Chapter 2: Meet Some Friendly Folks!

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Along the way to Opal's house, Alice bumped into Juliana, AKA Missy.

"Hey Ali-cat! Where's the fire?" Missy asked her as she rushed past. Missy ran to match her speed.

"Not in the mood, Missy" Alice grumbled. She came to a stop and banged on Opal's door.

One of the few things Alice envied about Opal, besides her discount at GracieGrace in the next town over, was the fact that her house was right on the beach. The salty spray from the ocean only made her angrier, as she noted in her mind to file some sort of complaint in the Town Hall to get her kicked out and take the land for herself.

Opal opened the door, and her welcoming face became one of disgust when she saw Alice at the door.

"What do you want, slut?" Opal asked, leaning against doorframe, looking bored.

"I know you started those damn rumours, which aren't even true!" Alice screamed, her face red from anger. Opal laughed cruelly.

"Oh, that. Geez, is that all?"

"You had better tell people it's not true!" Alice shouted. Opal rolled her eyes.

"We'll see" she stated, and before Alice could reply she slammed the door in her face.

Alice sighed, and walked away. She knew Opal would only spread even worse rumours. Why did she even bother?

"Hey! Alice!" Missy came running over, dragging her other friend Lily behind her.

"Hey guys. What's up?"

"Alli's here! Remember, she's taking us to visit Yu Town! Since she always comes here we were gonna see her home for once!" Missy explained quickly. Alice's eyes lit up in realization.

"Oh! Right! Shouldn't someone get Kori?"

"On it" Lily said, and before she could walk away Missy grabbed her hand.

"See if Jamie wants to come! He's never met Alli!" Missy told her, and without noticing the fear in Lily's eyes let her go. Lily rushed off, and the remaining girls walked off towards the train station.


When Lily reached the train station, Kori in tow, Alice was confused.

"Where's Jamie?" she asked. Lily looked away.

"He's, uh... Sick. Yeah, he's sick" she invented. Alice and Missy looked at her strangely but didn't say anything. Kori was confused.

"But, um, you uh, you didn't take me to, uh, your brother's room. You didn't even... Take me to your uh, house" she said. Alice looked suspiciously at Lily.

"I went before I got you! Can we just go?" Lily screamed. Alli poked her head from above the seat ahead.

"Yeah, let's go! I can't for you guys to see my house!"

And the train left, towards a fun day in Yu Town.