Hey there! I'm going to be writing a little Animal Crossing OC Fanfic. It will have all those canon villagers and whatnot, of course.

All I need is the following:

A total of four town names (one town name per person!)

A total of sixteen human villagers (four for each town)

I don't expect you to go and submit four OCs at once. Just submit a town name, and at least one OC to go with it. I'll select four names from those who submitted one, and any others can be used for hometowns, or something.

Anyway, here is the expected form for an OC:

Full Name:


Age: (At least 18, since they have to live on their own)



Type of Style: (Do they wear dresses? What colors do they like best? Things like that)

Role/Occupation: (Is he/she the mayor of a town? Or do they just sell things at the store for profit?)

Hobbies: (In addition to the normal ones, like bug catching or fishing, you can put pottery, cooking, or something like that)





Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (Yaoi and Yuri accepted!)



Anything Else?:

That's all! :) Note that if your town isn't accepted, but your OC is, then I'll put that town down as that OC's hometown.

Okay, get submitting!