Thorin and Mia's friendship grew very, very close. It inspired others and the two continued to work at building peace between the humans and dwarves. It did wonders for his confidence to continue lead and be an example to the dwarves.

Master Griff slowed down considerably and handed the bakery over to Mia. Bombur helped her with the recipes in her new bakery. Thorin's household took turns helping to get the bakery going until she could find the right help.

It took a while for men to be brave enough to start courting Mia. It had been assumed that she and Thorin were a couple because of how close they were. It took them both insisting to others that they respected the dwarven traditions and were only friends. Thorin even scared a few of her suitors off, when he'd insist on interviewing each man that showed interest in her. He wouldn't let just anyone have her. She also waited until she felt Thorin was confident enough to not need her counsel as much anymore and he started talking of Erebor. Finally a man named Brin came into her life that swept her off her feet and would treat her as she deserved. He was happy to be around dwarves and helped Mia run the bakery.

At the wedding when asked "Who gives this woman?" On one side Mia heard, "Griff the Baker" and on the other, "Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror, King of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains." A collective gasp filled the hall. She smiled up at him proud that he felt he no longer had to hide behind another name. Her husband to be's face was filled with awe and surprise.

After the wedding, Thorin's toast meant the world to her, "To a lifetime of happiness for this couple. She's been my closest confidant and counselor. Now that she is married I will face my destiny and take back Erebor. I could have let only the best man marry her. Brin, take care of her for me."

Thorin and company headed out the next day to ask for help in taking back Erebor.

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