Author's Note: By this point I would imagine some of you are at least a bit confused about a few things, particularly with Luna's plan. While it's meant to be a bit confusing as it is more fun to figure out for yourselves just what is going on and how each action that Luna takes has such an impact, I think it is also important for all that to be understood and I think enjoyable to find it all out and just how many seemingly random events were actually orchestrated by Luna. Sort of like reading the end of a mystery novel, although in this case we've already got enough for an entire chapter.

Plenty of unanswered questions will be answered including just how Harry so amazingly got so many dates, why Luna is even trying to create a harem, and how she is doing it, and even how Millicent ended up at the clothing store.

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Chapter 9

Luna was currently in her own special little corner of the Room of Requirement, looking over her various instruments she had collected, or her "experiments" as she preferred to call them.

This was an area she had spent a great deal of time in since her first year at Hogwarts when she had discovered this place.

She quickly fell in love with it as she felt it was her own special hideout, free from bullies and other nasty people.

More importantly, it was a place that she could work on her experiments in privacy without having to worry about if they were discovered.

Even if someone did get inside with her experiments still there, they couldn't exactly see them.

That was what her spectrespecs or her special glasses were for, allowing her to see them as long as she had them on, a nifty little trick she employed with many items she didn't want stolen from bullies, which was becoming a common occurrence and the only upside being that she had an excuse not to wear her rather ugly and uncomfortable Hogwarts robes when they all got stolen.

Poor Professor Flitwick had actually fallen off the stack of books he usually stood on when she came into class clad only in a bikini.

Her cloaking spell and the glasses that went with them were her own invention and was something that she was rather proud of.

While some people thought she was stupid because she acted weird, she wasn't in Ravenclaw for nothing and was actually very smart.

Or at least she liked to think so anyway.

A few other inventions lay mostly abandoned nearby such as a crumple horned snorkack catcher and a wrackspurt collector, both of which she intended to use once she had the time to search for them, but was simply more focused on her most important and special project.

That would be her grand plan for Harry and getting him a harem.

Most girls would have found it odd that she wanted to be part of a harem, but it wasn't something that even she had automatically wanted.

Back when she was a little girl, like most girls she wanted actual friends, yet her parents' various attempts at having playdates with her and other girls her own age had all ended in the other girl deciding that she was just too weird and that they didn't want to play with her anymore.

While she still had her parents, she had to admit it got rather lonely as a child, especially after her mother died and her father made himself far more busy with work in order to cope.

The only exception to her lack of children her own age to play with was Ginny Weasley, but she seemed to regard her as mentally retarded, like she was too stupid to be able to do anything right.

She had long since gotten tired of the little baby voice Ginny usually used when talking to her.

It was actually a common thing to have happen to her, where people assumed that since she was odd or possibly crazy that meant that she wasn't all that bright, which led to many treating her like she was mentally challenged.

While Ginny seemed to feel that she was performing some sort of charity work in being willing to play with her, she found it highly insulting.

Furthermore Ginny seemed to think she wasn't capable of making good decisions and so always was the one who decided what games they would play.

Invariably the games she always seemed to want to play involved pretending to be married to Harry Potter.

There was nothing really wrong with such games, like many wizard children Luna had been told more than once about the Harry Potter story and had even imagined herself meeting him someday and finding out if he was really like what he was in the stories.

After a few times of playing these games however Luna decided that she wanted to be the one to be married to Harry for once but Ginny would never let her causing her to think that Ginny was rather selfish.

If she had been in charge of how the game went, she would be willing to share Harry and have them both be his wife, yet Ginny rejected this idea when she had presented it, pointing out that a boy could only be married to one girl.

When this had led to an argument, leading to Ginny's mother suggesting she go home in order to avoid a fight, she had finally relented and allowed Ginny to continue playing that way.

While there were problems with Ginny, it was still better than not having anyone to play with at all.

It was then that she decided that one of the best things in the world would be to have lots of friends to play with where she could decide how they played Harry Marriage and allow all of them to be married to Harry so that no one was left out and it was fair.

Even though she realized now that that was the thoughts of a little girl, that thinking had shaped her quite a bit.

When she was 9, she started having visions of the future, and after confiding them to her mother and after the visions she had started occurring, her mother had realized that she was psychic.

Such individuals she was told by her mother were rather rare and her powers being as strong as they were had caused her mother to caution her not to tell anyone else as some people might try to take advantage of her.

She had promised not to tell anyone else like a good girl, but it had unfortunately been one of the last conversations that she had had with her mother when she died in her accident.

It was a horrible event, but impacted her greatly.

She had the vision of her mother dying just before her actual death yet when she went to go warn her, she ended up arriving just fast enough to see it all happen again in real life.

It was then that she promised herself that she would improve her abilities so that she could save other people and no one else had to lose a mommy or a daddy like she had.

Over the years she had kept her promise to her mother, regarding it as very important all the while secretly working on improving her powers.

Unfortunately she also had, like many seers, a lack of control over blurting out what she saw in her visions or the future, but at least managed to stay mostly conscious of her surroundings when doing so.

She had managed to mask that by also blurting out random, totally insane things as well so that people would simply pass her off as crazy.

While this had the effect of losing any remaining chance she had at making any real friends, her visions had proved this wouldn't actually have happened anyway any time soon.

Starting school at Hogwarts only led to additional failures to make friends, although there were some girls she liked more than others who were generally at least kind to her. These included Daphne Greengrass and Padma Patil, but since they were in different years and in Daphne's case a different house it would be rather difficult for them to become actual friends, especially since she wasn't actually sure how to make friends in the first place, having never successfully made one.

Her previous attempts with other girls such as offering to let them see her toenail collection had only led them to being grossed out.

Harry however she had concluded was rather nice after spying on him on occasion and having many of her visions include him, which allowed her to see how he was doing or would do. Admittedly she had far more visions about him than anyone else, leading her to conclude that he was somehow very important or would at least be very important to her later on.

He didn't realize it but he seemed very much like the hero she had been told about in the stories her mother had told her, although they were admittedly greatly different from the stories Ginny told about him.

Some of these seemed to a real shame, as Harry apparently did not have a pet talking dragon or a flying unicorn as pets, or owned his own castle twice the size of Hogwarts made totally out of chocolate, or had a solid gold toilet that spewed out rainbows every time you flushed.

(The twins had told them that last one.)

After having had so many visions about him, far more than about any other person she had ever known and finding out so much about him, she had decided that he would make a great friend, boyfriend, or even husband causing her to develop an even stronger crush than back when she was a child.

The problem was however that she was too afraid she might scare him away with her weirdness or start blurting out the future if she ever got near him.

What had finally caused her to act was a vision she had had of the very distant future, later than she had ever had before and in this vision Harry was married to Ginny and already had 3 kids. In it he had been wishing all 3 of his children off to another year of Hogwarts at the train station.

Even though she wasn't particularly pleased to learn that Ginny would be the one who ended up achieving her lifelong ambition of marrying Harry due to how she had always treated her, she wasn't spiteful enough to want to change it as at least Harry appeared to be happy in the future and she supposed Ginny deserved to be happy too.

Yet it was what she had seen a few weeks later as a continuation of that vision that had caused her to want to try and change it, where she saw Harry while in the middle of a raid of some bad wizard's house, had ended up dying in a cheese cauldron explosion.

Such an event so concerned her that she had ended up blurting this out on many occasions, even during class, but fortunately the cause of his death seemed so totally ludicrous that nobody actually believed her.

She was so distraught that she immediately decided that she had to try and prevent it, but that was easier said than done, as actually changing the future was a bit difficult and always had consequences.

During her time of concern in how to prevent this incident, she had had another vision, this one she recognized as merely a possible future where she and many other girls were all married to Harry.

They had all seemed so happy and while it might have seemed rather odd to other girls, to herself she decided that would be a great future.

She would be married to Harry, her secret crush, and the other girls appeared to be very good friends of hers.

For a girl who had never actually had friends, this seemed like heaven to her to have so many other girls who seemed to genuinely like and accept her as a real friend.

Furthermore she was reminded of the games she used to play with Ginny, and that sharing him just wouldn't be so bad especially with other girls who could be her real friends. It seemed like a great deal of fun for her and the ultimate solution to her loneliness.

She had decided to make that vision a reality if she could.

However she soon learned that it would require a great deal of effort, beyond anything she had ever tried before, having long ago given up on actually trying to change the future ever since her mother's accident.

Yet she felt she was up to the challenge and over the past year she managed to create a device that would hopefully help her.

She called it the wicked cool, super awesome, whirly, swirly thingy or as it would later be known as...the timeline.

It essentially was composed of a pensieve that she stored her visions in and a long gold cord that attached to another device of her own creation.

What it did was help funnel her visions so that she knew how to achieve that goal, although there were drawbacks.

First of all she could only manage to get a clear enough picture to be able to know what would and needed to happen only a few steps ahead and the machine was rather temperamental, nor did it like being hit when it wasn't being nice enough to work properly.

Speaking of which, Luna paused as she scolded the machine as it had decided to go to sleep.

The problem with using magical devices is that all too often they developed a mind of their own, much like the Weasley's old car that had gone wild and which she had befriended in her constant forays into the Forest.

"We can't go sleep now," She told it, "we've still got work to do."

The machine seemed to grudgingly turn back on as she patted it.

"Good work," Luna congratulated it, "now here's another memory of a vision for you."

Luna put her wand tip against the side of her head and withdrew a silvery strand of memory, causing her to giggle. It felt ticklish when memories came out.

She placed the memory into the pensieve portion and then waited. It would likely take awhile for it to finish inputting the memory.

It was designed with one main objective: how to make her harem vision become a reality and would do so by providing her information on what needed to get done next by her at the other end with a list of options on how to accomplish it.

What she then decided to do was then up to her based upon her options and she chose the ones she liked the best.

She could for example have just gotten Harry to ask permission from Dumbledore earlier to go to Hogsmeade when they went to the Daily Prophet, but it was much more fun to simply sneak out.

The machine wasn't perfect but it at least did enough.

Most things that would lead to her vision becoming a reality seemed to happen without her direct influence but there was a great deal that she needed to do herself in order to keep it going.

It admittedly took some effort to be able to do everything without being discovered to be influencing them to the extent that she was as she knew that no one else would understand just yet.

Even Daphne, who she knew would one day be her best friend, was only ready for so much.

Point zero or the moment when everything needed to start changing happened over a week ago now, back a day before Harry had gotten all of those dates.

The crucial thing that changed everything was actually homework, quite possibly the first and only time that homework had ever really mattered despite what Hermione might think.

You couldn't learn what was truly important in books, although they could be entertaining, particularly pop up books.

However homework was indeed important in that case as when she had gotten the Twins to play a prank on Snape, it had put him in a particularly foul mood during the lesson that Harry was in with him later, leading to giving him and the rest of the class extra homework.

As a result, Harry had not had time to reflect upon the fact that he did not have a date yet and so had not taken the opportunity to ask Parvati Patil to the Yule Ball as he was originally going to and had had to focus on homework instead.

Due to that despite still working on his Potions homework and going to the library to try and get additional information for it, he had had his conversation with Hermione causing her to try and get a date for him with Hannah Abbott.

The twins would never have been in the library either, having no reason to as they never actually studied or made any real effort on their homework, yet they had been hiding from Filch after deciding to skip out on the detention that Snape had given them the day before for the prank they had pulled on him.

They then would never have passed the word on about Harry not having a date to Lee Jordan had that not happened and Harry would never have gotten dates with either Angelina or Susan.

With Harry getting himself a date with Padma and not Parvati, the latter of which was not desperate enough to go with Ron, that had left Ron dateless and instead of having a conversation with Harry that had psyched him up into actually asking Fleur himself due to Harry being busy with homework, Ron had instead earned Hermione's ire at deciding to procrastinate yet again and put off his homework until the last minute.

While this had happened many times before, it was enough to push Hermione over the edge and decide just which male friend she truly fancied more, putting her permanently on team Harry.

Harry's ensuing fight with Ron after unwittingly getting a date with Fleur Delacour after Ron got him to ask her to the Yule Ball for him had only strengthened Hermione's stance when it came to both Harry and Ron.

It was truly amazing how just one instance of a prank being pulled on a teacher and being given extra homework could have upon the future, yet that was only step one.

Luna paused from her thinking to pull a memory out from the pensieve, the one where Snape got pranked.

She then decided to relive that one and laughed heartily at watching Snape constantly sneeze during the Twins' potions' lesson, causing him to snort like an elephant every time he did so.

After satiating her desire for a little enjoyment, however, she turned her thoughts back to her plan.

Her next part where she had taken direct action after that had been ensuring that she injured herself so that she would find herself in the hospital wing at the same time as Harry, leading him to finally get to know her and lead to her having a date with him as well.

This was actually her scariest moment as she wasn't sure how she would actually do or how Harry would react to her, but it had gone rather well, mainly because she had seen that moment happen so many times before.

While this meeting was important first because it put her foot in the door so to speak when it came to developing a relationship between her and him it also put her in a future position for her to be able to influence the way things needed to go later on.

In addition, her conversation had slowed him down just enough for the girls that Harry had dates with to be calmed down by discussing things with Hermione first and also gave Hermione enough time to learn how each girl felt and to develop the idea that he should go with each of them to decide which he liked best.

Otherwise Harry would have just ended up going with Padma, leading to him never getting to know the other girls better as he needed to in order for him to ultimately develop a relationship and subsequent marriage to them.

This decision to go on multiple dates had then caused Harry to conclude that he needed a way to work out how he was going to do each date, leading him to go to the house kitchens for some food for the dinners...

Where of course he met Dobby, who was also extremely important to the future, and in this one, he wouldn't die saving Harry.

Dobby deserved a lot better than that, and who else would make her such tasty treats that she was still looking forward to having?

While Dobby also helped provide Harry with more time to work on the dates while Dobby prepared the food, he had already played a vital role in moving the conversations in several of Harry's dates, most notably the one with Hannah when Dobby had mistaken Harry for a male prostitute for hire, putting Harry in a situation of vulnerability that had put Hannah in a good mood and let her relax around Harry, leading her self esteem to drastically improve and change so much as a person.

Such changes as well as what she said in the newspaper article the next day had caused a dramatic outpouring of support from the school at large and improved his value among the female population at Hogwarts, especially the many girls he still had left to woo.

Yet that was getting ahead of herself since there was still plenty she had to do before then.

Rita Skeeter finding out about his dates would have happened anyway as well as her attempts to overhear the whole date, but she never would have learned just when or where those dates would be taking place had she not sent her an anonymous letter telling her...

This wasn't something she hadn't been happy about doing as it would cause Harry and the girls involved some additional grief but it was entirely necessary for her plan to work.

Besides it would only ultimately lead to Rita being fired and then later thrown in prison. It also helped Harry actually get to know Daphne, and Daphne as her future best friend and now confidant, she needed Daphne in the picture, particularly now as she presented now a difficult choice and situation for Harry that was necessary for the overall plan.

The next thing she had a direct involvement in was ensuring that she and Padma accompanied Harry and Daphne to the Daily Prophet so that the decision could be made not just to stop Rita but to start producing their own articles about his dates...

Which of course led to her, with her experience writing articles for her father's newspaper to even get a chance writing the articles, and acting incompetent enough in order to receive offers of help from both Daphne and Padma led to them working together and begin to form those friendships she had been craving for so long and again put her in a position to be able to continue to influence things.

One additional thing she did was steal Hermione's ancient rune homework out of her bookbag when she wasn't looking, causing Hermione to make Harry skip breakfast so that they could find it.

Since it was still another week before it was due and she made sure that it was returned later, she didn't feel too guilty doing this, particularly since it caused Harry not to find out about what was in the newspaper article until later, allowing him to find out gradually and get a decent explanation from Padma, which admittedly was in a broom closet and came with more than one kiss from more than one girl putting him in a better mood and encouraging him to agree with her.

So instead of getting upset and demanding they change what they wrote about in future articles, he decided it was a good idea, further allowing his appeal in the witch population to improve.

Of course throughout all of this she had been doing smaller things, including making use of her inability to stop blurting out the future by helping Harry, Daphne, Hermione, and Padma get slowly used to the idea of being in a harem without being alarmed by it by believing it could actually happen.

Next came her manipulation of Padma. Harry at that point had gotten fond enough of Padma to ask her to the Yule Ball but she had to make sure that didn't happen just yet.

While if she allowed that to happen Harry and Padma would ultimately end up together, it would only lead to their eventual deaths by falling into and drowning in a vat of chocolate.

Even though that would admittedly be her preferred way to go, it was far too early for her tastes...pun intended.

She wanted all the girls that she saw with Harry and particularly Daphne who would have ended up resenting and feuding a bit with Padma, effectively ending her chances to be with Harry in the process.

It then forced her to try and convince Padma to decline Harry's offer to the Yule Ball so that Daphne would get a fair chance and allow Harry to realize he had feelings for Daphne as well.

While there were several ways she could have done this, simply the most fun had been the use of a balloon sword.

The hilarity of it had caused Padma to tell Daphne about the experience and not consider it a legitimate concern. Had she made a strong and rational effort to convince Padma, Padma would never have told Daphne as she would have actually become somewhat concerned that Daphne just might manage to steal Harry away...

The ensuing conversation with her and Daphne had led Padma to feel bad enough to decide to reject Harry's offer so that Daphne could at least get a fair chance with Harry...which would lead to the predicament they were currently in now after Daphne had kissed him.

However that was still getting ahead of herself as after that rejection, Luna knew that Ron would be returning that day to school after his suspension and that Ron would try to hurt Harry, or more in particular his manhood, essentially ending his ability to have children and nixing any sex life.

A life without sex didn't particularly appeal to her. Having had many sex visions that were always thoroughly enjoyable to watch she had become a big believer in it and she wanted to eventually have Harry's babies.

That had led to ensuring that Harry received an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Since Harry didn't like that type of cookie she knew he wouldn't actually eat it, but instead leave it on his plate when he went to go talk to Padma, during which time Ron would return and steal Harry's seat and unknowingly eat the dosed cookie.

She had allowed the potion she had put inside the cookie to be just strong enough for Ron to faint while performing his spell but not finish it, allowing McGonagall who was listening in to have cause to once again punish Ron, but Harry would remain safe.

Ron then would once again be out of the picture and this was crucial having him out of the picture as having him back as Harry's friend would totally ruin her plan and a lot of other lives as well.

Over the course of her seeing visions, there were certain individuals whose bad actions far outweighed any good they might do and mostly made anything or anyone they were around worse. They were called a bad omen by some, but she preferred the term neekerbreeker as that was more fun to say.

Ron was a neekerbreeker.

However Ron provided the ensuing conversation with McGonagall who championed the importance of friendship.

This was yet another crucial point as in order for Harry to have an actual harem, he needed to develop strong friendships with all the girls first and they with each other. That was the only real way for that to be accomplished. Harry simply wasn't going to, nor most of the girls willing to, share him as a boyfriend at that point and wouldn't for awhile yet. Having them simply be a group of friends would make such a transition easier.

Ron's fight with Harry also caused Daphne to go over and see what was the matter, and provide an excuse for herself.

This had then allowed her to bring up her date with Harry and make it more just a group of friends, further developing their friendship and include Hermione in it.

While the girl was simply too nervous to confess her crush on Harry and Harry too closely putting Hermione in the friend zone for him to notice, this quasi date had provided just enough of an opportunity to find that Hermione was actually rather attractive, particularly after Daphne and Padma's help with her clothes and hair and also improved Hermione's self esteem and would help her finally tell him that she actually liked him...

Before that however, was one of her favorite parts of the plan when she had told Daphne about some of her plan and about being able to see the future.

Daphne was the first person who she had come right out with it and confessed she was psychic. While she needed Daphne for the plan to succeed, she also really wanted to have a confidant and she just knew that she and Daphne would become best friends, even sooner due to sharing her secret with her.

Even though Daphne couldn't know everything, there was a great deal she could still tell her and she had been practically bursting to do so.

Secret plans tended to be more fun when they were shared secretly with other people.

In addition, this caused Daphne to tell Padma that she should just accept Harry's offer to go to the Yule Ball and not to worry about her.

This had essentially caused Padma to become grateful and not worry so much about Harry being stolen away from her, leading to Padma going right back and encouraging Daphne to go on her date with Harry anyway.

This permission had also put Harry at ease while going on his date with Daphne, as before without Padma's actual encouragement to even go on the date he never would have relaxed enough around Daphne, causing Daphne to eventually kiss him...

Furthermore, Padma actually encouraging such a situation to happen would cause her to take partial blame for what happened on it, causing her to not be as angry or concerned with Harry as she would have been otherwise had it happened.

Of course it wouldn't have happened had they not had the right setting in going to Hogsmeade for their date, with Harry never willing to actually go and ask Dumbledore for permission had she not been able to blackmail him.

While some people questioned the rationality of her appearance, many things about her appearance including her spectrespecs were carefully done in order for the plan to succeed.

The same applied to her hair, as after letting it grow out, using magic to speed the process along, she had allowed it to grow long enough to cover most of her butt...and cause his hand to accidentally touch it.

That combined with the conversation she had had with Harry with Harry unknowingly saying some regrettable things led him right into her trap of telling him that she would tell Padma if he didn't ask Dumbledore.

Harry's conversation with Dumbledore was also important as Dumbledore would also play a key role in her plans, beginning with the permission he had given Harry and at least one of the things that Dumbledore had had Harry pick up for him would be valuable later on...

The only other thing she had done to manipulate Harry's date with Daphne had been what she had done with Millicent.

Knowing that Millicent was actually a secret sex goddess and would be a good friend to her and a part of Harry's harem, she arranged for Millicent to "accidentally" discover the hidden entrance of the passageway that led to Honeydukes in Hogsmeade.

Her natural curiosity to go and explore the tunnel and then Hogsmeade had led her to the clothing store in hopes of at least wistfully looking at dresses just for fun and imagine actually owning one...despite having no money for any.

It would have then been a dead end had she not arranged for one of the salespeople there to trip and spill coffee all over the mean manager, leading to her getting fired which would then cause her to decide to live out her eventually successful dream of making christmas decorations.

It then made a position open for Millicent, who got the job so easily because of the christmas rush and the thinking that her huge size would deter any would-be shoplifters by the ridiculous manager, who would be getting fired after the news article Daphne would be writing about him was published in the Daily Prophet tomorrow.

Millicent however had the job still at just the right time to be found working there by Harry and Daphne who had no doubt by now already got her a makeover and a new dress.

Harry would suddenly realize just how beautiful Millicent actually was and leave Millicent forever in Harry's debt, allowing the crush she already had on him to only increase.

There would be further reaching consequences because of that, but for right now, the most important thing was dealing with the kisses that Harry and Daphne had had and what she needed to do about it.

While she couldn't allow Harry to tell Padma about the kiss as that would ruin a great deal, she could do something else, and it was a doozy…

At that moment the machine finally got done working as it popped out a list of things soon to come.

As she looked over the updated list, she realized that what she was going to be doing next was actually a double doozy.

Hah hah, doozy, such a funny word, Luna thought.

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