there and has an obsession with candy, but so do you."

Luna sighed and said, "I suppose you're right. Dumbledore isn't really that bad, I suppose. He'll even be a help later on."

"Well at any rate, I don't see the need to be asking him for special permission to go to Hogsmeade. I don't need to go that badly. I suppose I could probably get some flowers or something for Padma, but I could probably just owl order those," He told her.

"You've got to though, Harry, it's very important," Luna insisted.

"Why is it very important though?" He asked.

"I can't tell you that," Luna claimed, "however if you don't ask him, I'll tell Padma that you touched my butt like you did hers."

"I barely did and that was an accident though!" He insisted.

"Fine, then I guess you won't mind me telling her then," Luna said, "I'll also tell her that you said that my butt was yours."

"That was..." Harry started to argue, before realizing he actually had said that.

"So what is it going to be?" Luna asked, "asking Dumbledore or death?"

"I'm not going to get killed if I don't," He pointed out.

"Yes you will," Luna told her.

He supposed Padma could kill him before he had a chance to explain himself...

Yet as he thought about it, he realized that it wouldn't be too terrible to at least ask. If he said no, then he said no, if he said yes then he would get to go to Hogsmeade with Daphne, which he supposed wouldn't be too bad either.

"Alright fine, you win," He said.

"Ooh yay Harry, you won't regret it," Luna said, giving him a hug, "just don't kiss and tell."

Luna however did not bother to explain what that meant and he had learned by now she wasn't likely to tell him.


During breakfast the next morning, Harry waited until Dumbledore got up to leave after eating and then caught up to him in the hallway.

"Professor Dumbledore?" He asked.

"Yes Harry?" Dumbledore said, turning around to face him.

"I was wondering if I might ask you something?" He asked.

"Ask away, but I can't guarantee if I can provide an answer.

If it is however if my experiment this morning trying oatmeal and pumpkin juice together yielded an enjoyable result, I would have to answer in the negative," Dumbledore replied.

Leave it to Dumbledore to try odd food combinations...

"Actually I was wondering if I could have permission to go to Hogsmeade today," Harry declared.

He expected Dumbledore to give him a lecture on how he shouldn't be giving out special privileges, and at first it seemed like he was going to do just that.

"I can't just go giving out special permission for students to leave the school whenever they feel like it," Dumbledore answered before getting a twinkle in his eye, "unless it was for a very good reason."

"If it was a life or death situation would that work?" Harry asked.

"I'm afraid not," Dumbledore responded gravely, although he still had that twinkle in his eye.

He could tell that Dumbledore knew that he hadn't been serious about that.

"Then I suppose I had better start giving my final goodbyes," Harry countered, "what if it was to get my favorite headmaster a present?"

"I am afraid such a present required in order to gain permission would always cost one galleon more than you ever possess," Dumbledore told him, "although I daresay more than a few have tried and failed to bribe me."

His actual reason now sounded more lame, but he decided to finally come out with it anyway.

"Actually I just wanted to go on a date with Daphne Greengrass there," Harry informed him, "however now that I think about it, it probably was too trivial to ask.

"Don't be so sure, now that is another matter entirely," Dumbledore claimed, seeming to be thinking it over, "I would hate to be the one to ruin possible love."

"I'm sure that plenty of other people have asked you the same thing," Harry pointed out.

"You would actually be the first in all my years as headmaster, I suppose because they all figured I would say no," Dumbledore told him, "if I were to say no, then I would be proving them right wouldn't I?"

"I suppose so," Harry agreed, although surprised by Dumbledore's logic.

It was logic only Dumbledore could have.

"Then I suppose that I must then say yes," Dumbledore declared.

Hardly able to believe that he had said yes, Harry thanked him.

"It was my pleasure," Dumbledore told him, "provided that you don't tell anyone besides your date where you went.

Otherwise I daresay I shall be deluged with additional requests, considerably shortening the time I have to simply sit at my desk to think up evil schemes to make the students lives miserable or wait for people to come bother me as the students no doubt assume I occupy most of my time with.

We wouldn't want to give them the wrong impression."

"No sir," Harry agreed.

Dumbledore scrawled on a piece of paper with a quill, both of which he produced seemingly from thin air with his wand and then handed it to him.

"That should dissuade anyone from Hogsmeade from questioning you why you were there," He told him, "however if they ask it is to get some supplies for me."

"Won't they be suspicious if we don't have any such supplies?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore grinned and said, "That's why you've so graciously volunteered to get some for me."

Harry looked down at the piece of paper to find most of it was a shopping list.

Great, he thought. Dumbledore was using him to run his errands for him.

"Be sure to get the big jars of lemon drops," Dumbledore told him, now smiling.


He next had to find Daphne, which he found just finishing eating.

"I'm here to kidnap you," He declared, coming up from behind her.

"Ooh Harry, you could give a girl the wrong impression," Daphne answered, "will it involve me being tied up?"

"Fortunately not, since you'll need full use of your arms and legs where we're going," He informed her.

"I'm intrigued now, just where are you whisking me off to?" She asked.

Since her housemates could potentially be listening into their conversation as some of them probably were, he said: "Oh just a nice trip to the restricted section of the library."

"I do like restricted things," Daphne agreed, "very well, let's go."

He helped her up out of her seat and together they headed off.

As soon as they were away from any prying ears however she asked: "So where are we really going?"

"I thought I already told you," He answered.

"You might have fooled anyone listening in, but not me," Daphne pointed out, "now spill."

"We're going to Hogsmeade," He told her.

"We're breaking out again?" Daphne asked excitedly, not the least bit concerned about breaking such a rule.

"Actually in this case, I got Dumbledore to agree to let us go," He informed her.

She looked actually slightly disappointed at that, but still excited to go.

"Very well, then lead away," She replied.

They headed out of the castle and down the pathway to Hogsmeade.

Since it was December and it was currently snowing, nobody was around other than some tiny specks far away on another side of the castle who appeared to be in the process of building a snow fort.

They continued on until they reached the gates which appeared to be closed.

"So what do we do now?" Daphne asked.

"I'm not really sure, Dumbledore didn't tell me," He replied.

"How about a password?" Daphne suggested, "open sesame!"

The doors stayed shut, not that he was surprised.

"No, that isn't Dumbledore's style," Harry said, "if it was some sort of password, it would be a type of candy."

Both he and Daphne began saying names for different types of candy, before Harry looked down at the piece of paper that he had been given again for a clue.

"Blood pops?" Harry muttered aloud.

The doors immediately swung open.

"Should I be worried about Dumbledore's eating habits or is Dumbledore actually a vampire?" Daphne asked.

"Luna will be pleased to know that if the last one is true," Harry replied.

They both headed through the space now vacated by the open doors before they closed right behind them.

Once they got inside the town, he suggested they go for a butterbeer, which Daphne immediately agreed to.

Inside the Three Broomsticks, which was much less crowded than he was used to, they ordered two butterbeers.

Madame Rosmerta didn't even bat an eye when she saw they were there to his surprise.

When she plunked their drinks down, she said: "I remember the time when your father used to come in here on the weekends. I used to slip him drinks under that invisibility cloak of his."

"Oh, we have permission to be here," Harry claimed.

"Right you sure do," Madame Rosmerta agreed, winking at him.

Obviously she didn't believe him, but didn't seem to care anyway.

While they sipped their drinks, he chatted with Daphne for a bit.

She was admittedly a very fun girl to have around, and even if he wasn't going to be dating her, he could definitely see her as becoming a good friend.

When they finished, Daphne mentioned wanting to go clothes shopping so they headed to the town clothes shop.

Daphne went to go try out a few outfits while he decided to see if he could find some socks for Dumbledore and Dobby, who both seemed to have an obsession with them.

He honestly would not be surprised if Dumbledore started paying Dobby in socks so he would have an excuse to then get more of his own.

While he was doing so, currently looking over a pair of socks with a picture of cats on it that evidently made meowing sounds when it got too smelly, he heard a thud just to his left.

Turning to look at the sound, he spotted none other than Millicent Bulstrode standing over a box of socks that she had probably just dropped.

When she realized he was staring at her, she immediately tried to turn away and shield her face with his hands, but it was already too late.

"Bulstrode?" He asked, "what are you doing here?"

She finally turned towards him, but still refused to look at him by only looking down at the ground.

Nevertheless, she still towered over him.

At 6'5 she was huge for a 14 year old girl, but her wide body made her even bigger, bigger than anyone at Hogwarts besides Hagrid and currently Madame Maxime.

One of the many rumors about her was that she had giant or troll blood in her.

He noticed that she was wearing an employee's uniform.

"Wait a you actually work here?" He asked.

She merely shuffled her feet.

At that moment, Daphne came over with a few outfits in her hands.

When she saw Millicent, she stopped, also saying aloud Millicent's name.

"Hello Daphne," Millicent managed to reply.

Daphne was no doubt also noticing Millicent wearing a uniform.

"So is this where you've been going off to recently?" Daphne asked.

"I got a holiday job here, but please don't tell anyone," Millicent begged, sounding worried.

"Why would we do that if you don't want us to?" Daphne questioned.

"I'm not supposed to be here. I've been sneaking out down a secret passageway, but if you turn me in I'll lose this job," Millicent replied.

"How did you manage to even get this job?" Daphne asked, "they aren't allowed to be hiring Hogwarts students except over the summer break and only when they turn 16.

"They never guessed I was that young on account of my size," Millicent answered.

At that moment, another man wearing a store uniform came by.

"What are you doing standing around? Get back to work!" He yelled angrily at her.

"She was just answering some questions for us," Daphne told him.

"I'm sorry but Mike here just doesn't have the mental capacity to answer questions," the man told her, "if you have any questions however I would be happy to answer them for you."

"Actually I think she'd be a lot better at answering them than you," Daphne insisted, clearly mad at how he was referring to Millicent, "such as if you had any underwear that was stain resistant to blood during periods."

The man immediately reddened.

"At any rate, I don't think you have any right to treat her like that anyway," Daphne pointed out.

"I'm the manager, I can do whatever I want," the man claimed, "besides who else is going to hire her? She's already damaged plenty of merchandise by knocking it about as she walks through the store, and she doesn't have the brain capacity to do anything beyond the simplest of tasks!"

"Maybe if you actually gave her a chance you would realize that she is actually very smart," Daphne argued before turning back to Millicent.

"You know, you really don't have to put up with this," Daphne reminded her.

Millicent was still staring at the floor but said: "I was really hoping to get some money to buy a dress for the ball."

"Not off of what you already owe me for breaking that crate of merchandise yesterday," the man told her, "besides I'd likely have to custom make it for you and do you know how much time and material it would take me? At any rate, I don't see the point, since no one is going to want to go with a woman who looks like a man."

"That's it!" Harry yelled, "you have no right to treat her this way! I'll buy her a dress then if that is what she wants, but it won't be from you and she won't be working here anymore."

"Let's get out of here," Daphne told Millicent.

Millicent seemed surprised, but she pulled off her employee's shirt and tossed it right at him.

The force of the projectile caused the man to lose his balance and he ended up falling backwards into a bin of men's underwear.

"You know," He commented to Daphne, "I think you just got a topic for another news article."

"I think I did," Daphne agreed, "how about The Naked Truth of Manager at Clothing Store?"

While they couldn't implicate Millicent for obvious reasons, he was sure they could come up with a way around it.

Daphne, followed by Millicent who was now clad in the shirt that she had been wearing underneath headed out.

He was quick to follow.

When they got out, however, Millicent for the first time actually addressed him and asked tentatively, "Did you really mean it about getting me a dress?"

"Of course," He told her.

"I really couldn't do that," She said.

"I would say that it was high time that you actually had something nice to wear," Daphne argued, "you're always wearing such frumpy and manly clothes."

"I just can't afford anything better or find anything in my size that isn't men's clothing," Millicent argued.

"Then we'll just have to custom make it," Harry countered.

"I'm going to take her to get a makeover as well," Daphne insisted.

"You really don't have to be so nice to me, I could never repay you," Millicent reminded them.

"I was already going to get a makeover anyway and I have a coupon for a two for one," Daphne lied easily.

"I've simply got more money than I know what to do with," Harry claimed, choosing to use the rumor of him being filthy rich to his advantage.

"Yep, Harry probably even owns the other clothing store, if not half of magical Britain, he's so filthy rich," Daphne answered.

"I wouldn't go nearly that far, that's just ridiculous, the wizarding world would have stopped me from having such a huge monopoly long before that and I would expect that people would treat me better if most of their parents worked for me," Harry pointed out.

"Still it would be fun for you to go around everywhere as if you owned the place like muggle rich people do," Daphne said, "you could wear a crown and purple robes and order people's heads to be chopped off.

"Yeah, your representation of a muggle "rich person" is a bit out of date," Harry answered.

"What a shame," Daphne said, sounding disappointed.

After some protesting, Daphne finally managed to convince Millicent to come with her and they went inside the beauty parlor while he set out to get the things that Dumbledore had requested.

It took longer than he would have liked. Dumbledore had a long list and he muttered unhappily more than once about Dumbledore tricking him into running errands for him.

When he got the last thing, 3 jars of Dumbledore's blessed lemon drops, he headed back to the beauty parlor, his arms now full of bags.

Yet after failing to find them, he assumed that they had gone to the other clothing store at Hogsmeade to get Millicent her dress.

When he arrived, he found Daphne standing outside the dressing room.

"The tailor just got done with her dress and now Millicent is trying it on," Daphne answered.

"That fast?" Harry asked.

"We have magic Harry," Daphne pointed out.

He only had to wait a few seconds before Millicent emerged.

When she did, his jaw immediately dropped.

If he hadn't known that it was Millicent, he would have assumed that she was somebody else. He could never have believed a person could change so drastically.

Her face alone was totally unrecognizable, with any unwanted facial hair now gone, her skin now beautifully smooth and white, her lips rosy red, eyebrows fixed, and wearing eyeliner that prominently displayed her gorgeous green eyes.

Her hair, instead of being in a tight bun at the back of her head had been let down to fall well below her shoulders, brushed out to acquire a sheen to its dark brown color.

As for her figure, well it would have caused any man to drool.

No longer encumbered by shapeless and ugly men's clothing, her before unknown curves were now on display as she wore a Slytherin dark green dress.

It was hard to miss as a guy her now most prominent feature:

He had been under the assumption that Susan Bones was the bustiest girl in their year, but it was simply because he had never known what Millicent had under her robes.

While a big girl, he couldn't deny that her breasts still looked huge inside the dress only mostly containing them, the tops of them displaying a very generous amount of cleavage

The size of them simply astonished him and beyond anything that anything he would ever see at Hogwarts, putting to shame any girl that would consider herself busty.

The dress then tapered down over her belly before thrusting out again to cover her prominent hips.

He was so stunned as he admired the change and admittedly her very attractive figure which he couldn't manage to tear his eyes away from that he was unable to say anything.

Daphne, who also appeared to have lost the ability to speak for a moment, then said: "Wow, you look hot!"

Millicent blushed.

"I swear I had no idea you were hiding that figure under your robes," Daphne claimed, "I always figured that you always changed in the bathroom because you were embarrassed, but if you were to get naked in our dorm room, every single one of us, including me would have reason to be embarrassed. You even put my curves to shame!"

Millicent blushed still deeper.

"What do you think Harry?" Millicent asked him nervously.

"Wow," He managed to say.

"Just wow Harry? Couldn't think of anything more descriptive?" Daphne teased, clearly aware of just how much of an effective Millicent's drastic makeover had had upon him.

"The things I would like to say about how you look I'm sure I'm not allowed to say to another girl while I'm on a date," Harry claimed.

"Good answer," Daphne agreed, "if you wear that dress back to Hogwarts, I'd bet you get date offers within minutes simply by walking down the halls!"

"I'm still too big for any guy," Millicent argued.

"There are plenty of guys, I'm sure, who rather like girls who are much bigger than them," Daphne pointed out.

Daphne, still raving about Millicent, went with him as he paid for the dress.

He had to admit, even though it took a good chunk of change from him, that it felt good doing something nice for someone else, as he could tell already just how happy it had already made Millicent, who had thanked him profusely.

Millicent then insisted on not being a third wheel while they were still on their date and headed back to Hogwarts via the secret passageway underneath Honeydukes, taking Dumbledore's things with her so he wouldn't have to carry them.

That left him and Daphne the rest of the day to finish their date.

Mostly they just browsed around various stores, but neither of them were in any hurry to end it.

When night finally came and shops began to close, they finally headed back.

Just outside the gates, Daphne stopped and said, "I had a great time Harry."

"So did I," He agreed.

"That was such an awesome thing you did back there, buying a dress for Millicent," Daphne answered.

"The same to you for getting her a makeover," He countered.

"You know, I really feel like I've been making a difference since I started associating with you," Daphne claimed, "what with what we did for Hannah and now Millicent, and then what the articles me, Padma, and Luna have been writing."

"I agree," Harry answered.

"Can I just say that I really really wish right now that this didn't have to end?" She said.

"Well I suppose I could think of something to make the date longer if you'd like," He offered.

"That's not what I meant," Daphne told him, "I could say its just all the good we've been doing, but honestly I mean us. I like you even more now than before and I wish that you were my boyfriend so we could spend many days like the one we just had."

He didn't really know what to say to that, so he just let her keep talking.

"I want to be able to talk to you, to laugh and joke around, to hold hands, and..."

At that moment she unexpectedly leaned in and kissed him.

He was shocked but he also couldn't bring himself to draw away as she continued to kiss him and him responding in kind.

In the back of his mind he knew that this was wrong. He had already chosen Padma and he was quite happy with that choice.

Back when he had been dating all those other girls before choosing Padma and kissed them it had been different, but this...

This was different.

Besides, what made this kiss so hard to break from. Was Daphne as good of a kisser as Padma?

He had to admit that she was and he also knew that as soon as he broke from it, he would never have it again.

Finally however he did so.

"I'm sorry, I just can't do this," He claimed.

"I know," She agreed, seeming to understand.

"Then why did we do it?" He asked.

"I couldn't help myself and neither could you," She answered, "I know you liked it just as much as me, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do."

"I'm still going to want it again," He admitted.

"How about we kiss again? Just once to get it out of our system and then never do it again?" She suggested.

While reluctant, he agreed.

Yet as their lips met and they began to kiss again, he realized:

This is going to be harder than I thought.